The Book Sessions – Part 3 – The Slave Books (1)

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Gorean Philosophy Class Lecture (6.18.15)

As usual for this seminar, I will give a short opening talk to introduce our topic, and then will open the floor for questions and comments.  So, if you will hold the all until I finish, I will make sure everyone has a chance to speak.  Smiles and reaches for his notes.

Tal and Greetings Goreans,

Today in the third session of this ten session seminar, we will begin our discussion of a four book group of the classical Gorean novels.  This group is without a doubt extremely popular with female readers, and they are often the first books read, and sometimes the only books read by them.  I call them “The Slave Books” and they differ from the other 21 novels in that the narrator is a female.  The four books are as follows with the publishing dates:

Captive of Gor,   1972
Slave Girl of Gor, 1977
Kajira of Gor,        1983
Dancer of Gor,      1985

I put the last group of books into Second Life Gor terms to give a brief summary of the plots, so will do so again with these four books.  Put in the most simple SL terms, four girls hanging out in Earth sims, suddenly find themselves kidnapped and bought to Gor.   They go through various adventures, hang out at the Gor Hub, experiment with different cities, attend a school, and then begin to interact with Gorean Masters.   They get lied to, played, ignored, and even abandoned, before finally ending up with a great Gorean Master, who takes them off to his private Homestead Sim where they live happily ever after.   And that is pretty much the plots in a nutshell.

Noob @ the hub...Good Lawd!

When we talked about the early Tarl Cabot novels, we discussed the idea of progression from fantasy to reality; from a less serious ambiance to a much more serious one.   The Slave books do this even more so.   I have sometimes referred to them as steps in the understanding of Gorean slavery almost like the same math analogy we used with Tarl’s story.

Captive of Gor is arithmetic, Slave Girl is math, Kajira is Algebra, and Dancer is Advanced Calculus in that analogy.   Of course, if this is true, then the same problems exist for rp as with the Tarl books. Which level of Gorean slavery are you rp’ing?   The attitudes and behaviors and expectations of a Captive reader would differ muchly from a Dancer reader, if they were using those novels alone as the basis of their rp.   Just to illustrate this idea even more, lets look at the girls themselves.  Here is a quick look at the four girls and their backgrounds.

Elinor Brinton:  wealthy, beautiful, enjoying all the privileges of her sex and social position

Judy Thornton: an excellent student at an elite girl’s college

Tiffany Collin: works in a large department store

Doreen Williamson: a quiet and shy librarian

Although all the girls are described as attractive,  you can see how there is a change from an almost fantasy women to a more average women as the books go along.   Elinor Brinton, of Captive of Gor, is a fantasy character that women can not easily identify with, but would make the kind of avatar and back story that many new girls would choose.   It is unlikely, that many girls in SL Gor, being realistic, would be wealthy, beautiful women enjoying all the privileges of her sex and position.   I am sure there are some who are college students, even more that work in Walmarts, or other department stores or even more normal professions such as nursing and teaching.

slave pride

By Dancer, many, many, girls in SL Gor can identify with a quiet and shy librarian with erotic nighttime fantasies.   I have, of course, no statistical backing for this, but my experience in online Gor would indicate the truth of it.   The books are attacked often by critics of Gor as being demeaning to women, as being simply erotic college boy fantasies created by someone who was unable to get dates and so created this sex slave fantasy to get back at the girls that rejected him.   I have never gotten a sense of this from the readings of the books.   Although I admit to being prone to seeing hidden meaning, and symbolic examinations of failed Earth society on every page of the Gor novels, in the case of these books, it seems more clear than ever.

Here is what Tiffany has to say in Kajira of Gor, upon meeting her first Gorean man, in her department store on Earth:
“It was very strange.”
“I have never met a man of this sort before. Surely I had met many boys, and men, but this was the first time I had ever been so acutely aware of the difference, this special sort of difference, between women and men, or between women, and certain sorts of men…”
“He was different from the men with whom I was familiar.”
“He looked down upon me, and I felt very female before him. Perhaps that was what was so strange, my sudden disturbing sense of the radical difference between us, my sudden, alarming understanding of the momentous physical , psychological, and emotional dichotomy dividing us, dividing the sexes.”
“We are so different from them!”
“Can these radical disparities be truly meaningless?”
“And if they are not meaningless, what might they mean?”
“He was at ease with his sex, and his strength, and power.  There seemed a primitive, barbaric, unassuming lupine naturalness in him.  How uneasy I was.”
“Had he not been properly enculturated?”
“It seemed he had not been suitably socialized, reduced, crippled, tamed.  What right had he to exist in my culture?”  “I wondered if once, long ago, men had been such as he.”  Page 11 Kajira of Gor


I am sorry, but this does not seem to be really concerned with demeaning women as much as demeaning the men of Earth, a much more constant theme in these novels and in all the Gor books.   Of Course, there is much about reducing women to property and beasts with no legal rights, but this is all done to create a paradigm totally different than Earth’s, a counter Earth view.   The Goreans had assholes, and jerks, and brutes, and bullies, and they did not really have to learn to deal with women for the most part, they simply enslaved them.

But, sorry, peeps, the message of the Gor novels, and of these four in particular, is not that this is a better way to deal with females/male relationships, but rather that certain truths exist and they apply to Earth where men are weak, and females tend to dominate most relationships, just the same as they apply to a barbaric world where men enslave women.   These Slave novels are not intended to be realistic stories.  They are modern fairy tales, where the girls show amazing flexibility and adaptability, overcoming increasingly hard and often unpleasant situations to eventually find their place at the side of a Man that embodies the qualities of maleness suitably strong to match their own female strengths.   The word “love” figures prominently in the final page of all of them.   All of them end with “lived happily ever after” endings.

Love slave quote 1

Of course, in Captive, these hardships are adventures, and often kinky and erotic, and are much like the Capture Sims here in SL, where men chase girls shooting arrows at them, and then drag them off for an hour or two of sexual rp.   While later, in Dancer, these hardships involve being owned by disgusting men or in Slave Girl, where they involved being raped by asshole young boys.

In book after book, the girls are the real heroes.   They are pulled out of their comfort zones, thrown into desperate situations, and somehow they fight through it to find their true loves and end up cuddled up at their feet.  Fairy Tales.  And yet, the women of online Gor have, over the years, told me of their real life stories, full of cheating men, liars, and abusers, and men who act like little boys, and fail again and again to act with basic honor.   Many of the girls who have been in online Gor for some time have similar stories here, of deceit, and abandonment.   They struggle to find their place in a strange society and yet, like the girls in the novels, they never give up the search for that “right Man.”   So, are the books really demeaning to women?  Or are they actually demeaning to men.   The idea that if men would ever finally act like men, girls do not need months of classes to learn how to act like females, is a theme repeated again and again in these novels.   Many might view these four books as demeaning to women, but when you finally come to understand the message of them, they are much more demeaning to men.  And like all the Gor novels, are really a call to Men, to man up, and then , you might be surprised at what you might find at your side, or for some, even at their feet.

Love Slave

Next week, we will continue on this discussion of the Slave novels.  Puts down his notes.

Slave Protocol class 3

Master Gorm Runo’s classes on Slave Protocol.  Presented at Tosar Village on Mondays at 6pm SLT.  Excellent classes presenting what Master’s expect of slaves and their behavior.

*************** CHAT LOGS ****************
[19:10] Gorm Runo: I know that for the past few weeks we have discussed rules and expectations in very general terms. I thought it would be interesting to look at some examples of “rules”
[19:10] Gorm Runo: and we have some , as luck would have it, to look at and compare
[19:11] Gorm Runo: I want this to be an open discussion exercise, where everyone should freely express their ideas on the rules, as if they make sense, are unenforcable, drive people crazy, are never followed anywhere.,,,that kind of critique is what I am looking for
[19:12] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside) nods softly
[19:12] Toki (FiFi Darkfury) intently lisens and takes notes


——– Rule One ———
[19:12] Gorm Runo: ok, #1
[19:12] Gorm Runo: English is our first language, however exceptions will be considered.
[19:13] Torque Redenblack: am I allowed in?
[19:13] Des (DespoinaNatasa) raises her hand
[19:13] Gorm Runo: yes, we have allowed guests to observe
[19:13] Gorm Runo: there are tables there, make yourself at home

[19:14] Gorm Runo: ok, des, go ahead, and you can just use @ for “raise her hand” to save time
[19:14] Des (DespoinaNatasa): a good rule for a slave house is to be seen and not heard Master?

[19:14] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): @
[19:14] Gorm Runo: nods, that is true, but I am asking if an English language rule is a good rule
[19:14] Gorm Runo: toki, go ahead
[19:15] Des (DespoinaNatasa): ohhh giggles
[19:15] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): always be pleasing to a Master?
[19:15] Sweets Collins (Bittersweets Collins): May i Listen?
[19:15] Sweets Collins (Bittersweets Collins): thank you
[19:15] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): @
[19:15] Des (DespoinaNatasa): shakes her head and whispers “no Master it is not””
[19:16] Gorm Runo: toki, we are not looking for suggestions. I want your opinions on these rules
[19:16] Gorm Runo: #1 slaves must speak English
[19:16] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): @
[19:16] Gorm Runo: # Please look at a slaves profile to learn what she can and what she can not do
[19:16] Gorm Runo: tiggy
[19:16] Gorm Runo: go ahead
[19:17] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): That seems to be a common rule through out.. that the main language is English… translators seem to be frowned at, especially in rp sims…
[19:17] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): done
[19:17] Gorm Runo: nods

[19:17] Gorm Runo: tabi
[19:17] Gorm Runo: go ahead
[19:17] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Since we are an English speaking household Master, I would agree with that. in that way everyone can understand what each person is saying. I suppose an exception can be made if they don’t speak English, but are willing to use a translator.
[19:18] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): BAsically agree with tiggy with the one exception… done Master

——- Rule Two ——–
[19:18] Gorm Runo: ok,,,how about “check a slaves profile to determine her limits?”
[19:18] Gorm Runo: good rule or bad rule?
[19:18] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): @
[19:18] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): @
[19:18] Des (DespoinaNatasa): @
[19:18] Gorm Runo: tiggy
[19:19] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): should a slave even have limits Master??
[19:19] bee (beaDumbledore): whispers to Ashlyn, “here you can have my desk”
[19:19] Gorm Runo: true, it is saying Look at her profile to see what she can and can not do. that is a little strange?


[19:20] Gorm Runo: tabi, what do you think
[19:20] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): @
[19:20] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Bad rule, Master. Because sometimes in talking with a girl you find different from what is in her profile. You’ll find a girl willing to stretch those limits or try more. And while I agree with tiggy in principal, in actuality a slave does have limits. For example, I would be hesitant to participate in bestiality and would definately draw the line at toilet play… I also don’t care for girl on girl… so I do have limits.
[19:20] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): But mostly bad rule because you just can’t rely on profiles that may have been written weeks ago and the girl feels differently now with some experience and such.
[19:20] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): done Master
[19:21] Toki (FiFi Darkfury) nods in agreement

[19:21] Gorm Runo: ok, des, you were next
[19:22] Des (DespoinaNatasa): in my opinion Master, being a slave means that you have in essence givven up any and all control, so if a Free wishes something of you, you should do that task to the best of your abilities, there is restricted and there is unrestricted…. if you are a restricted slave then of course you are limited on what you can and can not do.. but if you are unrestricted then there should be no “limits”
[19:22] Des (DespoinaNatasa): i do not think that there is a inbetween for the two
[19:22] Des (DespoinaNatasa): done

[19:22] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) @
[19:23] Gorm Runo: thais, you were next
[19:23] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Thank you, Master.
[19:23] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Master, I think that these rules so far about language and profiles have nothing to do with being a slave. They are just rules about SL etiquette, or rules of roleplay. I expected the rules that you would discuss were about the roles and duties and requirements and discipline of a slave.
[19:24] Gorm Runo: nods, very good point

[19:24] Des (DespoinaNatasa): @
[19:25] Gorm Runo: rhiannon, go ahead
[19:25] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “Thank you, Master. Bad rule. done.”
[19:25] MAXI WOLF (wolfthatdances): @

[19:25] Gorm Runo: and des, go ahead
[19:26] Des (DespoinaNatasa): in response to what thais had said, for the rules and requirements of a slave, shouldnt one also before hand understand the rules about sl etiquette as some rp sims i have notice they tend to fall heavily on the sl rules side as well as those of Gor?
[19:26] Des (DespoinaNatasa): thank you Master
[19:26] Gorm Runo: nods.

——–Rule 3 ————
[19:27] Gorm Runo: Ok, how about this rule #3
[19:28] Gorm Runo: Although a slave may be punished by any Free, please report any problem to the slave’s owner, or the sim administrator, or the First girl, the slave will be dealt with accordingly

[19:29] Des (DespoinaNatasa): @

[19:29] Gorm Runo: go ahead, des
[19:29] Gorm Runo: that one is multi-faceted, indeed
[19:29] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): @
[19:30] Des (DespoinaNatasa): good rule, with one exception. the first girl, is still a slave like the one in question, and thus should not be able to administer punishments but should be aloud to confine the girl until there is someone that could punish said girl
[19:30] Des (DespoinaNatasa): done
[19:30] bee (beaDumbledore): @

[19:30] Gorm Runo: thais
[19:30] Gorm Runo: go ahead
[19:31] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): I think that may be a realistic rule, Master, so long as it is not intended to prevent a free from dealing appropriately with an unpleasing slave. If a free must accept insolent behavior from a free, and have the slave protected by an absent administrator or other free, then she is not truly a slave.
[19:31] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): *from a slave
[19:32] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): @

[19:33] Gorm Runo: nods to thais
[19:33] Gorm Runo: bee, go ahead
[19:33] bee (beaDumbledore): I think it is a redundant rule that doesn’t need to be written. The Free are going to do what the Free will do. Commonsense should prevail. We all know that the Free will deal howsoever they choice and we are slaves. Important things and unportant things and nosy things things are already reported to you all the time. Why is there even a need for such a rule? It goes without saying in my opinion.
[19:33] Gorm Runo: smiles
[19:34] Des (DespoinaNatasa) giggles

[19:34] Gorm Runo: tiggy, go ahead
[19:34] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman) smiles and nods at Bee
[19:34] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): I was always told that any free could punish me and deal with my misbehavior there and then, as they saw fit… and then i would crawl on my belly to my Owner once punished to beg forgiveness from them also…. Possibly resulting in further punishment from my Owner….. it should be common sense rule… if a slave misbehaves she is dealt with… done.
[19:35] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) @

[19:35] Gorm Runo: Ok, my impression was that the rule was actually discouraging the Free to act. if they are being asked to let absent owners or first girls to handle it, they are being asked to really not take it into their own hands.
[19:35] Des (DespoinaNatasa) peeks over her shoulder as she feels the hairs stand on her neck and whispers “greetings my Master” then turns back to her notes

[19:36] Gorm Runo: rhiannon, go ahead
[19:36] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “Thinks this is a bad rule. Too many ppl that can punish or should be reported to. If a slave is honest, then she will report to her Owner of her misdeed and the punishment that resulted and if the free has such an issue with it then that free should seek out the owner himself to deal with him or her.”
[19:36] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “Thank you, Master, done.”
[19:36] MAXI WOLF (wolfthatdances): covers my doodling with a grin
[19:37] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “clarify, …. too many ppl that should be reported to about the behavior of a girl. Not punish. Anyone can punish a slave.”

———- Rule 4 ————
[19:37] Gorm Runo: ok, how about this one from a wagon camp.
[19:37] Gorm Runo: 5) There are to be not pet slaves. If you think you deserve attention or you think you deserve to wear clothes or you think you dont have to do something you are told to do then go play in family friendly gor. You will be treated like a slave. A gorean slave. You will act your part. Slaves feared to be displeasing. If you are not afraid of the free then you better change your attitude.

slave princess
[19:37] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “For any reason.” done.
[19:38] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) grins liking this rule
[19:38] Gorm Runo: everyone like that one?
[19:38] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @
[19:38] Toki (FiFi Darkfury) thinks yes this is agood rule

—— Rule 5 ———-
[19:39] Gorm Runo: 4) Private slaves- If you are restricting your private girl then you will keep her BELTED at all times. Wagon slaves wear a leather collar or a metal collar in the turian style. If she is restricted then you sure as hell as better keep her slutty alluring ways away from the other men. She better not tease them in anyway unless she is open for use. No pentalties will be given to someone who uses a restricted slave who acts teasing in service.


[19:39] Des (DespoinaNatasa) giggles thinking that clothes are a waste of time and look better on the floor but wears them cause they are pretty and her Master likes them
[19:39] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside) nods lots and lots really liking the no pet slaves rule
[19:39] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) LOVE that rule!!
[19:39] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): @
[19:40] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): @
[19:40] Gorm Runo: woot
[19:40] Gorm Runo: yes, tabi
[19:40] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @

[19:40] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): That is a good rule Master in that it holds true to the gorean ideals. A restricted slave would be isolated and kept apart from the men. The belted thing might not be strictly gorean or going a bit too far, because if she’s kept isolated then no need to belt her. If she gets out someone might harm her trying to take off the belt.
[19:41] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): so best she not be belted at all, but kept away from the men and if she gets out… it’s on her head so to speak. Done Master.

[19:42] Gorm Runo: nods
[19:42] Gorm Runo: rhiannon
[19:44] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “Thank you, Master. girl thinks this is a good rule, but like tabi, the belt thing. It would not be necessary in her thinking because she would be kept away from other men. i really like that it says, “Keep their slutty ways .. ” meaning, don’t act like you are available in any way if you aren’t. But, even to serve a drink and act in the slightest way as if you are heated, or even joyous in service, could be taken for availability. Done.”

[19:45] Gorm Runo: thais, I missed you
[19:45] Gorm Runo: go ahead
[19:45] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Yes, Master, both those rules are consistent with what I have read of Gorean Masters and their responsibility for their slaves, although slaves are property, and frees are not free to take or use the property without permission. Perhaps the enticing behavior of the girl implies permission to a free, and it’s on her head that she is correctly conveying her Master’s wishes.. Funny, I had typed the same phrase that Tabi used… “on her head”
[19:45] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) laughs
[19:46] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @

[19:46] Gorm Runo: rhiannon, go ahead
[19:47] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): “Thank you, Master, the statement there, “free are not to use others property without permission.” i know this is true. The only time this one has ever served without having a Master ask permission of her Owner for her to serve was in a tavern. So what of tavern service then?” Done.

[19:49] Gorm Runo: Well, that rule was written for a wagon camp. So, the tavern issue might not have come up. but, it does lead into the point I want to make. The last two rules, that seemed harsh, and very Gorean in nature, were written for a role play heavy wagon camp
[19:50] Gorm Runo: I have in my files many note cards with rules from many cities that I have collected over the years
[19:50] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): @
[19:50] Gorm Runo: and we could have discussed the pros and cons of all of them and taken hours and we still would not have finished.
[19:51] Gorm Runo: but, if I am going to make conclusions and speaking generally, the rules for role play heavy cities are usually more behavior of slaves related, and much more harsh than the rules of more lifestyle sims.
[19:52] Gorm Runo: where the rules tend to speak more of how to handle restrictions and misbehavior and as thais called it, the sl stuff, that does not really relate to the books at all, because it is sl tech stuff.
[19:53] Gorm Runo: I wonder if it is a good thing that the ones we accuse of being the role players tend to have the strict rules, and the lifestylers are more lax.
[19:53] Des (DespoinaNatasa): @
[19:54] Gorm Runo: does that imply that, even in second life, the true expectations and standards of slavery are so hard to live up to that unless we are “playing” and have ooc to fall back on when needed, we can not really apply the real strict rules that we would expect of Gorean slaves?

slave paces

[19:54] Gorm Runo: or as the quote here says
[19:54] Gorm Runo: “What are the duties of a slave?” I asked.
“They are complex and manifold, Master,” she said.
“Speak generally,” I said.
“We are to be absolutely docile,” she said. “totally obedient and fully pleasing.”
[19:55] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @
[19:55] bee (beaDumbledore): @

[19:57] Gorm Runo: so, I am suggesting that we start there. Rule #1 a slave is absolutely docile Rule #2 a slave is totally obedient Rule #3 a slave is fully pleasing. That is a good start, but then we are going to begin to define docile, and pleasing, and maybe even obedient
[19:57] Gorm Runo: ok,,,that was it for me

[19:57] Gorm Runo: des, rhiannon, and bee had comments
[19:57] Gorm Runo: so one at a time
[19:57] Gorm Runo: des,
[19:57] Gorm Runo: then rhiannon
[19:57] Gorm Runo: then bee
[19:57] Gorm Runo: and say done
[19:57] Des (DespoinaNatasa): thank you Master, but toki had wanted to speak before me
[19:57] Gorm Runo: or I will not be fully pleased
[19:58] Gorm Runo: ok,,toki first
[19:58] Gorm Runo: then des, then rhianno
[19:58] Gorm Runo: then bee
[19:58] Gorm Runo: and say done, or I will not be fully pleased

[20:00] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): done
[20:01] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): apologies
[20:01] GeneChico makes a note about toki holding up the class
[20:01] Gorm Runo: you don’t say done, until you are done
[20:01] Gorm Runo: toki
[20:01] Gorm Runo: laughs
[20:01] MAXI WOLF (wolfthatdances): its lively subject…
[20:02] Gorm Runo: hey, Maxi. and Tal Administrator.

[20:02] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): yesMaster i was held up in real … but i wanted to share the rules i coloect from tarnsburge before it clolapsed
[20:02] Toki (FiFi Darkfury) turns red and falls silent
[20:02] Gorm Runo: do you have them on a note card
[20:02] Gorm Runo: des, go ahead with your comment
[20:02] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): yes Master

[20:03] Des (DespoinaNatasa): thank you Master
[20:03] Des (DespoinaNatasa): Master, if i may, do you in your opinion think that you can really seperate the “role players” and the “lifestylers” or would you agree that the two should be one in the same?
[20:03] Des (DespoinaNatasa): done
[20:03] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): done

worlds stage


[20:05] Gorm Runo: great question. I think the future of SL is the creation of a world where there really is no separation. And I know it is possible, because I have seen it work. The distinction is only between what you think and feel when you are not in SL, and it shouldn’t be how you behave when you are in SL.
[20:06] Gorm Runo: in other word,s,,,, a role player might log off and be one thing, and a lifestyler might log off and be another, but here they are just Second Life Goreans
[20:06] Gorm Runo: I know we are a long way from that goal , but that is the goal
[20:06] Gorm Runo: ok,bee? rhiannon?
[20:06] Des (DespoinaNatasa): giggles, i think and feel what my Master would want me to think and feel…. and also that one should always tell Him when things happen in rl that could affect her in sl right away

[20:07] bee (beaDumbledore): For me, I’d like more emphasis on slave behavior and expectations, i.e., the respect shown to the Free, how to speak and when and tone. Those kinds of things. How to really feel as a slave and behave accordingly .. or why have we chosen this role? I love how you are starting, Master. It is Clear and simple. It’s the guidance and focus we need as slaves. And those are such high standards, I promise to accept my corrections respectfully and gratefully. Done!
[20:07] Gorm Runo: smiles

[20:07] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “Thank you, Master. If the lifestyle slaves have it easier, it is because reality dictates, emotions enter in… however, girl doesn’t think that it is unattainable either. i get into trouble way more in real life then i do here in second life as a slave because emotions are evident. If punishment is dealt out, consistent rules laid out for a girl to follow, it does make it actually easier to please though, to be docile, and fully pleasing. It also… the strictness i mean, helps alleviate emotional outbursts even. Consistency in all things would be the key to keeping the slave behaving like a slave from the books. she thinks. Done.” i rambled … sighs.

[20:08] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): @
[20:08] Gorm Runo: ok,,,we are at one hour.
[20:08] Gorm Runo: toki, final comment
[20:09] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): may this girl please be excused?
[20:10] Gorm Runo: good final comment
[20:10] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside) saves the notes and passes out to those present for future reading…
[20:10] Gorm Runo: yes, you may
[20:10] Des (DespoinaNatasa) giggles
[20:10] Gorm Runo: in fact, everyone is excused