A House In Which We Could Not Live?

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions. This class was held on December 6, 2018

Tal and greetings,

When I first began this seminar, I called it the Philosophy of Second Life Gor. This was done to try to keep my focus on the Community that was developing in Second Life, and the people who would be likely to attend the seminar in the first place. We were lucky, in our early days, to have people with enough time and motivation to create detailed breakdowns on what John Norman had painted into his fictional world. Luther’s Scrolls went into incredible detail, and there were web sites that have served for years as a rich source of information and trivia. Other Men gave thought to the symbolism and the underlying message and created beautiful essays that still make almost every lover of Gor nod and say, “that’s it exactly.”

However, something strange happened. It was something no one could have predicted. Second Life gave us the ability to actually recreate the fictional world and make it real. For many years, a debate even raged about this. Is it real, or is it a game? There are still people around who say, “in game” to mean logged into Second Life. But, that argument is over now, and has been for a long time. Second Life Gor is real now, and as a real thing, it has the power to impact us in either a positive or a negative way.
Even those who rather blindly stumble into it and think it is kinky, but cool, and begin to role play it out like some great final fantasy adventure, or World of Warcraft quest, are often drawn into it deeper than they ever expected, because it is also the big kids playground, and some serious emotional and biological issues were going to be exposed. For years, we have watched people come to play, and get addicted and drawn into things they would never have imagined. We have seen people leave, and then come back, as if drawn by some unseen magnetic force.
We have suggested in this seminar that Gorean role play should carry a warning label like a pack of cigarettes.
So, if this world of Second Life Gor was real, and we knew it wasn’t really the fictional world that was, well, fictional, it seemed we needed to study it separately from the book world. The books would give us clues and guidance, but they couldn’t be a user manual in the purest sense. It was going to be necessary to explore what was the same, and what was different between Fictional Gor, and Second Life Gor.
When I was doing my radio show this week, I picked up a book to read some random passages, and ended up with Tribesmen of Gor. I wanted to use this whole quote today, so that even if you heard me read it on the air, you can read it slowly now and think about what it said.
…indeed, femaleness in a woman of Earth, as I recalled, was societally discouraged, it complicating the politically expedient neuter like relationships valuable in a technologically sophisticated social structure, to which sexual relationships were irrelevant, if not inimical. Western industrialized societies on Earth optimally would be manned by metal creatures, sexless, smoothly functioning, programmed to tend, preserve and replicate the metal society. Man, on Earth, had finally succeeded, after long centuries, in creating a society in which he had no essential place; he had, at last, built a house in which he could not live, in which he had left not one room suitable for human habitation; he called it a home; in it he was a stranger; his habitat, by his own efforts, became inhospitable to himself; his efficiencies, his machines, his institutions, in his hands, had at last succeeded in evicting himself from his own realities; women were shamed to be women; men terrified of listening to their blood, and being men; in their plastic cubicles, amidst the hum of their machineries, men at night squirmed and wept, hating themselves, castigating themselves for not meeting the standards of a world alien to their sensate truths; let robots weep for not being men, not men weep for not being robots; the strong, the fine, the mighty, is not wicked; only the vile and small, incapable of power, speak it so; but there was little hope for the men of Earth; they feared to listen, for they might hear ancient drums.

Tribesmen of Gor, page 10

I was very strongly struck by this passage. “he had, at last, built a house in which he could not live.”

I told the story during that show, of how I had been given a cardboard box containing a dozen paperbacks as a going away present by my young nephew, who was leaving for the navy. The books were books 1-12 of the Gor series, and that was the first time I had ever heard of them. I did not mention that I met with my nephew years later, and asked him why he had given me the books that day, and he said he thought I was the kind of man who would understand them. Perhaps, one of the best compliments I have ever received. But, after I read those books, and set them aside, my ex-wife, affectionately known as “demon spawn from hell” threw them away because of their trashy covers. I had no idea that the internet was going to be coming along, and I was going to be drawn into a recreation of the world of those “trashy” novels.

If we had known, back twenty years ago, that such a thing as Second Life would exist and we could do the wonderful things we do here, we could have built the house a bit different. In those first books was a clear message, and it was meant for men to hear. The fantasy was clear all the way back to when it was a bedroom fantasy in John Norman’s “Imaginative Sex.” Women, shamed on Earth to be women, would escape to an alien world where real men lived. These men would liberate the females, by enslaving them, and forcing them to be female. It would be easy pesy to do because they were “Real Men.”

I suggested that if we had known what was going to happen because of the internet, we would have held a meeting and developed a plan for how we were going to build the Gorean House. The first step was obvious. We needed to start working to develop real men. We should have set up online Gor, and banned women from it for the first eight years or so. All of our efforts, all our attention would be on shaking off the guilt and conditioning of Earth and becoming something better, stronger, more confident, more masculine, more proud.

Then, we could have taken the bars off the door and let in the girls.

It was scary to me, reading that passage. It said man had succeeded, “after long centuries” to mess society up Have we messed up in just two short decades? Did we bring so much baggage with us when we came that this house is going to be the same as the real life house?

I don’t think so at all. On either front. John Norman was not making a prophecy of doom. He was pointing out that there could be an alternative way. It was a warning. A warning that is needed more today than when he wrote it thirty years ago. The House is getting worse and worse on Earth, but it is not hopeless at all. Human history is a constant struggle and if you study it, you see the pattern. Two steps forward, a big step backward, and then stepping forward again.

Second Life Gor is the same. We have done an incredible amount of things wrong. We have failed to get it over and over. But, we have accomplished miracles. We have a vibrant community that spans the globe, and we are still here fighting to get it right. We didn’t start out with a crew of strong confident Gorean men, we had to birth and develop them as we went along. We weren’t ready for the influx of frustrated females looking for something different, and so they had to be patient, and sometimes hurt and disappointed while we went through the growing pains.

The House is not finished yet. All the rooms are not complete, but it is a place where we can live. There is no reason for excessive doom saying. The last twenty years of online Gor have been like a road trip where you somehow wander off the interstate and travel endless back roads and detours before you finally get where you are going. We didn’t go the best way, and we weren’t sure most of the time where we were going in the first place, but damn, if we have not arrived at a nice destination.

Second Life Gor seems to be gaining some momentum now. This Campus is one example. There was an expression down on Earth where a company was said to be “too big to fail.” Second Life Gor is too big to fail now. When the Campus faced a crisis that a few years ago would have ended it, people stepped up and kept it going. We are too big to fail now.

So, this seminar, after the new year, will continue to explore Second Life Gor, and what it means, and how it works, and could work, and even should work. Hopefully, we will continue to tear out the bad rooms and remodel them to a higher vision of how human society should be structured, and how human beings can find fulfillment and happiness.

Maybe all this can ever be is an escape; an escape from the plastic cubicles and hum of machinery, but if that is all it is, we have to make sure it is a valid escape and not just more of the same. We need to make this experience and our time here, exceptional.

Welcome In My Lobby

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions. This class was held on November 8, 2018

Tal and greetings.

This has been one of the more difficult talks to prepare. Recently, we used an analogy borrowed from author and philosopher, C.S. Lewis, to talk of the “Gorean hotel” where there are many rooms. The idea is that there are certain requirements for entering the hotel, and once inside the lobby, and having met those basic requirements, you are free to explore the rooms.

This idea came back to me earlier this week, when a slave girl confessed that she did not enjoy the type of dancing that has become popular in Second Life, and especially with the girls from my home. She was sad because she felt that the fact that she did not enjoy this particular activity meant she was not a “good slave.” I was able to quickly go to my analogy to reassure her. Line dancing on a pose ball to Earth music while writing poetic animations is something going on in one of the rooms up on the second floor, but had nothing to do with what it took to enter the lobby, and therefore, had nothing to do with her quality as a slave girl.

I was able to think about the rooms quite a bit. In second life Gor, there are a lot of different rooms upstairs and within them it is fairly easy to be judgmental. In the dance room, I have been a judge and had to evaluate the performances of dancers. It is possible to say, she is a good dancer. She writes good emotes. Or the other side, she is not very good and needs to work on this or that. What you are saying, however, is that she is a good dancer, or a bad dancer. You are not saying she is a “good girl”, or a “good slave girl.”

I think sexuality and how it is expressed is one of those upper rooms. Some slaves embrace the idea of “slut” as the Goreans see it. They have an almost insatiable desire, and they express it very openly. It is true, they tend to be very popular around taverns and such, Men seek them out to indulge a bit in their blatant sexual banter. But, does this open sexuality make them a “good slave.” Conversely, would a bit of shyness, a more passive approach to sexuality mean she is a “bad slave.”

I think how a girl expresses her own sexuality would not be considered a lobby criteria either. I have heard countless girls, when watching the openness of one slave, suggest she is a “bad slave”, because her passion is not burning as brightly or as openly.

One of the most insidious trends in the online Gorean world is the idea that you make slave girls in much the same way you make Christmas cookies. You spread the dough, and press the cookie cutter into it, and voila, you have a bunch of interchangeable cookie cutter slaves. They all look the same, serve the same, and behave the same. This denies a basic fact about females. It is a fact that is well know and appreciated by true Gorean men. Females are not exciting creatures for their similarities to other females. What makes them so desirable is the differences in them, and the things that make them unique.

I was rummaging through the books looking for good quotes to use today, but didn’t have much luck. John Norman did not seem to pick up on the hotel idea from Lewis, and so I didn’t find quotes that would tell me what that lobby requirement might be or advice how to separate it from the requirements needed to excel up in one of the rooms. I did find this quote from Fighting Slave of Gor and thought I would share it today.
The man is Jason Marshall, still a bit new to Gor, and the girl is a slave of Gor.
“Am I to understand,” she asked, “that the men of your world do not take their women in hand, and throw them to their feet?”
“Of course not!” I said. “Our women are treated with total honor, and dignity and respect, “ I said. “They are treated as our equals.”
“Poor men, poor women,” she said.
“I do not understand, “ I said.
“You would make a love slave your equal?” she asked.
“Of course,” I said.
“You cheat her then of her opportunity to be overwhelmed, and to be forced to serve and love. You preclude her then from the fulfillment of her deepest nature.”
I said nothing.
“If you will not be a man, “ she asked, “how can she be a woman?”
“Do you think a woman is a slave?” I asked, scornfully.
“I have been in the arms of strong men, “ she said. “Yes”
I was stunned.
Page 115 Fighting Slave of Gor

As I read that I thought I might have a clue in the girl’s words of one of those basic requirements. Maybe what a female needs to enter the Gorean lobby of our analogy Hotel is not so much a resume of resolved feelings and defined attitudes, but a goal. We can teach her the trappings of Gor very easily. It will not take her long to learn we say Tal rather than Hi, and that the sleen has a triangular head and six legs. It will be easy to let her wander around the upper floors and find the rooms that appeal to her, and then fine tune her into the star of that room.
It will not be easy to give her the opportunity to be overwhelmed, and be forced to serve and love, and find the fulfillment of her deepest nature if that is not what she is there to do. It would seem that the real requirement for a slave girl would not be met by giving her a test and seeing how much she already knows and understands about herself, but rather that she be seeking the answers to the questions she does not know.
The quote might be taken another way. Does the fact, that the girl is shocked that Earthmen treat their women as equals mean that Goreans are assholes? Is this quote pointing out the “too hard” side of Gor? I think not. The girl is clearly shocked and distressed. You can treat a girl with decency and even compassion, and you can have a great deal of respect for her, but that is not what Jason is talking about. He is talking about deferring to her, denying the truth of what she is and what she really needs. This is made very clear in the next paragraph.

“You are wrong!” I cried. “You are wrong!” I was afraid terribly, then, for what if what she said was true then there might be within me a master. But if a woman should kneel before me and beg a collar would I not be terrified to enclose her lovely neck in its inflexible grasp? Would I not be afraid to own her, to assume the mighty responsibility of the mastery? Did I have the power, the strength, the courage, to be a master? Did I fear I would be unable to control and tame and make mine, such a sinuous, beautiful animal? No, I surely would have, reddening and frightened, hurried to her feet, trying to embarrass and shame her for having displayed her needs. I would have to encourage her to be a man. If she were a man, than I could, with a clear conscience, leave the woman in her unsatisfied.
Page 115 Fighting slave of Gor

It is very important that when we talk about the Gorean hotel, we remember it is not a place for everyone. We have slipped a long way to the other side in our Earth society right now. Girls and boys are facing conditioning that is unprecedented in human history via media and social media. What we do here and what we believe is on the outer fringes of mainstream acceptable behavior. We have to accept that the vast majority of females are going to be appalled at us, and would have no interest to enter our lobby except to mock, undermine, and resist what we believe about Natural order, and genetic wiring and the fulfillment of a woman’s deepest nature
So, we certainly should have something posted on the door of the lobby other than, “females who have tits, ass, and pussy are welcome here.” That is not going to successfully sort out the right ones from the wrong.
How about these as questions on a slave application? Are you here seeking to be overwhelmed? Do you desire to be forced to serve and to love? Are you seeking the fulfillment of your most deepest nature?
Are you seeking the truth about yourself? Are you seeking Men that are strong, that will put you in your place and keep you there? Are you seeking Men that are not afraid to assume the responsibilities of the mastery, and know how to meet a woman’s needs?
I suggest that if your answers to those questions are yes, then you are welcome in our lobby, and you should feel free to start exploring the many rooms.
If you do not even understand those questions, perhaps, this is the wrong place for you. It might even be the wrong place to role play and treat it as a game. Gor is powerful and addictive, and you would be much safer playing Mario Brothers.
As I have said before the Gorean experience is not one where you google the answers, it is where you learn what are the right questions to be asking.
A slave girl in SL Gor has the chance to hear “good girl” for many, many reasons. Maybe she did a good dance that pleased. Good girl. Maybe she won a tharl race for the first time. Good girl. Maybe she was an absolute wild one in the alcoves. Good girl.
But, when she is seeking with all her soul to be true to her real nature, and to express grace and beauty in all that she does; when she becomes the human personification of love itself, and when she seeks to elevate the men she serves to higher standards, making them truer men, so she can be a truer woman.
Then, she gets my real serious.
Good girl!
And those girls are always welcome in my lobby, regardless of the rooms upstairs where they play.