The Horettes – Gorm Runo’s Traveling Circus

Recently the Horettes participated in a Dance Troupe Competition with Second Life.  They did an amazing job and wanted to share the performance.  The Horettes dance to promote and share the joy they feel serving among the Free of Caer Cadarn.  In the words of rhiannon:

The HoRettes are a troupe of dancers that do their best to follow the Gorean Compass, by being beacons that blaze bright through service, integrity and loyalty. Formed 3 years ago by the Troupe Leader Rhiannon, the HoRettes started off as a small group of House of Runo slave girls and now, 30 members strong, represents dancers from cities and villages all over Gor. Dancing today to entertain you are Rhiannon as the bearded lady, Fire as Ring Master, Ava as Tattoo Lady, Mira as Albino Amazon, Ruby as Trapeze Girl and Kitten as Little Miss America. Props are Luna the Lion, Beast and Raven as little elephants. All are kajirae of the Village of Caer Cadarn and Hope to bring Honor to the village this day. A special thanks to Owners, Master Gorm Runo, Master Cole. Mistress Leukothia and Master Romulus for allowing their girls to perform this day. We beg you to be well entertained!!

So, for your enjoyment…. The Horettes:

The Horettes Dance at The Gorean Compass!

The Horettes performed by special request of Master Gorm Runo at his Gorean Compass broadcast on Tuesday, April 23, 2019.  The topic of discussion was how views of women and femininity have changed over the years.  Part of the discussion included the topic of how women view their own sexuality as it relates to the attention of men.

Master Gorm asked the Horettes to dance and each girl, in typical Horette and Gorean slave dance fashion, emoted her feelings of how it felt to be noticed by men and how it felt to dance before them.  The video along with the emotes are included below.

We hope you enjoy.

A New HoR Elite Slave

On Friday, April 5, Master Gorm gathered the HoR elite slaves at the Caer to celebrate the accomplishments of his girl, colleen, and to promote her to the status of HoR elite slave.

Master Gorm began the ceremony by speaking words of pride for his girl, colleen. He described her impressive work ethic, her leadership, and her loyalty. He praised her efforts with maintaining the bosk herds which provide much needed meat to feed the tharlarion racing teams. Finally, he describe her kajira heart, that which truly separates a HoR elite slave from all the rest. Through tear-filled eyes, colleen graciously accepted her promotion and reaffirmed her commitment to her owner and to the House of Runo.

Cheers of congratulations erupted from the HoR elite slaves gathered as Master Gorm promoted colleen and officially made her a HoR elite slave. Congratulations, colleen! Well deserved!

Boat Tours of Caer Cadarn, Delta Coast and Hrafnar’s Landfall

Recently a few new addition has been added to the docks of Caer Cadarn.  The addition of boat tours, thanks to Lady Safira.  Each tour covers a different region of the three region conglomerate.  The boat tours are a nice way to get an overview of each region and also a fun way to spend time with someone special to you.  Thank you to Lady Safira for providing us with such a fun way to learn about Caer Cadarn, Delta Coast and Hrafnar’s Landfall.

Below you can find videos of each boat tour with commentary added in to inform as you travel.  Please enjoy and once again, thank you to Lady Safira for such a fun and educational addition to The House of Runo!

Caer Cadarn Boat Tour:

DElta Coast Boat Tour:

Hrafnar’s Landfall Boat Tour:


Be sure to stop by and visit all three locations!  We hope you take advantage of and enjoy the boat tours and all other amenities and activities to be found at Caer Cadarn,  Delta Coast and Hrafnar’s Landfall.


Caer Cadarn and House of Runo New Home

Caer Cadarn, home of The Black Tarn Tavern and Inn and The House of Runo are excited to announce their move to a brand new location. The whole of The House of Runo is now three sims all combined with a single purpose.

Caer Cadarn will be the resort and event center of the three sims within Second Life. Delta Coast is the other connected sim and houses the House of Runo Farms, the Gorean Emporium store, the village center and housing and the village shops. It will be a place of commerce.

Also as part of the three sim collective is a northern sim known as Hrafnar’s Landfall, under the command of Jarl Hrothgar. More will be said about these two sims in upcoming posts.

On Caer Cadarn you can find The Black Tarn Tavern & Inn. The central location of Tavern Nights and a place to stay during your visit to the Caer Cadarn Resort. All amenities are provided, including drinks, meals and sultry slaves to meet your every need.

The Black Tarn Tavern and Inn
The Black Tarn Tavern
The Black Tarn Inn

Many activities occur at Caer Cadarn, including broadcasts on Goreans Portal Radio. Tavern nights, as mentioned about, are one of those events. These are scheduled at 5pm SLT on Sunday and 7pm SLT on Thursday. All are welcome to attend. To keep track of the schedule of events we provide an event calendar on the tarn ship as you approach the resort island of Caer Cadarn.

One very popular event is another Goreans Portal Radio broadcast brought to you by Master Gareth. He will often broadcast on the relaxing and sunny beach of Caer Cadarn. His radio shows are often very well attended and as always there are slaves dancing and serving for your pleasure. These amazing broadcasts occur on Sunday 11am and Tuesday 5pm SLT.

Caer Cadarn and The House of Runo are very interested in the arts which can be found within Second Life. These include theater, dancing, sculpture, painting and more. As such a place has been provided known as The Marpai Theater, named after a citizen of Caer Cadarn who was very involved in the arts, mainly music, that could be found within Second Life and Gor.

Caer Cadarn is one of the eminent Gorean Resorts within Second Life and as such provides many locations to just relax and enjoy time with friends. One can find cuddle spots all over the island, including the Pleasure Garden and of course, The Bath House. Both fully staffed with sensual slaves to attend to your every need.

Pleasure Garden of Caer Cadarn Resort
Bath House and Saunda of Caer Cadarn Resort

Not only can one relax in beautiful gardens and baths of Caer Cadarn, but adventure and competition can also be found among the activites located on the island. Monthly fishing tournaments, a weekly spear tournament and Tharlarion Races also occur within the resort.

Spear Tournament Arena – Every other Monday @ 11am SLT
Fishing Competition or just for relaxation at the Fishing Docks

The House of Runo is very involved in Tharlarion Racing and fully supports the races providing an exciting race track known as Delta Downs where tharlarion riders and racers can face many obstacles, such as bosknados, deadly snakes and twisty death tunnels as they rush to beat their fellow competitors.

So come explore, relax and enjoy at the beautiful Caer Cadarn Resort in Second life – Where goreans go to get away!

Master Gorm’s Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday Evening, March 31st, 2019 we celebrated a very special birthday. Goreans love life and they love to celebrate and that is what we did. We recognized the man who started what we all enjoy right now, Master Gorm Runo, the administrator of Caer Cadarn and the owner of the House of Runo.

The celebration started with a surprise appearance by one of our favorite broadcasters from Goreans Portal Radio – Master Angel Aji. He brought us all the the beach where a large cake awaited along with decorations. He played his amazing mixes just for Master Gorm while the girls danced and the Free enjoyed.

Dancing on the beach to the amazing music of Master Angel Aji

After a wonderful time on the beach we moved to the tavern which had been decorated with baseball regalia. A large baseball diamond occupied the center of the tavern and served as a dance area for those girls that danced. Vendors for hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn were placed around the edges along with cut outs of some of the Colorado Rockies players. Balloons and other festive decorations were interspersed.

Although it was earth decorations (because Master Gorm loves baseball and the Rockies) gorean decorum and customs pervailed. The slaves served the Free and traditional gorean drinks of paga, ale, mead and such were also available. Again the girls served and danced while the Free relaxed, enjoyed and celebrated.

Decorations were provided by Dawn, an elite slave of the House of Runo, and the music was provided by tabi, a slave in the House of Runo and a broadcaster on Goreans Portal Radio. A good time was had by all and it was shown that we are indeed Second Life Goreans incorporating a Gorean way of lie while still enjoying some of our earth customs.

After the celebration in the tavern we all convened atop one of the towers over at Delta Coast and were treated to an amazing firework’s display put on by Rhiannon. It was a terrific ending to an amazing celebration….one which we hope to celebrate many more times in the future

Happy Birthday Master Gorm!

During the celebration each girl provided Master Gorm with a short message of how much he means to them and how much they enjoy being a part of the House of Runo and Caer Cadarn. Those messages are included below


A little over a year ago, a very shy and quiet girl landed on the docks of Caer Cadarn. The girl had no idea what Gor was but Master Gorm of the HoR and the citizens of Caer Cadarn taught me. They trained this girl in the ways of the kajira, guiding her as she cried and struggled as she settled into her slavery, finally clawing her way through the training to earn the prestigious title of HoR elite slave.

Being a HoR means to me, being part of a family, belonging to a sisterhood that cares for and encourages one another, working together for the greater good, to please Master Gorm and build on his vision of the best and most realistic SL Gorean life possible.

HoR and Master Gorm allowed this girl to discover who she was, engaging her mind in the philosophies of what Gor was and how it can be interpreted. Through his guidance and teachings, this once quiet and shy slave of the HoR blossomed into a vibrant and obedient slave.

Although this girl no longer belongs to HoR, she will never forget the year she spent in the best slave house in Gor and will always consider the Caer her home and in her heart she will always keep fond memories of her time in the HoR. where a part of her heart will always remain


Happy Birthday Master of us . I would like to first say thank you so much for taking us into your then small village , for showing this kajira the new way to hold her head up high proud of her accomplishments as well as learning from her failures. she is grateful to you for the time you take to teach her and the others the way you see Goreans within the second life community i am proud to be one. As i continue down this long road i want you to know that even with things that have come up and challanges and such that she will strive to always make her goal to shine brightly as a proud HOR girl.

Your my strength and weakness i grow i break and cry and grow stronger and remember that in the end i will be better for the lessons and patience you have given to me. I remember when i was away for personal reasons and you said just come back and resume your place and don’t worry ,those words meant so much. To this day i am proud to be a HOR and hold my head up high.

PS: i overslept today and no we dont have to read it on the air but i am glad to be here and a part of his day to celebrate our great Administrator. thank you for all you do and the happiness you bring to so many.

humbly in service ayana.


I have to say when I first came to the House of Runo., I thought, they are gonna say I know to much, and that I shouldn’t do the program. But i was accepted in and am learning a lot of new things, and meeting very nice people who are all like family. I am now an advanced student, and wish to go further and loving it!
With my Master not being around a lot, I feel like any one here would protect me. Thank you Master Gorm for letting me be a HOR, I feel like family and feel that your are my Master too. when my Master isn’t around. I don’t think I would be anywhere else.
I wish you a happy birthday!


I came to Caer by chance. I was looking for a place .. where I could be owned. I found Caer and the girls here started teaching me how to be a kajira. Because pleasing is into my blood …. I love pleasing. I love making people happy. Helping the ones who guide me.

I was thinking about the above words and it made me think about myself …what I had to work with in me as a person to serve and please completely. I was always shy and felt embarrassed at times and it makes things hard to talk to people It was me in the past and maybe still, but right now I feel more freedom in my slavery. When I started my journey here I was lost and trying to find myself, looking for ways to express my feelings instead of being sad or feeling bad . Was a long way to walk in to find out that to open myself completely is the key .. of that I am sure.

A Kajira needs to be interesting, playful, talkative, have the ability to talk through her eyes. It is a way to capture the attention of the free and Masters. As time went by, more and more feeling part of this Gorian world. Every day i felt it deeper and my goal was be totally and completely engaged in this home and people living here… to feel I am with the other chain sisters not only by word but by heart too.

I sunk into my lessons, trying to please and be pleasing. I was assisted along the way by many dear krajira, and you know who you are.
I met many a Master along the way. Some I met were non-Gor idiots and empty Masters that have nothing to teach. They did not see me for the treasure that is a true kajira.

I have found that a kajira is a treasure. A kajira is property, owned by her Master; once she wears his collar, she is his heart body and soul. I found out that even as she is his property, she has voice, she can make the choice to submit to her Master, and when she does, she will give everything she is and has inside her heart.

I found out also that being a Kajira is a way to express her freedom through her heart and mind. Pleasing her Master is a way to be free in her own wishes.

I feel in my heart that all lessons that I had here made me grow up and more confident in myself and I try hard make my Master proud of me and if he wishes sell me I feel me ready to please a Master beyond myself, keep the spirit to serve him, know his needs, show him each day my love of serving him, accept a punishment and wisdom to follow his lead.


A word from Rris, Susy’s Master:
I have been lucky enough to of come across Susy in Caer and her Elite Training by HoR. She can have a rough edge or two, but has become and is my Heart here in this world. We talk, we communicate, she gets frustrated, and we discuss, she learns, she pleases, she expresses her willingness to be all she can be for me. She is a true Kajira, pleasing, wonderful, sexy, robust, and knows her own mind. She has told me many a time she loves my guidance and we work together so well. She is indeed a treasure, and I am so proud to call her mine.


Master Gorm he has helped me grow in my service and i am better for having known him his training has helped me to be better serving and more in turn with my slave heart so i can serve with passion, The House of Runo welcomed me with open arms and my sisters in chains try to help me be more confident. His passion for gor has expanded her knowlege in and out of this world . My word are not always come out right but he has patience and understanding and accepts all of me flaws and all and for that i will always be grateful . Happy Birthday Master of Me and wishing you many more . happy in service Fire


I used to come to Tavern Nights the old Caer of years ago when I was collared to someone else, and even when I had no Owner. i never wanted to leave back then. I am so grateful that you put this bit of steel about my neck and gave me a home. I never wish to leave here. You are without a doubt in my mind and heart the best Master that I have had.. I wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come.




It is a challenge for me to put into words all of the different reasons why I am grateful to be a part of the HoR and Master’s chain. Over the past year he has given me so much and simple statements would never be enough to show my gratitude to him. On a near daily basis he encourages me, challenges me, and puts a smile on my face. He never lets me settle for being any less than I am capable of being and pushes me to grow as a slave in service to him and to our community. The journey as a HoR slave is not always easy, but it is purposeful and has helped me to mature in my slavery. I am forever grateful to Master for all he has given me and allowed me to become. Happy birthday, Master. I hope you have an amazing year ahead and I look forward to spending it on my knees in your service.



Tuka thinks back all the time listened to master traveling across the United States. Master and lily on one fun adventure. The one day tuka was sold to Master. Got to see the first Cear built and help. Today almost 6 years later tuka is still as much yours Master as her first day in your collar. We talked many hours about the philosophy and what Gor should be. Master has always been so helpful and I know I miss our long talks. I will admit I find it hard and hold things in way to long. With all the trouble and turmoil tuka has been in the center of she has had the privileged to be in the guidance of Master. Tuka is still far from perfect and mess alot up but under your tutelage tuka has grown. My heart tuka has learned belong to Master having been sold once and is so happy Master reclaimed her. Master tuka wants to say your tuka is very sorry how hard it can be to handle this slave. Master knows my heart and how much tuka loves our world. Your wisdom and knowledge is so attractive and tuka still sits in awe of Master. The times I do get to be in your presence still makes my heart race. Tuka begs to never give up on her and never let tuka give up on herself. We will win as tuka listens and learns more from Master. tuka hopes today Master sees just how special Master is to us girls. We want to serve Master and be pleasing to you. Tuka wants to make her Master proud of her and what Master has done molding a strong willed, emotional, Sometime irrational but loving slave that is yours Master.

Tuka (Arwin Bratlett)


In one month i will have been a HoR slave for four years. If you would have told me, four years ago, that i would be living a dream in four years i would have never believed it, but, it has happened and it is because of my Master.
Master has taught me to control my emotions, embrace balance in all things, to follow the Gorean compass and to surrender even more than i knew i had within me to surrender. i can honestly say that being a HoR has saved my life and made me into a better person, both in my real life and here in SL.
On your birthday Master, i thank you for saving this girl, in every way a girl can be saved. For teaching me to be better, to never give up and to always reach higher.
she loves you with all she is and hopes to celebrate many more birthdays as your kajira.
Forever and Always
Your Rhiannon


Happy Birthday, Master.

I remember the day I met you when mutual friend suggested I come talk to you. I had been released from my previous Master and wandering and alone. My experiences thus far in Gor had not been good. This friend suggested I come talk to you and I asked her why? LOL. I came and spoke with you, listened to your wise words and thus was born something I would repeat over and over, “I like the way your mind works, “Master”

I came to you one day and knelt before you begging your collar and completely unsure of what would happen. September 17, 2011 – the day you put your collar about my neck and I became your’s. It’s been almost 8 years at your feet now, Master, and I have grown to know what Gor is really about, what being a slave really means and many more things far too numerous to list. You have been my strength, my guidance, my mentor and my friend through it all. So much more than just a Master, you wisdom and humor have brightened my days and I find myself still saying, “I like the way your mind works, Master”

Both in Second Life and even more so in Real Life I am your slave, Master and I will accompany you. I wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope for many more celebrations to come. I love you, Master.

Your slave and cat,


Slave’s Reality

I am a slave
I am a woman in all my vulnerability
I am not unintelligent
I understand that my duty is to serve
I realize that once I decided to be kajirae that all other right to chose was lost and the only way to get choice back is to leave Gor completely
I understand that I serve ALL Free not just whom I choose
I understand that I will not always like the service I am ordered to give but that I will give it none the less
I understand the vector of pleasure is directed toward the Free and not myself.
I understand that the Free do not have to do anything for me
I accept that my place is at the feet of those stronger then myself
I accept that my heart will not be the responsibility of the Free
I accept that how hard my slavery is lays completely at my feet
I accept even though I may be asked my opinion on a matter does not mean my words hold any weight.
I accept I am property
I rejoice in my chains
I love my place at the Free’s feet
I grow in my service to the Free
I accept my slave heart and slave belly
I swear to do all in my power to please
I swear that no matter what, my first thought of the day will be on the Free’s pleasure, and my last thought of the day will be were the Free pleased.
I accept that I will be brought to task for being displeasing
I swear to take instruction with understanding, that the Free has taken their time to give it to me and I will be grateful and will listen and implement their instructions
I understand that everyone has bad days, but I will not allow my bad day to hinder my service to the Free
I will not allow myself to be pulled into petty squabbles of other slaves or submissives
I swear to place my heart and soul into every moment of service to the Free
I will be grateful for every chance I am given to serve knowing that it is by the grace of the Free that I am allowed to serve
I will not argue with the Free whether they are right or wrong my only answer is to be yes Master or yes Mistress and to do as I am told.
I understand slavery is not about love
I understand my place in the natural order
I am his kajira


And not to be outdone, Master Jack our blacksmith wrote an orignal limerick just for Master Gorm:

There once was an old jarhead named Gorm,
The kajira he often did swarm,
He spanked ‘em and stirred ‘em, loved ‘em, and furred ‘em,
Never doing no harm, in dear old Cadarn.

A Lobby Requirement For Slave Girls

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions. This class was held on November 15, 2018

Tal and Greetings,

We are going to talk a bit more about slavery today, and suggest another “lobby” requirement for a slave girl. When we say lobby requirement, we are talking about those essential beliefs that qualify a person to claim they are Gorean and are separate from the thousands of variations and various interpretations that are possible.

I got my idea for this talk, oddly enough, from a day time television show that was on in the back ground while I was doing some cooking the other day. It was some sort of panel show, and a young woman was telling her story to the host. It appears that she was in a relationship with a controlling man. She finally got to the heart of the matter, and with a tear rolling down her cheek, and shame flushing her face for betraying her gender, she managed to blurt out this most horrible and damning of all statements.

“He makes me do things sometimes, that I don’t want to do.

The cameras moved to the audience that was reacting with shock and dismay. A man was making a woman doing something she didn’t want to do? The Horror! The audience was booing and shaking their fists at this outrage, and the host reached out, put a comforting hand on her shoulder, and shook his head sadly.

When I had stopped laughing, I went to the book shelf to find book 23, Renegades of Gor. I remembered a quote from that book that I had used before in a discussion about discipline, and was rather lucky to find it quickly. It is a rather long quote, but I will give it in its entirety today.

“Surely you fear the whip,” I said, “and the hazards of the collar?”
“The whip is good for us,” she said, “Perhaps it is hard for you to understand that, as you are not a woman. It makes our womanhood a hundred times more meaningful. The essential point here is not being whipped, of course, which hurts, but being subject to the whip and being truly subject to it. You see the distinction, I am sure. We know that men are by nature sovereign over us. That comprehension requires no great insight. Accordingly, men must the either fulfill their nature or deny it, and in denying their nature, deny us ours, for ours is a complement to theirs. Accordingly we despise men who surrender their natural sovereignty. Surely we would not be so stupid, would not be such weaklings and fools to do that, if we were men. It would be too valuable and glorious a thing to give up. Its surrender would be a tragedy. But, we are not men! We are women, and want,truly, with everything in our heart and bellies, to be woman, and we can not be women truly if men are not truly men! Accordingly, I would not want a man who could not whip me. I would not have the least respect for a man who was too weak to use it on me. Lay down your whip, and we will attack you, and undermine you, and use your own laws, institutions and rhetorics to destroy you, inch by inch. Lift it, and we will lick your feet in gratitude. Own us, dominate us! Enslave us , properly, so that we may love as women are meant to love, wholly and irreservedly, totally, without a thought for ourselves! She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “Is it wrong to want to be ourselves?”
Renegades of Gor page 161

Being subject tp the whip? This whole topic touches on complex issues. When I was speaking out about the evils of a BTB approach to Gor, I pointed out that the ability to physically abuse a female, something very unpopular in current Western society, actually tended to make a Gorean Master in the Gorean novels, living on the fictional planet, much weaker than the Second Life Gorean Master living in a real world. This is because of the legal support in fictional Gorean society for the use of force, even deadly force, to enforce discipline.

We can’t do that here, and certainly not in an online M/s relationship such as we find in Second Life. I know that girls have told me many times that having their pixelated avatars whipped by an angry Master in role play on Second Life actually hurts because of their emotional reaction. They tell me that the emotional pain is worse than the physical. They said that “sticks and stones merely break your bones, but it is the words that really hurt you.”

I understand the power of emotion, but I was a soldier, too, and understand the power of violence also. When you take away the power of force, as the Goreans in the books had, and have to rely on something else, I think you have to be a better man, a stronger man, and a more honorable and decent man, to coax submission from a slave. Any asshole can pick up a whip and beat a girl into a fake expression of submission, but, it takes a much stronger man to use only his words, and his own example and behavior to draw an honest submission out of her. I have suggested that this is the essential message John Norman was giving us when I say “Bad Gor/Good Gor”, is the way to understand the novels and the philosophy.

We are not supposed to run out and find a whip and become bullies to become better men. That is obviously a warped message. So, what might be the symbolic meaning of the whip?

I think it goes back to the basic problem in the one on one male female relationship dynamic. It can not be a democracy, and it can not operate , despite what feminist writer’s might claim in Cosmopolitan Magazine, on the basis of compromise. Neither of those solve the basic problem of what to do when an impasse is reached. If compromise is the method, eventually, there will be an issue where it does not work. If they vote on everything, sooner or later, there will be a 1-1 tie vote.

So, the whip could be the symbolic tie breaker. And we need a tie breaker. That is the essential flaw of our current method. Since there is no tie breaker in the relationship, the only recourse to an impasse is a Divorce lawyer, or the termination of the relationship. Nature and evolution could not have produced this result. It is not how we were programmed to be. We had to develop a relationship dynamic that kept couples together long enough to raise the human child, that stayed a child longer than almost any other species. Besides that, I am sure cavemen would have quickly “killed all the lawyers.”
The tie breaker of natural order was male dominance and female submission. You could vote, as long as the man held a tie breaking vote, and you could compromise until you couldn’t, and then the Man decided. This was the natural order, and it got us out of the caves and into space. Is it a good idea to give it up now? If a human female is hard wired that way, the quote makes perfect sense.
The kicker here is that for this system to work properly, there had to be more to it. The man could not handle this responsibility for decision making if he did not have other things to guide him. Nor would he be a “true man” simply because he had a penis hanging between his legs. This is why the concepts of Honor and even love, and the obligation to protect the weak, and brotherhood, and family all became important parts of the “true man” definition.

If he was going to be responsible for the hard decisions, and if he was going to be the one wielding the whip, he needed the help of a Gorean compass of ideas to guide him away from the easy way, and the selfish way, and the evil way, and the cruel way, to find the right way.

So, what does this have to do with slave girl lobby requirements? I think it is absolutely essential that the slave girl accepts the idea of discipline. She has to understand that she will not always get her way, and that from time to time, she will have to do something that she does not want to do. If she expects the audience to hiss at her Masters and the host to pat her shoulder when she has to yield to the “whip”, she most likely is not going to find her time in Gor profitable, and she might not even be happy in any of the upper rooms either.
I think that if a girl does not react to a Man who is honorable, uncompromising, honest and open about his own nature, and also willing to discipline her when she has erred, she should be searching the many areas of Second Life where the other kinds of men are in abundance.

Sadly, a lot of those men find their way to Second Life. Pretending to be a Master is always an easy way to score, especially given the idea of “slave girls.’ Second Life Gor can be an emotional jungle for a poor, but serious, girl who is expecting to find something different, and only finds more of the same. They are conditioned by their society to believe as Jason Marshal tells the slave in Fighting Slave of Gor, that true men are men that defer to women. So, when they come to Second Life Gor and find men either pretending to be hard ass bullies or soft hearted, attentive, men overlooking their faults and mistakes and patting them on their “baby girl” heads, they are easily fooled into thinking either of those , too hard, too soft extremes is what they were seeking.
So, this whole “only when a man is truly a man, can a woman be truly a woman” thing is way more complex and difficult to achieve than it might appear.
If you are willing to follow the codes and adhere to the values that make you a true man, then you might be said to be “holding the whip.”
If you are a female, whose heart jumps when you see a sign of true manhood, regardless of from whom, and feel that you would gladly serve and obey him, then you might be said to be “yielding to the whip.”
And again, you would be welcome in my lobby anytime.