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The Happenings and Events of The House of Runo

Slave Class – Bathing

Master Gorm's girl Rhiannon teaches slave classes every Monday in the village of Tosar.  Classes are held at 11am and 6pm SLT.  All are invited to attend.  This last Monday the class was on the gorean service of bathing. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````... Continue Reading →

HOR Tharlarion Racers

Lately the House of Runo has become involved in racing Tharlarions.  This is an activity that is specific to Second Life Gor.  We raise the tharlarions, train them and then race them.   The tharlarions are from the G&S system... Continue Reading →

Gorean Compass – Materialism is Bad

This week's offering from the Gorean Compass, a class that is taught at the Gorean Campus within Second Life every Thursday at 12pm (noon) and 6pm.  All are welcome to attend these classes.  There are always interesting discussions which follow... Continue Reading →

Handouts regarding Tavern Serving and Gorean Money from Rhiannon’s Class

A paga tavern is a combination bar, restaurant and brothel. In the southern hemisphere, cafes often take the place of paga taverns but are essentially the same type of entity. Paga taverns exist primarily for the pleasure of men, but... Continue Reading →

Slave Training – Gorean Tavern and Money on Gor

  This week's slave training class presented by Master Gorm's slave Rhiannon.  These classes are presented every Monday at the village of Tosar ad 11am and 6pm SLT.  The Handouts mentioned in the class can be found in the next... Continue Reading →

Slave Training – The Art of Gorean Service

Every Monday, in the village of Tosar, slave training classes are offered by Master Gorm's slave Rhiannon.  Wonderful classes which present the basics of being a Gorean Kajira.  Classes are held at 11am and 6pm and all are invited to... Continue Reading →

Gorean Compass Class – The Rise of Feminism

Another edition in the classes offered by Master Gorm Runo at the Gorean Campus on Thursdays at 12:00pm (noon) and 6:00pm.  Be sure to attend this great discussions and share some of your insights on what Master Gorm has to... Continue Reading →

What The House of Runo has to offer

The House of Runo operates differently than typical slave houses found here in Second Life Gor. The focus is on offering you several different activities, providing a Gorean experience that YOU will enjoy. The HOR is able to do this... Continue Reading →

Gorean Compass Class – The Slender Thread

Last Thursday Master Gorm Runo presented a most interesting and informative class at the Gorean Compass which focused on the slender thread of discipline.  The class was well attended and the discussion continued even after the class at both times... Continue Reading →

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