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Gorean Philosophy Class

Six Slaves Submitting

From the Gorean Compass class offered by Master Gorm Runo at the Gorean Campus within second life.  Classes are every Thursday at Noon and 6pm SLT.  All are invited to attend and join in the lively discussions.  Currently Master Gorm... Continue Reading →

Goreans Are Misogynists

The Gorean Compass class from May 5th.  Sorry, I did get a little behind in posting these, but we are getting them up for your perusal.  As always a reminder that these classes are offered on Thursdays at 12noon and... Continue Reading →

Gorean Compass – Fish or Cut Bait

Just a reminder that these classes are offered every Thursday at 12noon and 6pm SLT.  Discussions are lively and fun and very welcome at the classes.  All are welcome to attend.  Now, on to the lecture from Master Gorm Runo... Continue Reading →

Gorean Compass – “You can talk about anything but my religion!”

The latest in the Gorean Compass series of philosophical classes.  Every Thursday at 12:00pm (noon) slt and 6pm slt Master Gorm Runo presents his classes on Gor, Second Life, Gorean Lifestyle and Gorean philosophy.  Always interesting, sometimes controversial, they are... Continue Reading →

Gorean Compass – Materialism is Bad

This week's offering from the Gorean Compass, a class that is taught at the Gorean Campus within Second Life every Thursday at 12pm (noon) and 6pm.  All are welcome to attend these classes.  There are always interesting discussions which follow... Continue Reading →

Gorean Compass Class – The Rise of Feminism

Another edition in the classes offered by Master Gorm Runo at the Gorean Campus on Thursdays at 12:00pm (noon) and 6:00pm.  Be sure to attend this great discussions and share some of your insights on what Master Gorm has to... Continue Reading →

Gorean Compass Class – The Slender Thread

Last Thursday Master Gorm Runo presented a most interesting and informative class at the Gorean Compass which focused on the slender thread of discipline.  The class was well attended and the discussion continued even after the class at both times... Continue Reading →

Gorean Compass – Balance (acceptance of the dark side)

Another in the continuing classes from Master Gorm Runo.  Further discussion on symbolism within the books and the topic of balance.  An acceptance of our dark side along with our good side.  Master Gorm offers these classes every Thursday at... Continue Reading →

Gorean Compass – Duality of Man or The Beast Within

Transcript of class by Master Gorm dealing with the dual nature of man.  Classes are Thursdays at 12pm (noon) and 6pm SLT at the Gorean Campus.  All are invited to come and participate [12:00] Gorm Runo: ok, time to begin... Continue Reading →

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