The Horettes – Gorm Runo’s Traveling Circus

Recently the Horettes participated in a Dance Troupe Competition with Second Life.  They did an amazing job and wanted to share the performance.  The Horettes dance to promote and share the joy they feel serving among the Free of Caer Cadarn.  In the words of rhiannon:

The HoRettes are a troupe of dancers that do their best to follow the Gorean Compass, by being beacons that blaze bright through service, integrity and loyalty. Formed 3 years ago by the Troupe Leader Rhiannon, the HoRettes started off as a small group of House of Runo slave girls and now, 30 members strong, represents dancers from cities and villages all over Gor. Dancing today to entertain you are Rhiannon as the bearded lady, Fire as Ring Master, Ava as Tattoo Lady, Mira as Albino Amazon, Ruby as Trapeze Girl and Kitten as Little Miss America. Props are Luna the Lion, Beast and Raven as little elephants. All are kajirae of the Village of Caer Cadarn and Hope to bring Honor to the village this day. A special thanks to Owners, Master Gorm Runo, Master Cole. Mistress Leukothia and Master Romulus for allowing their girls to perform this day. We beg you to be well entertained!!

So, for your enjoyment…. The Horettes:

The House of Runo does Christmas & Winter

Yes, we do realize that Christmas is not a Gorean holiday.  However, we are earth people living a Gorean life within Second Life and as such we bring our Earth traditions with us.  Therefor the House of Runo does celebrate Christmas and other winter holidays.

So for the past month the whole sim of Caer Cadarn, though technically in the delta, has been transported farther north where we could enjoy the snow and all that came with it! During this time we had skating, cross-country skiing, snowball fights, sleds and everything else you might expect from a winter wonderland!

All the residents of Caer Cadarn, both Free and slave had a great time enjoying the wintry weather and activities.  We also had a secret santa exchange, a formal ball, many dances and just lots of fun as we celebrated all the winter activities and of course, Christmas!

And of course, no celebrations on Caer Cadarn would be complete without a performance by the Horettes- a dance troupe led by Rhiannon and supported by all those who live on the Caer and those who support the Caer.  It was a wonderful performance and preserved for all to see below!

We at Caer Cadarn and The House of Runo hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and we hope for health and prosperity in the coming year!  Thank you for being a part of our 2019 year and we look forward to seeing all of you and your friends in 2020!

Celebrating the 4th of July!

As a community, the villagers of Caer Cadarn enjoy a great party and celebration and the chance to celebrate the 4th of July with our family was certainly no exception!

The festivities started with several of the slave girls donning red, white, and blue silks throughout the day. The real fun began, however, during the regularly scheduled tavern night which was dedicated to the Independence Day holiday. House of Runo slaves, rhiannon and tuka, decorated the fishing docks with balloons, picnic tables, and all sorts of traditional 4th of July treats.

Jarl Zane got the party started with his radio broadcast on Gorean’s Portal Radio. He then passed the mic to rhiannon who kept things rocking with two hours of patriotic songs that kept everyone dancing – even some of the Men!

A stellar fireworks display created by the Caer’s own brewer, Master Rris, and rhiannon lit up the sky to a soundtrack of iconic patriotic tunes.

While they don’ t celebrate the 4th of July on Gor, we like to think that the Gorean culture would embrace the ideals of patriotism and pride. We certainly do here in Caer Cadarn and, no matter which country you are from, hope you will celebrate who you are and where you came from, not just on special days but every day of the year. We hope you will come out and join us in the future as we continue to celebrate our lives here in SL Gor.

Caer Cadarn Library and Research Center

As you step onto the docks of the Village of Caer Cadarn along the Delta Coast, you will see a seaside village like many others. Streets lined with market stalls, administrative and caste offices, and warm places for fellowship and conversation mark the entryway to this triad of sims. As you venture further into the heart of the village one building stands out among the rest. The Caer Cadarn Library and Research Center, located in the scribes’ hall in the center of the village is an exemplar of Gorean history and knowledge.

One of the pillars upon which the Village of Caer Cadarn and the House of Runo were built is that of education. Understanding and internalizing the philosophy of the Gor books is something the citizens and slaves of the Delta Coast strive for daily. Our commitment to this goal is evidenced by the exquisitely decorated atmosphere and the impressive collection of materials gathered all under this one roof. The library of Caer Cadarn is sure to become known as one of the best SL Gor has to offer.

As you enter on the first floor, you will see the general stacks. Each shelf contains endless amounts of factual information on a vast array of topics. Each shelf is neatly organized and labeled to allow patrons easy and quick access to the information they seek. Interspersed among the stacks are comfortable study desks where people can sit to read quietly or to come together and debate topics of Gorean philosophy.

The true jewel of this library lies in the collection of materials assembled on the second floor in the reference section. Here you will find all of the lectures given by the Administrator of Caer Cadarn, Gorm Runo and transcripts documenting the history of the village are located on this floor. Additionally, copies of the scrolls written by Master Luther, the writings of our very own Jarl Hrothgar, and the classes taught by Mistress Safira Sapphyre at the Gorean Campus are also a part of this historical collection.

Finally, as you make your way to the top floor you will come to the Caer Cadarn Library lecture hall and classroom. Elegantly colored cushions cover the floor, maps and other artwork adorn the walls, and the large windows make this a room ripe for learning and debate.

When asked about his vision for the library in Caer Cadarn, Master Gareth, head Scribe, said he “wanted something that would be the best of the available information for those who wish to know something of the depth of the philosophy” available. Given the massive amount of information available, it is clear that Master Gareth’s vision was brought to fruition.

“While I supervised the operation in terms of what was needed, what you see is my girl’s organizational skills. I am proud of her efforts,” spoke Master Gareth when probed about the building of the library. His slave, symphony, worked hard to help bring Master Gareth’s vision to life.

The Village of Caer Cadarn invites you to come see this amazing resource for yourselves. We, too, are very proud of symphony’s efforts and the dedication of Master Gareth to the vision of providing open educational resources to all members of SL Gor.

Caer Cadarn Home Stone Celebration – Opening Ceremony

June 14-16 was THE weekend of the festival which would celebrate the Home Stone placement anniversary of Caer Cadarn.  The festival contained many events and activities, dancing, radio broadcasts and lots of fun.  The whole thing was kicked off on Friday June 14, 2019 by a speech by Master Gorm Runo – Administrator of Caer Cadarn and a performance by the Horettes.

Following is the speech given by Master Gorm Runo and below that please watch and enjoy the performance by the Horettes

Tal and greetings and welcome.

In Book Six, Raiders of Gor, the combined fleets of Cos and Tyros were bearing down on Port Kar. The people were filled with panic, and were running away. No one was willing to stand and defend their home because it had no Home Stone

Tarl Cabot posed two important questions to his men. The first asked if Port Kar had no Home Stone, because men did not love it, or did men not love Port Kar because it had no Home Stone.

The answer was obvious to them. They loved their city. It needed a Home Stone!

The second question was how does a city get a Home Stone?

And the answer was “Men decide it will have one.”

A little village grew up in the Delta region of Gor. It was a village of serious Goreans, many working for the Black Tarn pleasure resort, or the House of Runo, but others providing goods and services, or protection to the village at large.

Often times, people would ask about the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn, and we would tell them,,,,”Caer Cadarn does not have a Home Stone.” And they would wonder, I suppose, did Caer Cadarn not have a Home Stone because its citizens did not love her enough to decide they would have one.

I know I wondered that same question, and I realized I did love Caer Cadarn, and I found others in the village who did so, as well. Together, we decided that it would have one.

We sent a slave to the bank of the swamp, and she returned with a stone. I touched that stone, and declared it to be “The Home Stone of Caer Cadarn, and I pledged that from then on, it would be my Home Stone as well.” Other Goreans of the village, took the stone from my hand, and repeated the same words. And Caer Cadarn had a Home Stone, and took its rightful place among the communities of Second Life Gor.

We are gathered here this weekend to both celebrate the one year anniversary of this event, and to rededicate ourselves to the vision that brought us together, and to the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn, which now is the symbolic heart of that vision.

If you can not understand the surge of pride that we citizens feel as we celebrate today, you can not truly understand what it means to be Gorean.

We have a Home Stone in Caer Cadarn!!!!

Let the celebrations begin.

~* HoRette Performance *~

The Horettes: Caer Cadarn Home Stone Celebration from House of Runo on Vimeo.

A New HoR Elite Slave

On Friday, April 5, Master Gorm gathered the HoR elite slaves at the Caer to celebrate the accomplishments of his girl, colleen, and to promote her to the status of HoR elite slave.

Master Gorm began the ceremony by speaking words of pride for his girl, colleen. He described her impressive work ethic, her leadership, and her loyalty. He praised her efforts with maintaining the bosk herds which provide much needed meat to feed the tharlarion racing teams. Finally, he describe her kajira heart, that which truly separates a HoR elite slave from all the rest. Through tear-filled eyes, colleen graciously accepted her promotion and reaffirmed her commitment to her owner and to the House of Runo.

Cheers of congratulations erupted from the HoR elite slaves gathered as Master Gorm promoted colleen and officially made her a HoR elite slave. Congratulations, colleen! Well deserved!

Boat Tours of Caer Cadarn, Delta Coast and Hrafnar’s Landfall

Recently a few new addition has been added to the docks of Caer Cadarn.  The addition of boat tours, thanks to Lady Safira.  Each tour covers a different region of the three region conglomerate.  The boat tours are a nice way to get an overview of each region and also a fun way to spend time with someone special to you.  Thank you to Lady Safira for providing us with such a fun way to learn about Caer Cadarn, Delta Coast and Hrafnar’s Landfall.

Below you can find videos of each boat tour with commentary added in to inform as you travel.  Please enjoy and once again, thank you to Lady Safira for such a fun and educational addition to The House of Runo!

Caer Cadarn Boat Tour:

DElta Coast Boat Tour:

Hrafnar’s Landfall Boat Tour:


Be sure to stop by and visit all three locations!  We hope you take advantage of and enjoy the boat tours and all other amenities and activities to be found at Caer Cadarn,  Delta Coast and Hrafnar’s Landfall.