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The Happenings and Events of The House of Runo


General HOR Happenings

HOR Tharlarion Racers

Lately the House of Runo has become involved in racing Tharlarions.  This is an activity that is specific to Second Life Gor.  We raise the tharlarions, train them and then race them.   The tharlarions are from the G&S system... Continue Reading →

What The House of Runo has to offer

The House of Runo operates differently than typical slave houses found here in Second Life Gor. The focus is on offering you several different activities, providing a Gorean experience that YOU will enjoy. The HOR is able to do this... Continue Reading →

Celebration At House of Runo – Shaina’s 5th Year of Broadcasting on Whip Radio

Last Wednesday (March 1st)  was a big night at the House of Runo.   It all started off with a broadcast on Goreans Portal Radio by Master Gorm Runo.  He led the weekly discussion in Glorious Ar and had a... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Master Drusus

The House of Runo had another big celebration as we all came together to wish Master Drusus Happy Birthday.  Master Drusus is the tavern Master of the Black Tarn Inn and so, as you can imagine the party was amazing.... Continue Reading →

HOR Birthday Celebrations

The House of Runo consistently asserts that we are not out-of-character, nor are we in-character.  We assert that we are Second Life Goreans.  We follow the Gorean Philosophy as closely as possible all the while recognizing that we are, in reality,... Continue Reading →

The HOR grows…

The House of Runo is proud to announce the addition of two more slaves.  Misty and Ashlynn.  Both girls bring plenty of experience and, of course, sensuality to the House of Runo. Misty was actually collared a couple weeks ago.... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 2017!

Well, we come at this a little late, but did want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year! The House of Runo celebrated in style with a set made by tabi and Rhiannon on the Whip Radio broadcasting... Continue Reading →

Dinner Time at The Black Tarn Tavern!

The Black Tarn Tavern found at Caer Cadarn will be starting regular daily meals! Come to The Black Tarn Tavern at Caer Cadarn.  There you will find some of the most scrumptious meals serve by the most sensual girls in... Continue Reading →

A Higher Standard

Recently the House of Runo was faced with a situation within Second Life Gor.  This situation happened on a sim which considers itself "Lifestyle". To explain, within Second Life Gor there are sims which are considered "Roleplay".  Those sims are... Continue Reading →

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