Gorean Compass Radio

In the First Turning of En’Kara, 4th day 1st week a new station was born. It seems fitting that as En’Kara reigns in that something new would spring up in the Gorean community of Second Life. A group of Goreans dedicated to doing more, being better, striving for excellence, put their heads together, and out of that came forth “Gorean Compass Radio”.adio station is now available. A station for and about Goreans.


Gorean Compass Radio!

An online streaming radio station for and about Goreans. Discussion, music, events and more all available for your enjoyment.

You can listen and attend broadcasts with Second Life or from other sources such as:

  1. Gorean Compass Radio Website
  2. Internet Radio – search Gorean
  3. Live Online Radio
  4. Shoutcast – use winamp, mediaplay, realplayer or other device

You can also connect with us on facebook!

We can’t wait to meet you and add you to our Gorean Compass Radio Family!


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