Defense of Slavery

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions. This class was held on January 24, 2019

Tal and greetings
A couple of years ago, at this seminar, I was going to present a defense of slavery. I pointed out that I recognized that I had an inherent disgust at the concept as it had existed in human history, and as a man from Earth, it would be impossible for me to defend  involuntary servitude.  I was very much aware that the word had no positive connotations.  Even when the word was used as a verb, it was still negative.  “The man slaved away at his job.”   From the time I was a young boy, many of my favorite heroes were those who fought to set men free.
Even the books seem to support my dislike for forced slavery when applied to males.  In a well known scene from Beasts of Gor, Tarl confronts a Free woman who gets a little mouthy, and after overcoming her guards, he enslaves her, but quickly frees her male slaves that were serving as bearers. He even sends the Free Woman’s two slave girls to submit to the newly free men.
At the beginning of Hunters of Gor, he frees a male slave in the House of Samos that he needs for a guide, and also quickly gives the man a slave girl that had been laughing at him while he was in chains.   Clearly, Tarl does not like seeing men forced into slavery, and has some personal experiences with it.  But, he always manages to fight his way to freedom.
So, I came up with the idea of inviting a “real Gorean” to the class.  I said he was a Gorean slaver living on Earth, and although he had a SL account, he did not come online often, and had only agreed to a twenty minute talk and a couple of questions.  It turned out to be a fun class and an interesting discussion.
However, in the two years of study since that event, I have managed to come up with a defense of female slavery in the online Gorean world without having to call upon a resident of a fictional planet to help me out.
We always go right to “consensual slavery.”  That idea says that it isn’t involuntary servitude if the person volunteers for it.  That is usually enough for us, but trust me, it is not a good answer for our critics, and it doesn’t make it easier to explain “slave girls” to our families and friends.  They see it as like bank robbers saying they just rob banks for fun, but don’t plan on really keeping the money, so it isn’t a bad thing.
It is easy enough to fall back on the “its just an online game” excuse, too.  After all, as I have pointed out many times,  people can love to play Grand Theft Auto, without being supporters of murder, mayhem, and theft.  After all it is just a computer game, what is the harm?
Our harshest critics, and especially given the political climate on Earth today, do not buy either of those excuses.  And actually, they shouldn’t.   Consent is seen as manipulation or brainwashing, or a misuse of authority, power, or emotional blackmail.  The girls are seen as victims, and their consent is only a visible symptom of some deep and untreated mental illness.
The game idea does not excuse us either.  Unless you are brand new to Gorean role play online, you know that this is no game to many of the girls involved.   Three slave girls live in my real life household, and they are not the only ones in such a real life situation.  Even girls that are unable to express their “consent and slavery” outside of the internet world, approach it with a seriousness that makes a mockery of any attempt to write it off as a game.
So, why are we engaged in this horrible, and demeaning practice.  Why aren’t we “woke” enough to see how we are advancing the Male Patriarchy and Toxic Masculinity with our playing around with Master/slave dynamic.
The answer is simple.  We are the Counter-Earth   If we are going to be true to what John Norman was trying to get across, we are going to have to be the opposite of what is happening in Earth society, especially if we see that the direction is wrong.  If the idea of females as “slave girls” is the extreme opposite of what is happening in western society, then we should be all for it here in our Counter Earth approach.
The following is from an article by a man called Robert Jensen called  “Some Basic Propositions about Sex, Gender and Patriarchy.”   I will provide the link for those with a strong enough stomach to read the entire article.

“In short: males and females are far more similar than different.


Today’s existing sex-role differentiation is the product of a patriarchal society based on male dominance. In that system, males are socialized into patriarchal masculinity to become men, and females are socialized into patriarchal femininity to become women.

In patriarchy, sex-role differentiation supports male power and helps make the system’s domination/subordination dynamic seem natural and normal. Moral, intellectual, and emotional traits are assigned differentially to each sex, creating what we today typically call gender roles. This patriarchal system of control—which is complex, adapting to changing conditions and to resistance—is designed to justify and perpetuate male dominance.

The gender roles in patriarchy are rigid, repressive, and reactionary. These roles constrain the healthy flourishing of both males and females, but females experience by far the most significant psychological and physical injuries from the system.

In patriarchy, gender is a category that functions to establish and reinforce inequality.

Well, there we go.  The idea is that females and males are more the “same” than they are different, and we do things as we do because of a social construct that perpetuates the system.  The idea of this is that if it is a “social construct”, it can be easily changed by constructing something different.
Near the end of Hunters of Gor, on pages 310-312,  John Norman gives his most detailed repudiation of this idea.  He tells us we are not a social construct at all, but a biological reality.

“The Goreans do not believe, incidentally, that the human being is a simple function of the independent variables of his environment.  They have never endorsed the “hollow body”, theory of human beings, in which a human being is regarded as being essentially a product of externalities.  They recognize the human being has a genetic endowment which may not be , scientifically, canceled out in favor of the predilection of theories developed by men incompetent in physiology.”

Hunters of Gor, page 311

So, the essential question is “social construct vs. genetic endowment.”  Our side says that for millions of years, females that displayed certain traits, tended to survive because Men protected them.  It was the only system that would have worked, and to deny it is to deny evolution theory itself.  So, buried in our genes are these traits.
We accept the nurture argument up to a 50/50 split.  The author of that article is not going to go 50/50.  It is not the other side that is willing to compromise on this.  There is something strong and animal inside many of us, and it is different.  For many females, it is the desire to submit, and for many males it is the instinct to protect women.
Here is our defense of slavery, right from the books.

“Further, in the Gorean view, female slavery is a societal institution which enables the female, as most Earth societies would not, to exhibit, in a reinforcing environment, her biological nature.  It provides a rich soil in which the flower of her beauty, and nature, and its submission to a man, may thrive.”

Page 311 Hunters of Gor

Her biological nature.
So, here is my reason for using “slavery” here in Second Life Gor, fully understanding it is consensual, and not a “legal” term outside of the role play arena.
If Earth Society is going to keep fucking up and endangering females to one extreme, the Counter Earth people are going to go to the other extreme to try to protect them, as is our instinct, and as a side benefit, we can try to “provide a rich soil in which the flower of her beauty,,,may thrive.”

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