A New HoR Elite Slave

On Friday, April 5, Master Gorm gathered the HoR elite slaves at the Caer to celebrate the accomplishments of his girl, colleen, and to promote her to the status of HoR elite slave.

Master Gorm began the ceremony by speaking words of pride for his girl, colleen. He described her impressive work ethic, her leadership, and her loyalty. He praised her efforts with maintaining the bosk herds which provide much needed meat to feed the tharlarion racing teams. Finally, he describe her kajira heart, that which truly separates a HoR elite slave from all the rest. Through tear-filled eyes, colleen graciously accepted her promotion and reaffirmed her commitment to her owner and to the House of Runo.

Cheers of congratulations erupted from the HoR elite slaves gathered as Master Gorm promoted colleen and officially made her a HoR elite slave. Congratulations, colleen! Well deserved!

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