Caer Cadarn and House of Runo New Home

Caer Cadarn, home of The Black Tarn Tavern and Inn and The House of Runo are excited to announce their move to a brand new location. The whole of The House of Runo is now three sims all combined with a single purpose.

Caer Cadarn will be the resort and event center of the three sims within Second Life. Delta Coast is the other connected sim and houses the House of Runo Farms, the Gorean Emporium store, the village center and housing and the village shops. It will be a place of commerce.

Also as part of the three sim collective is a northern sim known as Hrafnar’s Landfall, under the command of Jarl Hrothgar. More will be said about these two sims in upcoming posts.

On Caer Cadarn you can find The Black Tarn Tavern & Inn. The central location of Tavern Nights and a place to stay during your visit to the Caer Cadarn Resort. All amenities are provided, including drinks, meals and sultry slaves to meet your every need.

The Black Tarn Tavern and Inn
The Black Tarn Tavern
The Black Tarn Inn

Many activities occur at Caer Cadarn, including broadcasts on Goreans Portal Radio. Tavern nights, as mentioned about, are one of those events. These are scheduled at 5pm SLT on Sunday and 7pm SLT on Thursday. All are welcome to attend. To keep track of the schedule of events we provide an event calendar on the tarn ship as you approach the resort island of Caer Cadarn.

One very popular event is another Goreans Portal Radio broadcast brought to you by Master Gareth. He will often broadcast on the relaxing and sunny beach of Caer Cadarn. His radio shows are often very well attended and as always there are slaves dancing and serving for your pleasure. These amazing broadcasts occur on Sunday 11am and Tuesday 5pm SLT.

Caer Cadarn and The House of Runo are very interested in the arts which can be found within Second Life. These include theater, dancing, sculpture, painting and more. As such a place has been provided known as The Marpai Theater, named after a citizen of Caer Cadarn who was very involved in the arts, mainly music, that could be found within Second Life and Gor.

Caer Cadarn is one of the eminent Gorean Resorts within Second Life and as such provides many locations to just relax and enjoy time with friends. One can find cuddle spots all over the island, including the Pleasure Garden and of course, The Bath House. Both fully staffed with sensual slaves to attend to your every need.

Pleasure Garden of Caer Cadarn Resort
Bath House and Saunda of Caer Cadarn Resort

Not only can one relax in beautiful gardens and baths of Caer Cadarn, but adventure and competition can also be found among the activites located on the island. Monthly fishing tournaments, a weekly spear tournament and Tharlarion Races also occur within the resort.

Spear Tournament Arena – Every other Monday @ 11am SLT
Fishing Competition or just for relaxation at the Fishing Docks

The House of Runo is very involved in Tharlarion Racing and fully supports the races providing an exciting race track known as Delta Downs where tharlarion riders and racers can face many obstacles, such as bosknados, deadly snakes and twisty death tunnels as they rush to beat their fellow competitors.

So come explore, relax and enjoy at the beautiful Caer Cadarn Resort in Second life – Where goreans go to get away!

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