It Is Better When We Work Together

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions. This class was held on November 29, 2018

Tal and greetings,

Today, I am going to present another rather long quote from the books. This one comes from Dancer of Gor. Dancer of Gor is the 22nd book of the series, and the fourth of what were called the “slave girl” books. When I used to discuss the early books, I would talk of how the four slave girl books are sort of a progression through the idea of Gorean slavery. Captives of Gor was like elementary school, Slave Girl of Gor was high school, and Kajira of Gor was college. That meant that Dancer of Gor would be the graduate study book of slavery.

Interestingly, all four books end up with the slave girl finding her true Master and true love. It was not the ending that made Captive different from Dancer, but rather the journey itself. In each book, the journey became more and more harsh and difficult. In Dancer, the girl Doreen’s path to her true love is not an easy one, and she experiences a much harsher slavery and endures much hardship along the way to the happy ending.

The part I will share today takes place right after Doreen’s arrival on Gor. She has been brought there in a shipment of 100 girls that have been kidnapped by a group of slavers working under Teibar of Ar. It is interesting that Teibar is a Gorean who spends time on Earth as an agent of slavers, selecting and kidnapping potential slaves. Since he has been forced to live among inferior Earthlings, he has come to some observations about the nature of Earth society and the relationships between males and females on that planet. And he is not impressed. His anger is obvious to the girl. The scene begins on page 56.

“You seem to hate me,” I said.
“Yes,” he said. “I do.”
“Why?” I asked.

“You are a modern woman,” he said, ‘and, as such, you represent a perversion of humanity, a pernicious and wanton perversion. one maliciously deleterious to the centralities of human sexuality, both of the male and the female, and thus one literally inimical not only to the quality but, ultimately, to the very future of the human species.”
I looked at him, startled.

“You are a modern woman,” he said, “and would destroy men.”
“No!” I said.

“But you will not, I assure you.” he said, “destroy men here, Modern Woman. Here, rather, you will serve them fully, and fearfully, and delectably, and to the utmost of your abilities.”

“I am not a modern woman,” I said. “I have never, in my heart, been a modern woman. In my heart I am a primitive woman, one who has been bred upon from the time of caves, an ancient woman, a Medieval woman, a Nineteen-century woman, a natural woman, a needful, loving woman! I was as alien, and sorrowful, and lost, and miserable, in my world as you were!”

“Liar!” he cried. He snapped the whip in fury, and I shrank back, startled by its sound and threat, before him. “You are so clever, you lying slut.!” he hissed. “You are so quick, so cunning, so dangerous!”

“Please,” I said.
“But I see through your tiny tricks!”

“Why do you think I am a modern woman, in some sense you despise,” I asked, “because I can speak clearly, because I can think, because I have read a book? Do you not think that true women, loving, needful women, can do these things? Do you not think that what you can love, they, too, can love?”

——–And a little bit later———

“What do you think of the men of your world?” he asked.

“I despise them! They are weaklings!” I cried suddenly. “They deserve to have us take their world from them, to be thrust aside with words and writs, to be superseded by contrived loyalities, to be relegated by statutes and slogans to the peripheries of power, to become trammeled, and crippled, and incapable of action, like tied sheep, bleating contentedly, as they are advised, as they are castrated, to become nothing, to be deprived of their pride and strength, and thus even of the potentiality of their unused manhood, to take our orders, to obey us!”

“Your position, I take it,” he said, ” is motivated by your hatred, jealousy, and envy of men.”

“I do not think so,” I said. “I do not want to be a man. I want to be a woman. My anger, my frustration, is motivated, I think, not by their manhood, and that I am not a man, as seems to be the case universally with the woman you despise, if we can believe physicians in the matter, but rather by their lack of manhood, which denies me as well as them, which keeps me from being a full woman.”

page 56-58 Dancer of Gor

I think the reason I am so moved by this particular passage is the sense of common purpose here. There is more of a feeling of team effort here than in most of the similar passages. Both the Gorean man, and the Earth girl are disgusted and fearful of the state of male/female relationships on Earth.

It seems to me that there is a theory of the evolution of the human race that has become mainstream to a whole generation of “modern” men and woman in Western Earth society. This theory suggests that right in the very beginning, when mankind was emerging from the caves, and the issue of survival was still in doubt, let alone the ascension of Man into the dominant species on the planet, we messed it up, and got it wrong. A male/female dynamic was developed that was toxic and unfair. Apparently, if we had, right from the start, been woke enough to see how wrong we were, we would have started including women in positions of leadership, letting them join in the hunting and serving in the front lines with the warriors.

But, somehow or other, we did manage to survive with our messed up way of doing things, and were able to not only survive, but to prosper. Now, during a period of human history where there is less danger, more freedom, more opportunity, more equality of opportunity, and more leisure time than at any other time, a generation of pampered, spoiled, people have decided that we had it wrong all along, and we should change it. They even chide us for being so dense as to not easily see how wrong we were, and mock us for suggesting that their new enlightened way is not the perfectly natural and common sense way to behave.

Teibar, using John Norman’s annoying habit of having his characters speak rather simple ideas in highly pedantic language, says this is not good for the quality of human life, and even is dangerous to the future of our species.

I am impressed by Doreen’s defense of intelligence and education. She is not an idiot, and her reaction to the weakness of men is not a result of her being a bimbo who does not know any better. She suggests even that Teibar is missing the fact that a truly intelligent and educated female might agree with him, and feel the same frustration he is feeling.

This is what I mean by the “teamwork” element in this. Often times, we speak of confused women, not really understanding what they are missing, and why they are not fulfilled, coming to Gor to find the answers from Men who get it completely, and can be their vehicles to happiness and contentment. That is why even Second Life Gor has been filled with schools for slaves, and Masters have from the very beginning sat their asses on lofty thrones, looking down at the confused girls and imparting gems of wisdom.


That is how it worked in the novels, for the most part. However, It is not the history of online Gor, and it is not the reality of Second Life Gor. There are no native born Goreans here. In some profiles we find back stories that tell of how we were born in the Tahari to a scribe and a Warrior, and were taught from an early age, etc. etc. That is fine to create role play, but it is not true either. We were born and raised, and educated, on Earth. We are the results of conditioning that is very, very strongly anti-Gor. Last night, in a discussion of these things, a girl suggested that the day would come when Linden Labs would be sued for allowing such an offensive thing as Goreans to operate freely on their platform despite the offense their ideas and very existence might cause to poor unsuspecting players.

I like that thought though. That we are a small group on the outside of the insanity of modern Earth culture. We are rebels against the foolishness we see on social media, and we are warriors fighting to bring some sense again to our relationships.

I know slavery is an extreme. Mastery is as well. We needed to go to the extremes, only because the world is spiraling off into the other extremes. The cry of Doreen’s frustration, and the anger of Teibar are all too real today. If we are going to pull ourselves back into balance, we need to match the extreme of insanity with an extreme of rationality.

That is my vision of Second Life Gor. It is a place where men and women are coming together to explore, not new, but old and time tested ways of viewing the human condition. It is a place where we are challenging and questioning our conditioning, our education, and our beliefs. It is a place where we are more free to address our weakness, and our anger, and our frustration. It is a place where we are trying to build a whole new world that has more of the positive things that brought us from the caves to this spot in history, and less of the things that are tearing the social fabric of our world apart.

And we can do it together, males and females, as a team.

That thought put a smile on my face today. That whatever happens, at least, we are in it together again, and not on opposite sides.

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