Clear The Mechanism

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions. This class was held on August 2, 2018

Tal and greetings

We are well into the summer, and I know that the time has come to wrap up this series of classes.

We have called it The Gorean Compass, The Next Generation, because it was the second full year of classes, and I realized that taken together, the two years of classes represented a rather coherent philosophy of Second Life Gor.

Or did it?

On my radio show this Tuesday, I read from Renegades of Gor, and made a little bit of fun at what I thought was very poor writing. A lot of people consider John Norman a poor writer. And his habit of stopping to describe the organization of tharlarion cavalry for two pages, right in the middle of a hot slave seduction is annoying.

But, as I thought about his writing, I realized my concept and vision of Gor was based on a very small number of extremely well written passages from the books. I have almost committed them to memory, and in every class, every discussion, every issue, I go back to them like a soldier who stops the patrol for a moment to flip open his compass and take a reading.

same destination

It seemed a good way to end this second year of the seminar by looking at four of the most important of these passages.

The first one would have to be the one that sets the stage. It is the bedrock on which the whole vision rests.

I used to laugh and mock those who referred to the Gorean novels as “the scrolls” , but, I admit to very strong feelings and feel very much like a Preacher telling you to open your bibles to page so and so. when I say, this is from page 7 of Marauders of Gor.

“Many of the competitive moralities of Earth are mistaken.
But what is not mistaken?
The Goreans have very different notions of morality from those of Earth.
Yet who is to say who is more correct?
I envy sometimes the simplicities of those of Earth and those of Gor, who, creatures of their conditioning, are not troubled by such matters, but I would not be as either of them.
If either should be correct it is for them no more than a lucky coincidence.
They would have fallen into truth, but to take truth for granted is not to know it.
Truth not won is not possessed.
We are not entitled to truths for which we have not fought.”
“But, I would not be like either of them”

If that passage is going to be the bedrock of your philosophical approach to Gor, the first step is to accept the idea that Earth and Gor both suck for opposite reasons. And they both are very amazing, but again for opposite reasons.

The goal of our Gorean experience would be to discover the truth, and be able to clearly recognize what are the boundaries of that middle balanced ground that is “not to soft, but not too hard.”


And it would not be easy. If we could come into Gor, and someone tell us the “truth” and we were to go, “ahhhhh” that wouldn’t work. Truth not won is not possessed. So, what happens when we come into Gor is not that we are told the answers, but that we are given the questions. And we have to fight our way to the answers and then fight on to the truths.

This is what gives such life to Second Life Gor. It is like a giant laboratory where we can ask some very hard questions about ourselves, and our true natures, and our darker sides, and a host of others that can not be as safely or easily addressed in First Life.

This gives some meaning to role play. If we can create Gor as closely as possible to how it might have been, we can get close enough to see the pimples on its ass, too We can safely experiment with the limits of “too hard.” And we can escape the grip of “too soft” that is often so prevalent in our first life.

In many of the classes over the last two years, I have spoken of baggage. There is a lot of things very, very wrong with Earth society and the state of human relationships in that society.

We can not create either the balanced Gor of the superior person, or even the role play imaginary world of fictional Gor, if we smear it with the baggage of Earth that we bring with us way too often, when we should leave it safely in a locker behind.

personal baggage

In many ways, my biggest baggage problem might even be in the area of politics. I am very conservative politically, and have found that a majority of Goreans that I have come to know in my time here are very conservative as well. But, not all of them are, and this seminar has been a most excellent place to discover that fact. Over the years, we have had some very liberal ideas expressed and argued here.

For example, if the Priest-Kings, who represent rational thought, have banned guns, limited technology that would lead to pollution and environmental damage, and have guided technology into improved health care and longer life spans for all, it would seem to be a pretty good argument that some liberal ideas are at least rational.

I think we all should pause a moment while Second Life is loading up, and be a bit like Kevin Costner in the movie. “For the Love of the Game” He is a baseball player, and when he starts to play, he says, “clear the mechanism” and the noise of the crowd fades away, and he can focus.

We need to clear the mechanism, too. We have to clear our minds of the noise of our Earth conditioning and the horrors of our past experiences, and come into this Brave New World of online Gor with as little baggage as possible.

clear mech

If our Gorean experience is going to be a journey to a new land, and we are going to have to be asking a lot of hard questions about ourselves, and we are going to have to actually fight for truths, it behooves us to embark on it with a clear head and an open mind.

This is also why these seminars and classes have often called Second Life Gor the big kids playground, and suggested it is not a place to come to heal or to recover, or be pampered and indulged.

Sometimes truth is a hard thing, and sometime the fight for it is very bloody.

truth fought

I have given this much thought, and it was a hard choice, but I have decided that the three most influential parts of the early Gorean novels in the forming of my personal philosophy and vision were as follows:

The death of Surbus in Raiders of Gor
Lifting the Arrow of War in Marauders of Gor
The finding of Port Kar’s Home Stone in Raiders of Gor

The Final three classes of this seminar will cover one of those major events.

if there are any parts of the books that have impacted you more than any other, or seemed to point your way to a truth, please feel free to share that with us today.

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