Wake up!

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions. This class was held on September 13, 2018

Tal and greetings

Today I want to talk about the second of my top three most influential passages from the early novels. I have suggested that each person might have their own list, and I had a hard time cutting my list to only three.

The last session was based on the incident in Raiders of Gor that took place in the paga tavern in Port Kar and led to the death of Surbus and the rescue of the slave girl from being fed to urts in the canal.

The second passage is from Marauders of Gor, the ninth book in the series.


In this passage, the Kur had launched a successful surprise attack on the men of Torvaldsland, and scattered the survivors.. Ivar Forkbeard and Tarl are fleeing and being chased by two Kur. Ivar leads Tarl up the slopes of the Torvaldsburg, a high rocky mountain.

Ivar has a plan, although he does not share it at first with Tarl. He tells Tarl he had been up the mountain as a child, and had cut handholds in the mountain to help the climb, and the smaller size of the handholds can not be used by the pursuing Kur because of their larger size. This gives them a short head start over the Kur who must find a different route to continue the chase.

Tarl is a little surprised that Ivar seems in fairly good spirits and not overly worried about the Kur, but soon discovers the reason. Ivar is leading Tarl to what he believes to be the tomb of the great warrior, Torvald. Legend tells that when the land is in the most danger, Torvald will waken and save them.

The men find the tomb and enter it only to find it is empty. Tarl and Ivar both notice that it does not look so much like a tomb as a sleeping chamber, however, it is empty. Ivar is devastated by this. He had been sure of the legend, but since the chamber was empty, he must have felt that his land was doomed and there was now no hope.

empty cave

Tarl notices, lying among some weapons in the chamber, an “Arrow of War.” and he begins to grasp the truth of the situation, and the intent of the chamber. The following is from page 235 of Marauders of Gor.

“Send the war arrow,” I said.
The Forkbeard looked down on the arrow.
“I think,” I said, “I begin to understand the meaning of a man who lived more than a thousand winters ago. This man, call him Torvald, built within a mountain a chamber for sleep, in which he would not sleep, but to which men would come to waken him. Here they would not find Torvald, but themselves, themselves, Ivar, alone, and an arrow of war.”

“I do not understand, ” said Ivar.

“I think,” I said, “that Torvald was a great and a wise man.”
Ivar looked at me.
“In building this chamber,” I said, “it was not the intention of Torvald that it should be he who was awakened within it, but rather those who came to seek him.”

“The chamber is empty,” said Ivar.
“No, ” I said, “we are within it.”
I put my hand on his shoulder.
“It is not Torvald who must awaken in this chamber. Rather it is we. Here, hoping for others to do our work, we find only ourselves, and an arrow of war.

Is this not Torvald’s way of telling us, from a thousand years ago, that it is we on who we must depend, and not on any other. If the land is to be saved, it is by us, and others like us, that it must be saved.

There are no spells, no gods, no heroes, to save us.

In this chamber, it is not Torvald that must awaken. It is you and I.

I regarded the Forkbeard evenly.

“Lift, ” said I, “the arrow of war.

page 235 Marauders of Gor.

Right after this, Ivar lifts the war arrow, and selects a couple of spears and tells Tarl that they have, “two Kur to kill.” And from there on , the Kur ass kicking begins and ends with Tarl sailing home and declaring that he gets it now and he “is Gorean.”


Now, of course, you can see this as a simple dramatic plot device, but I am going to see it as a masterpiece of symbolism.

The Kur represent the animal side of the human’s dual nature. They represent all those elements that make up the non-rational side, and although we learn later that these animal instincts and genetic hardwiring are not necessarily our enemy, they do include much that is dangerous.

The flight up the mountain is symbolic of our surrender to these dangerous instincts. One good example of this is addictive behaviors. We seem to have a lot of potential addictions that can easily destroy our life. Sexual addictions, substance abuse, and even my own demon, gambling addiction,are just a few examples.

Ivar is seeking help by leading Tarl to the tomb, but he is looking for someone else or something else to save him. Tarl’s message, and the message of the war arrow is that, ultimately, it is going to be on us.

It is a call to personal responsibility that is repeated over and over again in these early novels.


There is a slang expression that has gained popularity recently. People are said to “be woke.” You might think this expression reflects Tarl’s thinking when he tells Ivar that it is they that must “awaken.” However, the slang expression has come to mean just the opposite.

I remember a time long ago, at about the time, Marauders of Gor was being written, when the idea of intersectionality was first being developed. We would hear stories of horrible crimes being committed, and amidst the outrage and anger at a heinous crime, were the first suggestions that the criminal was actually the victim. His race, his economic status, the attitudes and institutional prejudices of the society were the true culprits, and the criminal only a victim.

In the years that followed, this trend became a very powerful force in our society. The theory of intersectionality claimed that our behaviors were a result of our level of victimization. Our skin color, our ethnic makeup, our sexual orientation, or economic status, and even our gender was the true reason for our circumstances and the successes and failures of our lifes, and our choices and actions had very little to do with it.

To be woke meant that you accepted this and were able to excuse bad behavior and terrible choices by individuals by blaming it on something else or someone else.


And it was a logical step to assume that if nothing was really your fault, you would have to look beyond yourself for solutions and help. Government was often the answer. It was like Government was some kind of mythical thing that could solve our problems and take care of all or our concerns. It was like a big mommy that would make it all better.

No, Tarl’s call to “wake up.” was not the same as the current slang term, ‘woke.” It was actually just the opposite. The nanny state government, the victimization theory of intersectionality, and the idea that our circumstances could always be blamed on external factors rather than our own actions, were the very myths and gods and heroes that Tarl said would not save us.

It is very likely that this passage is one of the most crucial passages to the understanding of the history of Second Life Gor, and the current problems our online community is facing.

Second Life Gor, in a symbolic sense, is one big “Torvald’s tomb” where people have been coming for years, trying to wake up Torvald and have their problems solved and to insure their happiness. They are, often, so used to shifting responsibility to others that they log it and wait for someone else to do something, and become discouraged when nothing good happens.
If all the hours of complaining; all the long written out posts condemning the faults and failures of others, and all the finger pointing and blame placing, could have been channeled into positive actions, Second Life Gor might have become a really special place.

I am not claiming any special exemption for myself here. I am as guilty as everyone else of falling into the trap of passing the buck, and of even trying to shake Torvald awake to come save me and make things better again.

But, when I catch myself climbing up that rocky mountain slope to seek an external solution to my own problems, I pick up my copy of Marauders and read Tarl’s words again.

I realize the truth of them. If the land (Second Life) is to be saved, it is us, and others like us that will save it. Here looking for others to do our work, we find only ourselves, and an arrow of war.


And I lift the arrow, and go back to the fight.

And just like in the book, I want to see it passed around from hand to hand. I want to see everyone touch it, and resolve to join in the effort to defeat the Kur, to control the irrational animal instincts that throw us into chaos and destroy our efforts to rise up to something higher and better.

It seems to me that everything else we have talked about in this seminar revolves around this idea. We can not become superior people, and we can not be beacons lit on the shore of Thassa, and we can not even really “pursue happiness”, until we really wake up and realize it is on us, and no others.

arrrow of war

Lift the arrow of war.

When To Make A Stand

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.  This class was held on August 30, 2018

Tal and Greetings

I had said that I was going to do a class on each of the three most influential parts of the Gor novels. At least,these are my three choices, and I am sure others have their own favorites.

The first one is from the book, Raiders of Gor, which is the 6th book of the series.

Raiders of gor

The scene is set in the city of Port Kar and in a paga tavern. I will give the quick version of what happens first, and then will try to explain the impact that it has had on my understanding of the novels and the development of what I like to call “the Moral High Ground” theory of Gor.

Tarl Cabot has just come through a low point in his adventures on Gor. He had been enslaved by the Rencers in the marshes, humiliated by a female, and although safe in Port Kar now, he was despondent over his lost honor and showing clear signs of what we would now call clinical depression.

As he sits drinking in the tavern in the early hours of the morning, and after a long and harrowing night, he muses on how disgusting everything in Port Kar is and becomes annoyed even by the cries of a slave from the alcoves.

Then, a large pirate named Surbus emerges from the alcove with a skinny blond slave girl over his shoulder and takes her to the proprietor of the tavern.

“I am not pleased with her, ” he said to the proprietor.
“I am sorry, Noble Surbus,” said the man. “I shall have her beaten.”
“I am not pleased with her!” cried Surbus.
“You wish her destroyed?” asked the man.
“Yes, ” said Surbus, “destroyed.”
“Her price is five silver tarsks.”

Page 121 Raiders of Gor

Tarl steps in, and ends up mortally wounding Surbus. The slave girl, surprisingly moves to comfort the dying the Pirate, and then begs Tarl to help her carry him up to the roof of the tavern so that he might see the ocean one more time before he died. Although clearly confused by the girl’s reaction, he helps her. On the roof, Tarl sees Thassa, the sea, for the first time, and the dying man for the last time. Surbus’ last words are, “Thank you.”

When Tarl returns downstairs, he finds 70 or 80 pirates waiting for him. They are members of Surbus’ crews and their only question is: Did you let him see the sea?

When Tarl says he did, the leader tells him. “Then we are your men now.”

Just about six pages in all, and yet I know I could talk for hours and do a whole series of classes on the ramifications of that short encounter.

But, since this is supposed to be a “short talk” to introduce the subject, I will try to limit myself to making three important points.

Point #1 Get over it


As Tarl sits drinking in the tavern, and sees what is happening, he has the opportunity to make several excuses and justifications for inaction. All of us are familiar with them, and our society on Earth is raising the idea of victimization to loftier heights all the time. Your mother was to thin, and your father was too fat. You are the wrong color or the wrong gender or live in the wrong place. Other people did that, and still other people did this, and poor, poor, pitiful you.

There is such a thing as an absolute right and there are absolute wrongs. If you disagree with me on this, I will be more than willing to listen to the pro-throw a girl into the canal and let her be eaten alive by giant urts for being displeasing in a sexual encounter- argument during our discussion today.

I understand and have sympathy for people’s troubles. My own life has been marked by some horrible events. I understand how poor health, and societal pressures, and discrimination, and a host of other factors can beat a person down.

However, none of those things are excuses for not doing the right thing. And none of them are justifications for doing the wrong thing.

Point #2 Violence should be the last option, but, sadly, it is sometimes the only option.


Tarl attempts to outbid Surbus first. He offers a higher price to buy the girl. But, Surbus refuses, and the proprietor , representing what I call the immoral legality of Gor, defends Surbus by saying that he paid for her fair and square, and often destroys girls that displease him, establishing a precedent, and even suggests that Surbus is a very tough cookie, appealing to the “might makes right” idea.

In this seminar, I have often advanced the idea that the lesson of the books is that Earth sucks for being too soft, and Gor sucks for being too hard, and we need to find the middle ground. The proprietor is the poster child for the “Gor sucks” idea.

He is advocating three important justifications for immorality. It is legal. It is traditional. Doing anything about it might be risky.

When there is no other options available, Tarl says, “No”, and draws his sword and kills Surbus to save the girl.

It would be nice to imagine a world that had no evil. It would be nice to have no need for weapons, or armies, or wars. It would be nice to confront violence like the hippy girl in the 60’s sticking a flower in the barrel of a rifle.

In the book, Excalibur, by Bernard Cornwell, a warrior makes this comment about war, and explains a bit about why we have made warriors into heroes and even a bit about why we have tended to sometimes focus more on the glory and honor involved rather than the tragedy and horror of it.

“Only a fool wants war, but once a war starts then it can not be fought half-heartedly. It cannot even be fought with regret, but must be waged with a savage joy in defeating the enemy, and it is that savage joy that inspires our bards to write their greatest songs about love and war. We warriors dressed for battle as we decked ourselves for love; we made ourselves gaudy, we wore our gold, we mounted crests on our silver-chased helmets, we strutted, we boasted, and when the slaughtering blades came close we felt as if the blood of the Gods coursed in our veins. A man should love peace, but if he cannot fight with all his heart then he will not have peace.”

Page 192 Excalibur by Bernard Cornwell.

Although one might abhor the violence of his act, Tarl fights with all his heart and with a savage elation, to save the life of the innocent slave girl

Point #3 It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak.

strong protect

One of the points of this story is the contrast between the big bully Surbus and the skinny blond slave girl. Nothing I am saying calls for butting into a dispute between two idiots about to have a fight, and Tarl was not involved when the girl was crying and being mistreated in the alcoves. He considered that she was paying the dues of a slave girl.

The moral high ground is not the place to fight over every little social injustice that you encounter. However, once again, there are certain times where the issue is no longer in doubt and obvious bullying brutality is most likely one of those times.
The interesting thing about the paga tavern story is that Surbus becomes the weak one in the end after he lays dying on the floor. Sure, he was a pirate, a brute, an asshole, and got what he deserved, but now he is just a human being about to stop living. That changes everything.

Tarl, with a bit of blood lust still pumping adrenaline through his veins is a bit slower to pick up on this, but the slave girl understands. It is no longer a time for hate or revenge. It was a time for respect and for compassion. Tarl’s act of compassion and respect for tradition, even to grant the dying wish of an enemy, ends up changing his life and leads to great wealth. This is John Norman’s rather blatant morality tale.

Do the right thing and good things will follow. Actions have consequences and they can be both good and bad.

right thing

Goreans talk about strength and honor, and there is no model or myth where using strength to bully the weak is honorable. It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak, and many have discovered much about honor and true strength in doing so. And defeated enemies who no longer pose a threat, but are bleeding out on the tavern floor are now ‘the weak”, just as the helpless slave girl was the weak one before the fight.

I read this story again and again, and think about it more and more. I question myself, too. Would I have the courage to stand up for the girl against “the best sword in Port Kar?” Would I have the compassion and self control to not gloat over my victory, but help him up the stairs to see the sea one last time? And would I stand proud with my actions and deed, even in the face of many of his former crew?

Those are the questions you ask yourself when you take on the mantle of Gorean man, and take it seriously. It sets a high standard of behavior and demands you become a warrior for the moral high ground and a seeker of truth and protector of the weak, and it doesn’t let you make any bullshit excuses for falling short of that standard.

Clear The Mechanism

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions. This class was held on August 2, 2018

Tal and greetings

We are well into the summer, and I know that the time has come to wrap up this series of classes.

We have called it The Gorean Compass, The Next Generation, because it was the second full year of classes, and I realized that taken together, the two years of classes represented a rather coherent philosophy of Second Life Gor.

Or did it?

On my radio show this Tuesday, I read from Renegades of Gor, and made a little bit of fun at what I thought was very poor writing. A lot of people consider John Norman a poor writer. And his habit of stopping to describe the organization of tharlarion cavalry for two pages, right in the middle of a hot slave seduction is annoying.

But, as I thought about his writing, I realized my concept and vision of Gor was based on a very small number of extremely well written passages from the books. I have almost committed them to memory, and in every class, every discussion, every issue, I go back to them like a soldier who stops the patrol for a moment to flip open his compass and take a reading.

same destination

It seemed a good way to end this second year of the seminar by looking at four of the most important of these passages.

The first one would have to be the one that sets the stage. It is the bedrock on which the whole vision rests.

I used to laugh and mock those who referred to the Gorean novels as “the scrolls” , but, I admit to very strong feelings and feel very much like a Preacher telling you to open your bibles to page so and so. when I say, this is from page 7 of Marauders of Gor.

“Many of the competitive moralities of Earth are mistaken.
But what is not mistaken?
The Goreans have very different notions of morality from those of Earth.
Yet who is to say who is more correct?
I envy sometimes the simplicities of those of Earth and those of Gor, who, creatures of their conditioning, are not troubled by such matters, but I would not be as either of them.
If either should be correct it is for them no more than a lucky coincidence.
They would have fallen into truth, but to take truth for granted is not to know it.
Truth not won is not possessed.
We are not entitled to truths for which we have not fought.”
“But, I would not be like either of them”

If that passage is going to be the bedrock of your philosophical approach to Gor, the first step is to accept the idea that Earth and Gor both suck for opposite reasons. And they both are very amazing, but again for opposite reasons.

The goal of our Gorean experience would be to discover the truth, and be able to clearly recognize what are the boundaries of that middle balanced ground that is “not to soft, but not too hard.”


And it would not be easy. If we could come into Gor, and someone tell us the “truth” and we were to go, “ahhhhh” that wouldn’t work. Truth not won is not possessed. So, what happens when we come into Gor is not that we are told the answers, but that we are given the questions. And we have to fight our way to the answers and then fight on to the truths.

This is what gives such life to Second Life Gor. It is like a giant laboratory where we can ask some very hard questions about ourselves, and our true natures, and our darker sides, and a host of others that can not be as safely or easily addressed in First Life.

This gives some meaning to role play. If we can create Gor as closely as possible to how it might have been, we can get close enough to see the pimples on its ass, too We can safely experiment with the limits of “too hard.” And we can escape the grip of “too soft” that is often so prevalent in our first life.

In many of the classes over the last two years, I have spoken of baggage. There is a lot of things very, very wrong with Earth society and the state of human relationships in that society.

We can not create either the balanced Gor of the superior person, or even the role play imaginary world of fictional Gor, if we smear it with the baggage of Earth that we bring with us way too often, when we should leave it safely in a locker behind.

personal baggage

In many ways, my biggest baggage problem might even be in the area of politics. I am very conservative politically, and have found that a majority of Goreans that I have come to know in my time here are very conservative as well. But, not all of them are, and this seminar has been a most excellent place to discover that fact. Over the years, we have had some very liberal ideas expressed and argued here.

For example, if the Priest-Kings, who represent rational thought, have banned guns, limited technology that would lead to pollution and environmental damage, and have guided technology into improved health care and longer life spans for all, it would seem to be a pretty good argument that some liberal ideas are at least rational.

I think we all should pause a moment while Second Life is loading up, and be a bit like Kevin Costner in the movie. “For the Love of the Game” He is a baseball player, and when he starts to play, he says, “clear the mechanism” and the noise of the crowd fades away, and he can focus.

We need to clear the mechanism, too. We have to clear our minds of the noise of our Earth conditioning and the horrors of our past experiences, and come into this Brave New World of online Gor with as little baggage as possible.

clear mech

If our Gorean experience is going to be a journey to a new land, and we are going to have to be asking a lot of hard questions about ourselves, and we are going to have to actually fight for truths, it behooves us to embark on it with a clear head and an open mind.

This is also why these seminars and classes have often called Second Life Gor the big kids playground, and suggested it is not a place to come to heal or to recover, or be pampered and indulged.

Sometimes truth is a hard thing, and sometime the fight for it is very bloody.

truth fought

I have given this much thought, and it was a hard choice, but I have decided that the three most influential parts of the early Gorean novels in the forming of my personal philosophy and vision were as follows:

The death of Surbus in Raiders of Gor
Lifting the Arrow of War in Marauders of Gor
The finding of Port Kar’s Home Stone in Raiders of Gor

The Final three classes of this seminar will cover one of those major events.

if there are any parts of the books that have impacted you more than any other, or seemed to point your way to a truth, please feel free to share that with us today.

Mistress Marpai Memorial

Recently the House of Runo lost someone who was held dear by many members of the community.  Mistress Marpai was a valuable member of our village and we will miss her greatly.  A memorial was held in her honor.  Following is the transcript of that memorial.

Gorm Runo: I would like to welcome everyone to Caer Cadarn. The counsel voted this morning to name this theater, The Marpai Theater, in honor of the Lady whose life we are here to celebrate today.
– Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside): smiles brightly
Ruby (delilah1976) wipes a tear and listens to Master
Gorm Runo: and we are very honored to have the Blessed Alosos, the High Initiate of the Gorean Campus here today to officiate at this celebration. Afterwards, there will be a performance by the Horettes in honor of Lady Marpai, and the placing of a statue in our memorial garden.
Gorm Runo: So, I will now turn it over to the Blessed One. Again, thank you all for coming today to reflect on the life and service of Lady Marpai.

Blessed Alosos (alosos): Tal and Greetings as some of you know me from the Gorean Campus i was saddened to hear about the lady we come to celebrate her life this day, I have heard many many wonderful things so i open up this by saying this “She is in a much better place and loved by many if any of you wish to say a few words I am sure she will appreciate it, I have had a few girls who apologise and send there love…. So please do speak up if you wish too

Blessed Alosos (alosos): Marpal was much loved by all at the campus, her music, her teachings so lets remember her for what she did for everyone here, many tears have fallen, but remember tears are a healing, let people mourn and offer them support when needed, Yes Gorm

Gorm Runo: I wish to say that when Marpai first came to the Caer Cadarn, she came full of a vision that we could make Caer Cadarn, a simple trading village, into one of the centers for art in the Gorean world. Despite the hardships of her illness, she never gave up that dream, and every conversation we had, she continued to give ideas and suggestions on how we could make it so. Our most fitting tribute, in my opinion, is to continue to make that dream come true. “done”

Blessed Alosos (alosos): Please Safira your next

Safira Sapphyre (StephanieSapphyre): I will read Lady Vala

Blessed Alosos (alosos): Yes Please do
Safira Sapphyre (StephanieSapphyre): My Dearest Mar’Pai

I have known you for along time. Sometimes too long but through those years, you have always been there to help me and others, just by listening and giving advice you have given comfort and hope to everyone, even when you found out that your time was limited with the illness. You stayed strong till the end.
Thank you for being my friend and a good listener, in the real world and over all the Gorean Networks. You will be remembered as a Legend.

ValaDian TaVar
(aka Kate)

Safira Sapphyre (StephanieSapphyre): That is what the Lady Vala wished to say today

Safira Sapphyre (StephanieSapphyre): I knew Lady Mar’Pai for many years. It is odd when you think of the people that are in your life, and how they have affected you over the years.

I knew her as a strong free woman from IRC, and then as a friend in Caer. Mar’Pai always had time for people. It didn’t matter how she was feeling or what she was doing, if you needed her, she dropped what she was doing and she was there for you. When you were talking to her, you were the most important person she was focusing on. From teaching other free women how to excel, to lending a kind ear, and a warm encouraging hug to a slave, Mar’Pai was a light in our village.

Always quick to serve her village, and her friends. You will be missed Lady Mar’Pai.

Goodbye my friend
Lady Safira

Safira Sapphyre (StephanieSapphyre): *done*

Blessed Alosos (alosos): Flavius please

Flavius Kjalarr (GnaeusFlavius): I did no know the Lady well, she only recently began teaching at the Campus, but as is my habit I attended a few of her classes, I will say she was a Valkyrie when it came to defending her views. She will be missed on the Campus

Blessed Alosos (alosos): yes she will be missed by many just know i may be an initiate but i am a spiritual guide if any one needs it, Anyone else before i had to Gorm for the celebrations of her life to begin

Warlayn Convair (Warlayn Molinaxil): stays silent

Blessed Alosos (alosos): looks over “you dont need to stay quiet my friend lets celebrate her life Back to you Gorm”

Gorm Runo: Thank you, Alosos

Blessed Alosos (alosos): Thank you was a pleasure to open this up


Gorm Runo: Ok, first things first.

Gorm Runo: As Administrator of Caer Cadarn, and with the approval of the High Counsel. I officially name this structure. The Marpai Theater. It is will be used, I hope, for many events and performances celebrating music

Gorm Runo: and dance

Gorm Runo: and other forms of Gorean Art.

Gorm Runo: Lady Marpai will give it more than her name.

Gorm Runo: It will be her spirit, and her love of music and art, that will be on display here in the days and months to come. She will provide inspiration to the performers.


Gorm Runo: The Horettes dance troupe, will be the first to perform in the newly named Marpai Theater. They have prepared a tribute dance in her honor. The music is on the local stream, if you have not turned that on, please do so. girls, when you are ready

Gorm Runo: you may begin

TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Thank you Master

The HORettes dance to an instrumental version of In The Arms of An Angel played on harp.  Following is the emotes of that dance:

TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Please turn on the local stream to hear the music. We, The Horettes, are honored to be here and humbly present this performance in honor of Mistress Marpai and her music. We sincerely hope that all enjoy.

Collean (Collenah): Crystalline tears pool and gently flow down flushed cheeks. Soft lyrical voice calls to the heavens “Rest with the angels, sweet Mistress. You will never be forgotten.”

ڿڰۣ-ღ Ayana ღ-ڿڰۣ- (misty Antonelli): Flowing through the air like a breeze smiles knowing this beautiful woman is watching the girls she so much enjoyed helping her music guides us as we dance today in her honor a light warn breeze covers my body knowing she is here with us at this moment struggles a soft smile as soft tears fall down her cheeks may you Rest In Peace Mar Pai we will never forget You looking to the sky imagines doves carrying this beautiful body home to Her creator.

Ruby (delilah1976) lifts up dainty hands to the skies above her, with a sorrow heart Thassa eyes fill up with sadness, softly speaks out to honor Mistress “Mistress you was always there for Ruby, not only as a Mistress but a friend to me, you was there when i needed a shoulder to lean on and to talk to, You gave me some good ideas for dance, things will never be the same and you was much loved, RIP dear Mistress I will never ever forget you”, lets body move to the musicians music, Touches her heart saying “I will love you always and will keep dancing in your name as well as the House and village I serve” crystal tears flow down cheeks

TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) moves with a dancer’s grace, perfectly in sync with sisters in chains, slender arms reach up to embrace the heavens as if embracing the one they honor today, a Mistress of the arts who stirred the souls of so many now enchanting the souls of the cities of the dust. She is greatly missed, yet her influence will be forever felt and her music will live on.

– Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside) looked sullen as thick body wrapped in satin black swayed to the musical spell that captured the slave girl. The musician’s playing that calming melody that sent Tiggy’s mind to wonder. Reminiscing the lovely Mistress and her artistic talents. Already missing the sounds of those many instruments Mistress possessed. The Inn often booming with melodies that called you home. Beckoning you to the warmth of the Inn. A small sigh exhaled from quivering lips of dark obsidian, as crystalline tears twinkle from exotic two toned eyes. Tiggy would miss many things about Mistress, including her cream cakes, that Mistress would feed the chubby girl to keep up her womanly figure on the sly.

Najwa (Aelarria) smiles sadly as her lithe form steps in time with the beautiful music floating from the stage. Chocolate eyes shiver over the Masters and Mistresses gathered with a hint of sadness but also a light of hope. Slender arms lifted to the skies above open wide as gentle eyes close. The tempo wends through her soul reminding her of the music Mistress Mar’pai played at Brunch that day; a reminder that music can bridge the unknown and introduces one to another in ways words never can. Peaceful face tips back as if to be touched by angel’s wings, “Though she may be gone from these lands, Mistress lives on in our hearts and our souls through the music that surrounds us. Mistress will never be forgotten.” quiet voice falls silent again with a tender smile.

Penny (Worshipp): ~with the sweetest of expressions, her heart sad that she never knew the beautiful Mistress they all so adored. Her hands perfectly poised as she uses her own love for music..to express the deepest sorrow at their loss. She poises her hands perfectly, tawny tresses sweeping about like a silken flag, as she uses her body to express what mere words cannot~

Rain (SummmerRaain) ‘s arms swaying, moving the air around her filled with the memories of all who have gathered here to remember, hands brushing away tears of those feeling the loss of her presence among us. Rest in joyous reunion with your maker.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): la kajirae

Gorm Runo: Thank you, girls. That was most beautiful

Blessed Alosos (alosos): Claps absolutely wonderfully danced girls she would be proud of your strength

Lucy Bronet applauds, smiling warmly at the dancers
[10:32] Hammer (hammer Cardboard) wipes away a tear……damn pollen

Gorm Runo: I would like to add these words. I believe this expresses our Gorean view perfectly

levana (Leticia Grantham) enjoys the wonderful music and the exquisite dancing, as tears move in her eyes

Gorm Runo: They are from the Earth poet Kahlil Gibran

Gorm Runo: For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?

Gorm Runo: And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered.

Gorm Runo: Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.

Gorm Runo: And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.

Gorm Runo: And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

Gorm Runo: We no longer worry about Lady Marpai. She has gone on to something better, and her spirit is soaring now, free from pain, and illness, and worry.

Gorm Runo: tiggy, do you have the statue that will go in the memorial garden
Gorm Runo: could you put it out in front of the stage,,,and we can place it in the garden later. So, people can see it
– Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside) nods softly “Yes Master, tiggy has been preparing the garden for it to be placed… everything is ready Master”
Gorm Runo: smiles
Ruby (delilah1976) smiles softly as the statue goes out
– Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside) places the statue for Mistress center stage… hoping all will be pleased with the choice made to symbolize such an iconic woman.
Blessed Alosos (alosos): That is a nice statue i am sure she will like it
Gorm Runo: Beautiful statue…with the Harp.
– Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside) smiles warmly
Sarah Clawtooth (SarahClawtooth Foxclaw): Perfect choice. It represents her for her strength and love of the arts

Gorm Runo: Ok,,,I would like to conclude our service in a manner that is typically Gorean. We know Lady Marpai is fine now in the Cities of Dust, and her spirit is soaring in the clouds making beautiful music.
Blessed Alosos (alosos): Let her memories live on and she will remain in our hearts
Gorm Runo: But, we remain behind, in a world filled with pain and sometimes marred by the ugly.
Gorm Runo: I would like Blessed Alosos, to end the meeting by calling upon the Priest Kings to favor us,,,those remaining behind, that we can capture Marpai’s strength, her courage, and carry on her work.
Gorm Runo: Blessed One/… please,,,,

Blessed Alosos (alosos): I want to send out strength and courage that the Priest kings will favour each and everyone of you, you may still be in mourning but I wish that Lady Marpai’s strength her courage will remain with you always especially to those who she touched. Be gentle with one another we all are unique in our own way, Girls take my blessings with you, You did extremely well and i am honored to be apart of it…. so in ending enjoy the celebrations as i am sure she would not want tears

Gorm Runo: Thank you, Blessed One.
Blessed Alosos (alosos): Very welcome Gorm
Blessed Alosos (alosos): Go in Peace Caer Cadarn and call on me if needed 🙂

Gorm Runo: It is going to be exciting times. We are talking about dance exhibitions, and a Lady Marpai trophy, and other ways of promoting arts. ruby will be dancing Saturday in her honor at a Memorable dance competition, and several girls dancing at the Campus in two weeks
Gorm Runo: Art is alive and well, at Caer Cadarn, so I am sure Lady Marpai will be with us always.
– Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside) nods softly
Gorm Runo: Thank you all for coming out today. Especially Our honored guests , Flavius , Administrator of the Campus, and Lady Lucy from the great city of Olni.
Gorm Runo: This concludes our service. WE will be heading out for the race track soon. Life goes on. We are a little less for having lost her, and a whole lot more, by having known her.
Gorm Runo: I wish you all well, and enjoy this week
Flavius Kjalarr (GnaeusFlavius): A very nice memorial Gorm, I thank you and Caer Cadarn for inviting me to be here. I wish you all well