The Gorean Compass Broadcast – featuring The Horettes

The Gorean Compass broadcasts on Goreans Portal Radio every Tuesday at 1pm SLT.  This is a broadcast/radio version of the Gorean Compass Class which is held at The Gorean Campus every Thursday at noon and 6pm SLT.  The radio broadcast usually is on a different topic.

This last Tuesday 8/28/18 the topic was about being a beacon – shining as an example of how Second Life Gor really should be and of how Goreans should really behave.  In other words, not making the same old mistakes that others have made which have caused others to fail.

The Horettes were invited to dance at this broadcast (as they sometimes are) given only 30 minutes warning they were able to pull it off thanks to everyone’s cooperation.  Rhiannon pulled together the choreography and each girl wrote out their own emotes.  We would like to share this performance with you all and hope that you enjoy.

*note – the film was recorded and edited by tabi

Below please find each girl’s emotes:

Pretty SiXx-StRiNg (xWendyx Resident): It is the responsiblity of the interesting to be a beacon of inspiration for the mediocre; to stand out and act as an example of what life should be.

TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): /me stretches to full length, head held high, breasts lifted with arched back, displaying for all to see the assets of the property of her Master, lithe arms lift beckoning the attentions of those watching, obedient and submissive in all ways as a beacon should be, the slave undulates in the glory of her slavery and the excitement of the message of her owner, eager to please and serve, an example of his words in action.

Imp (Hoshi Tamura): Long alabaster strands catching the gold of reflected light. green eyes flash like an pair of emerald flames. Lips of ruby that entice, a form to create dreams. Hips of rounded shape to hold and caress. To stand as a light in a dark cold night to a Masters repaste.

Rhiannon (rhiannon0327 Resident): /me the need to please blazed brightly within the slave girls forest green gems overshadowing the chip perceived upon her shoulder. Mustering all her strength in the face of life shaking truths she popped up to dance with her sisters in bondage. Flashing a smile to those gathered she yearned to be the beacon her Owner wished her to be. Shaking hips and rolling shoulders the girl tried with all her might to blaze brightly for others to see, to serve even when she didn’t feel like it and to do all she could with perfection to promote her Masters vision of a united Gorean Community for all to enjoy.

Ruby (delilah1976 Resident): Lifts up dainty hands to the Three moons thassa green eyes glance to those who are gathered here this day, moves her body to the beat of the drums, Touches collar on slender neck, wants to be a shining beacon in all Ruby does, moves into the light as it shines upon her body, a sudden submissive start falls upon her…. Glances over shoulder to Master of me, green eyes show a beacon to all those she serves, taps out heartbeat on thigh

– Tigglet – (Kel Blindside): /me listened to the unusual harmony that sounded from the musician’s instruments. Their song not what tiggy was used to. The beat different yet propelling the lusty vixen into uplifting motion. Wide hips bucking as feet kick up into the evening air. Mixed matched eyes of peculiar colors alight with the fires that burn within. The beast wanting nothing more then to please with every once of her being. Whimpering softly, the need so great to serve. Even though at times her heart broke or emotions were high. Always trying to strive for perfection. To lead by example, a beacon in the night.
Vera (Kitywity Watts): /me humming with the music, tawny slave taps her foot to the music. Spinning in a circle enjoying the music. Pauses her jumbled thoughts thinking about today’s theme. You Can’t Be a beacon if your light dont shine. What does that mean? Hmm to this dancing slave it means to always let her heart shine through in everything she does. From serving a simple brunch menu, or to dancing here with her sisters in chains, to even tavern night and letting her need to be pleasing to the Free she serves letting them see how happy it makes her to be pleasing to them.

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