Casual Sex

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

Tal and greetings
There is a movie that was released quite a few years ago called “Quest for Fire.”
Desmond Morris, the author of “The Naked Ape”, who has been mentioned in this seminar from time to time was the technical advisor on the film.
The story is set way back in prehistoric times when our species was still struggling against another groups of humanoids for survival.  In a battle against a very ape-like tribe called the Wagabou, the tribe loses their glowing coals that enable them to start a fire for warmth and protection.  Since they have no idea how to make fire, they must send some young men out to try to steal it from another group.
quest for fire
It is an interesting movie, beautifully photographed.
I am mentioning it today, however, because of one scene that was on my mind as I prepared this talk.  The three young men have rescued a young girl from a more advanced group.  The leader is sort of love struck over this girl, and when she runs away to return to her own people, he follows her to bring her back, much to the disgust of the other two men who have stolen fire now and are ready to return home.
The leader’s foolishness turns out to be good luck because the advanced tribe teaches him the secret of actually making fire by rubbing sticks together.
On their way home, they are sitting around a fire at night, when the young girl’s needs come upon her, and she starts moaning and twisting around in obvious sexual arousal.  One of the men sees her and he reacts with arousal, and grabs her, pulling her to him for sexual release.
The girl pulls away, and goes the leader, who, also being aroused, begins to position her for his use.  The other two men show their unhappiness, but acceptance of this, but when the leader goes to consummate the act, the girl insists on turning around.  For those familiar with operating Second Life pose ball menus, she doesn’t select “doggy style”, but rather what is known as the missionary style.
quest for fire 1
When the two men see this , they react with total disgust and shake their heads sadly.
In appears to them that the leader is so confused about his feelings that he can’t even remember how he is supposed to have sexual intercourse.
I could definitely see Desmond Morris’ influence on that amusing scene.
He believed sexuality in primitive humans was most likely such a natural biological function that it was treated as casually as eating or drinking, or the removal of bodily wastes.
No one would have made a big deal out it, but if it wasn’t a strong and persistent urge in us, we would not have been reproducing enough to give our species a chance to survive.
Reproduction is an essential element of life as any beginning biology student will tell you.
This act of turning around during the sex act, so the man actually had some idea of who he was with was symbolic of the changing of sex from a basic biological urge into something totally different.
Although it appears other species have mates that they remain with for life, we humans have turned basic reproduction into something totally different.
There have been several good documentaries done on “The History of Sex” and when you watch them, you can see a continuing trend even in the historical period of our feelings and attitudes on sex and reproduction changing and evolving constantly in a direction where we were taking it much more seriously, and seeing it much less as a biological function.
Many factors played into this.  Many religions began to make chastity a virtue.  The idea of “bloodlines” and the passing on of titles and such led to the importance of a man insuring that a child was actually his child.   Even the idea of family which seems to be natures way of making sure the human child is cared for long enough to develop the large brain that would enable us to become the dominant species on the planet, seems to have had an influence on how we viewed sex and the sexual relationship between males and females.
You would think that after millions and millions of years of steady progress, we would have really refined sex to the point we have it right now.
But, we don’t.
It is really in total chaos.  It has become so confused in modern society that we are debating the number of possible genders and each month seems to bring a new letter onto the LGBTQetcetcetc. letter train.
Divorce rates are staggering.  Single parent homes are way too common.  And most insidious of all, sexual attraction has moved to the top spot in the “what really matters” list replacing such less important items such as trust, and respect, and responsibility.
Today, a man could be in a relationship with a woman and be an abusive, unemployed, low life lying scum bag, and that would be only mildly disapproved of, but let him stick his dick in another woman, and that is the deal breaker, and everyone would finally start to boo and hiss and advise the girl to leave him and go out and find another scum bag, but one who won’t “cheat on her.”
And this is why sex is so casual in Gor.  We are the Counter-Earth.  I have pointed out before that this expression doesn’t really just mean it is on the other side of the Sun.  It means that it is taking the worse things about Earth culture and showing alternatives.
And our Earth attitudes about sex are one of the worse things about our culture.
However, we are not a struggling species fighting for survival anymore, and such things as sexually transmitted disease, and unwanted pregnancy still shape our behaviors despite birth control and protection.    So, an open casual free sex world is not possible on Earth.
What made it more possible on Gor was the advancement of medical knowledge because the Priest-Kings insisted they concentrate on that rather than making faster tanks or more powerful guns.   Slave wine was an easy and fail proof birth control, and disease had been almost eradicated.
Second Life Gor.that wonderfull fantasy world that is not really Earth, and not really on another planet, has given us our Counter-Earth chance.
When a man is sitting in a tavern and sends his slave girl to serve a friend a bowl of paga, that friend might very well throw the girl over his shoulder and take her to an alcove and screw the hell out of her, and then, when finished, bring her back, with a happy smile on her face, and send her back to her owner.
You certainly don’t see that happening in your friendly neighborhood bar.
When you first think of this interaction, you might think it is many things.  It seems very degrading to the slave.  She is just a piece of meat obviously, causally shared.  Also, how can there be any kind of “love” or “affection” between a Man and his slave if he is not wanting to beat her up, or kill his friend, because she had a happy smile on her face coming from the alcove?
This scenario is so Counter-Earth, that we view it solely as a sort of soft porn role play that shows how this unfeeling Gorean assholes would act, but do not see any symbolic meaning in it, nor do we see how it can also be a positive thing available to us in Second Life Gor.
Because if Earth Culture is making sex the be all and end all of every relationship, then Gor will make it casual and not that big a deal.    With sex leading the list on Earth, people are forgetting that honor, respect, trust, responsibility, loyalty, commitment, and a host of other noble things are more important then the friction of flesh against flesh.
In the Gorean world, with sex being casual, we are cut loose from the trap and begin to think a bit more on the other things that matter way more, and are much more lasting than physical attractions.
This has not worked perfectly here.  We bring our baggage with us.  Jealousy and possessiveness, and even the inability of some to treat sex, even pose ball cyber sex, as something casual and detach themselves a bit from the emotional responses have led us to create a sort of Earthy Gor that misses the mark in this area.
We complain that Gor is “all about sex”, or we complain that we aren’t getting enough sex.  Everything negative about sexual relations on Earth is too often used to structure and understand sexuality in our Second Life Gorean interactions.
We have a chance to really recreate something here.  We can lower sex back to its proper place, and enjoy the hell out it, without letting it become the guide and compass of our life.
easy to have sex
We can do this is relative safety.  No one gets and unwanted child or a venereal disease from cyber sex.
I say relative safety, because emotional responses can still be very strong, until you learn to do it with the right perspective. and people can be hurt emotionally even in the role play of this loose sexuality.
But, as we continue to repeat here in the seminar, Second Life is the big kids playground, and you better be prepared.   All your confusion and past experiences, and conditioning, and baggage will be with you here, and you have to be tough to not only navigate it safely, but to actually learn something positive about yourself, and about what really matters.
And the truth is, beauty fades, passion based purely on sex burns out, but trust and respect, and maturity, and loyalty are the real building blocks of a lasting relationship
The man in the tavern above, could lend the pussy of that slave to his friend, for a short time of fun, but he can not lend her love,,,,   he can command her to go to the alcove and serve him, but he can not command her to respect him while she is there, or to feel trust in him.
I don’t think Second Life Gor is ‘all about sex.”   But, I am glad there is a lot of it and I encourage you all to engage in even more.   When we put it back in its natural place, we will be free to spend more time examining the important things again.
trust the truth
Maybe, we will find that the happy smile on the slave girl’s face when she returned from the alcove was that she was returning to the feet of the Master who she loved, trusted, and respected, and who she knew trusted her as well.
Wouldn’t that be a nice Counter Earth feeling.

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