Home Stones

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

Tal and greetings
My home sim of Caer Cadarn is getting ready for a week long celebration that will culminate in the placing of a Home Stone.
I thought that today, on the eve of this monumental event, might be a good time to reflect on the meaning of Home Stone as the Gorean novels presented it, and how it has most often been misunderstood in Second Life Gor, and in online Gor in general.
Gorean Homestone
It might be one of the most important and meaningful topics that this seminar ever addresses.
I say that because I think that when you fully grasp the significance of the Home Stone concept, you find that it permeates almost every aspect of the Gorean experience.
In the first thirty pages of Tarnsman of Gor, Tarl Cabot is told that the word “Gor” means Home Stone, in all the known languages of the planet.
The word Gor translates to Home Stone.
So, even when someone in a BDSM gathering says, “oh, I know a little bit about that Gor thing,” what he really is saying is that Home Stone thing.
Goreans are the People of the Home Stone.
So, it wouldn’t seem likely that we would not really understand what that meant.
Down on Earth, we have seen the breakdown of some traditional things.  The more technologically and “socially” advanced we become, the less important family seems to be.
The global connectivity of modern times seems to be leading us closer and closer to a “one world” idea, but at the same time, it seems that there is something pushing back.  A new sense of tribalism and nationalism.    The Soviet Union broke up into pieces.  The UK voted to leave the EU.  And even the United States has become more like three or even four different countries that don’t get along, but are somehow stuck together.
one world many tribes
I think that Goreans view this conflict with a bit of bemusement.   Their world has a sensible structure to it that binds all human interaction together into a coherent whole.
The novels said that people built huts in the shape of a circle, and in the middle they placed a small flat stone carved with the initials of the family name.
This remains the most important of all Home Stones.  Its meaning and message is that everything begins at the core and works its way outward.
Most of what Gor and Gorean philosophy is all about is that simple message.  This is why we speak so much of personal responsibility and being true to who or what you really are.  We understand how important each individual is in the overall scheme of things, and we also understand that the only person whose behavior you can completely control is yourself.
Even when we move on and talk about the Home Stone of your city or village, we have to remember this message.  We will talk about duties, and responsibilities, and Honor, but what good are you in these discussions if you don’t have your own shit squared away?
It is like building a great structure with small building blocks.   And each block is expected to carry its own weight.
I used to joke about how on Earth, thanks to mass media, we wake up in the morning, and begin to worry about people on the other side of the world.  We can watch fictional people have problems and concern ourselves with solving them.  And we do all this while our own families are in peril, and our neighborhoods and communities are struggling.   We focus outward on things that we can not impact or control, and not inward on the things we can.
Because on Earth, we do not have a Home Stone sitting in the center of our circular huts.  Or on the mantle over our fire place, or in a garden in our back yard.
But, the Goreans do.
In Nomads of Gor, while Tarl is walking out to meet the Wagon people, he encounters a man with his family fleeing toward Turia.   The man yells, “Beware, I have a Home Stone!”  and holds it up even to prove it.  And Tarl gives him a wide berth, because a man carrying a Home Stone is a very dangerous man.
We are the people of the Home Stone, and we are all bound together in an interlocking web.
Our communities place a Home Stone, and people pledge to it and defend it.
But, the real bedrock is that personal Home Stone.  Everything else will ultimately rest on it.
When you have such a Home Stone, you can not help but hold yourself to the highest standards.  You can not help but be fully responsible for yourself and your actions, nor can you not help protecting and defending with your life those who depend upon you within the circle of that Stone.
When you have such a Home Stone, you can not even conceive of the idea of dishonoring it.
Although I don’t want to go to deeply into this idea now for the sake of time, I suspect at least one of the kajira in the class will be questioning how this applies to them.
The collar on your neck, in a symbolic sense, serves the same purpose as the personal Home Stone.  It calls on you to set a higher standard, to be true to yourself, and to accept responsibility for your actions and behavior.
And you should not be able to even conceive of the idea of dishonoring it.
If I were to write an essay on “the meaning of the collar”, I would borrow very liberally from an essay on “the meaning of a personal Home Stone”
When you place that personal Home Stone and began to experience ” the power of the unified Gorean will, not tortured and divided against itself like the wills of Earth” you will be appalled at the things you see and hear around you.  The ideas of group identity, and victimization, and even class struggle become absurd, and the foolishness of fluid identity and fluid gender are no longer seen as harmless expressions, but dangerous trends.
When you place that Stone, you begin to examine yourself and your own behavior and focus on controlling it.  You stop looking for others to blame for your lot and start fixing what needs to be fixed.   You take a bit of time to insure that those that depend on you are safe, and cared for and moving forward.
You do everything you can do to better yourself and prepare yourself for tomorrow and its uncertainties.
And then when you have done that, and you are sure all is well , then it is time to go out your front door to serve your city, to do your job, or to make the whole planet better.
As I prepare myself for a solemn moment next week, when I pledge to the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn, my focus is inward.  I want to try as much as possible to make sure I am worthy and prepared to serve.
I will spend some time with my personal Home Stone in my hand thinking of what it means.
If you are new to all this, you will hear people say that this Gor thing is a kinky BDSM offshoot that is all about Masters and slaves and bondage and stuff.
No, it isn’t.  The longer you stay involved in it, and the deeper you dig into it, the more you discover it is about Home Stones, and what they signify to the People of the Home Stone.
The Goreans.

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