The Gorean Compass Broadcast – featuring The Horettes

The Gorean Compass broadcasts on Goreans Portal Radio every Tuesday at 1pm SLT.  This is a broadcast/radio version of the Gorean Compass Class which is held at The Gorean Campus every Thursday at noon and 6pm SLT.  The radio broadcast usually is on a different topic.

This last Tuesday 8/28/18 the topic was about being a beacon – shining as an example of how Second Life Gor really should be and of how Goreans should really behave.  In other words, not making the same old mistakes that others have made which have caused others to fail.

The Horettes were invited to dance at this broadcast (as they sometimes are) given only 30 minutes warning they were able to pull it off thanks to everyone’s cooperation.  Rhiannon pulled together the choreography and each girl wrote out their own emotes.  We would like to share this performance with you all and hope that you enjoy.

*note – the film was recorded and edited by tabi

Below please find each girl’s emotes:

Pretty SiXx-StRiNg (xWendyx Resident): It is the responsiblity of the interesting to be a beacon of inspiration for the mediocre; to stand out and act as an example of what life should be.

TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): /me stretches to full length, head held high, breasts lifted with arched back, displaying for all to see the assets of the property of her Master, lithe arms lift beckoning the attentions of those watching, obedient and submissive in all ways as a beacon should be, the slave undulates in the glory of her slavery and the excitement of the message of her owner, eager to please and serve, an example of his words in action.

Imp (Hoshi Tamura): Long alabaster strands catching the gold of reflected light. green eyes flash like an pair of emerald flames. Lips of ruby that entice, a form to create dreams. Hips of rounded shape to hold and caress. To stand as a light in a dark cold night to a Masters repaste.

Rhiannon (rhiannon0327 Resident): /me the need to please blazed brightly within the slave girls forest green gems overshadowing the chip perceived upon her shoulder. Mustering all her strength in the face of life shaking truths she popped up to dance with her sisters in bondage. Flashing a smile to those gathered she yearned to be the beacon her Owner wished her to be. Shaking hips and rolling shoulders the girl tried with all her might to blaze brightly for others to see, to serve even when she didn’t feel like it and to do all she could with perfection to promote her Masters vision of a united Gorean Community for all to enjoy.

Ruby (delilah1976 Resident): Lifts up dainty hands to the Three moons thassa green eyes glance to those who are gathered here this day, moves her body to the beat of the drums, Touches collar on slender neck, wants to be a shining beacon in all Ruby does, moves into the light as it shines upon her body, a sudden submissive start falls upon her…. Glances over shoulder to Master of me, green eyes show a beacon to all those she serves, taps out heartbeat on thigh

– Tigglet – (Kel Blindside): /me listened to the unusual harmony that sounded from the musician’s instruments. Their song not what tiggy was used to. The beat different yet propelling the lusty vixen into uplifting motion. Wide hips bucking as feet kick up into the evening air. Mixed matched eyes of peculiar colors alight with the fires that burn within. The beast wanting nothing more then to please with every once of her being. Whimpering softly, the need so great to serve. Even though at times her heart broke or emotions were high. Always trying to strive for perfection. To lead by example, a beacon in the night.
Vera (Kitywity Watts): /me humming with the music, tawny slave taps her foot to the music. Spinning in a circle enjoying the music. Pauses her jumbled thoughts thinking about today’s theme. You Can’t Be a beacon if your light dont shine. What does that mean? Hmm to this dancing slave it means to always let her heart shine through in everything she does. From serving a simple brunch menu, or to dancing here with her sisters in chains, to even tavern night and letting her need to be pleasing to the Free she serves letting them see how happy it makes her to be pleasing to them.

Casual Sex

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

Tal and greetings
There is a movie that was released quite a few years ago called “Quest for Fire.”
Desmond Morris, the author of “The Naked Ape”, who has been mentioned in this seminar from time to time was the technical advisor on the film.
The story is set way back in prehistoric times when our species was still struggling against another groups of humanoids for survival.  In a battle against a very ape-like tribe called the Wagabou, the tribe loses their glowing coals that enable them to start a fire for warmth and protection.  Since they have no idea how to make fire, they must send some young men out to try to steal it from another group.
quest for fire
It is an interesting movie, beautifully photographed.
I am mentioning it today, however, because of one scene that was on my mind as I prepared this talk.  The three young men have rescued a young girl from a more advanced group.  The leader is sort of love struck over this girl, and when she runs away to return to her own people, he follows her to bring her back, much to the disgust of the other two men who have stolen fire now and are ready to return home.
The leader’s foolishness turns out to be good luck because the advanced tribe teaches him the secret of actually making fire by rubbing sticks together.
On their way home, they are sitting around a fire at night, when the young girl’s needs come upon her, and she starts moaning and twisting around in obvious sexual arousal.  One of the men sees her and he reacts with arousal, and grabs her, pulling her to him for sexual release.
The girl pulls away, and goes the leader, who, also being aroused, begins to position her for his use.  The other two men show their unhappiness, but acceptance of this, but when the leader goes to consummate the act, the girl insists on turning around.  For those familiar with operating Second Life pose ball menus, she doesn’t select “doggy style”, but rather what is known as the missionary style.
quest for fire 1
When the two men see this , they react with total disgust and shake their heads sadly.
In appears to them that the leader is so confused about his feelings that he can’t even remember how he is supposed to have sexual intercourse.
I could definitely see Desmond Morris’ influence on that amusing scene.
He believed sexuality in primitive humans was most likely such a natural biological function that it was treated as casually as eating or drinking, or the removal of bodily wastes.
No one would have made a big deal out it, but if it wasn’t a strong and persistent urge in us, we would not have been reproducing enough to give our species a chance to survive.
Reproduction is an essential element of life as any beginning biology student will tell you.
This act of turning around during the sex act, so the man actually had some idea of who he was with was symbolic of the changing of sex from a basic biological urge into something totally different.
Although it appears other species have mates that they remain with for life, we humans have turned basic reproduction into something totally different.
There have been several good documentaries done on “The History of Sex” and when you watch them, you can see a continuing trend even in the historical period of our feelings and attitudes on sex and reproduction changing and evolving constantly in a direction where we were taking it much more seriously, and seeing it much less as a biological function.
Many factors played into this.  Many religions began to make chastity a virtue.  The idea of “bloodlines” and the passing on of titles and such led to the importance of a man insuring that a child was actually his child.   Even the idea of family which seems to be natures way of making sure the human child is cared for long enough to develop the large brain that would enable us to become the dominant species on the planet, seems to have had an influence on how we viewed sex and the sexual relationship between males and females.
You would think that after millions and millions of years of steady progress, we would have really refined sex to the point we have it right now.
But, we don’t.
It is really in total chaos.  It has become so confused in modern society that we are debating the number of possible genders and each month seems to bring a new letter onto the LGBTQetcetcetc. letter train.
Divorce rates are staggering.  Single parent homes are way too common.  And most insidious of all, sexual attraction has moved to the top spot in the “what really matters” list replacing such less important items such as trust, and respect, and responsibility.
Today, a man could be in a relationship with a woman and be an abusive, unemployed, low life lying scum bag, and that would be only mildly disapproved of, but let him stick his dick in another woman, and that is the deal breaker, and everyone would finally start to boo and hiss and advise the girl to leave him and go out and find another scum bag, but one who won’t “cheat on her.”
And this is why sex is so casual in Gor.  We are the Counter-Earth.  I have pointed out before that this expression doesn’t really just mean it is on the other side of the Sun.  It means that it is taking the worse things about Earth culture and showing alternatives.
And our Earth attitudes about sex are one of the worse things about our culture.
However, we are not a struggling species fighting for survival anymore, and such things as sexually transmitted disease, and unwanted pregnancy still shape our behaviors despite birth control and protection.    So, an open casual free sex world is not possible on Earth.
What made it more possible on Gor was the advancement of medical knowledge because the Priest-Kings insisted they concentrate on that rather than making faster tanks or more powerful guns.   Slave wine was an easy and fail proof birth control, and disease had been almost eradicated.
Second Life Gor.that wonderfull fantasy world that is not really Earth, and not really on another planet, has given us our Counter-Earth chance.
When a man is sitting in a tavern and sends his slave girl to serve a friend a bowl of paga, that friend might very well throw the girl over his shoulder and take her to an alcove and screw the hell out of her, and then, when finished, bring her back, with a happy smile on her face, and send her back to her owner.
You certainly don’t see that happening in your friendly neighborhood bar.
When you first think of this interaction, you might think it is many things.  It seems very degrading to the slave.  She is just a piece of meat obviously, causally shared.  Also, how can there be any kind of “love” or “affection” between a Man and his slave if he is not wanting to beat her up, or kill his friend, because she had a happy smile on her face coming from the alcove?
This scenario is so Counter-Earth, that we view it solely as a sort of soft porn role play that shows how this unfeeling Gorean assholes would act, but do not see any symbolic meaning in it, nor do we see how it can also be a positive thing available to us in Second Life Gor.
Because if Earth Culture is making sex the be all and end all of every relationship, then Gor will make it casual and not that big a deal.    With sex leading the list on Earth, people are forgetting that honor, respect, trust, responsibility, loyalty, commitment, and a host of other noble things are more important then the friction of flesh against flesh.
In the Gorean world, with sex being casual, we are cut loose from the trap and begin to think a bit more on the other things that matter way more, and are much more lasting than physical attractions.
This has not worked perfectly here.  We bring our baggage with us.  Jealousy and possessiveness, and even the inability of some to treat sex, even pose ball cyber sex, as something casual and detach themselves a bit from the emotional responses have led us to create a sort of Earthy Gor that misses the mark in this area.
We complain that Gor is “all about sex”, or we complain that we aren’t getting enough sex.  Everything negative about sexual relations on Earth is too often used to structure and understand sexuality in our Second Life Gorean interactions.
We have a chance to really recreate something here.  We can lower sex back to its proper place, and enjoy the hell out it, without letting it become the guide and compass of our life.
easy to have sex
We can do this is relative safety.  No one gets and unwanted child or a venereal disease from cyber sex.
I say relative safety, because emotional responses can still be very strong, until you learn to do it with the right perspective. and people can be hurt emotionally even in the role play of this loose sexuality.
But, as we continue to repeat here in the seminar, Second Life is the big kids playground, and you better be prepared.   All your confusion and past experiences, and conditioning, and baggage will be with you here, and you have to be tough to not only navigate it safely, but to actually learn something positive about yourself, and about what really matters.
And the truth is, beauty fades, passion based purely on sex burns out, but trust and respect, and maturity, and loyalty are the real building blocks of a lasting relationship
The man in the tavern above, could lend the pussy of that slave to his friend, for a short time of fun, but he can not lend her love,,,,   he can command her to go to the alcove and serve him, but he can not command her to respect him while she is there, or to feel trust in him.
I don’t think Second Life Gor is ‘all about sex.”   But, I am glad there is a lot of it and I encourage you all to engage in even more.   When we put it back in its natural place, we will be free to spend more time examining the important things again.
trust the truth
Maybe, we will find that the happy smile on the slave girl’s face when she returned from the alcove was that she was returning to the feet of the Master who she loved, trusted, and respected, and who she knew trusted her as well.
Wouldn’t that be a nice Counter Earth feeling.

Home Stones

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

Tal and greetings
My home sim of Caer Cadarn is getting ready for a week long celebration that will culminate in the placing of a Home Stone.
I thought that today, on the eve of this monumental event, might be a good time to reflect on the meaning of Home Stone as the Gorean novels presented it, and how it has most often been misunderstood in Second Life Gor, and in online Gor in general.
Gorean Homestone
It might be one of the most important and meaningful topics that this seminar ever addresses.
I say that because I think that when you fully grasp the significance of the Home Stone concept, you find that it permeates almost every aspect of the Gorean experience.
In the first thirty pages of Tarnsman of Gor, Tarl Cabot is told that the word “Gor” means Home Stone, in all the known languages of the planet.
The word Gor translates to Home Stone.
So, even when someone in a BDSM gathering says, “oh, I know a little bit about that Gor thing,” what he really is saying is that Home Stone thing.
Goreans are the People of the Home Stone.
So, it wouldn’t seem likely that we would not really understand what that meant.
Down on Earth, we have seen the breakdown of some traditional things.  The more technologically and “socially” advanced we become, the less important family seems to be.
The global connectivity of modern times seems to be leading us closer and closer to a “one world” idea, but at the same time, it seems that there is something pushing back.  A new sense of tribalism and nationalism.    The Soviet Union broke up into pieces.  The UK voted to leave the EU.  And even the United States has become more like three or even four different countries that don’t get along, but are somehow stuck together.
one world many tribes
I think that Goreans view this conflict with a bit of bemusement.   Their world has a sensible structure to it that binds all human interaction together into a coherent whole.
The novels said that people built huts in the shape of a circle, and in the middle they placed a small flat stone carved with the initials of the family name.
This remains the most important of all Home Stones.  Its meaning and message is that everything begins at the core and works its way outward.
Most of what Gor and Gorean philosophy is all about is that simple message.  This is why we speak so much of personal responsibility and being true to who or what you really are.  We understand how important each individual is in the overall scheme of things, and we also understand that the only person whose behavior you can completely control is yourself.
Even when we move on and talk about the Home Stone of your city or village, we have to remember this message.  We will talk about duties, and responsibilities, and Honor, but what good are you in these discussions if you don’t have your own shit squared away?
It is like building a great structure with small building blocks.   And each block is expected to carry its own weight.
I used to joke about how on Earth, thanks to mass media, we wake up in the morning, and begin to worry about people on the other side of the world.  We can watch fictional people have problems and concern ourselves with solving them.  And we do all this while our own families are in peril, and our neighborhoods and communities are struggling.   We focus outward on things that we can not impact or control, and not inward on the things we can.
Because on Earth, we do not have a Home Stone sitting in the center of our circular huts.  Or on the mantle over our fire place, or in a garden in our back yard.
But, the Goreans do.
In Nomads of Gor, while Tarl is walking out to meet the Wagon people, he encounters a man with his family fleeing toward Turia.   The man yells, “Beware, I have a Home Stone!”  and holds it up even to prove it.  And Tarl gives him a wide berth, because a man carrying a Home Stone is a very dangerous man.
We are the people of the Home Stone, and we are all bound together in an interlocking web.
Our communities place a Home Stone, and people pledge to it and defend it.
But, the real bedrock is that personal Home Stone.  Everything else will ultimately rest on it.
When you have such a Home Stone, you can not help but hold yourself to the highest standards.  You can not help but be fully responsible for yourself and your actions, nor can you not help protecting and defending with your life those who depend upon you within the circle of that Stone.
When you have such a Home Stone, you can not even conceive of the idea of dishonoring it.
Although I don’t want to go to deeply into this idea now for the sake of time, I suspect at least one of the kajira in the class will be questioning how this applies to them.
The collar on your neck, in a symbolic sense, serves the same purpose as the personal Home Stone.  It calls on you to set a higher standard, to be true to yourself, and to accept responsibility for your actions and behavior.
And you should not be able to even conceive of the idea of dishonoring it.
If I were to write an essay on “the meaning of the collar”, I would borrow very liberally from an essay on “the meaning of a personal Home Stone”
When you place that personal Home Stone and began to experience ” the power of the unified Gorean will, not tortured and divided against itself like the wills of Earth” you will be appalled at the things you see and hear around you.  The ideas of group identity, and victimization, and even class struggle become absurd, and the foolishness of fluid identity and fluid gender are no longer seen as harmless expressions, but dangerous trends.
When you place that Stone, you begin to examine yourself and your own behavior and focus on controlling it.  You stop looking for others to blame for your lot and start fixing what needs to be fixed.   You take a bit of time to insure that those that depend on you are safe, and cared for and moving forward.
You do everything you can do to better yourself and prepare yourself for tomorrow and its uncertainties.
And then when you have done that, and you are sure all is well , then it is time to go out your front door to serve your city, to do your job, or to make the whole planet better.
As I prepare myself for a solemn moment next week, when I pledge to the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn, my focus is inward.  I want to try as much as possible to make sure I am worthy and prepared to serve.
I will spend some time with my personal Home Stone in my hand thinking of what it means.
If you are new to all this, you will hear people say that this Gor thing is a kinky BDSM offshoot that is all about Masters and slaves and bondage and stuff.
No, it isn’t.  The longer you stay involved in it, and the deeper you dig into it, the more you discover it is about Home Stones, and what they signify to the People of the Home Stone.
The Goreans.

How did Collean find Gor?

I first arrived in Second life in 2008. I went to the usual watering holes. I stood around with everyone else looking for something. It all seemed rather boring to me. One day, a good friend said “Come to Gor with me” I had no clue what Gor was, but on his recommendation I donned a set of silks and off we went.

collean 1

First city we landed in was the old Port Kar. What a sight to behold! There were people everywhere. There were men with kilts and swords, women with long dresses and many dressed like me. It was like – coming home. It completed a part of me that I didn’t realize needed to be completed. A Master collared me and the adventures began.

I began to read the novels to round out what I was seeing here in this amazing world. My Master and I were together for nearly three years until he left for the City of Dust. Devastated, I left Second life, deleted my avatar and thought I would never be back.
There is an old saying “never say never” Gor has this pull that to a lucky few resides within. I missed Gor, so I started new in 2015 and came back again as a slave. I am naturally submissive and this fits me perfectly. It hasn’t been easy since I’ve returned. I’ve had several Masters. Two abandoned me, two turned me over to a slaver, one left Second life, and one was abusive. Through it all I never gave up.

During these various Owners I would visit Caer Cadarn and sometimes I would bring my current Master with me but frequently I came alone. Caer Cadarn always had this special feeling about it. From the first it felt like home. I had to leave Second Life due to health issues and was gone nearly a year. When I returned my home and Master were gone. The first place I went to was Caer Cadarn. I was welcomed and given a home. It is what I have searched for since I first landed in Gor. I am home. My advice to anyone that might read this and is unsure. Come to Gor, see what its about. Read the books by John Norman. Come to Caer Cadarn.

Not a Bad Place To Create Gor Afterall

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

Tal and greetings
In many of the discussions in this seminar, I have taken a position that the platform of Second Life is a very difficult and even inappropriate one for the recreation of the Gorean world.
If you were going to explain how Gor got to be Gor in the fictional novels, you would start by explaining that technology was retarded not because these “aliens” had not been smart enough to figure it out, but because the Priest-Kings controlled it rationally.
The Priest Kings observed that humans, non-rational animals that they tended to be, would not use knowledge and science in the best of possible ways.
The history of Earth has proven them correct on this, and in an earlier class, we talked about how war and greed has pushed technology forward on Earth, and the health, and safety, of the planet and the living things on it has not always been the priority.
This is something that new people, and even new readers do not always understand at first.  The Gorean world is not technologically backward when compared to Earth except when you are talking about weapons, transportation, communication, and pretty much anything that needs electricity to operate.
“Laughs”   Ok, that statement points out why I suggested Second Life is an inappropriate platform.   We need electricity to make it exist.  It is really all about communication at instant speeds, and we teleport.   In second life, access to powerful weapons, instant communication, teleportation are all ahead of First Life, and it can all be turned off by pulling a plug!
So, Second Life is like the anti-Gor from a technological point of view.  And yet, it is here that we are building our Gorean community and it is growing and thriving.
I was wondering if there was something else going on that was going to cause me to take a deeper look.   If Second Life Gor was thriving on an inappropriate platform, what was it that was countering that negative view of things?
Well, one of the things that occurred to me was that the Goreans were actually way ahead of us in two major areas.   The books suggest that these advances were made possible because denied certain areas, the driving force of science was directed in more positive directions.
The Goreans had stabilization serums, that prolonged youth, and maintained health and life for much longer than on Earth.   Goreans were able to stay in their prime pretty much forever compared to the short couple of decades we get.
The Goreans had pretty much wiped out disease.  A couple of horrible ones were left, and like lepers of our past, the afflicted were isolated.  Nowhere in the novels did John Norman want us to suspect he was painting Utopia, nor did he want us to think Gor was showing us a place where all the hard work of humanity was finished and we could just cruise from now on.
But, the curing of disease!   Think of the devastation of cancer, and other diseases that strike us down before our time.  The Second Life Gorean community has always been a supporter of Relay for life, and other such things that address this.
I suppose when outsiders mock me for calling myself Gorean and belittle my lifestyle choices and preferences, I can take some pride in remembering that I love a planet that found a cure for cancer rather than a way to make a stealth fighter bomber.
So, I guess the message of the books on this technology thing could be put this way.  If we were totally rational beings, we would have done things way different than we did, but we aren’t, so we didn’t.   The only way we could have would be if giant grasshoppers with blue flame death devices enforced rationality on us.
But, once I understood this, I realized that I might be onto the secret of Second Life Gor.
I was looking at the negatives and not focusing on the positives.
The most important technological advancements of the fictional Gorean world were available to us here in Second Life.
Our avatars are reflecting heath, youth, and victory over limitations.
I owe a thanks to Dark of AR, a friend, who planted the seed of this epiphany moment for me.
He mentioned during a discussion how in Second Life Gor, people confined to a bed can run and dance and soar over mountains.
  When we log into Second Life, we can forget about the electricity, and other things, like radio broadcasts, that should be earning us the blue flame death, and focus more on the stabilization serums, the amazing health and durability of ourselves and our friends, and our opportunity to stop thinking about our limitations and start thinking of our potential.
I have often described the dynamic between first and second life as a wall.  I think it is more like a curtain, and we can easily slip through it.  And when we do we can, if we chose, slip the surly bonds of Earth and be something that is much more the real essence of who we are.
Real life is not a limitation to this.  It is just a matter of perspective.  If we are focused on what we miss, and what we can not do, and what our real life obligations and responsibilities demand of us, we are missing the whole point of the Gorean experience.
If we are focused on what we can do, how much we can participate, how much we can contribute, then we seem to be more tuned to our Compass azimuth.
No matter what your real life circumstances, here you can be an honorable and superior man.  You can be the total Master of your fate, and you can walk with a pride and a sense of vitality and dominance and control that is becoming harder and harder to maintain on the other side of the curtain.
And it does not matter if you can come here and feel this way for only a few hours a week, or if you can spend hours a day here.
and submissive females.   Trapped in a real world that is in denial of some basic truths, and burning to serve and feel the true heat of your gender, you can come here and feel it, too
And it does not matter if you can serve only one hour a week, or if you can spend every waking moment here.
diabilities in SL
So, I am thinking we actually have the perfect platform here.  It is like a gift and very few have been able to really see the great value of it.  It has given us an opportunity to create the world that we love and dreamed about.
That is why BTB should have always meant use the books as guide books and not rule books.
Using them as guide books was always the harder thing to do, and I suppose that is why so many went the other way.
Many people were content to focus on limits, and on what they could not do.  That fit much better with the practical reality of their life.
But, some people are giving everything and putting their hearts and souls into what they do here, and casting off those limits, and soaring.
That seems to me the very essence of Gor, and maybe the fact that it is possible here is what makes Second Life the perfect platform after all.
I think I have been a bit guilty of this negative perspective on Second Life even in these classes where I have often focused on how unlike Gor it is to talk in private mind messages and teleport instantly, and how fast things go, and how people come and go.
imagine possibilities
I am going to shift my focus a bit this beautiful spring and start focusing on the other side.  On how much like Gor this really is, and how hard and demanding, and intense, and satisfying, and natural, and glorious it is to me.

You Are How Old?

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

My topic today is what might be called, “emotion-charged”, and so I did more preparation than usual in preparing.
I did some research on some of the terms I was going to be tempted to use, and I reviewed the plots and stories in the first twelve novels looking for some quotes.
What I was going to discuss was some of the “Gorean” issues involved in the idea of age limits and “adult” maturity ratings for our Second Life Gorean sims.
adults only lighted
In many ways this might seem a “duh” issue.  No one really questions the idea that Gorean role play on Second Life should be considered an adult activity.
On my radio show, I sometimes jokingly suggest that people remove small children from the room before I discuss something, or read from one of the books.  I always assume it is a joke, and no one has their little ones clustered around them listening to Goreans Portal Radio.
However, the Second Life community standards allow anyone over the age of 18 to access adult content.  Perhaps, there are some that would suggest that is really too young to be exposed to Gor, and we should say “21 or over.”   There are some of us that might even think the age better set at 30.  That is a bit upsetting to me though, because I clearly remember the mantra of my youth, “don’t trust anyone over 30”, and now realize I am chanting its opposite and saying “don’t trust anyone until they reach 30.”
The books were not much help.  There is a dearth of information given on such things as child raising, and the education of the young.   About the hardest thing you could imagine to role play in Gor is a kid.  What the hell did they do?   There are a few mentions of them in crowd scenes, but we get no intimate look at their education or daily activities.
I think this was not just by chance.  I came across this definition during my research.
Sexual maturity is the capability of an organism to reproduce. It may be considered
synonymous with adulthood, but, in humans, puberty encompasses the process of sexual maturation and adulthood is based on cultural definitions.
adulthood-meme-11Adulthood is based on cultural definitions?   Ah, but Natural Order, and an understanding that we are the result of millions of years of evolution that has hard wired us in ways we must recognize and learn to control would suggest that artificial cultural definitions create chaos.
I read a very interesting study, and will cite it in case any wish to read it.  It is a history of laws governing “the age of consent”, and it reflects the gradual move from the natural animal definition of sexual maturity to the modern cultural one.   The process began 800 years ago, and the very first laws were setting the “age of consent” at 12, and gradually they moved up to 13, and eventually 16.  At the peak of the pendulum swing, many places established 18 as the age.
In Marauders of Gor, there is a long scene at the big Torvaldsland social gathering.  A man has died in an avalanche, and his teenage son, now head of the family, must defend a challenge for his young sister.   The bad guy in the scene is named Bjarni of Thorstein Camp.
He claims he has no quarrel with the kid, but he simply wants the girl for a bond maid to serve his crew of Raiders.   Ivar Forkbeard is upset about this, but his issue seems to be that she is a Free of Torvaldsland, and he doesn’t think you should be making your own girls into slaves or bond maids when there are other people’s girls to steal.
Tarl, however, representing the emerging superior man has an issue with her age.
Here is the quote:
“Why do you not challenge a baby?” asked Ivar Forkbeard.
Bjarni looked at him, not pleasantly, “I want the girl for Thorstein Camp,” he said, “I have no quarrel with children.”
“Will she be branded there and collared?” asked Ivar
“Thorstein Camp.” said Bjarni, “needs no Free Women.”
“She is of Torvaldsland,” said Ivar
“She can be taught to squirm and carry mead as well as any other wench,” said Bjarni.
I had no doubt this was true.  Yet, the girl was young. I doubted a girl should be put into a collar before she was fifteen.”
Page 147-148   Marauders of Gor
girl in chains
Of course, Tarl steps in, and acts as champion, saving the girl, but he doesn’t really help the age situation.  In fact, he is setting his own arbitrary line in the sand at a very young and dangerous fifteen.  Which is three full years under Second Life’s 18, and twice that to the more common age of 21 as a more proper age to indulge in those kinds of activities.
This is from the article I mentioned above.  It is entitled “Age of Consent Laws”

The outcry it provoked pushed British legislators to raise the age of consent to 16 years, and stirred reformers in the U.S, such as the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, the British Empire, and Europe to push for similar legislation. By 1920, Anglo-American legislators had responded by increasing the age of consent to 16 years, and even as high as 18 years.

While those ages were well beyond the normal age of menstruation, proponents justified them on scientific grounds that psychological maturity came later than physiological maturity. They also argued that the age of consent should be aligned with other benchmarks of development, such as the age at which girls could enter into contracts and hold property rights, typically 21 years. Opponents remained focused on physiological maturity, however, and argued that girls in their teens were sufficiently developed not to need legal protection.

Stephen Robertson, “Age of Consent Laws,” in Children and Youth in History, Item #230, (accessed May 10, 2018).
There was the key argument.  Psychological maturity came later than physiological maturity.
It was almost like nature had screwed up.  It would seem to make more sense that they would occur at the same time.  When a person was physically capable of sex, they should have been mentally ready.  But, we all know that isn’t the case.
Evolution didn’t make a mistake.  For most of those millions and millions of years, the only priority was basic survival.   We did not have a lot of time to even think about psychological maturity, and if a female did not produce babies, and quickly and often, a cockroach or some other species would be up here giving this discussion right now, and not a Home Sapiens.
But, starting about those 800 years ago, and accelerating in this whole new age of human history was a shift in daily priority.   Nature designed females to get us here, and here we are now.  Overpopulation and not under is our problem.  It made perfect sense to be a bit patient now
 In the book, Tribesman of Gor, Tarl and Hassan the bandit encounter a group of young girls escaping during a raid.  While it is not specifically mentioned, it is suggested these were young teenage girls.  Here is what happens.
“Are you female slaves?” he asked.
“No, Masters!” cried one.
“Run then to the desert.” said Hassan.
They turned about, crouching, by the wall, trying to cover themselves.
“But we are stripped,” cried one.
“Run!” said Hassan, smacking her smartly with the flat of his blade.
“Oh”, she cried and fled, the others following, into the darkness.
We laughed.
“They are pretty, ” said Hassan.  “Perhaps, we should have kept them.”
“Perhaps,” I admitted.  One, a wide hipped little brunet, I thought would have looked well at my feet.
“Yet,” said Hassan, “this seems scarcely a time propitious for the braceleting of wenches.”
“You are right,” I observed.
“Besides,” said Hassan, “they were young. In two years or so they would be more ripe for the picking.”
“Others may have them then.” I said.
“He shrugged.  “There are always young, beautiful wenches to make slaves.” he said.
“True,” I said.
Page 186  Tribesman of Gor
Maturity is not age
This little passage represents, in my opinion, exactly the right approach to the problem of underage girls.
First, it is acknowledging that they are not physical children, but organisms that have reached “sexual maturity” and have actually been designed by natural selection to attract the sexual interest and attention of males.  It is emotional and mental maturity that is lacking, but by no means physical maturity.
However, we are no longer a species that is struggling to avoid extinction or beset by dangerous predators.  There is no longer any need to rush things, and it makes perfect sense to allow these females a few extra years to allow their psychological development to catch up to their physical development.   As Hassan puts it, “In two years or so they would be more ripe for the picking.”
And the men of Earth have additional incentive to follow Hassan’s advice.  As was pointed out in the Age of Consent article, sexual activity with underage girls has severe legal consequences, that Gorean Men would not have to worry about.
I have said that ignoring Natural Order and our biological imperatives creates chaos.
Men are being labeled as deviants and pedophiles for being attracted to nubile teenage girls designed by eons of evolution to be attractive to Men.  We have made something natural into something illegal and immoral>    Also, we are forgetting that the girls themselves are sexually mature organisms and many of them are not going to pay much attention to advice that they wait until more “mentally mature” to explore their sexuality.
Their choice of sexual partners is going to be limited now to teenage boys, who are even more psychologically immature than the girls.
This foolish solution to the artificially created situation has even been codified into our laws.  Among the various Age of Consent laws, and they vary widely across the United States, and even more widely across the World, there is the Colorado Age of Consent law that states:
In Colorado, a person who is under 15 can legally consent to have sex with someone who is no more than 4 years older. Additionally, a person under 17 can legally consent to sex with a person who is no more than 10 years older.
In other words,,,a 12 year old could consent to a 16 year old boy.   The law wants to make sure no young girl is having sex with someone older, more mature, more capable of taking care of her, and any resulting offspring, and heaven forbid, more controlling and dominant.   Her choices are limited, legally, to her playmates in the sandbox.  What could go wrong with that?
Teenage pregnancy is a major problem.  Our children are having babies, which was a good thing back in the cave days, but tragic for everyone concerned in our modern day.
I think the whole situation has been thrown into social chaos.   If we had approached the problem rationally, it might have been different, but we have not even come close to rational in this area.   We have screwed it up, and big time.
However, this is not our problem here in Second Life Gor.
We are running an extremely adult playground here, and we are not worried about popping out babies to avoid extinction.  We can be like Hassan, and tell the young girls to “run to the desert” and grow up some more.
We are way too small a group to do anything about changing the insane direction of Earth society, and the relationships we develop here are so alternative lifestylish and so emotionally charged that we would want all of us , male and female , to have the maximum amount of time to maturity sufficiently to handle them.   We know that age does not impair our ability to physically handle them, but it certainly has much to do with our ability to mentally handle them.
So, we need to be very vigilant in policing our community and adhering to the guidelines of age participation in our activities.    If anything, we should be discussing if 21, or even 25 might be more appropriate age limits.
Remember, in the struggle of Natural Order, between our rational nature and our animal nature, it is the rational that must win out, and we must be strong, and fierce in our control of the animal side.   We should not ever be ashamed of our animal nature, nor should we deny its existence or doubt its power, but we need to be firmly in control of it. 
That is what earns us the name Goreans.

Horettes Dancing At The Gorean Compass Broadcast

Day – Tuesday 31st July 2018
Time – show at 1pm – 3pm slt
Where – Campus main classroom

Girls that performed – Tuka
– Dawn
– Tabi
– Ruby
– Rhiannon
– Foxy
– Tiggy
– Meira

1. This is me
[14:08] Tuka (Arwin Bartlett) has lost all inhibitions in serving Master’s. Tuka thrills in her collar and freedom it provides her to be herself. Fully Sexual and liberated to be the female she desires to be. Master’s thrill her and to serve a strong Master makes tuka short of breath and weak in his hands. A writhing squirming juicing slut, free to give Master’s all of her.

[14:09] Dawn (DD Gummibaum) ‘s chocolate eyes shine brightly and wet lips lift into a full smile as her toned body begins to sway and turn…well-worked feet flex…slender arms weave in intricate patterns through the air about her head. The beat of the tambor drives each move of her barely covered form and hips roll to accentuate her feminine features, beckoning to the eyes of the men sitting around them. She dances for them, unashamed of who she is and chiseled chin lifts in pride of her collar and those with whom she shares the stage.

[14:09] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) rolls hips in sensual display, tiny fingers kissing over the surface of tanned slave flesh, the temptress beguiling with erotic movements issues a siren call to any who would listen, a beast of service to be used in the way the free saw fit ever at the ready to fulfill the dreams and desires of any and all.

[14:10] Ruby (delilah1976) lifts dainty hands to the three moons of Gor, gazing to Master of her lets her fingers roam over her flesh, as her breasts rise and fall, feels a slight quiver of her lip whispering “i am not ashamed to serve you Master, under your whim, This is who I am” places a hand to the collar she wears then to her heart as she feels all she has become
Taps the beat on slender leg.becomes the best slave she can be

[14:10] – rħiᾱὴὴoὴ – (rhiannon0327) jumps up to accentuate the pounding beat with sharp movements. Emerald gems glittered dangerously beneath thick black lashes, a world of hurt, shame and guilt reflected in their depths. No longer would she be ashamed! No longer would she be hurt or feel guilt! At the feet of men she would thrive! Staccato thrusts and thumping sways goad the wanton slut to cry out to the moons above, “This is me!” Free to be the sexual creature she was made to be the kajira flashed all gathered a heartbreaking smile whispering, “This is me.”

[14:11] Foxy (Aspenbell03) Master’s and Mistress’s and Free and thank you for letting me be me. A slave looks in a mirror and sees a woman standing naked and sees the shamrock green eyes looking back. “Who are you says the girl in the mirror,” I am a slave and not a shame to serve the whims of the Free. I am humble. I am swift to an order which can be life or death to this slave. It is my honor to serve my Master’s and Free with love and content of who I am a low caste slave and to smile because I am happy to me by serving with a full heart.

[14:11] – Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside) let a sigh escape parted lips as his Tiggy reflected on recent events. The girl had been through so much that would break many. Only to come out stronger. Defying medical professionals that told the slave girl she would probably not walk. Not ashamed of who she has become. Determined t beat it. Doing it all for her Owner. Everything she did was for Him. Surrendering totally to his happiness and pleasure. Even as many told her she couldn’t do it, or laughed at her afflictions. Chin lifted high as voice carried high into the skies “I am brave, i am bruised… i am who im meant to be.. THIS IS ME!!”

[14:12] Meira (quietandshy)’s hips grind out the beat of the Czehar, slender back muscles ripple in time to the wanton need buried deep inside. Eyes the colour of Desert Veminium gaze out through long lashes with a pleading look as the sultry slut beckons Masters closer. Sweet cherry lips curl into a smile as she licks them inviting them to feast upon on her lust. As she turns and spins, long slender digits travel down a voluptuous form, starting from pert mounds to a slaves heat. Travel the length of lush thighs thrusting them apart as a slaves belly burns with deep passion to be pleasing to him. The wanton slave girl of the HoR surrendering all in the name of service to the free, uncaring of anything and everything but to be pleasing, ‘This is me’

2. Never Enough
[14:12] Tuka (Arwin Bartlett) wishes all free to correct tuka if she is not fully pleasing in any part of her service to the free. Tuka wishes to be the best slave she can be, always growing and improving. Learning serves from other parts of Gor. To be of value to her owner.

[14:13] Dawn (DD Gummibaum) looks to the girls beside her, her motions consumed with hesitant self-appraisal and comparison against those she dances with, her gaze filled with questions of whether she would ever measure up. She feels the beat of the music fill her, guiding the movements with growing confidence. Each motion of her body evidence of her effort, her desire to learn and grow, her arms weaving more boldly as she follows the motions of her sisters, and she grows more fluid, more graceful with them, her lips lifting in commitment to her desire to improve her skills, her acknowledgment that she would become enough for the audience…for her owner.

[14:13] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) looks to sisters in chains, shining examples of what being a gorean slave means, moves in perfect sync with each pearl on the chain, striving to be the very best slave she could be, constantly watching and learning, arms lift in celebration of the dichotomy of slavery – enslaved yet free to become the woman she truly is.

[14:13] Ruby (delilah1976) softly pads on the stoned floor in unison with her sisters in chains, lets her hair tickle her back, the thudding of her heart, “Masters i wish to improve in all things, a slaves training is never over i strive to do better. She wishes to be at the feet of the Masters more learning how deep her slavery is my training is never over”, curls ruby lips to a smile letting her emerald eyes sparkle to Master….Never enough to learn more never never

[14:14] – rħiᾱὴὴoὴ – (rhiannon0327) wrenches soft body from side to side, the emotion of the song slamming into her and forcing her to confront her failure. Body twists, leg extending to kick out as if kicking the realization away. Clutches at the steel locked firmly about slender neck, digging nails into the tender flesh she despairs, the struggle was very real. Whipping head of crimson tresses back and forth Rhiannon pours herself into the song.
She may stumble and she may fall, but, she will never give up, cause it is never enough. Pushing herself up from the darkness of a personal hell, she captivates even in her weakness. It’s never enough

[14:14] Foxy (Aspenbell03): me Master’s and Mistress’s and Free, No one’s training is never completed. This slave strives for perfection in each serving to keep a breasted to find new ways to make master, mistress, and free happy and easer on them. To know in slaves heart that learning is the key to all happiness of this slave. Looking up and seeing that little tilt of a smile warms slave body from the very top of slaves head to the bottom of slaves feet. The heat turning a flush red lets Master now that slave is happy in serving and learning from him and his ways. This slave keeps learning and striving in each training.

[14:14] – Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside) curled sweet lips, made for much more then kissing, into a lustrous smile, that made freckled nose crinkle slightly. Arms weave gently through the breeze like a willow branch swept by the Delta air as the gentle melody carries the slave girl pas-sangs away. Mind drifting in thought as body moved with languid motion. His chubby slut purred while remembering the training, the learning will never stop so long as she seeks it… it was never enough… His Tiggy would always strive to become the creme de la creme of slave perfection… all for Him. The Master that owned every hort of the British slut’s whithering flesh… forever and always.

[14:15] Meira (quietandshy) heart beats within a voluptuous chest at the same time lavender eyes beam. A mane the color of embers in a hot burning fire brush against well formed shoulders during the time they roll like the seas of Thassa. A rush of enthusiastic joy runs over the beast while long digits glide through flaming locks, cheeks glow with the bliss of learning more each day and her desire to continue to do so Well toned thigh briefly exposed beneath the lush blue silks, crave the touch of a Master Teasing, she rides on a wave of seduction, the music sparking a flame within her, the flame that drives her to meet every challenge, to always aim higher and know it will never be enough

3. Come Alive
[14:15] Tuka (Arwin Bartlett) sways and twirls on dainty feet. Her heart now yerns to now please men. Tuka opens her arms as to embrace the world she now finds herself. A world pleasing masters. She is happy swaying and heart beating to the music.

[14:16] Dawn (DD Gummibaum) pulls her movements in tight against her body, closed off, timid as she weaves and sways upon the cool tiles of the floor. Her eyes flash as the beat of a drum explodes and her arms burst outwards, her knees bending in delicate angles as she breaks from her cocoon, revealing the butterfly draped in bright blue fabric and hands reach up to grasp the blue and gold steel adorning a slender neck. Lips part to a bright grin, corners full of hope as she proudly displays herself as a HoR, her body moving in complete joy and awe of the slave she has become.

[14:16] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) fingers the brand burned into otherwise smooth skin on her left thigh, symbols of her owner and his house, owned by a man who brings out the strengths and abilities of his property, sapphire eyes aglow with the knowledge that belonging to him placed high expectations upon her behavior, passionately writhing as the words of the song wash over lithe form, the girl alive in her slavery as never before.

[14:16] Ruby (delilah1976) feels the cold chains upon her flesh moving her body to the music, moves her hands down her breasts, as the breeze cools down hot flesh, “Gor has changed me alot from a girl who hide a lot and didnt want to do anything but hide, to a full immersed girl speaking out “I serve the house”, a smile forms on her lips, as a crystal tear of happiness falls down her rosey cheeks. I have come alive since coming to The House of Runo from the help of the Elite slaves to the Beginners which i am thankful for, To have a glimmer of hope to come alive, as the fire in my belly begins to lighten up more especially when she hears the words Good Girl Ruby

[14:17] – rħiᾱὴὴoὴ – (rhiannon0327) the hot tempered red head leapt up to move in tandem with her sisters in bondage. Emotions rush through the beast as she dances with the flare of a long time kajira of Gor. Not until she met her Owner did she truly know what it meant to be a slave and it is apparent to any that looked into the stormy deep of her bright green eyes. Always striving higher to be the best she could be, her Masters call to blaze brightly and be the beacon radiated from within. Rocking and swaying with a smile, the slave girl came alive locked within his mastery and danced her joy with ease.

[14:17] Foxy (Aspenbell03): me Master’s and Mistress’s and Free. This slave has been in Gor since 1973 when I readied “Slave Girl from Gor” I was her. In my hearts to hearts always knew that I was a Gor Pleasure Slave. Knew I was a slave. All of my years on Earth I was always in service jobs. Now when I was capture in 2015 found myself on Gor made me come alive and free in my slavery. This slave is now home.

[14:17] – Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside) felt as though her whole world has flipped upside down. For years the girl had been existing on auto pilot. Knowing the steps, the procedures but never feeling them… never knowing what it meant to be a real kajira with heart and a heated belly. The copper headed vixen was now alive. Eyes open wide and fires burning bright. Like a shining beacon guiding Merchant ships home safe to the Caer, from their trading across vast Thassa. With wisdom and meaningful purpose. Determined to make sure her Owner’s dream, His vision, came to fruition to make Gor a better place to be. Where everything made sense and where his poohbear was meant to be. Earth and its nonsense was nothing but a joke, and his slut could never go back to how it used to be, Bright colored eyes were now wide open… she’d come alive!

[14:18] Meira (quietandshy) raises her arms, like a Tarn would rise to the moons, cool spring night air kisses the slaves flesh as she twirls, spraying fiery locks around slender shoulder. The once shy and timid slave og the HoR runs long digits glide through a flaming mane. She appears calm, but under the surface is a fire running rampant within her, the heat building with each step, destined to erupt in a fiery explosion of her current wanton form. A joyful heart all that remains of her former self as she strives to meet his every expectation and need. Lilac hued eyes shine brightly, as she come alive, illuminating his aspirations and the path to his vision.


[14:19] Safira Sapphyre (StephanieSapphyre) stands and claps loudly, tears flowing freely down her cheeks, as she claps for the girls of the Caer and the feelings and work they did in the dance! Amazing girls, truly amazing!
[14:19] Aegeus (AdmiralJeff): HoRettes are getting it on….Woot Woot the hottest and sexiest group of wenches on sl Gor
[14:19] – rħiᾱὴὴoὴ – (rhiannon0327) can’t help but smile as she hears her Master.
[14:19] Tuka (Arwin Bartlett): beams hearing her Masters pride in his girls
[14:20] Gareth of Ar (Gareth Hirano): smiles.. pleased with what I see and hear
[14:20] Piker Grey Cerberus (pikerman) msiles.
[14:20] – Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside): squeals so happy that the free and her Owner were happy with their performance
[14:21] Foxy (Aspenbell03): Smiling at Master Administrator with his complements wishing that her Master was here.