Home Stone placement ceremony & Horettes Performance!

Friday, June 15, 2018 was the actual day of the Home Stone placement and a small ceremony.  Earlier on the same day Master Gorm Runo, administrator of Caer Cadarn, requested the Horettes to perform the same dance they would be performing later in the day after the actual ceremony.  This would be so that all the slaves would get a chance to dance since some couldn’t be that the later dance event.

The Horettes are a dance group made up of slaves of The House of Runo.  They danced to five different songs, each slave taking a turn emoting her feelings that pertained to that song.  Both dances are recorded here so that all my see all the emotes of each girl.  Before the dance performance this is what Master Gorm had to say:

Gorm Runo:

Tal and greetings friends.  I have a short intro to what you are going to see.

Less than two hours ago I instructed the Horettes to prepare a program to kick off the celebrations of the day.  Anyone with half a brain would know,,,there is no way dances can be written,,and a performance prepared in two hours.  It would take a couple of days to prepare properly in a normal slave house.  But, this is the HOR and this is Caer Cadarn.
These girls prepared this program, while they insured Brunch was properly served to the Free, and 12 bosk were divested and packed for our tharls.  If there is a slave House in Gor that could pull that off, I will eat our new Tarn Ship whole!  The show will be on Caer Radio

Please enjoy the performance.  Dancer emotes are embedded within the video:

Caer Cadarn Places a HomeStone! 6/15/2018!

The Ceremony, Led by Master Administrator, Gorm Runo.

Gorm Runo: Tal and greetings,
Caer Cadarn has existed for a long time here in Second Life Gor, but it has always been a private estate.
As a village grew around the Black Tarn Tavern and Inn, and slowly became a true Gorean community, Men would come to me and ask what they must do to pledge to the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn and I would tell them. Caer Cadarn has no Home Stone.

And I would wonder, as Tarl did in the book, Raiders of Gor, Did Men not love Caer Cadarn enough, because she had no Home Stone, or did Caer Cadarn not have a Home Stone because Men did not truly love her and what she stood for?

And I reflected on this.

The city of Ko-ro-ba had taught me that to have a Home Stone, it must reflect Honor. Honor had to be at the core of everything. When I pledged to the Home Stone of Ko-ro-ba, I was told by the Ubar to behave in such a manner at all times as to cause people to say, when they saw a Man of Koroba, “there walks Honor.”

And the city of Glorious AR taught me that to have a Home Stone, it must reflect a commitment.  Even if everyone else walks away,,,you must stand firm and keep the vision of the Home Stone alive  It must reflect a vision that rises above the walls of a city or the huts of a village, and is bigger than the people even, and is so powerful that it can withstand any storm.

I looked around me, and I saw Honor and I saw commitment, and I saw a vision that was bigger than any structure or person, and I asked a question.

Why does Caer Cadarn not have a Home Stone?

Aegeus: I reason that Caer Cadarn has the strength and honor to have a Home Stone.

Gorm Runo: Perhaps, Aegeus is right, and Caer Cadarn has a Home Stone, and has just not found it yet

How does a village obtain a Home Stone?

Aegeus: Men decide she should have one!

Gorm Runo: Yes, Men decide she should have one.

looks around at the crowd and sees a slave girl, standing quietly watching, and he calls out to her “lildevil, go down to the shore. select a stone, and bring it to me.”

lilDevil: yes Master

rħiᾱὴὴoὴ swipes a tear that was sliding down her cheek .. smiles at lildevil heart thumping hard within her breast, anticipation and excitement coursing through the slave girls veins.

Kata Wolfenhaut smiles with pride and with honor

TABI watches as lildevil takes off, excited to see what kind of stone the adorable slave would find for them.

Gorm Runo: “lildevil runs to the closest water and returns holding a stone about the size of a closed fist. It is a common looking stone, little different than thousands of others that line the shore of their Home,

Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ: kisses bug’s salted cheek as her own were stained with tear trails. And watches lilDevil select what would become the village’s Home Stone.

Gorm Runo: and she hands it to the Administrator who holds it a moment in his fist,,,then, he draws a knife from his belt and carves “C” and another, “C” into the stone.”

Draco Wolfenhaut smiles broadly with pride as one of his was selected

Gorm Runo: “turns to the assembled Free, and says”Caer Cadarn does have a Home Stone.

I hold in my hand the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn.

It is my Home Stone.

This I will defend.
This I will serve.
This I will serve.

This I will Honor.

alana tears
Alannah Guaire Love smiles

Safira Sapphyre smiles
Cᴇʟᴇꜱᴛᴇ Eᴠᴇ smiles!

Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ: cant hold back the tears of joy that pour from her eyes. So delighted at how far the Caer has come and grown.

lilDevil beams a smile kneeling proudly

Gorm Runo steps up and hands the small fist sized stone to his friend , Aegeus

rħiᾱὴὴoὴ smiles bright at lildevil lifting up off knees in an attempt to get a closer look at the homestone of Caer Cadarn ..

Aegeus  Takes the stone form Gorm in both of my hands.
Aegeus looks at the stone with the cuvred C

Cᴇʟᴇꜱᴛᴇ Eᴠᴇ leans forward, trying to catch a view of the stone.
Foxy crying with tears of joy belonging to the Home Stone

Aegeus  kisses the carved stone, This is my Home Stone, This I will defend. This I will serve, This I will Honor.

Gorm Runo: We will place the stone on the pedestal.. all who are pledging may approach,,and touch the Stone and say the pledge.

Gorm Runo: picks up a small paper back and reads from picks up a small paperback book and reads from page 257

“There were great cheers, and cries, and shouts, and the lifting of torches and weapons.  I saw men weep, and women.  And I saw father’s lift their sons high on their shoulders that they might see the stone.”

Gorm Runo: smiles as he watches the citizens take the pledge to the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn, and says in a booming voice.
Gorm Runo: Let the word go forth to all of Second Life Gor. There is a Home Stone in Caer Cadarn, and there are Free who will Honor it, commit to it, and defend it.

Master Gorm Runo, Master Draco Wolfenhaut and Master Aegeus pledge to each other Bonding Caer Cadarn with the Wagon People of Cartius. Brothers now, Before All.


The Horettes Perform to Begin the Celebration of the Village!!

Gorm Runo: The girls this morning threw a performance together this morning in a couple of hours, that knocked my socks off and now we get to see another group of Horettes honoring this great day.

Long Live Caer Cadarn!!!

Caer Cadarn Places a HomeStone! 6/15/2018!

The Ceremony, Led by Master Administrator, Gorm Runo.


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