I Really Like Peggy


The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

This class given on March 1, 2018

Tal and greetings

The three books that make up the Jason Marshall trilogy seem to me to be the most like Second Life Gor of all the early novels. They involve people from Earth interacting on Gor. When I read them now, I think of Jason Marshall as an avatar, and the two girls that get abducted with him as avatars. Everyone else in the story, those people actually born and raised on Gor are just NPC’s now. They are there merely to further the story line role play that unfolds.

Jason Marshall

The two girls are very different.

The first is Beverly. She is the snooty young girl that starts it all in motion, and Jason and her have a real romantic story line. He follows her to the other side of the sun, fights his way to freedom, overcomes vicious pirates, and finally enslaves her. She becomes the perfect love slave and they live happily, bolstered by serums, a long, long time.

The other is Peggy.

She has followed a totally different path. She was innocently working as a hat check girl in the restaurant where Jason and Beverly were having dinner in New York City, and those nasty Gorean slavers noticed her, and decided they had room for one more. They kidnapped her and took her to Gor. She was sold to a man who owned a tavern in Tancred’s Landing, and there this guy named Tasdron (tasdron.resident?) took a fancy to her, and purchased her for her current gig as a paga slut in a seedy tavern on the waterfront of Victoria.

It is not as romantic a story line. Peggy spends most of her nights in an alcove serving the pleasures of men.

So, when Jason happens to find himself in the alcove one night, perhaps needing a break from the romantic pursuit of Beverly and starting to become a bit more Gorean, and he happens to end up with Peggy, it is an interesting meeting between two people that are “of Earth”, but “on Gor.”

He discovers the fate of their previous encounter, and how it inadvertently led them both to Gor, and then they have this conversation.

It is from the middle book of the triology, Rogue of Gor

“She laughed. “Do you expect me to believe that Master is a man of Earth, ” she said. “I am not a fool.”
“I am from the planet Earth,” I said.
“You are cruel to a miserable slave,” she said.
“Why do you not believe I am from Earth?” I asked puzzled.
“You are not pathetic and weak,” she said, “And your eyes, they look at me, and see me as a female slave.”
I smiled. Indeed, she was beautiful.
“The men of Gor, ” she said, “are strong. They are not weak and divided against themselves. They are not tortured. They are integrated and coherent, and proud. They see themselves in the order of nature. They see females as females, as slaves, and themselves as men, as masters. If we do not please them, they punish us, or slay us. We quickly learn our place in the order of things. Only where there are true men can there be true women.”
“But, you are a naked and collared slave, ” I said, “bound in a paga tavern.”
“I am a woman, ” she smiled, “something that I never was, truly, on Earth.”
“I see, ” I said.
“We are small and weak, and soft and beautiful, ” she said. “and we have dispositions to yield, and to love and serve selflessly. We long for masters. We can not be fulfilled until we find them.” she smiled. “And, then, on Gor, ” she said, “we look up , and , startled, find them standing over us. The whip is in their hand. They will take no nonsense from us.
Is it any wonder, we love them so?”
“I was once from Earth, I said.”
“I find that hard to believe,” she said.
I shrugged.

Page 100 Rogue of Gor

rogue of gor

Not too long ago, at an American University, a seminar was held to discuss some gender role related issues. A woman on the panel stated that despite current thinking there were some distinct biological differences in men and women that were purely biological and not cultural constructs.

The seminar was then broken up, by protesters, who damaged the sound equipment and had to be escorted out by police. Their objections were summed up by a wild haired young man who claimed. “We do not allow that kind of thing here. Nazis are not welcome in civil society”

The very idea that there just might be some, any, biological differences between men and women is considered “Nazi” thinking.


Wow. How would they react to us reading the above passage, and then claiming that there are some people who read it not simply to get tips on how to rp out a meeting in a paga tavern, but actually accept it as alternative way of viewing male/female relationships.

The passage was written about 40 years ago. I first read it almost twenty years ago. And I have seen a steady decline in the very concept of Manhood. I watched it change from a time when a boy aspired to it, to a time when they were encouraged to postpone it so they can stay longer on their parents insurance.. There were times when cultures had various manhood ceremonies to celebrate that special time when a boy proved he was worthy to assume the mantle of “man” and all the privileges and responsibilities that went with it.

The Jewish Bar Mitzvah was celebrated on a boy’s 12th birthday.

I am a very toxically masculine male. I am not woke at all. I admit it freely, and am even a little bit proud of it. My opinions would not earn me a very good grade in a gender studies class if I answered honestly. So, when I read the conversation with Peggy, I can see myself as Jason, and I would be telling her, “I was once from Earth.” even as I stood over her with the whip and saw her in that misogynistic way as a slave,

I know that if I were ever to address a group of college students on Earth and tell them what I really believe about all this “Gor stuff”, women with green hair would be going crazy and shouting me to silence.


I accept that and as I said, am a bit proud of it, too

But, what about Peggy? Are there really any females out there that see themselves as her? Are there any females who read that passage or hear it and feel it touches them, too. Are there really slaves?

If the whole Gorean thing started off as a bedroom fantasy designed to titillate a couple before sex, and there is some thought that it might have started that way, the world has moved to the point where it has become too dark, too pornographic , and too socially unacceptable for it to be a mainstream fantasy anymore.

Slavery, woman as sex objects, Men as dominant, violent men walking around armed, the list goes on and on, and becomes more counter Earth, and more objectionable each day.


Online Gor thrives and grows. More and more females ignore the social pressure and log on to take part in the online game. And many compare it to “Grand Theft Auto” because they recognize that it is really wrong and evil, but still fun to play in a dark sort of way.

But, some are like Peggy. I know some that are like Peggy. I can’t really always explain how they got to be like her, but I know they are real. One of the only defenses for the institution of legal slavery on Gor is that the Goreans at least enslave their slave girls. On Earth, we mock them, give them pills for depression, and force them into secrecy and shame. Who are the cruel ones?

found myself

I think that a lot of my discussions in this seminar over the years have been dedicated to Peggy and the others like her. And they have been designed to protect them as well. Many people are here, even in our Second Life Gorean, world, who can not accept that Peggy is real. Anyone who thinks what she thinks is a victim and needs help. You can role play her, but you can’t really be her.

So, that is why I talk about being true to yourself, and not pretending, and a lot of other topics related to making Second Life Gor a more honest and safe place. it is because I learned that secret. There are slave girls on Earth, and they think a lot like Peggy, and they will find their way online sooner or later.

And I really, really like Peggy.

Here are some questions that I ask when I read that passage.

If you are a man, is it possible for you to see a female as a slave? Do you recognize it so much that she sees it in your eyes when you look at her?

if you are a female, do you long for masters? Do you have a disposition to yield, and to love, and to serve selflessly?

If the answer is yes, can you live it here in Second Life? And if the answer is no, is it possible to role play it consistently?

And maybe the most important question is: can the people who answer no and the ones who answer yes, co-exist in a cohesive online community.

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