Do We Need A History

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

This class given on May 3, 2019

Tal and Greetings,

Welcome to the Gorean Compass, The Next Generation.

When I thought about that name for this seminar, it occurred to me that it is going to be important to record the history of the Generation that actually created this strange world of online Gor.

tales of Gor

I have always had an interest in history, and I know from studying it that the further back you go, the less you have to work with. That is a truth of historical research.

We are not even really sure what to call this amazing thing. Most of our discussions center around trying to define it. Some people see it as an alternative lifestyle, and some people as a fantasy adventure game. Others see it as a sort of “fan fiction” that is fleshing out and bringing alive a set of sci-fi novels. And it is actually all of those things and more even, all rolled up into one big ball.

But the common thread of what wraps the ball together is the internet. The timing is important here, too, because the first novels were written before the internet existed. This is the first observation we can make in looking back into the history that led to Second Life Gor. John Norman did not anticipate the internet when he created the Gorean fictional novels.

People would discover the books, one way or the other, and sometimes be mesmerized by them. First hand accounts from people from this pre-internet world often contained the word “resonate”

Something in the books touched something inside them. And that was cool. There was no where else to go with that, so people tucked the feelings away, and went about their business.

gorean discussions

But, then came connectivity. The internet. We could talk to everyone about everything no matter where they were. So, someone asked someone else, if they have ever heard of John Norman or Gor, and that was the beginning.

I don’t think we will ever be able to trace our Genesis all the way back to the very first mention of Gor on a primitive internet message board, but it happened very early, and it grew very quickly as the internet matured.

We can do better with Second Life Gor. Goreans Portal Radio aired an interview with the man who opened the very first Gorean rp city in Second Life, and this a mere dozen years ago.

I was thinking about our history, and our need to record it for the benefit of those who follow us because I am very convinced that we are not a passing fad of the internet, and I think there are going to be a lot of people following us.

I don’t know how all of you deal with explaining away the hours you spend hooked to this giant connectivity web and “being Gorean.”

second life Gor


Look at where we are right now! Think of how many hours, and how much real money, has been spent to create the Gorean Campus, to study every single detail of this fascinating alternative world.

When someone who knows nothing of it asks me to explain it, it is not an easy thing to do.

We are so used to comparing things to other things, but in this Brave New World, there is nothing else that was ever anything like it. So, I can’ t say, “well, its sorta of, kinda like, ahh”
Because it isn’t like anything else I have ever experienced in my long life.

So, I pretty much keep it quiet , or go along with saying, “oh, its just a computer game”

Maybe that is one of the attractions of tharlarion racing here in Second Life. It really looks like we are playing a “computer game.”

But, it isn’t really that kind of game, if it is even a game at all.

Maybe the best way to explain it is to just call it an online community. A sort of social media venue. Most people these days could understand that.

gorean lifestyle

And there is a lot of truth to it. We have all the elements of ‘community.” For example, the city of Ko-ro-ba has a growing memorial garden to remember the ones who have passed to the Cities of Dust, and we are sitting in a vast educational facility, so we have our schools, and our social meeting places, and we really do form very tribal bonds. There is a sense of “us.”

Maybe the bond is in the word “resonate.” Maybe that is the one thing that has always bonded us together as a community. Something in those novels touched us in someway. That is very basic and opens the door to a vast and diverse community.

That is why I think we are going to continue to grow and why we are going to last for a long time. The more things on Earth move in unnatural directions, the brighter the lure of a Counter Earth becomes. It has been a common theme of these seminars and discussions that Earth is moving in a bad direction. The people more like sheep, and relationships and gender issues going off into insanity. More and more people, realizing this trend, would be seeking something different.

Second Life Gor, for many people, is that “something different.”

And that is why I use the analogy of a vacation. People want to take a vacation to try something different. One choice is to go to a posh resort, and be pampered. The other choice is to go camping out in the back country. Both are vacations.

The consistent message of the Gorean Compass is that this vacation is going to be much more like the camping than the pampering. The fun in it is going to come from overcoming some very tough things, and making it to the top of the mountain, or finishing the marathon race.

gorean vacation

If you approach it any other way. If you think it is going to be a posh resort, it is never going to be any fun, and you are never going to get anything of value in return for the time you invest in it.

Maybe that is why I think we need to be recording our history. There is an old Gorean saying that goes: “Those who forget their history, are doomed to repeat their mistakes.”

So, maybe a valuable topic of these “Next Generation” classes would be a look back at the last dozen years of Second Life Gor. What were our mistakes? What did we do well? What do we need to do now?

Nature vs Nurture

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

This class given on April 26, 2019

Tal and greetings.

Todays talk is going to be a back to basics sort of refresher course. Much of what would be considered “Counter-Earth” Gorean thinking would center on the nature vs. nurture debate.

I found this short and concise definition on the internet.

The nature vs. nurture debate within psychology is concerned with the extent to which particular aspects of behavior are a product of either inherited (i.e., genetic) or acquired (i.e., learned) characteristics.
Nature is what we think of as pre-wiring and is influenced by genetic inheritance and other biological factors. Nurture is generally taken as the influence of external factors after conception, e.g., the product of exposure, experience and learning on an individual.
The nature-nurture debate is concerned with the relative contribution that both influences make to human behavior.

Here is the url of the article.

frog and scorpion

Now, if we were to apply the Counter-Earth approach to this debate, we would have to admit that modern society on Earth is leaning much more heavily in the direction of “nurture”, and more and more away from “nature.”
At the time John Norman was writing the early Gorean novels, this trend was beginning to pick up speed. I have referred to the work of the author, Desmond Morris, and the book, “The Naked Ape” as the kind of “genetic wiring” message that was coming out as a response to the social adjustment to the industrial and technological ages.
This book was popular at the time Tarnsman of Gor was written.
When I have quoted the book here in the past, the response was often that Desmond Morris, and this genetic wiring, still very much apes inside, thinking had been debunked by modern writers and thinkers.
Of course. Because nurture is winning. We aren’t really locked into anything anymore. We are free. Free to be who we want, and what we want. We can identify as something, and it is so.

heredity nature cartoon
So, obviously, the Gorean side of this is going to go to the opposite extreme. We are hard wired, and we better be about the business of understanding that or we are doomed. We aren’t anywhere as free as we think we are, but rather we are the results of millions of years of selective evolution that made us into something very powerful and dangerous.
Here are some quotes. They would be easy to find in almost any of the novels.

“Is it not safer to cower in the caves of lies than stand upon the cliffs of truth, surveying the world? Yet when one stands in the sunlight, and feels the winds of reality, how dank and shameful seem the dark shelters of falsehood, and how foolish it seems then to have once feared daylight and fresh air.
But, swiftly, I, a man of Earth, well tutored in my myths, scoffed that I might have feared to assume my manhood. I was well aware of the definitions of my manhood, and how well I must fulfill them, that I must be gentle, solicitous, feminine, and sweet, and obedient to the whims of females, lest I be a brute.
But, into those definitions did not enter, as I now recognize, hints of a nature formed by a harsh evolution, remarks pertaining to genetic dispositions selected for in times when the meadows were bestrode by the prowling tread of the saber-toothed tiger and the hills rang with the trumpeting of mastodons; those definitions did not tell of the dark songs and cries of hunters; they did not speak of campfires or knives of blue flint, they did not speak of warriors, or of meat turned on green spits by captured,. neck-thronged women……..
Page 103 Fighting Slave of Gor

“But , perhaps they might reclaim their surrendered manhood, before they themselves, and their world, become the helpless victims of its thwarted furies.
Manhood cannot be forever denied. The beast will walk at our side, or it will destroy us.
Page 115 Fighting Slave of Gor

So, it is easy to see that Gor is coming down as strongly on the side of nature as Earth was yielding to the lure of nurture.

And here in the Gorean Compass seminars, we are always seeking the balanced middle ground. The Second Life Gorean superior human, hardened by Gor and retaining the compassion of Earth would most likely come down on this duality right smack in the middle.

We are half what we are hard wired to be and really can’t help but can only struggle to control and understand. And we are half the product of the environment and time, and place we find ourselves in.

That settles the nature vs. nuture debate. It is a tie. And in the end, you get the sense of that from reading the Gorean novels.

Even when we see it from the symbolic point of view of Kur vs Priest Kings struggling for our souls,the animal vs the rational, it is a balanced approach. The animal is not evil or good, per se. It can be either.

But, here is the problem. We are not any where near a balanced approach to this debate here in Second Life Gor.

Since we all have come here to either enjoy or role play Gor by logging into computers from our homes on planet Earth, we are carrying with us the baggage and mindsets of Earth. The pendulum on that planet has swung wildly in one direction, and we are going to have a hard enough time pulling it back to safe middle ground.

For example, there is a active Gor evolved community that has basically been built on the idea that the whole nature idea is outdated now. Evolution takes place in days, hours, as fast as new technology comes out, we morph into whatever we need to be, or want to be.

So, I am saying that even to build a balanced view of this will take some vectoring in the direction of being more open to the nature side. We need to focus much more on the reality of who and what we really are, and spend more time in our Gorean interaction listening to ancient drums, and feeling the lure of the campfire.

If anything, the Gorean experience in Second Life must be harsher, stricter, more demanding, and more structured than even the books describe the fictional planet.
If the pendulum has swung to far to one side, we can only stop its momentum and get it going the other way,by pulling just as hard in the opposite way.


I think in many ways the beast is destroying us and our world. it is not a happy thing to be an old man looking back at his life and thinking things are really so much worse than when that life started?

I always hear of places and groups devoted to helping people “heal.” I am sympathetic to this because I know how easy it is to get hurt both in the online world, and the offline one as well.

But, what I question is the method and approach. Emotional hurt is caused by weakness, either in the person who is hurt, or the person who does the hurting. You don’t make it better by encouraging weakness.

Healing here in Gor means putting on your big kid panties and hitching up your belt and climbing back up on the horse, or whatever cliché you want to use to describe toughening up.

In my opinion, this is the only way that Gor serves any useful purpose. If it is going to be Earth spelled differently, or if it is going to be built in a cave of lies, what is the sense of doing it?

"Nature, nurture or a bit of both?"

I sometimes think that the people who see Gor as anything else but a harsh, and demanding playground for the grown ups only, should be telling newcomers “ahh, enjoy Gor,,but whatever you do, don’t really read the books.”

So, Do you think that Gor represents an extreme version of “nature.” and do you think, Second Life Gor has surrendered too much to the side of nurture, and needs a much harsher dose of nature? I think the debate rages on, and could be gist for many discussions in the future.

The Best Females In The Universe

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

This class given on April 19, 2019

It has been a constant theme of this seminar over the last couple of years to raise standards. We have talked about how the Gorean experience was intended by its author and creator to be a call to something higher. The idea of the superior man, hardened by Gor without yielding the compassion of Earth has been a constant theme of our study of the symbolism of the novels.


We have also spoken of the Gorean Compass, a set of ideals that points us on an azimuth leading to those higher standards and a way of life and a idea for male/female relationships that is more in tune with natural order, and that is more healthy and designed to fulfill our human needs without creating anxiety and frustration and poor mental health.

In the discussions following these seminars, there have often been questions from slave girls questioning how these things apply to them. “We are mere slaves,” they say, “just beasts with no rights and no value, how can we have honor?”

It was suggested in one discussion that the Gorean compass had to split somewhere along its spectrum because of the vast differences in Male and female, and in the status of Free vs the status of slave. There is certainly truth in this. Recognizing that there is a vast difference in the male and the female, and in the Free and the enslaved is a core part of understanding what Gor is telling us.

However, when we are talking about such things as honesty, and loyalty, and honor, and courage, and adherence to what is moral and what is right, we are talking about human interaction, and gender and status only alters the ways in which these things are expressed, but they do not alter the meaning of them or their universal application.

Be Gorean

I have two stories from the books today that illustrate this point.

The first takes place in Raiders of Gor, book 6.

Tarl’s holding is under attack by a horde of enemies, and help is still far off. It does not look good for the defenders.

Tarl becomes concerned about the fate of three of his slave girls. Here is the story, right from the books.

” I took telima in my arms. “When they come again,” I said, “hide below. If you fight, you will doubtless be slain. When they come again, submit to them. They may spare you.” And then I looked to vina and luma. “You, also,” I said, “Do not mix in the matters of men.”

vina looked to the boy, Fish.

He nodded, “Yes,” he said, “go below.”

“I, for one, ” said Telima, “find it stuffy below.”
“I, too,” smiled luma.
“Yes, said vina, firmly, “It is very stuffy below.”
“Very well,” I said, “then it will be necessary, before the next attack, to bind you to the foot of the ladder below.”
“I think, ” said Samos, looking over the parapet, “you will not have time for that.”
We heard the trumpets, signaling a new attack. We heard the rush of hundreds of feet on the stones below.
“Go below!”, I cried to the girls.

They stood away, feet fixed apart, in the garments of slaves, obdurate, rebellious.

“We acknowledge ourselves your slave girls!” screamed Telima. “If we do not please you, beat us, or slay us.”

A crossbow quarrel swept overhead.

“Go below!” screamed Fish to Vina.

“If I do not please you, ” she screamed, “beat me, or kill me.”

He kissed her swiftly, and turned to defend a wall.

The girls took up stones and swords, and stood beside us.

Pages 298-299 Raiders of Gor.


The second story comes in the next book. Book 7, Captive of Gor. The girl elinor has been given a vial of ost poison and is told that she will be entered into the House of Bosk of Port Kar, (actually, Tarl Cabot) and put to work in his kitchen. When she is given a chance to serve him, she will slip the poison into his food. She is told that if does not do so, the Master she loves, Rask of Treve, will be killed. She is allowed to see him one time before she is sent on her mission. He is bound and bloody, but he tells her.

“I am of Treve. Do not stain my honor.”

But, she agrees to their plan and is sent to the House of Bosk.

Here is what happened.

“Elinor,” said Bosk, at the head of the table. “I want wine.” He was one of the few men, or women, on Gor who spoke my name as it had been spoken on Earth.
I slowly approached him.
“Wine!” called Thurnock.
I did not go to the peasant.
“Wine!” cried Tab, the Captain.
I did not go to him.

I went to Bosk of Port Kar. I would pour the wine. Then, I would be seized, and doubtless by nightfall, tortured and impaled.

He held forth the goblet. The eyes of Telima were upon me. I could not look in her eyes.

I poured the wine.

“I am of Treve, ” Rask of Treve had told me, in the warehouse, where he stood bound to the wall. “Do not stain my honor.”

I wept.

“What is wrong, Elinor?” asked Bosk.

“I am all right, Master,” I told him.

“I am of Treve,” had said Rask of Treve. “Do not stain my honor.”

I hated then men, and their wars, and their cruelties and their frivolous honors. It was we, their women, who suffered in their madness. No, Rask of Treve would not purchase his life for the price I had agreed to pay, but the decision was not his, but mine, mine, and I loved him, and I could not let him die!

“Do not stain my honor,” he had said.

Bosk of Port Kar lifted the cup to his lips.

I put forth my hand. “Do not drink it, Master,” I said. “It is poisoned.”

Page 360-361 Captive of Gor.


slave integrity

So, these two stories have a common theme. The mere slave girl. The beast that is there to merely obey, in both stories, rises above that to do what is, in the first story, loyal and brave, and in the second story, just what is simply right and moral, despite being ordered in the one case, and emotionally blackmailed in the other.

I have often, jokingly, said that the Gorean female, and especially the Gorean kajira represented the finest example of womanhood to be found in the universe, and to prove that, I would say, Gorean men have chosen to own them. If they were not the best, we would get rid of them all, and go enslave the ones that were better.

Although I say , jokingly, there is that grain of truth in the saying. All of the haters of Gor, who see what we do here and how we go about expressing the M/s dynamic, scream that we are misogynists and the whole idea of Gor is demeaning to females.


The idea of demeaning females to make Men feel more like Men belongs to some other type of alternative lifestyle. It is not the message of the novels. Sure, we see in the books, the men of Gor constantly referring to them as beasts, animals with no rights, but we fail to see that as a reflection of “Gor is too hard.” On Earth, Men are the ones being splashed on the news each day as the serial abusers, the dead beats, the ones with no control of their lusts, who now must step aside and yield power to the super females who will lead humanity back to the golden age of the Goddess.

gor earth balance

Of course, Gor is going to be the counter-Earth. This is another example of the “extreme” opposite of Gor. It is pointing out the wrong direction of Earth, but setting up the opposite extreme on Gor. If one view is “way too soft” , the other has to be “way too hard.”

In the balanced view that can be found by carefully reading and studying the novels, we find that the human female is the glory of our species. Amid the admittedly over harsh view of the female slave as a rightless animal, are passage after passage extolling the female. They are so desirable that men fight wars over them. We are so likely to love them and lust after them, that we must steel ourselves and be strict and uncompromising with them, lest we allow ourselves to become weak and by becoming weak, fail to both protect and fulfill them.

The three slaves standing on the parapets, ready to fight and die beside their Master represent a decidedly different take on the female slave. The girl, who can not bring herself to do an evil and wrong thing for selfish reasons,,,even the selfish reason of saving the man she loves, represents a decidedly different take of the female slave, also.

Sure, the azimuth of the Gorean compass often times will point a submissive female in a different direction. We are way too much the advocates of difference to think otherwise, but the compass is actually pointing to the same destination for all us. It is a place where we are actually behaving as superior human beings, dedicated to moving upward, dedicated to a world of honesty and bound by strict codes of morality. It is a world where we are dedicated to asking the hard questions about ourselves, and about life, and not being afraid or ashamed of the answers. It is a destination that brings us most in harmony with our true natures. It is also a place where we recognize that we are all connected, and when we do better, the human race as a whole is better,,,and when we fall short,,,the human race as a whole slides backwards.

same destination

You can’t escape this because of your gender, or your status. I have always spoken of Men and their responsibilities and their failures. I am the firm advocate of what I call the “Bane of Mastery” which says,,,,”if you are Master, and in charge, and anything goes wrong, it is your fault.” Period.

But, that is because I am male, and am limited in my understanding of that mysterious other gender.

But, that doesn’t let you off the hook. In one of the books, a Gorean is suggesting that there must be a “right way” because he has seen a lot of “wrong ways.” If there are obvious wrong ways,,,,it follows there must be a right way.

Does a slave have honor? Well, it seems she can act dishonorably. It seems she can behave disloyally. It seems she can be cowardly. It seems she can be immoral. Doesn’t that imply that she could chose to behave in the opposite, and then, she would be acting honorably, and loyally, and bravely, and morally.

I suppose there are some that see “surrender and submission” as laying down in the shade of the trees and avoiding the long high climb into the sunlight on top of the mountain. She is slave now, and someone else has the responsibility to raise her up, and keep her moving forward.

Don’t make that mistake. As I said, that sort of “slave means giving up and being a doormat to others” thinking belongs to other lifestyles.

Becoming a Gorean kajira is all about upping the ante. You are expected to be something very special, unique, and priceless. You better have honor. You better be brave. You better worship honesty, and you better understand basic morality, or you aren’t going to cut it in the end.


You are expected to be the absolute best females in the universe.

If you aren’t, we are going to get rid of you, and go looking for the better ones.

Inaugural Caer Cadarn Dance Competition

On May 18, 2018 Caer Cadarn had it’s very first dance competition.  The event was organized by Mistress MarPai and we thank her very much for all her hard work in organizing what turned out to be an amazing event!  Almost all the citizens of Caer Cadarn were there and the girls who danced did an amazing job!

Mistress MarPai – organizing of the dance competition
the onlookers_002
Some of those in attendance

Master Gorm Runo was the emcee for the competition and judges were Master Gorm, Mistress Safira and Master Aegeus.  We had four dancers who competed.  All four did wonderfully, however only 3 could place.  Yet we think that all the girls were winners.  Find below each girl’s dance along with pictures.

1st place – Cherry Blossom


She steps into the stage, trembling as the musicans begin to play. Closing her eyes his face fills her mind, the sounds of her home rings in her ears. She looks around the scene changes to him and the beauty of their home. The day changes to night cocooning them in a lovers serenity.

Dropping to the floor touching herself trying to ease her ache as soft sweet moans escaped her lush lips. Teasing hands trail along sensual curves panting as passions flames lick her body into a frenzy. Her heart pounding against the cage of her ribs. Time had not erased the feel of his touch or their home’s beauty making the wildfire in her burn hotter..

On the wind she heard his voice calling out for her. Looking around hoping to see him. “my Master!!”
She cried out her need begging him to end this ache. She couldn’t bring herself to believe he was gone; that their home was no more. Soft blue eyes twinkling like the stars in the night search for him. Soft hands slip into her thick mane as silky lock cascades thru her fingers to fall about her as flames to the fire that was blazing inside her.


Bolder hands caress her body as lusty moans grow louder. The tip of her wet tongue slips out to follow the shape of full lips making them glisten. The burning intensity of her passion threatens to consume her as her body glistens with dots of moisture shining like diamonds against her brown sugar skin.

Shaking as the fire in her explodes into flames shooting skyward. Shaking her screams fill the room…..


All for you my Master. and O/our home,

La Kajira

2nd Place – Rhiannon


lithe arms lift, slowly enticing curvaceous body to twist and bend, the music wafting through the tavern rafters tempts sensual movements. The girl danced gracefully, closing eyes against those observing. Hearth flames cast fiery shadows to play upon creamy flesh as she moved. She cared little whether or not they found her pleasing. Forced to dance or be punished, Rhiannon obeyed.

The song poured into the collared beast and an onslaught of emotions stirred within. Arching back, the slave whipped upright to cast a defiant look of disdain upon the Masters gathered. She spun within the sands throwing crystal shards to scintillate about delicate ankles. An ihn of fear washed through the girl as she took notice of the expressions on the faces of the men.

the tempo increased goading erotic musings. Banked embers sparked to fuel lascivious instincts long buried within the girl. Slender arms sweep to entwine in and out of each other in sinuous fashion, lowering to splay thighs wide and rise back to full height with a snap, the beast whimpered softly against the urgings. Pale skin flushed pink in admittance to the primal need coursing through her veins.. Vulnerable and exposed she rolls her hips bending back before all. More eyes drift to the sands and she feels every one of them upon her.

Rhiannon - House of Runo 01

her heart pounded to the beat of the drums, struggling against the rising tide of turbulent longing kept locked inside, Rhiannon saw his face in the crowd and nearly buckled to round knees. Twin emerald flames blazed with impassioned hunger as torrid shape rocked forward, throwing arms to reach and curl back to grasp at wanton flesh.

Butterflies took flight within an undulating belly as a violent longing threatened to force her to surrender everything to the one that Owned her. Upon the sands the slaves body dipped and swayed like a willow in the wind. Stormy thrums of bare feet punctuated distressed thrusts and despairing attitudes. His azure depths appraised what he owned casually and his slave could deny her need no longer.

she raised slender arms about a head of tousled tresses, round hips rolled as the music played on in the tavern. Suddenly desperate to be found pleasing to her Master, Rhiannon dances with everything she has. Imploring stretches seek approval as taut muscles strain to accentuate every feminine attribute she possessed.


supine spine bent backwards to thrust pert breasts upwards, hands raking down the sides of the naked slave. Frantic need burns dangerously within eyes made for the furs. Every movement made calls to mind alcove pleasures as the slut dances for her Masters pleasure. Needing, wanting, begging… the beast shamelessly moves within the sands, beckoning to her Owner.

melting to her knees, wandering hands run the length of tormented body. Sinful curves twist and turn within the dance pit. With a sob Rhiannon tossed her head back, lifting succulent legs to splay wide before all. Glistening need apparent in the brazen display, the slut moaned and whimpered while writhing piteously in the sand, agonizingly beautiful in carnal need.

Fiery locks flew like a living flame, her head whipping back and forth to exclaim her obvious lust to be raped and used as a slut of Gor! Surrendering everything the beast rocked forward, heated treasure pressed into the unforgiving grains, her eyes beseeching as they lift to seek her Master. Rising back up to knees thrown wide, the kajira rolled her hips hungrily. She knew who she was and reveled in her slavery before all. As the song faded to end, she slowed to rock gently in nadu. She panted, “Please, Master, please use your slave. She surrenders.”

3rd Place – Xenia

Xenia dance 3

I would like to dedicate this dance first to the Master of us, so awesome in his leadership and the Free of Caer for being supportive and friendly,. from the start. And last but not least the kajirae who have taught me to be the best kajira I can be – by showing me how to live. Nods to Tabi

stands on long well-formed legs, entire face lit up with a look of love as baby blue pools fall upon the Free and slaves of her new home. Stringed instruments play softly a song of adoration…
slowly raising arms move to the adornment at thighs kissed softly together and slender fingers curl around the aqua knot, releasing it… resting in the dimming light, naked and unashamed in front of the Free to demonstrate love and devotion, she speaks softly to them, “Because of my love for you, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.”

long line of legs fold and tapered fingers wrap delicately in brunette ribbons… thrusting begging breasts toward them beseechingly… scissoring legs shift to one light kissed thigh, and velvet tones speak to them, “Because you showed you unconditional love toward me, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.”
moves to round pert ass, hand falling gently on flaming cheek, pondering the depths of their hearts, their love, their compassion, their understanding… breathlessly remembering the times of understanding and grace, in smooth tones wafting on the air they hear, “Because of the caring of Your hearts, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.”

Xenia dance

basks in their thoughtfulness… the lulling of their voices, the softness of their touch… writhing in fervor over the spirit they share so freely with all, yet cherishing the times of solitude when some focus their attentions on her alone… a sigh escapes pouty, full lips, “Because of the largeness of Your spirit, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.”

elbow bowed softly as fingers tease over mocha face… flames of ardor ignite as all goes dim and soft blue eyes focus only upon them… “Heart of my hearts, Love of my loves, Home of my destiny”… raising my melodious voice to your beckoning ears, “Because you are my true Home, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.”
hears the whisper escape her lips while she slowly looks around to all of them. Perhaps a moment of fear of being so insolent when she moves her arms over her head slender wrists crossed, her bronze crowned head turned to the left, back arched and legs spread.

“I hope to have pleased the Free..” her breathing shallow from the effort she gave her dance “This girl once more submits to the House of her heart” she pleads with that tone of surrender in her voice. Because you Own me, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.

“La Kajira”

4th Dancer – Ruby


Imagine if you would a newly collared slave girl, collared to the kennels who has been ordered to dance for the frees pleasure, body trembles as she is very frightened
Lays down in the sands looks out to the free that have gathered to watch her, hears the strong Master of Gors voide “Slut dance” eyes the small package on the floor puts what is inside on, This dance is also dedicated to Hoshi who was well known in the dance community of Gor, i was saddened to hear she lost her life to cancer so this is for you my dear friend who was in cartius

me dainty body lays on the golden granuals of sand, as dainty finger’s tap on her thighs, lifts dainty hands to feel what is upon her neck the sudden fear of a collar, emerald eyes look out to all gathered glides feet across the glistens sands, arches her back to show the new shiney collar upon her neck, twinkling in Lar Torvis the beats of heart makes nervous moves to those gathered

rosey silks flow with every move upon the days breeze blows blond tressled hair around her face, finger tips beat the sound of heart, outstretches alabaster arms sun-kissed legs gracefully move as she spins around with soft suttle movements, Rosey cheeks glisten as she moves with each beat of her heart, breasts move with each movement


long slender legs swing well formed bottom lifts sun-kissed legs swings to and thro, slides delicate hands over scented skin, feels the smoothness, watches perfection with each delicate touch, tamned lean arms caress body as the silks move with her, Tanned hands move to reach up to collar that was placed upon neck

hands stretch spins to kneel on the sillicon sands, proud back arches to reveal new collar, steady hands reach to Lar Torvus before nimble legs stand to revear what is on show, kicks leg upwards spins around as silks glide around her body

hips sway to the musicians hands run through blond glossy hair, feels the warmth of collar around neck with Lar Torvis beating down on shiney skin, wide shaped eyes look out to all, spots the one who placed the collar upon her neck, shows submission in all she does.


rocks to and thro in goldens grains arching her back with each movement, the collar shining once again lifts her neck to show all that she is now collared and owned, the joy of being in a collar fills heart, softly speaks “Master of me please mould me into how you wish me to be”

beat gets faster legs gracefully move in time with the beats of her fingertips lifts around her body matches the beating of heart, kissed together legs rock back and forth as she softly speaks “I am yours” silks ticking flesh with each move giggle escapes crimson lips”

as the Masters told her to dance continues to please all who are gathered, emerald eyes look out turns head to see the owner of her, Ruby lips go to a smail, body shimmers in Lar Torvis, dance comes to an end pulls on her silks watches them drop, “Master take me as i am” slows the dance right down before she arches her back places hands on the stands as she now knows her fate “I;m in chains owned and love”

LA Kajira

A huge thank you to all the dancers, to Mistress MarPai, to Master Gorm Runo and to all who attended and supported the dance competition.

Oh, and I might mention that the whole affair was broadcast by tabi on Caer Cadarn radio!

Tabi DJ_001
Tabi The DJ





Pseudo beliefs

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

This class given on April 12, 2019

Tal and greetings

I came across a rather complex paragraph in the book Savages of Gor, and I had a hard time getting it out of my mind this last week. Part of the problem was John Norman’s pedantic use of big words and conversations that seem very unnatural in the context they are taking place, but even once I had defined the terms properly, the underlying message nagged at me.

I will give the entire quote and then we can break it down and see if we can make any sense of it, and also see if it has any application toward our Second Life Gorean experience.


It can be found on pages 298-299 of Savages of Gor

“The most pernicious beliefs, ” I said, “are not actually beliefs at all, but, better put, pseudobeliefs.
The pseudobelief is not assailable by evidence or reason, even theoretically. Its security from refutation is the result of its cognitive vacuity. It cannot be refuted for, saying nothing, nothing can be produced, even in theory, which would count against it. Such a belief is not strong, but empty. Ultimately it is little more, if anything, than a concatenation of words, a verbal formula. Men often fear to inquire into their nature. They tuck them away, and then content themselves with other concerns. Their anchors, they fear, are straw; their props, they fear are reeds. Truth is praised, and judiciously avoided. Is this not human cleverness at its most remarkable? Who knows in what way the sword of truth will cut? Some men would rather die for their beliefs than analyze them. I guess that it must be a very frightening thing to inquire into one’s beliefs. So few people do it. Sometimes one grows weary of blood-stained twaddle. Battles of formulas, you see, as nothing can count against them, are too often decided by wounds and iron. Some men, we have noted are willing to die for their beliefs. Even larger numbers, it seems are willing to kill for them.”

Ok, how many know the definition of “concatenation?”

Actually, it is defined as :a series of interconnected things or events.

I suppose that someone could have written out that paragraph in a much more concise and easy to digest manner. I had to read it several times and go to the dictionary once to make complete sense of it.

But, once I did begin to get the message, I was once again impressed with the fact that John Norman was seeing a trend beginning at the time he was writing these novels that would eventually explode into the idiocy of our current times.

In a seminar last year, we discussed how he had coined the term “signal words.” Those were those words and expressions that are thrown out in place of rational argument. When you call someone a signal word label, such as racist, or gamer, or leftist, or even lifestyler, it can not be defended by reason. The quote says they can not be refuted because they really don’t mean anything. They have “cognitive vacuity.” (Wow, how I love finding examples of non-cognitive expressions, and different ways of expressing the concept) Cognitive vacuity.

I had to look up “vacuity” too, and was pleased to find it is defined:

lack of thought or intelligence; empty-headedness.

Now, I was pleased to be able to define many of these non-cognitive expressions as not only having lost all meaning and use as communication, but also they imply that those who use them frequently are showing a lack of intelligence and empty headedness..

Anyway, it occurred to me as I thought on this wordy quote that I might have been on to something recently when I proposed the idea that the least by the book thing we could possibly do in our creation of a Gorean role play world would be to be too religious in our adherence to the idea of “btb”

My favorite part of the quote is when he says, “Who knows in what way the sword of truth will cut.”


When we create role play venues such as “ancient Rome” or “Game of Thrones” or any number of other examples, we can focus our major attention on the accurate depiction of how it might look and how people might speak and act within such a world.

The Gorean novels could give us a similar experience, unless we make the mistake of actually reading them and understanding them. When we do that, when we are really starting to be “by the books”, we have to change our focus a bit. We need to be more concerned with truth and the search for it than the physical environment in which it takes place.

I am not suggesting that we do away with the attempts to accurately create a realistic looking Gorean world. And we should not give up all the fun and interesting trivia that makes Gor so unique. Neither should we abandon the desire for role play that depicts great adventures and exciting story ;lines. And we shouldn’t stop seeking fun and enjoyment.

But, I am suggesting that the longer we stay here, and the more we learn of Gor and the deeper into the novels we dig, the more the search for truth is going to be forced on us.

Gor is a direct challenge to the pseudobeliefs that are becoming so prevalent in our modern society. This is one time I am not mocking the Liberal Left down there on Earth either. Both sides of the political spectrum are becoming more and more guilty of retreating into verbal formulas that defy refutation simply because, broken down, they actually are just virtue signaling and meaningless concatenations of words.


The Gorean novels are not self-help books that you can use to get comfortable. They are books of questions and suggestions that are demanding we re-evaluate some basic truths of human nature, and the natural order of the world.

I am sure many people will laugh off this rather dire warning about the dangers of participation in Second Life Gor, but my experience in the online world of Gor for the past two decades has shown me that you can not roll around in this for very long before some of it starts to get inside you. You can not continue to pretend to be a Man for very long before you begin to ask some serious questions about the responsibilities and nature of manhood.

And you can certainly not play a harmless game of pretending to kneel naked at the feet of a Man forever, before something stirs inside your belly. Maybe it will be a knot of disgust and a total rejection, or maybe it will be a smoldering ember of submissive fire, but sooner or later, it is going to be there.

Maybe, to get to my point here, we can see the whole idea of “by the book” as being the guiding mantra of Second Life Gor, but isn’t that a pseudobelief that JN was warning us about. It is the easy way because it doesn’t mean anything, and so doesn’t even require us to think. We say it, and go off to our other concerns.

I think it is much better to create a brave new world that is not going to be afraid of which way the sword of truth cuts. If we adhere to a definition of “by the book” that has, as the quote put it, cognitive vacuity, we are going to be continuing to operate a potentially dangerous and very adult community irresponsibly.


It is very clear that John Norman was not creating utopia and urging us to emulate it. He was showing us a rational middle ground, and that rational middle ground has been the thing that has resonated with us from our first exposure to Gor.

We have been gifted with the opportunity to create a real world here, based on the basic truths of the Gorean ethos, in many ways , a counter-Earth that is very strong, where Earth is weak. We are led by visions tempered by practical realities, and not by “sacred scrolls” or pesuodbeliefs.


The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

This class given on April 5, 2019

Tal and greetings,

It is good to be back at this seminar after a week vacation. While I was away, I had some good ideas for future classes and even had some insights into how I view the Second Life Gorean experience and what it might mean to speak of “The Philosophy of Second Life Gor.”

I was focused in on a couple of words. One of them was “honor,” and the other was “uncompromising.”


Many years ago, I acted as a coach to a group of gifted children in a program that was designed to teach them to solve problems through the use of consensus. The definition of that is :general agreement.
“a consensus of opinion among judges”
agreement, harmony, concurrence, accord, unity, unanimity, solidarity;

Wow, those are nice sounding words. Harmony. Accord, Solidarity. Everyone working together and on the same page. In the program, the idea was that we would find solutions that everyone was comfortable with and could live with, but might not necessarily be the right solution, or the best solution.

We were teaching our brightest young students how to compromise to reach solidarity.

I had not really studied the Gorean novels at the time and so I was a willing participant in this indoctrination process.

It would be a nice dream to imagine a world that ran on compromise.


The story of marriage on Earth in the last fifty years is an example. We were told, as part of the advancement of the status of females, that marriage was a union of two people that would compromise their way to bliss. No one partner would in any way dominant the other, they would, like the children in the program, reach consensus, and accord.

The result was pretty much the destruction of the institution of marriage, the break up of the traditional family, and the enrichment of a generation of divorce lawyers.

When we speak of natural order in the world, we usually are thinking of the Master/slave relationship, but it goes a lot deeper than that. Part of the natural order of the human condition is a constant conflict between good and evil, and right and wrong.

In Tarnsman of Gor, at the very beginning of the Gorean saga, Marrlenus of At tells Tarl that the sword establishes right and wrong. This statement has been used by anyone that likes to call Goreans Nazis because it suggests the idea that “might makes right.”

Marrlenus says this.

“Before the sword—-there is no right, no wrong, only fact.– a world of what is, and what is not, rather than a world of what should be and what should not be”

Page 156


But, I don’t see this as suggesting that might makes right. It is, rather, suggesting that the reality is a conflict between what is right and what is wrong, and the conflict is not going to work itself out just because “it should.”

There is an old Earth saying that tells us “all that is necessary for evil to win is for good men to do nothing.”

What i think Marrlenus is actually saying is the same thing. We had to pick up the sword to establish justice and fight for good.

I am a student of history, so I know we screwed it up a lot of times. I also know that a lot of wars were fought, and horrors endured in the name of a “right” that was very suspect.

But, I also have seen the struggle, the long and bloody struggle, from the caves onward, toward justice and civilization and safety. And these things did not come about via compromise and consensus. And it was not a big kum-bi-ya coming together of people dancing with unicorns either. People had to pick up weapons and fight evil, and the issue was often in doubt, and sometimes, for awhle, the bad guys had the upper hand.

Ok,,so what does this have to do with Second Life Gor.

This is a major dividing line between Earth thinking and Gorean thinking. It all ties into our concept of Honor and personal responsibility and our reverence for reality.

We, too, often forget the magic word is “uncompromising.” So, many times we see it written in the book, usually speaking of the uncompromising Gorean male.

Because the truth is, that if there is indeed evil in the world, and if there is such a thing as ‘wrong, then we can not compromise with it, even to reach solidarity and harmony.


This is the lie and delusion of modern day Earth. It tells us that all humans are basically good and if they do wrong, society has failed somehow.

Here is a quick example. The liberal left on Earth in the past couple of years has embraced the LQBTQ movement with open arms, while at the same time embracing an open arms policy toward Muslim immigration. When you suggest that this is a paradox, because Muslims often throw gay men from the roofs of buildings, and many Muslim countries have the death penalty for those caught having gay sex, you are called a name, and ignored. How can you embrace such opposites? Well, you compromise. You reach a consensus that allows everyone to get along, even if it means selectively overlooking certain facts and realities.

For the last dozen years, here in Second Life, we have operated on the idea of compromise and consensus, too. It so permeates our Earth thinking now that we sort of did it without really thinking of it or understanding it’s consequences.

And just like in my example of the paradox of totally supporting totally opposite positions, this thinking created much of the chaos of Second Life Gor, and was responsible for the failed cities and unhappy frustrated people.

In this seminar ,I have often called for the raising of standards. I have talked about the true by the book Goreans being superior humans that have risen above the weakness of Earth and also above the evils of Gor.

All of the old websites about Gor used to flash a banner that said, “Be Gorean or be Gone.”

Be Gorean

They didn’t say, “Come and tell us what you think and we will see if we can find a consensus position to fit you in”

Have we really forgotten reality and think that everyone who has come to explore Second Life Gor has done so with pure motives and an honorable heart? Didn’t we realize that just like the world is filled with evil , dangerous, deluded people, Second Life Gor would have them , too?

That is why we can not compromise. Second Life Gor, sadly, is not a place for everyone to come and have fun. It is not an online amusement park. There is an very, very high standard required to fit in here. There is a very high standard to being a Master here. There is an even higher standard for being a slave, due to the issue of consent. I don’t even want to think about the even higher standard expected for a Free Woman here.

I think our big mistake has been compromise. The lure of those words was very strong, and we were seduced by wanting to see more and more people, and higher and higher traffic. We wanted validation for our own attraction and interest in Gor, and so we lowered our standards quite a bit.

And as I was off on my trip, and thinking on these things, my little internal Gorean advisor climbed up on my shoulder and whispered in my ear another fact. He reminded me that I really only have ultimate control over myself. If raising standards is necessary in SL Gor, then I have to raise my standards.


If compromise with evil and wrong must stop, I must become uncompromising, and take a firm stand always. I must guard against my romantic and sentimental nature and not allow it to lead me away from truth and reality.

I do believe that most people are good at heart, and I believe Honor has not completely died on Earth. I believe we have the numbers on our side, but that doesn’t mean there is no danger.

I am done with compromise and I am done trying to find the consensus that we all can live with rather than seeking the Honorable and moral and logical high ground in every situation.

I encourage you all to do a bit of self examination, too. How often do you compromise your beliefs for the sake of harmony? Do you realize there is no “mere matter of Honor?” Are you constantly raising your standards and your expectations?

Are you starting to understand what it means to be Gorean?


The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

This class given on March 22, 2018

Tal and greetings

I want to start off with a quote from the book Savages of Gor. I came across it reading profiles yesterday while I waited for the tharl races to begin, and it really set off a thought process that led me to consider the word, “diversity” and what it might mean to Second Life Goreans.

Here is the quote:

There is no single humanity, no single shirt, no correct pair of shoes, no uniform, even a gray one, that will fit all men. There are a thousand humanities possible. He who denies this sees only his own horizons. He who disagrees is the denier of difference, and the murderer of the better futures.
Savages of Gor, pg. 31

Now, there are people who claim that there are three literary works that have the same thing in common. They are the bible, the complete works of William Shakespeare, and the Gorean novels. What they have in common is that if you work hard enough, and look deep enough, you will find a quote to support just about any political, social, or moral position.

This quote reminds me of that because on its surface it appears to be a shout out to the Liberal Left and to the insanity of social engineering that John Norman warned us about in the Gorean novels.

In fact, the person who put it in their profile, told me it was used as an “anti-BTB” argument as it spoke of the “diversity” of the Gorean world, and suggested that even if the books did not specifically mention something or tell us exactly how it looked or how it was done, obviously someone, somewhere was doing it, because, otherwise, “you are a denier of difference and a murderer of better futures.”

When I first suggested that I was going to use this quote as the basis of a class, my poor girl, Rhiannon, was a bit distraught. She was positive that I was going to use that quote to totally contradict everything that I had taught in the past about the order and structure of Gorean society.

She was afraid that I would use the idea of “diversity” to give a sort of green light to “being whatever you feel like being, or whatever you happen to identify as at the time.”

She was afraid that I would reverse my position and justify gender bending, multiple alts, and profile picks that claim” “this is my SL and I will do whatever I want.”

Relax, Rhiannon.

A blogger named Peter Senge wrote a post a couple of years ago, where he tried to separate the word ‘diversity” and what it really meant from the mis-use of the word that had become so common that it was approaching our “non-cognitive’ definition.

Diversity means “differences.” Here is what Peter said:

The actual meaning of the word diversity is difference. I am not making something up here, I am using the actual definition of the word…which I think is a pretty logical approach. Diversity does not mean race or race relations. If you want to talk about race or race relations, then use those words. If you want to talk about social justice, then use those words.”


And that is the key to understanding the diversity of our Second Life Gorean community and what was meant by that quote. The word and the concept have been stolen and its meaning altered to fit a social engineering agenda that does not have “difference” as its goal at all. Its real goal is to make us all “un-diverse. It wants us all to be the “same.”

In fact, a little later in Savages of Gor, we are introduced to a weird cultish group of people living out among the Red Savages. They were called ‘The Sames” If you read this section, you will most likely be laughing, but when you finish laughing, you are going to recognize the mantra of the Social Justice Warriors of modern Western Earth society.

The idea of social engineering is that we can decide what people ought to be like, and how people should believe, and we can level the playing field in ways that will make us all, well, the same.

When it was noticed that there were schools that did not have as much racial diversity as other schools, the solution was to bus in students from far away to create the acceptable diverse mix.

When it was noticed that certain jobs and professions lacked racial or gender diversity, Affirmative Action programs were created to lower the standards and requirements or give favoritism to certain groups to bring things into balance again.

The Gorean novels are full of diversity, but it is a natural occurring diversity that is celebrated for simply existing and is not artificially created. In fact, in Outlaw of Gor, we are told how once the female Gold Masks took control of the city, the vibrant, colorful, diversity of the average Gorean city was reduced to a drab, regimented sameness in Tharna. Even the taverns all sold the same type of paga and nothing else.


All of the descriptions of the Sardar Fairs were examples of the incredible diversity of the Gorean world. People of all races, cultures, colors, beliefs, and customs, mingling together in a great celebration of difference.

In an earlier class, I spoke of the four tribes of the Wagon people. All of them different and racially diverse, but all “Wagon People.”

Yes, diversity is a big part of Gor. The person who put this in their profile was right about that.

And it may just be possible that the expression “by the books” is the least Gorean and least, by the books, concept that can be imagined. In fact, if you really read and study the books, you will find that the thing Goreans would most likely agree on, is that you do not have to conform to any artificial construct that seeks to alter the basic truth of who and what you actually are.

The Gorean world was one of structure and order. Recognizing it’s diversity doesn’t alter that. In fact, structure and order has to be very strict in order to accommodate diversity. There is no one humanity and there is no one shirt that fits us all, and so in order to cooperate and coexist as human beings, we must be bound by codes and traditions, and laws and rules. But, they must be designed to create order and reduce friction, and not to force us into surrendering the things that make us special and unique.

It seems to me that most of the confusion on Earth comes from the fact that we have stopped celebrating true diversity, with its true meaning of “differences” and started trying to force sameness and conformity.



I think I understand why this was so. It is a lot harder to deal with true diversity than it is to deal with sameness. Diversity of ideas is seen as a dangerous thing because it might mean that, Priest Kings forbid,,,some of those ideas might differ from yours.

The blogger was right. If you want to discuss race relations, call it a race relation discussion, not diversity training. If you are interested in socially engineering a great insect like society, call it social engineering, not spreading diversity.

We want our word back. Diversity is already a part of the human experience. For better, or worse, we are a remarkably different species. We think males and females are different creatures with different wants and needs and patterns of behavior. We are rather proud of the ethnic diversity of our Wagon People, and we embrace the Men of Torvaldsland, the riders of the Tahari, the panthers and talunas in our woods and jungles, the silky slaves of the South, and the bond maids of the North. Gorean men are proud of their differences, and even dress in the colors of their Caste to proclaim them.

Yes, we have codes. We have rules and structure. They are designed to accommodate our diversity, not to hinder it. They are designed to give vastly different people a common bond and enable them to co-operate on some common basis. Our rules and our codes and our structure is the tool that enables us to be different and still interact successfully.

diverse and free

They are not our prison cells. They are not the deniers of our reality. And they will not be the murderers of our better futures.