The Gorean Compass – The Next Generation

As regular readers of this blog know Master Gorm Runo teaches a regular class at the Gorean Campus within Second Life Gor.  He has been offering these classes for a couple of years now and they can be found within this blog under the heading of Gorean Philosophy.

Philosophy class_001

This year brings a whole new set of classes as Master Gorm Runo explores deeper into the uniqueness which Second Life Gor brings to the Gorean experience.  He will be expounding upon the Gorean Philosophy and how it pertains to our experiences with the realm of Second Life.

As such he decided that a new section should be added to the blog to provide for these new classes.  The old classes are still there under the heading of Gorean Philosophy, so have no fear!  However, these new exciting classes will be found here as we explore and expound into areas where no Second Life Gorean has gone before!  (ok a little cheesy, but you get the picture)


Classes are held at the Gorean Campus within Second Life on Thursdays at noon and 6pm Second Life Time which is the same as Pacific Time.  All are welcome to attend and join in the discussions!

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