January Birthdays

The House of Runo does believe in celebrating birthdays.  Since we are earth people going into Second Life for a Gorean experience, we do still maintain some earth traditions.

When The House of Runo parties they do it in style.  This month two of the slaves had birthdays… Tabi and Rhiannon.  Tabi’s birthday came first.  Rhiannon provided the music using the Caer Cadarn radio stream and the pleasure gardens were decorated up nicely.  It was a good time and everyone had lots of fun.  Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of the festivities so you’ll have to just use your imagination.

Following tabi’s birthday came Rhiannon’s birthday.  For this party the theme was bugs, specifically ladybugs, but really any kind of bug.  This is because Master’s nickname for Rhiannon is bug.

Snapshot _ Caer Cadarn-Authentic Gorean Village-G&S-New_Welcome

Once again the pleasure gardens were decorated up festively.  Everyone who came were supplied with butterfly wings.  Tabi provided the music this time using Goreans Portal Radio and the celebration went out to all of Gor.

Snapshot _ Caer Cadarn-Authentic Gorean Village-G&S-New_Welcome4

Ladybugs were flying all around and quite a few suggested songs about bugs all to celebrate Rhiannon’s special day.  I think everyone had a good time.  Thank you mari for providing the pictures.

There was also a nicely done table of cake and other confections which Master Gorm Runo couldn’t seem to resist!

Snapshot _ Caer Cadarn-Authentic Gorean Village-G&S-New_Welcome10

Look to this spot as we continue to celebrate the birthdays and other events all held at Caer Cadarn.  Feel free to come and join in since we feel the more the merrier and our parties and events are open to all!

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