A Brand New HOR – The Advancement of Mari

The House of Runo slaves undergo a rigorous training program in order to become full fledged HOR slaves.  The training consists of learning the ways of the house, learning to serve and learning what is expected of a HOR pleasure slave.  Very few have accomplished all the steps and met all the requirements.  That is why we are very excited to announce the newest graduate of the first level of HOR training and the newest full fledged HOR pleasure slave….Mari!


Congratulations Mari!  She now joins a very carefully selected group.

As a HOR slave she is considered to be one of the best of the best.  After working her way through each lesson and improving in her abilities to be exquisitely beautiful and completely obedient (and I might add pleasing) she was presented to Master Gorm Runo as a candidate for advancement.  Master Gorm Runo looked over the evidence and agreed.

So preparations were made and the other slaves of the House of Runo brought mari up to the Caer – the place of collaring and advancement – a sacred place within The House of Runo.  There mari and the other slaves waited for the Masters that would be involved to appear.


tiggy, rhiannon, mari and tabi waiting for Master at the Caer

Once Master Gorm Runo arrived the ceremony began.  In attendance was also The House of Runo head guardsman Master Draco.

Caer HomeStone: for in the vacinity of their Home Stones, men fight with all the courage, savagery and resourcefulness of the mountain larl.

Gorm Runo: mari, in all my experience , I have learned that the thing earned is the thing of more value. Many times, girls have knelt among these stones, and received the recognition of being known as a HOR slave. And despite the little play on words of those letters, it stood for the House of Runo, and Goreans who were dedicated to being the best.

It seemed fitting that we made a girl earn that tag. To show enough interest to actually work for it. You are already a beacon, girl. And even more importantly, your real training begins now. basic training is over, and now we will see if you are an “elite” slave like these girls around you.

— The Oath —

Gorm Runo: Do you submit yourself totally now, as a slave girl, to the House of Runo, and to its goal of excellence?
mari: “yes Master with all my heart and body I desire to be found to be worthy of such Master.”


rħiᾱὴὴoὴ: bounces on her knees .. “congratulations mari .. a wonderful day for you and for the HoR!”
Gorm Runo: and now, tabi, just the blood initiation thing. I always hate that part. “shivers”
TABI:giggles… well, she was forewarned!
mari: bites her lower lip softly but holds her position.
Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ: tilts head back and woots loudly “Congrats mari… never more truly deserved!! Well done!”



The traditional belly dance of the new HOR slave!

Gorm Runo: I hope this girl is just the first of many that will make our House known across all of Gor as the place where Gorean slaves are trained. kajira and we have a lot of work to do, too, don’t we girls?
rħiᾱὴὴoὴ: “Yes Master!”
Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ: always Master!!
mari : smiles “Yes Master

And thus The House of Runo grows and flourishes.  Currently there are three more girls undergoing training.  Our hopes is they will all follow in mari’s footsteps and achieve the lofty goal of HOR slave!

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