Gorean Compass – Most Likely Our Fault?

Gorean Compass class offered at the Gorean Campus in Second Life every Thursday at noon and 6pm SLT

Tal and Greetings

Whenever people are discussing the origins of the Gorean Novels and their underlying themes, they will usually mention a reaction to the rise of the movement known as Feminism.

The wiki definition of Feminism is rather short and simple.

the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

However, that simple statement does not come close to explaining the true agenda of modern Feminism.   A writer named Suzanne Weiss, wrote in 2016,  that:
“I’ll admit this definition leaves something to be desired; modern feminism, for example, acknowledges more than two genders, so the movement is not just about advancing women. In addition, many have critiqued the notion that marginalized genders should aspire to assume the male gender role in our current society, since much of it is built around toxic masculinity and exists within a patriarchal system that should perhaps be dismantled altogether.”


Whereas, the simple definition is one of those “duh” types of statements even to thinking Goreans, who would agree that the female gender is equal, and should enjoy equal legal protections and the enjoyment and safety of equal rights, but stress the “differences between the genders.    An oft used example of the Gorean thinking would ask, “Is a steel bar equal to flower?”

If you see the genders as that different, obviously any discussion of equality is foolish, although you might entertain an argument that both should be accorded equal legal rights and protections.

But, a careful reading of that second statement shows a decided anti-male sentiment that has been carefully denied by the first and second generation feminists.   When the movement accepted the modern idea that there are actually an infinite number of possible genders in the human race, they were quick to suggest that as each new gender is identified, they need to strive to avoid the “male gender role in our current society” because it is built around “toxic masculinity” and “exists within a patriarchal system” that is the cause of all of our problems.

Here is John Norman’s take on this, written 32 years ago before feminism had taken such an anti-male turn.

“At the moment, of course, she had no real idea of what female needs could be.  As with most free females they were doubtless far below the surface and seldom directly sensed.  Their effect upon conscious life, because of her conditioning, would normally be felt in such transformed and eccentric modalities as anxiety, uneasiness, misery, discomfort, ill temper, imaginary complaints, frustration, and loneliness.  These things would be connected with her lack of feminine fulfilment, she not finding herself in her place, in her natural biological relationship, that of submissive to dominant, to the male of her species.  These things, the result of her loss of sexual identity and fulfillment, too, often produce a sense of emptiness and meaninglessness.  Too, they sometimes produce an envy and resentment of men, whom she then, perhaps with some justice, would blame for this lack of fulfillment.  When one sex needs the other to fulfill it, and the other refuses, what is to be done?   One way of striving for vengeance, of course, is to attempt, socially and politically, to bring about the debilitation and ruination of anatomical males, whether they be men or not.”

Page 363   Mercenaries of Gor

'You remind me of my ex-wife. She lives an empty existence, too.'

I am fond of that particular passage because it supports the idea that the Gorean novels are recognizing some serious problems in male/female relationships, and even making dire predictions about the dangers these problems present to society, but they are squarely placing the blame on the males, and not the females.   “When one sex needs the other to fulfill it, and the other refuses, what is to be done?”

Lets take a look at a basic fact about our world of Second Life Gor.    Regardless of motivation, or expectations, or real life beliefs, or any other differentiation of reasons for being here, there is now, and has always been a much higher percentage of females here wanting to express or even role play submission than there are males who wish to dominate.

And even more depressing, I aver, based on my own experiences in online Gor, for every female that was dishonest, evil, or just plain fucked up, that came along, there were five or six of the numerically inferior group of males that were dishonest, weak, or just plain fucked up.

How do we view these facts?    32 years ago, John Norman predicted that the balance of power between the genders would shift drastically, but that it was going to shift out of the natural biological order and the results might not be so good.    Was he right?

Is the strange attraction that online Gor has for so many, a reaction to this shift in balance?

found myself

And why have not scores and scores of men flocked to Gor and taken advantage of the opportunity to celebrate and express their masculinity and get in touch with their ancient dominant cores?

And why are more and more females, and younger even, coming to online Gor, complaining of those “modalities” listed in the quote that signaled their frustration at not having basic needs met.

And even the purest of role players, who have never once seen anything but pure imaginative fantasy in the Gorean ethos, why are they getting attracted to and often addicted to, a fantasy like this one, with the millions of alternative games and rp venues to chose from?

Is it possible that we are seeing acted out the very things that John Norman had Tarl Cabot musing about in a dingy tavern in the city of AR?

I am sometimes torn between the idea that we are over thinking these things, and should just relax and go with the flow.  It is what it is, and will be what it will be, so have fun and try to stay afloat in the currents.

fulfilled woman

Or maybe we are not thinking of these things enough.  Maybe we are not taking Second Life Gor as seriously as we should be taking it.   Maybe we are not digging deeply enough into the issues to be able to have some basic truths guide how our community interacts.

I hope that these seminars are giving us some freedom of choice in considering these questions.   After all, no one is forced to come, and attendance is not a requirement for anything, but here we can speak openly about these things should we chose to  do so.

I give you that opportunity now.

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