Slave Protocol – Class 4

[19:09] Gorm Runo: This will be short and sweet tonight. tabi has been updating the blog posts including some of these Monday night sessions
[19:09] Gorm Runo: and I want this one included.
[19:10] Gorm Runo: To understand my point tonight, we need to define two concepts first.
[19:10] Gorm Runo: They are “The Consensual Doorway” and “Continuation of Ownership.”

[19:12] Gorm Runo: The first idea accepts the understanding that the major paradigm difference between Second Life Gor and the fictional planet itself is that we can not deny consent in Second Life, whereas they could and did in the world that we are recreating.
[19:13] Gorm Runo: But, in order to most accurately recreate that world consent has to be limited to a doorway type consent, and not a line item consent, if one is selecting the role of Gorean slave girl..
[19:14] Gorm Runo: That means the girl consents to be a slave, or withdraws her consent to be a slave by departing, but those are the only two “consent issues” that the girl should have to address.
[19:15] Narin (narelle.hennah): may this girl enter? Master?
[19:15] Gorm Runo: yes, indeed.
[19:15] Narin (narelle.hennah): thank you Master
[19:16] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) scratches with the quill, stopping only to look up and offer the newly arriving girl a smile .. dips the quill and begins to once again scribble upon the rence paper …
[19:17] Gorm Runo: I have spoken of a Second Life Gor that allowed people to experience Gor in as accurate and realistic way as possible.
[19:18] Gorm Runo: The people who believe that the most have warned girls away from it more than encouraged them to enter it.
[19:18] Gorm Runo: From the very beginning, the wisest advice given by Gorean men to potential slave girls, was “run away while you can.”
[19:19] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) grins remembering being told those very words long ago ..
[19:20] Gorm Runo: But, that advice has no meaning or validity at all in a world where the slaves are giving and withdrawing consent at will depending upon their moods and the situation.

consensual doorway
[19:21] Gorm Runo: That kind of D/s type world might be kicks and giggles for many, but it is not Gor either.
[19:22] Gorm Runo: So, a reasonable approach to this is the “doorway” of consent. The girl ignores the advice and submits herself as a Gorean slave. That should be that.
[19:23] Gorm Runo: But, in Gor, and this has never been the case in online Gor , let alone Second Life Gor, a slave has two conditions. Collared and under discipline. or, a runaway.
[19:25] Gorm Runo: the idea of an “uncollared slave” has been a issue that has been discussed for many long hours around the campfires of Second Life Gor.
[19:25] Gorm Runo: While it is easy to understand a girl that might say, “I have a slave heart, and burn to serve, but have not found the right Master to serve yet”
[19:26] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (kel.blindside): nods as that had been her for 7 years
[19:27] Gorm Runo: once again that is something from that D/s alternative world, but it is not Gor.
[19:27] Gorm Runo: A girl is collared owned and controlled, or she is a runaway. and there is no other real status.
[19:27] Gorm Runo: once again that is something from that D/s alternative world, but it is not Gor.
[19:27] Gorm Runo: A girl is collared owned and controlled, or she is a runaway. and there is no other real status.

unowned slave
[19:28] Gorm Runo: The holder of the collar might be a slave house, training kennels, one of our many educational institutes, or a paga tavern.
[19:30] Gorm Runo: and the holder of the collar might not be the “true Master” of her dreams, but there would be a chain of unbroken discipline, ownership, and control while she searched for him, or even more likely, she polished her skills so sharply and shone so brightly, that he noticed her when he came wandering by.
[19:31] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (kel.blindside): smiles
[19:31] Gorm Runo: So, many of the “relationship” type things so common in Second Life Gor are not philosophically acceptable to the House of Runo.
[19:32] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) nods nods looking up at him and then down at the paper she was scrawling upon.
[19:33] Gorm Runo: girls do not “beg release” or “break up” That is an idea that is totally opposed to our belief in the unbroken chain of ownership and discipline.

beg release
[19:34] Gorm Runo: One time, I had stolen a girl from a fellow. I guess she listened to me give a class and had felt something jump in her belly, and she came and submitted to me.
[19:35] Gorm Runo: but, she belonged to someone else. I made him an offer to buy her , and he refused, despite the fact, the offer was generous.
[19:37] Gorm Runo: she said, “do not worry, fuck him.” I will just leave and come to you.” But,, that is not Gor, is it. That is taking back that “consent” when it suits her.
[19:38] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) shakes her head frowning .. that was not Gor at all.
[19:39] Gorm Runo: It made more sense to go to her sim and shoot her full of arrows and drag her down to the dock, and tp her back to the Caer, cut her collar off at the Blacksmith shop, and slap mine on. I even left a box of gold coins, ala Captive of Gor, behind on the sim.
[19:40] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) chuckles softly having never heard this story before.
[19:40] Narin (narelle.hennah) likes that ide more then just running away
[19:41] Narin (narelle.hennah): idea*
[19:41] Narin (narelle.hennah): @
[19:42] Gorm Runo: I did want to clearly state that the House of Runo slave house supports the two concepts of doorway consensuality, and continuation of ownership and expects its slaves to understand them as well.

velcro collar meme
[19:42] Gorm Runo: yes, narin
[19:42] Gorm Runo: go ahead and speak freely
[19:42] Narin (narelle.hennah): cant you be stolen by panthers then sold to the net Master?
[19:42] Narin (narelle.hennah): next*
[19:43] Gorm Runo: yes, that has happened often, too
[19:43] Narin (narelle.hennah): because that happend to this girl once
[19:43] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @
[19:44] Gorm Runo: although, obviously, that was a local danger in only certain areas. slaves in AR did not worry about it, and bonds maids in Torvaldsland didn’t much either. girls in cities close to the Northern woods, and other desolate places had more concerns.
[19:45] Gorm Runo: where did they catch you?
[19:45] Gorm Runo: smiles
[19:45] Gorm Runo: go ahead, rhiannon
[19:45] Narin (narelle.hennah): Tarnburg Master ten years ago
[19:47] Gorm Runo: rhiannon has a lot to say, I think?.
[19:47] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles, ‘Thank you, Master. Just wanted to say that thinking back over 17 years i never once went without a collar that i can think of. Whether it be as a city slave, a kennel slave, a paga slut, a bond maid…. If you truly do understand the concept of the doorway to Gor being the consensuality doorway, then i think you kinda understand that this is what you are getting yourself into… that you don’t expect as kajira to be without a collar once one has been placed about your neck. i also would like to say that i think that this sort of thinking further promotes the idea of serving the house or serving the area that you are in .. that certain slaves have different roles and such within the house. Done.” blushes.
[19:49] Narin (narelle.hennah): they broke in to the kennels while i was resting took me and a nother girl captive…i went along with it .. but did know i was about to be sold to another Master i was very new to gor.
19:50] Gorm Runo: It would not make sense to call them “slaves” and take the idea that they are here to be useful and to serve off the table.
[19:51] Gorm Runo: They would be “serving” from the moment they cross through that doorway
[19:53] Gorm Runo: serving every step of the way until they are in the collar of their love Master, should they be lucky enough to get that far. But, there is no idle time in there when they are “healing” or “finding themselves” or “searching for a Master.” or any of the excuses they might find to not serve and be useful.
[19:53] Gorm Runo: ok,,,that is a wrap for tonight
[19:53] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) smiles understanding, “Yes, Master, Thank you.”
[19:54] Gorm Runo: if a notecard of the main points can be saved for the blog
[19:54] Gorm Runo: I would be happy and none of you fed to parsit fish
[19:54] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) sprinkles sand on the finished copy .. fast!


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