Gorean Compass – Beauty is only skin deep

From the Gorean Compass class taught at Gorean Campus on Thursdays at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are invited to come and participate in these amazing classes taught by Master Gorm Runo.

Tal and greetings,

What a wonderful world Gor was in the novels of John Norman.  If you appreciated the human body, it was a utopia.  Every single female, kept young by the serums, was Barbie doll beautiful. You can flip open just about any book and you find descriptions that make you think of Gorean females as a collection of starlets or beauty contest finalists.

They are finely breasted, with low slung hips and slender legs, and etc. etc. until we feel like Gor is a giant well casted music video.   And the men are no different.  Tall, muscular, striking men whose very appearance is enough to make a girl’s legs weak and her heart flutter.

pin up girl

It was a perfect world for fantasy and for day dreams, but the readers had a sense that there was a reality gap and such a world of physical perfection was impossible.

Then came Second Life Gor, and we were given the tools to recreate it.

A few years ago, I was exploring a sim called “The Mansion” that had recreated a house owned by human traffickers where rich guests could come and enjoy the “captured and enslaved” females. One of the “keepers” of the house had created a truly disgusting avatar.  An unshaven, slovenly man, with a pot belly hanging out of his dirty t-shirt, and there always seemed to be a few flies buzzing around his head, attracted, no doubt, by his unpleasant odor.

But, that is the exception here in Second Life, and the markets are full of stores where “skin” and “shapes” can be purchased and fine tuned to a vision of absolute female beauty or masculine perfection.

So, we are very “BTB” in this sense, as we interact in this online Gorean community in a world of physical perfection not unlike the fantasy created in the Novels.

Mirror warning

This situation has, often, been seen as an opening by our critics to attack Gor.  We hear terms thrown about like “body shaming”, another of the strange social issues of Earth, and if we dare speak of “lifestyle”, we are told that we are going to marginalize all of those people who can not live up to such a high standard of physical perfection.

The people of Earth, including the fans of Gor and the members of the Gorean community online are going to include people who deal with all the physical “pimples on the ass” hassles that make us appear to fall short of the baseline standards of the Novels, or of the “avatars.”

Some of us are not so young anymore, and no serums have been able to retard that inexorable aging process.  Many of us are not shaped quite the same as our avatars.  Weight and health are serious issues with some.  There are many things that seem to separate us from the fantasy, and the more the separation, the more apt we are to view this all as fantasy.  Unattainable fantasy.

But, the critics, and even those among us who feel separated a bit from Gor because of such physical matters are missing a major philosophical point made clear again and again in the novels.

All of that is superficial and the things that are superficial do not matter as much as the things that are really important.

you create beauty

The Gorean novels and Second Life Gor use what is almost a mathematical method to erase the superficiality and focus on the significant.   They add physical attractiveness to everyone, and then it cancels that part of it out.

Put another way.  If every slave girl on the block is equally beautiful, then you would use other factors to evaluate her worth.

We know that Earth culture is becoming obsessed with superficialities.  Mass media and advertising are dictating impossible standards of physical beauty, and we are conditioned to give it way too much import.

When we hear platitudes like, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, or “beauty is only skin deep”, or “it is what is inside that really matters.”, we react to them strongly because if we have any wisdom or life experience at all, we sense the truth in them.

I have often used the “wrapping paper” analogy to explain this idea.  You might be given two presents. One wrapped in bright shiny foil with ribbons and bows, and containing a worthless trinket inside, and the other wrapped in a plain brown paper sack, but containing a priceless gem.  Obviously, the fool is tricked by the gaudy wrapping, the wise man sees the value contained within.

It is actually my study of the novels for many long years, that leads me to think that John Norman made a decision to wrap everyone in shiny paper and bows simply to equalize the wrapping and force us to look inside the packages to determine wherein lies true value.


Pretty packaging, but rotten to the core.

It is a consistent approach that is used for other issues as well, where the struggle between the rational and the animal side of our natures causes us to make decisions based on impulses and inner drives that our rational minds tell us make no sense.

I always think, when I am trying to explain this idea, of the man on the beach, sitting in his easy chair and his head swivels and his eyeballs bulge when the young shapely girl walks by in her bikini.  In Earth culture, his wife or girl friend sitting next to him, smacks him, and he sheepishly looks away, and the audience laughs.   I call this “eye candy.” as a Gorean,  and to me that is a total recognition of the primitive, animal , pheromone driven impulses that cause me to stare and feel a visceral reaction to the view.  But, in a world where every girl causes your head to swivel, it is much easier to get past the animal and begin to ask the rational questions.

Like what exactly is inside that package.  A worthless trinket, or priceless gem.

It seems to me that no matter which azimuth of the Gorean compass I try to follow, I keep finding myself realizing that it is pointing always to higher moral ground.

I imagine a world where a female takes much more pride in being told she” behaved beautifully”, than that she “looks beautiful.”

Or a Man feels more pride in being told that he is an “Honorable” man, than that he is a “handsome” man.


So, if someone tells you that Gor is bad because it creates a fantasy illusion and impossible standard of physical health or appearance, you can laugh at them.   Tell them that they are children lured from truth by the shiny wrappings, and Goreans are adults savoring the gifts inside and focused on what really is beautiful and what really is ugly.

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