Gorean Compass – “And Such…”

From the Gorean Compass class taught at the Gorean Campus by Master Gorm Runo.  These classes are held every Thursday in Second Life at noon and 6pm.  All are encouraged to come and join in the discussions.

Tal and Greetings

I want to start off today’s talk with a short story and a quote from Hunters of Gor.

At the beginning of the book, Tarl and Samos are playing kaissa.  There is a male slave there, who had been captured by Panther Women and sold to Samos.  Tarl was planning a trip to the Northern Forests and was looking for a man who knew the area to help him.  Of course, the poor guy did not know this.  He thought he was destined to live out his days as a galley slave in Port Kar.

There was a slave girl serving in the hall that was, on the sly, mocking the guy.  She even suggests he be sold to a woman!!  and she giggled.  But, then Tarl is satisfied that this man can help him, he buys him from Samos, and sets him free, and even buys the snippy slave girl and gifts her to the man.  Ut oh for her.

Here is the section from Hunters.
“Rim lifted the girl to her feet by the hair, twisting her head and bending her body.  “Go to the Torian room,” he said, “and prepare me a bath, and foods and wines, and gather whatever you might need, bells and cosmetics, and such, to please my senses.”
“Yes, Master, ” said the girl.
He twisted her hair more. She winced, her back bent painfully.  “Do you wish me to submit to you now?” she begged.
“Do so, ” said he.
She fell to her knees before him, and lifted her head to regard him.  “I will be your slave, ” she said. Then, she knelt back on her heels, lowered her head, and lifted and extended her arms, wrists crossed, as though for binding.  She was very beautiful.  “I am your slave,” she said, “—-Master.”
Hasten to the Torian room,” said Rim.  “In its privacy, I will have use for my slave.”
Page 16  Hunters of Gor.


I wanted to talk briefly and give my thoughts on five words from that quote.

They are “and such,” and “In its privacy”

I have been considering the matter since a recent discussion where it was suggested that “babygirls and Daddy Doms” were not Gorean at all.  This despite a large number of girls in Second Life Gor who identify, often in their profiles even, as babygirls and kajira at the same time.

Of course, whenever someone uses the term “Not Gorean.”, it is going to create ample fuel for debate and discussion.  I want to approach this from a general and not specific approach.

The world of Gor as described by John Norman was a whole planet with a fairly large population. (The city of AR had over a million inhabitants)  And everyone of these people was a human being, homo sapiens, exactly like the people of Earth.  They came from the exact same stock and were evolved humans before they were brought to Gor.

It is a pretty safe assumption that they had discovered and practiced every single alternative lifestyle, enjoyed every deviant sexual titillation, and were driven by exactly the same lusts and passions as the people of Earth.

I think that is important enough to repeat

It is a pretty safe assumption that they had discovered and practiced every single alternative lifestyle, enjoyed every deviant sexual titillation, and were driven by exactly the same lusts and passions as the people of Earth.

images (6)

We are horribly restricted when we become too obsessed with the idea of “By the Book” when trying to understand how certain things fit into the Gorean mindset.  Since the Gorean novels are narrated by individuals who relate their own experiences and thoughts, a great deal of the world around them, especially the things that happen “in its privacy” are not going to be seen or observed or commented on in any way.

I use the reverse example of suggesting a series of novels narrated by a Gorean born man who happens to find himself on Earth.   He relates his adventures in 40 full novels, but never once does he go to a Chinese restaurant, or mention them.  So, the Goreans role playing Earth people back on Gor, might insist there is no such thing on Earth because it “isn’t it the books.”  But, they would be wrong.

There is a thought process that might be used to help them understand what might be possible on Earth and what might not be possible.  You might call it  “The Earthen Compass.”  It would tell you that the people of Earth have gotten the idea of food and how to prepare it and serve it right, even if it appears they have done little else right. And our fictional Gorean living on Earth might even have visited another ethnic eating establishment and that would suggest the existence of other such places, even Chinese Restaurants.


And to some degree, this same process could be applied to our problem.  If we stay in a more logical place, and deal with higher more philosophical considerations, we can make deductions and open up limitless possibilities. We can even continue to have fruitful discussions about what is Gorean, and what isn’t.

I think when Rim, in the quote above, says, “and such”, he is logically opening the door to any sort of sexual behavior at all up there in the Torian room.  No one down in the hall, not Tarl, not Samos, not the guardsmen or the readers of the book even, really know, or should they care what Rim does up there.

This same idea came up last year in this seminar when the idea of “Gay Goreans” came up.  I stated that if a person really thought as a Gorean, a person’s sexual orientation, would be a matter of no concern to him at all.  And it certainly wouldn’t be any sort of criteria for judgement.  That would be making way too big a deal over something that the Goreans did not consider a big deal.

This is not to say that Goreans would not view sex, or sexual relationships, or sexual impulses, as unimportant.  People tuned to the idea of our dual nature and understanding how powerful the animal side can be and how much we must guard against it. would never belittle its importance.  They would, however, make sure that it stayed in its proper place and did not influence things that it shouldn’t influence.

alcove warning

In Hunters of Gor, Rim proved to be a reliable and honest man.  He repaid the debt to Tarl and served him loyally and faithfully for a long time.  He showed he had honor and his word could be trusted.  These are the things that made him a Gorean and what he did up there with cara the slave girl “In the privacy” and what exactly he might have meant by, “and such” had nothing to do with it.  That is the kind of separation we need to maintain in these matters.

Now, I mentioned “babygirls” and so I should also mention that this is really just a blanket term to describe a whole plethora of various behaviors and mindsets.
One of these is what is called, “a little.”  This usually refers to a girl who is identifying as a child, mentally and emotionally, on a pretty much permanent basis.

Obviously, this runs afoul of a core Gorean belief that such things are more rigid and less fluid.  We need to be discovering and living truths, not escaping into false but comforting fantasy.

My point is that such discussions, when they are at a philosophical level, and discussing core beliefs are fine.  When we are discussing things we might find kinky, or ewwwwwie., or make us personally uncomfortable, and suggesting they are “UnGorean or not BTB” for that reason we are going astray.

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