Gorean Compass – Those Pesky Signal Words

Gorean compass classes offered at the Gorean Campus every Thursday at noon and 6pm SLT.  Topics cover all aspects of gorean philosophy and culture especially as it relates to goreans within Second Life.  All are welcome to attend and participate in the classes and discussions offered by Master Gorm Runo.

Tal and Greetings

There is an interesting passage in one of the books where Samos and Tarl are having an argument while playing a Kaissa game.  Tarl is getting angry about Samos’ suggestions that he is not behaving in a very manly fashion and Tarl asks him, basically, if he wants to step outside and settle it with swords.  Samos, who is a good swordsman himself, says. “I might if you could show me the relationship of that activity to the matter we are discussing”


In other words, what is the connection between who is better at sword fighting, and the wussie thing you are doing with this female?

I like that passage because Samos is reflecting the Gorean balanced respect for what is rational and what is appropriate.

The Gorean would feel very out of place in our modern society on Earth because of this tendency to react to a logical argument with a deflection.  In the early Gorean chatrooms, we used to have a saying that the first person to say, “fuck you” lost the debate.   It meant he had exhausted all the logical rational arguments and the profanity was his concession.  In much the same way that Tarl wanted to move to violence when he could no longer argue logically, the throwing of a profanity or insult is a capitulation.


In the book, Fighting Slave of Gor, there is a scene that actually takes place in a restaurant in New York City rather than on Gor.   A discussion is taking place between a young lady, and a young man, both of whom will soon find themselves on Gor.  When the young man presents an argument to which the young woman has no logical refutation, she responds this way:

“Are you a sexist?” she asked.
“Perhaps,” I said. “I do not know. What is a sexist?”
“A sexist is a sexist,” she said.
“That is a logical truth, ” I said. “An apple is an apple. The argument is not much advanced.”
“The concept is vague, ” she said.
“There is little if any concept involved, ” I said. “The expression is a “signal word”, a word selected for its emotive connotation, not its cognitive meaning. It is used as a slander tool to discourage questioning and enforce verbal agreement.  Similar expressions, once meaningful, now largely of value as rhetorical devices are “chauvinist, “sex object”, “person”, “conservative” and “liberal.”  One of the great utilities of these words, long since evacuated of their cognitive content, is that they make thought unnecessary.  It is little wonder men value them so highly.”

Page 10  Fighting Slave of Gor

If you are young and not much experienced at life, and having a ball with Gorean role play and happen to read any passage from the books slowly and carefully, I hope it is this one.

There are a whole list of signal words that she could have called him.  You see them splashed around social media like confetti these days.  Are you a racist?   Are you a Homophobe?  Are you a misogynist?   They are all signal words.  I was stunned when I recently reread that passage and realized that John Norman had written it in 1980.    37 years ago, it was satire, and some of the most advanced satire you could imagine, to mock the very beginning of this mindless throwing of signal words at a person in place of a logical argument.


Today, it is the reality of a generation of people that like to call themselves “woke.”

The idea of the non-cognitive word is a core part of John Norman’s writing.  He mentions it over and over.  When I look back over my own personal Gorean experience, understanding the concept of it is one of the gifts Gor has bestowed upon my life.

Sadly, the word “love” is one I had to let go.  And it was sad because I love the word “love,” but there is no question that every single person who says it , means something a little different by it. It is “evacuated of (it’s) cognitive content,” as Jason Marshall put it in our quote.

But, at least, that beautiful word and the beautiful and positive emotions it sometimes evokes have some use and value, the debate ending signal words like the girl used are only really another way of saying “fuck you” and should only signal defeat and surrender.

One of the other problems with this signal words is their connection to the idea of “group identity.” which is another, and very UnGorean, concept permeating Western Earth culture.

suck at math

Group identity is one of the things that John Norman suggests is designed to make us interchangeable parts in a machine orientated society.   It is the enemy of individual identity and personal responsibility which are two of the very cornerstones of Gorean thinking.

And it connects in this fashion.  You might meet a lesbian and not like her very much.  She might even be a real bitch and you tell her so.  The response is that you are a homophobe.  You have an irrational fear of people that are not straight.  You are trampling on the rights of LGBTQ people every where.   The poor bitchy lesbian is not viewed as an individual. She is a part of the collective group.

I remember 1980, vaguely, but enough to know that it wasn’t like that back then.  John Norman was a bit of a seer in seeing it coming, but I wonder if he knew how insane it was going to get.

There is group identity in Gor.  Take the caste of Builders.  They like to wear yellow robes, and they are high caste and they all are bound by the same set of Caste Codes, but they are not a voting block, or a demographic.   And if someone sees me on my way to confront an individual builder that has pissed me off, he isn’t going to yell, “Builderophobe” at me, but he is going to wonder what that individual, unique, person did to anger me.

Group identity and signal words are a part of this Counter-Earth idea of taking what is good from Earth and rejecting what is bad, and doing the same for Gor

That's not a sheep … hey, maybe I'm not a sheep.

This sheep like behavior of bleating out insulting signal words, and spending your time trying to decide if your “victim group” has been more oppressed than some one else’s “victim group” is a bad thing of Earth, that even the fictional Goreans would have found laughable.

But, we here in Second Life Gor still have a lot of work to do in this area.  Have we really erased signal words and non-cognitive words from our world.  Are we bringing any “group identity” foolishness to this world?

Is BTB a clear cut concept, useful in communication because everyone knows exactly what it means?  Is OOC?   Do we think “Gor Evolved” sucks?   Do we think all “role players” are assholes, or that all “lifestylers” take things too seriously?   How often , every day, even in our role play, do we think in terms of group identity or signal words with no cognitive meaning, or meaningless absolutes?

Remember the message at the end of the quote.

One of the great utilities of these words, long since evacuated of their cognitive content, is that they make thought unnecessary.  It is little wonder men value them so highly.”

Thinkers anonymous

I am not always sure of which way the Gorean compass is pointing, but it very clearly is not pointing to a direction that makes thought unnecessary, despite the fact that Gor’s sister planet seems to be plunging recklessly in that direction.

Slave Protocols – Class Six

Slave protocol class offered by Master Gorm Runo at Tosar.  These slave training classes are given every Monday at 6pm SLT.  All are welcome to come, learn and discuss.

*************** CHAT LOGS ***************

 ahh, ok, then I will begin. It is not a really long lesson, but I do have some quotes, and will need to type them out. But, still , we should be able to get through this fairly quickly.

 The 17th book of the series, Savages of Gor, contains a rather long and extended event that takes up over 50 pages of the novel.  Here is the story. A slave trader named Grunt has purchased a coffle of slave girls in one of the towns along the border of the Barrens.  He is planning on selling them to the Red Savages.

 As he is traveling out into the Barrens, and Tarl Cabot is with him, he discovers that one of the girls is a virgin.  White silk girl as the Goreans would call her.  and he is upset, because the Red Savage have no use for, or interest in, virgin slave girls.

 So, he asks, Tarl, as a favor to “deflower” or “open” the girl  and Tarl takes her to his furs and does so.

So why does it take over 50 pages?

 It isn’t because Tarl is a para rp’er, but rather because he feels the need to explain the entire philosophy of slavery, submission, dominance, and natural order to her while he is breaking her in for the first time. 

 So, there is a lot of talking, and not a lot of action.  but, it gives us some real insights into the attitude of a Gorean man toward a slave girl.

 Remember, I said, book 17. Tarl is a Gorean man now. He had been in Gor almost as long as I have, and he was thinking much more Gorean now.  So, the 50 pages are a good source of information,and of quotes.

—– Trigger warning ——-

I have been giving trigger warnings lately, not because I think they are really needed, but more to mock them. So, here is a trigger warning on this part of the novels. It will not please feminists at all.  It is not very LGBT etc. friendly either but, the part of it I wanted to talk about in this class comes about half way through the night. 

 The girls has been used. she has yielded, too. Responded beyond her own expectations. and Tarl is talking about her training.

—– QUOTES ——

 So, we will go to the quotes now. Ok, I found it. Page 198


 “On the other hand, I think it is undeniable that a girl can learn much form another girl one who has survived, and is surviving, as a slave.

 “Surviving,” she asked?

 “Yes, ” I said, “for the slave girls who are not pleasing are commonly killed.”

 She put the side of her head fearfully down on my foot.

 “Be pleasing, ” I told her.

“Yes, Master, ” she said.

 “But most girls,” I said, “not only survive as slaves, but thrive as slaves.”


Now, on the next page, page 199, he adds this.

 “Even the girl who does not have a female trainer, ” I said, “will often seek out more experienced girls, to beg them for their intimate counsels, and their secrets of love and beauty.  Sometimes, she purchases these by such tiny gifts, of food and such, as may be within her province or by performing portions of the other’s labors, and so on.

 Indeed, much of the chitchat of slave girls, in their gatherings, has to do, in one way or another, with the plesing of masters”

 “It is in our best interest to fulfill our duties well,” she said.


Earlier, Tarl said to her this wonderful quote.
“An ignorant Free Woman is a commonplace. An ignorant slave girl is an absurdity.”

 Free women often do foolish and ignorant things. They don’t know things they should know. And there is not much that can be done. ahhh, but a slave girl there is no excuse. she is under discipline. she can be taught and given no choice but to learn.

 I think Masters often care little where and how girls acquire knowledge and skills. Many Masters that take the time and effort to teach themselves to their slave but, they also expect girls to have basic knowledge, and basic skills.

 Here is an analogy. Masters are like college Professors.  They are waiting to teach advanced subjects, and can not be bothered to teach basic math or take time teaching colors and numbers.

They expect female slaves to come to them with certain basic skills , and if a girl is a barbarian, or ,,shudders, a Free woman now enslaved. she needs to learn, and quickly what is 1 + 1 , and how many legs has a sleen, before she finds herself at the feet of a demanding Gorean Master.

And who are the teachers of these elementary skills?

 The passages we read tonight indicate that one of the teachers is the girls fellow slaves. especially more experienced ones.

 I know that a kennel full of slave girls is like an alley full of larls , and jealousy and rivalry runs rampant among girls, fighting for the attentions of Masters.  There is another side to it. There is an idea of a common goal. A over riding imperative for a slave girl, for all slaves.

 Please the Masters!  Serve the House!

 There is a common sense call to all slaves to work together to make sure that the Masters are pleased.  just as this silly new girl in the book realized in the quote I gave.

——- EXAMPLE ——-

 Let me tell you of a recent experience that will illustrate my point.  Speaking of standards and expectations of a HOR slave or kennel.

 A girl was told to attend a discussion, or class, and her response to the Master was. “I don’t have a landmark to that place. How do you expect me to attend?”

 The Master was not pleased.  There were at least 100 ways she could have found out and been there smiling and ready to serve when Master arrived  and a few of the main ones were to ask.

Ask, the slaves who already know the answers, and have the landmarks. learn from each other, and sharpen each others skills. There are experienced slaves that have survived slavery, and are thriving in it. “looks at roni, and his elite slaves”
 Learn how to be pleasing, and remember that the standards are high, and the demands and expectations are even higher.
An ignorant slave, say the gorean novels, is an absurdity.

[19:49] Gorm Runo: ok,,,I am done for tonight.

[19:49] ღ Ḉąℓƴ Ӄųгḯʂąӄℯ ღ (Morrighan7): Both my Mistresses have subs or pets not slaves

[19:49] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327) beams a smile then hearing caly eyes widen

[19:49] Gorm Runo: we have a few minutes, if you have questions.

[19:50] Gorm Runo: caly, we type @ which is raising your hand and asking permission to speak.

[19:50] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): looks up from her writing and blinks

[19:50] ღ Ḉąℓƴ Ӄųгḯʂąӄℯ ღ (Morrighan7): @


[19:50] Gorm Runo: much better, go ahead, caly

[19:51] ღ Ḉąℓƴ Ӄųгḯʂąӄℯ ღ (Morrighan7): My Mistresses don’t think I should how to be a Gorean slave. But I think it would help me better study BSDM as a whole

[19:51] ღ Ḉąℓƴ Ӄųгḯʂąӄℯ ღ (Morrighan7): Is that strange

[19:52] ღ Ḉąℓƴ Ӄųгḯʂąӄℯ ღ (Morrighan7): I wanted some knowledge from the Gorean community

[19:52] ღ Ḉąℓƴ Ӄųгḯʂąӄℯ ღ (Morrighan7): In order to be a better pet for my beloved Mistress

[19:52] ღ Ḉąℓƴ Ӄųгḯʂąӄℯ ღ (Morrighan7): Sorry rambling

[19:53] Gorm Runo: and we always remember, in class, to say “done” when you are finished, so the next person can speak.

[19:54] ღ Ḉąℓƴ Ӄųгḯʂąӄℯ ღ (Morrighan7): Yes sorry my Master Gorm. This pet is done


[19:55] Gorm Runo: ok, anyone else have anything to add?

[19:55] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327): @

[19:56] Gorm Runo: yes, honey

[19:56] Gorm Runo: pot

[19:56] Gorm Runo: laughs

[19:56] Trinity Raven (xXTrinityBladeXx): chuckles
[19:57] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327): smiles, “Amazing class Master i believe that it surely helps the kennels to not be a den of jealousy and such if the girls are truly open with one another and help one another out to be the most pleasing slaves they can be to bring honor to the House and you. Loved the quotes from savages. Thank you so much.”

[19:58] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327): done

[19:58] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327): laughs blushing

[19:58] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327): see i forget too.

[19:59] MAXI WOLF (wolfthatdances): ‘interesting views and quotes, thank you Gorm’

[20:00] Gorm Runo: As you know, girl, I see the issue as the same as humans face in other endeavors from Sports teams, and work crews, to military units or even families. Over coming normal human/animal reactions and likes and dislikes, and focusing on the team goal ,,

[20:00] Gorm Runo: in this case, pleasing me, Maxi, and the Administrator.

[20:00] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327) smiles nodding and listening

[20:00] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327) “Yes, Master.”

[20:01] Gorm Runo: no matter how much you might dislike anyone, it is not worth having her piss off any of us, because then no one might get extra berries on their gruel.

[20:01] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327) ”

[20:01] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327) Likes berries on her gruel… nods nods

[20:01] Gorm Runo: Thank you , Maxi

[20:01] GeneChico: Yes Gorm, sometimes girls focus too much on each other with jealously instead of keeping their focus on the their Master who is the one that should matter most of all!

[20:01] Gorm Runo: ok,,it is past 8

[20:02] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): @
[20:03] Gorm Runo: nods to the Administrator. I suspected that we would be together on the idea that it is not acceptable either in HOR, or Tosar village. Our goals are too important to not be above anything petty or trivial like slave jealousy.
[20:03] Gorm Runo: yes, tiggy, last comment,then we are ending. “smiles”

[20:03] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside) smiled brightly “i just wanted to say Master if i may to all the girls here… Like the quotes suggest girls come to the more experienced for help… so please feel free to approach this slut whenever you need help! I dont bite… hard… and im extra nice if you bribe me with sweets and shiny stuff… just saying…” giggles.. done Master

[20:03] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327): giggles smiling

[20:04] GeneChico: laughs, good class, thank you Gorm for allowing the Free to attend as well

[20:04] Trinity Raven (xXTrinityBladeXx): giggles quietly

[20:04] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327) “bring tiggy cake!” giggles

[20:04] Gorm Runo: helping girls and getting their sweets accounts for tiggy’s ample hips and ass, I think

[20:04] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): nods lots and lots…

[20:04] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): giggles

[20:04] Honey Pot (rhiannon0327) busts out laughing giggling and smiling

[20:04] Narin (narelle Hennah) need hips ass and titties

[20:05] Gorm Runo: You are most welcome, Administrator. If you get an arrangement with that other sim, the girls would always be welcome for this class. sounds like they could use some classes.

[20:05] GeneChico: Thank you I will work on it, smiles

Gorean Compass – Safely Back on Earth

From the Gorean Compass class taught at Gorean Campus on Thursdays at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are invited to come and participate in these amazing classes taught by Master Gorm Runo.

Tal and Greetings.

During this two week break in classes and while I was preparing the topics and classes for the remainder of the Summer and on into the Fall, I realized that the azimuths of the Gorean Compass were going to be leading us through some rough terrain.

With that in mind, todays talk is more like a pre-flight check list to make sure everything is in order and ready for take off.

I have a long quote to start us off.  This is from Marauders of Gor.

“I thought then of Vella, once Elizabeth Cardwell, whom I had encountered in the city of Lydius, at the mouth of the Laurius River, below the borders of the forests, I had once loved her, and had wanted to return her safe to Earth.  But, she had not honored my will, but, that night, had saddled my tarn, great Ubar of the Skies, and fled the Sardar.  When the bird returned, I, in fury, had driven it away.  Then I had encountered the girl in a paga tavern in Lydius; she had fallen slave. Her flight had been a brave act. I admired her, but it was an act not without its consequences.  She had gambled; she had lost.  In an alcove, after I had used her, she had begged me to buy her, to free her.  It was a slave’s act like that of Telena.  I had left her slave in the paga tavern.  Before I had left I had informed her master, Sarpedon of Lydius, that, as he did not know, she was an exquisitely trained pleasure slave, and a most stimulating performer of slave dances.  I had not returned that night to see her dance in the sand to please his customers. I had matters of business to attend to. She had not honored my will.  She was only a female.  She had cost me a tarn.

She had told me that I had become harder, more Gorean.  I wondered if it were true or not.  A true Gorean, I speculated, would not have left her in the paga tavern.  A true Gorean, I speculated, would have purchased her, and brought her back, to put her with his other women, a delicious new slave for his house.  I smiled to myself.  The girl Elizabeth Cardwell, once a secretary in New York City, was one of the most delicious little wenches I had ever seen in slave silk.  Her thigh bore the brand of the four bosk horns.

No, I had not treated her as would have a true Gorean.  I had not brought her back in my collar, to serve my pleasures.”

Pages 16-17  Marauders of Gor



He says “her flight had been a brave act,—-but it was an act not without its consequences.”

It is fairly common to see discussions about Internet safety.  We are given warnings about how to protect ourselves from Predators, and keep the wall between Second Life and First Life safely intact.

To use an analogy,   Imagine a hiking path going up a mountain side.  The online safety talks are like the warning signs you see along the way, pointing out potential hazards.  They are telling us to “Beware of Bears” or to watch out for falling rocks.

But, my warning sign today is the one right at the start of the trail.  It is the one you need to read before you even start hiking up the mountain.  Because beginning the trail is a brave act, but it is an act not without consequences.

Among the many things in modern Western Society down there on Earth that are sources of laughter and mockery to Goreans are safe spaces and trigger warnings.  Two quick stories should suffice to illustrate why I would say Goreans mock those things.

Last month, around June 6th, there was a popular meme on the internet.  It said, and I will leave you to imagine the pictures, that “On June 6, 1944, 18 year old boys were storming ashore on Omaha Beach, on June 6, 2017, they are sitting in safe spaces coloring and petting puppies to cope with the trauma of not having their candidate win an election.”

omaha beach

And this very morning, I read of a review of the movie, “Dunkirk” which is a story of the British evacuation of their army from France in the early part of World War II.   it included a “trigger warning” that some people might be “put off” by the fact that there are few roles for women, and no lead actors of color.


Make no mistake.  This kind of foolishness is what John Norman was talking about when he wrote many of his passages suggesting that ignoring natural order and not recognizing our true natures would lead to insanity and misery and perversion.  And he was writing these things 40 years ago.

So, here is your trigger warning.  Gor is not a safe space.

I make this statement based on observation that has spanned almost twenty years, and has seen the growth of online Gor from a few small chatrooms to a constantly expanding Second Life community.

I have seen people with all manner of mental, emotional, and psychological problems that are severely impacting their real lives seek to find healing and solutions by immersing themselves in either Gorean role play or even Gorean lifestyle activities.


And there have been few success stories to relate.

For many females, the idea of surrendering control is tempting.  Someone else takes over and all the problems go away.  That is a pipe dream.  By definition, you can not surrender something that you do not possess.  If you are not at least somewhat in control of your life, then it is not surrender and some idyllic Dominance/submissive relationship.  It is co-dependence.

For many males, the idea of being in control is tempting.  So, many feel so out of control in their own relationships and know they are, as Norman puts it, giving up their very manhood, willingly.
So, here they are called Master, and the girls kneel at their feet and obey, and it is heady stuff.
But, no matter how good you can role play it, and how good you pretend, your weakness will be outed here, and these girls at your feet, so hungry for real manhood, are like fine tuned radar now searching out dishonesty and weakness and sooner or later exposing it.

I am not saying that if you are not superman or superwoman, you should not attempt to go up that mountain trail, but I am saying that before you do, you should be aware of what you are likely to encounter, and you should make sure you are not going to be hiking with excess baggage.

caveman baggage

The Gorean world, even to the most hard core and experienced of role players has a seductive power to it.   So, many people have left it, only to be drawn back by some attraction that they are hard pressed to explain.   The story of Elizabeth Cardwell and Tarl is typical.  In Nomads, they are like young lovers, and a lot of their interactions read like the romantic novels you always seem to find at yard sales.  But, Gor is never going to stay that fairy tale romance type of place, and Tarl wanted to “send her safe back to Earth”

She would not go, but her actions had consequences.   It wasn’t going to be ever again mistaken for a Victorian romance novel.

Gor is the counter-Earth.  It is going to be different.  It is not about being excused, it is about stop making excuses.  It is not about hiding from reality in a safe space, but actively confronting ideas and experiences that are totally against your conditioning and previous schooling.  It is about confronting the darker sides of our animal nature, and being less in denial of its existence and the part it plays in our behavior.

If you are standing at the start of my “trail” and considering taking that hike, and you are not sure that you ready, maybe you should “go safe back to Earth” and prepare yourself a little more.  That is what you are going to hear once you begin up that Gorean mountain.  “Get over it” “Toughen up”  “Dig deeper”,  “Try harder.”  “Stop being a wuss.”

personal baggage

On Gor, “you are  human” is never an excuse for failure, but rather a call to a higher standard and demand for excellence.

It is a long, steep, trail, brimming with many dangers and hazards, but the view from the Mountain top is breathtaking.


Slave Protocol – Class 5


Master Gorm Runo’s classes on Slave Protocol.  Presented at Tosar Village on Mondays at 6pm SLT.  Excellent classes presenting what Master’s expect of slaves and their behavior.

*************** CHAT LOGS ****************

[19:04] Gorm Runo: we are going to begin tonight with a musical selection
[19:04] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Master is singing!
[19:05] Gorm Runo: I think many of your will recognize it at once.
[19:05] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): squeals and bounces
[19:05] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) giggles peering up at him a quizzical expression on her face …

[19:05] Gorm Runo: And now ladies and gentlemen –
the Keeper of the keys,
the Countess of the clink,
the mistress of Murderers Row,
Matron Mama Morton!

[19:05] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): ahhhh.. yes!!
[19:05] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): recognition dawns
[19:05] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “Oh goodness!” giggles as Chicago flashes through her head .. the Musical ..

[19:05] Gorm Runo: Ask any of the chickies in my pen
They’ll tell you I’m the biggest Mutha. . . .Hen
I love them all and all of them love me –
Because the system works;
the system called reciprocity!
[19:06] Gorm Runo: Got a little motto
Always sees me through –
When you’re good to Mama
Mama’s good to you!
There’s a lot of favors
I’m prepared to do –
You do one for Mama
She’ll do one for you!
[19:06] Gorm Runo: They say that life is tit for tat
And that’s the way I live –
So, I deserve a lot of tat
For what I’ve got to give!
Don’t you know that this
hand washes that one too –
When you’re good to Mama
Mama’s good to you!
[19:07] Gorm Runo: If you want my gravy
Pepper my raggoo –
Spice it up for Mama
She’ll get hot for you!
When they pass that basket
Folks conribute too –
You put in for Mama
She’ll put out for you!
[19:07] Gorm Runo: The folks a top the ladder
are the ones the world adores –
So boost me up the ladder kid
and I’ll boost you up yours!
Let’s all stroke together
Like the Princeton crew –
When you’re strokin’ Mama
Mama’s strokin’ you!
So what’s the one conclusion
I can bring this number to?
When you’re good to Mama
Mama’s good to you!!

[19:08] Gorm Runo: The song is talking about what has actually developed in most of the known universe in the matter of male/female relationships.
[19:08] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside) claps and giggles all excited. And was singing along while reading it
[19:09] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) hisses, “Get off me.”
[19:09] Gorm Runo: that word that I can not say correctly for some reason, the repricity thing
[19:10] Gorm Runo: has formed the basis for modern day, at least, male/female dynamics. It seems to start very early, in the playgrounds. A girl says. “I will love you, if you love me”
[19:10] Gorm Runo: It is a tit for a tat exchange, a contract , even if not written down, which has both parties constantly asking, “whats in it for me?”
[19:11] Gorm Runo: and then there is Gor
[19:11] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman) just shakes head, fingering her collar lightly.
[19:12] Gorm Runo: If I was to be asked to state a major paradigm difference in what makes a Gorean slave girl, it would be this.
[19:13] Gorm Runo: It is not a contract in the classical sense. That is why there is a collar around your necks, and why you kneel at our feet


[19:13] Gorm Runo: I promised to give some examples from some recent experiences to illustrate this idea.
[19:14] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) listens closely
[19:14] Gorm Runo: a “slave” and I use the term loosely, informed me that if her service was not appreciated, she was just not going to offer it.
[19:15] Gorm Runo: To be clear, no service had yet been given. The appreciation, the deal part of it, had to come first.
[19:15] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) brows shoot up jaw dropping slightly .. closes her mouth …
[19:16] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside) eyes widen and looks horrified that a girl would say such a thing

[19:16] Gorm Runo: That is “anti=Kajira behavior.
[19:17] Gorm Runo: The normal repro, city, deal is not what Gorean slavery is based on.
[19:17] GeneChico shakes his head trying not to clench his teeth
[19:17] Gorm Runo: Make no mistake, the idea was that done correctly, the dynamic, which was much more tuned
[19:18] Gorm Runo: to natural order, was supposed to provide a benefit for both parties.
[19:18] Gorm Runo: Even the books, were always screaming about “the freedom of slavery” or “finally , free to be true to herself” etc. etc.
[19:19] Gorm Runo: and a girl ran away, and ended up in the alcoves of a paga tavern rather than return to Earth.
[19:20] Gorm Runo: she didn’t want to go back to the world of “the deal” The world of “I will love you, if you love me.”
[19:21] Gorm Runo: she wanted to stay in a world of totality, where she was truly alive.
[19:22] Gorm Runo: Gorean Masters are keyed into listening for that kind of deal making, and of the expectations, and even demands, that so often follow that kind of Earth girl thinking here in Gor.
[19:23] Gorm Runo: “whats in it for me?” is a question that every human would instinctively ask. The human animal and its self preservation instinct asks that question.
[19:24] Gorm Runo: but, the kajira asks it quietly, in her heart, and in her belly. She does not make it part of a “contract” for her submission. Her submission is unconditional.

selfless service
[19:24] bee (beaDumbledore) beams looking up at her Owner and nods
[19:26] Gorm Runo: I suppose that is what makes Gor seem much harsher than other lifestyles that share much of our terminology, but it is what it is. Gorean slavery is a leap of faith. Total submission, with the hope that the Master , whose responsibilities under this arrangement are very harsh , too
[19:27] Gorm Runo: is honorable, and strong.

[19:28] Gorm Runo: I urge you all to watch your serves, your behavior, your conversations, while you are here in Second Life Gor this coming week. Look for that repro,,,city, stuff in your attitude and expectations, and vector yourselves outward in service.
[19:29] Gorm Runo: And then, evaluate, from what happens, and how it makes you feel to serve with that kind of heart,
[19:29] Gorm Runo: whats in it for you

slave service

[19:30] Gorm Runo: That is all I had for tonight, if you have comments, questions, lets use the @ method, and say done, when finished to keep order.
[19:30] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): @
[19:30] Gorm Runo: yes, tabi
[19:31] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Master, do you really think it’s possible for a girl to serve with all her heart day after day and receive nothing in return? My experience has been that it’s not and that eventually resentment or anger or both will set in. I think that’s what’s happened to many slaves in SL Gor, they served Masters that gave them nothing in return and they became bitter and hardened because of it.
[19:31] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): done, Master
[19:31] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @
[19:32] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): @
[19:34] Gorm Runo: Actually, tabi, I think that maybe the evaluation process, when uncluttered, might avoid that situation. A girl should know quickly if her needs are not being met, and might be doing things to rectify the situation, by attracting a buyer even.
[19:35] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) whispers… shopping for another Master….hmmmmm
[19:35] Gorm Runo: they shouldn’t become bitter and hardened, either. They should see it as a learning experience, and a part of the journey. It should make them wise and more confident.
[19:35] Gorm Runo: rhiannon, go ahead
[19:35] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) takes a deep breath, “Thank you, Master. i just wished to share my thoughts on all you said. Cause, it is hard, to be a slave and to constantly vector outwards. Like you said, it is a human instinct to question, “What’s in it for me?” However, as your slave, over the past few months actually, i have been halting myself when i have those thoughts. And, flipping them, to .. how can i please Master at this? Or .. by doing this? Or .. whatever. And, the reward has been so wonderful! i find that the more i give the more i receive and even if i don’t receive perhaps all that i might hope for, in the end i can be content knowing that you are happy.” done
[19:37] Gorm Runo: thank you, rhiannon. That is how it should work.
[19:37] Gorm Runo: thais, you had a comment, too
[19:37] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Master, I have thought about that question, “What’s in it for me”. So many times, service, charities, favors… they all have an ulterior motive. But what’s in it for a slave. I know this will sound smarmy, but to me service is like bathing in a warm spirit.. there is a freshness and a warmth to it, but not a sense you have earned anything except another day to experience that same warmth once again, and to feel you are learning a little better each day how to sense your Master’s wants. But, to Tabi’s point, perhaps a good Master can help keep that feeling energized. #
[19:39] Gorm Runo: Very true. The truth is that there has to be that repro thing in any relationship. The Gorean difference is that it is not “tit for tat, and you stroke me, I will stroke” you kind of trade off.
[19:40] Gorm Runo: It recognizes the differences, in roles, in dominance/submissive natures, in male and female perspective.
[19:40] Gorm Runo: It can’t be tit for tat, because the needs are so different. especially, the needs of a girl who craves bathing in the warmth of being pleasing and useful.
[19:41] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) smiles
[19:42] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @
[19:42] Gorm Runo: yes, rhiannon
[19:42] Gorm Runo: go ahead.
[19:43] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “i just wanted to tell thais i loved the way she put that. Bathe in the warmth of being pleasing.” smiles .. “done.”
[19:43] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman) smiles, her face reddening slightly
[19:45] Gorm Runo: ok, tabi, go ahead.
[19:45] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): and if the girl serves and is never recognized for her service, then she never bathes in the warmth of being pleasing. How does she know she’s pleasing if she’s never told. If what she does is just taken for granted and the Master moves on not recognizing what the girl did or giving her any feedback. You need some kind of reciprocation to feel that warmth of being pleasing. I don’t think there is a single girl in this room who can serve and not receive some kind of recognition in return. Even seeing the Master enjoying himself isn’t enough after awhile. The girl will want something for herself, and that is just natural. It’s human nater, even for a woman.
[19:45] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): done, Master
[19:45] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): nature, not nater, LOL
[19:48] bee (beaDumbledore): @
[19:48] Gorm Runo: there is a long distance between tabi’s “never recognized for her service” and the kind of Earth girl reciprocity that I am talking about tonight. In side that long distance, fits the world of fictional Gor, where the poor unhappy girls will just have to languish away in misery. And there is Second Life Gor where if you are such an idiot as to not recognize the human needs of your submitted slave girls, you will not have them for long.
[19:49] Gorm Runo: bee
[19:49] Gorm Runo: go ahead, we have time for one more comment.
[19:49] bee (beaDumbledore): To me submission is it’s own reward … being allowed to serve. It’s involves having a need to serve and submit … to be a slave. I love Rhiannon’s comment on how she dealt with those feelings we all can experience. Done
[19:50] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) flushes pink
[19:51] Gorm Runo: well, as I said. lets watch our interactions this week in light of this idea. Lets see how unselfish our service is, and if the rewards that flow from the dynamic are “worth it”
[19:51] Gorm Runo: I suggest you will find it is so. You all are here, and have been, for some time, fully knowing what Gor is about. i suspect that your slave bellies will speak loudly.
[19:52] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) whimpers as her belly tightens at the thought of being made of use ….
[19:52] Gorm Runo: you are all dismissed, now…that is enough for one night








Slave Protocol – Class 4

[19:09] Gorm Runo: This will be short and sweet tonight. tabi has been updating the blog posts including some of these Monday night sessions
[19:09] Gorm Runo: and I want this one included.
[19:10] Gorm Runo: To understand my point tonight, we need to define two concepts first.
[19:10] Gorm Runo: They are “The Consensual Doorway” and “Continuation of Ownership.”

[19:12] Gorm Runo: The first idea accepts the understanding that the major paradigm difference between Second Life Gor and the fictional planet itself is that we can not deny consent in Second Life, whereas they could and did in the world that we are recreating.
[19:13] Gorm Runo: But, in order to most accurately recreate that world consent has to be limited to a doorway type consent, and not a line item consent, if one is selecting the role of Gorean slave girl..
[19:14] Gorm Runo: That means the girl consents to be a slave, or withdraws her consent to be a slave by departing, but those are the only two “consent issues” that the girl should have to address.
[19:15] Narin (narelle.hennah): may this girl enter? Master?
[19:15] Gorm Runo: yes, indeed.
[19:15] Narin (narelle.hennah): thank you Master
[19:16] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) scratches with the quill, stopping only to look up and offer the newly arriving girl a smile .. dips the quill and begins to once again scribble upon the rence paper …
[19:17] Gorm Runo: I have spoken of a Second Life Gor that allowed people to experience Gor in as accurate and realistic way as possible.
[19:18] Gorm Runo: The people who believe that the most have warned girls away from it more than encouraged them to enter it.
[19:18] Gorm Runo: From the very beginning, the wisest advice given by Gorean men to potential slave girls, was “run away while you can.”
[19:19] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) grins remembering being told those very words long ago ..
[19:20] Gorm Runo: But, that advice has no meaning or validity at all in a world where the slaves are giving and withdrawing consent at will depending upon their moods and the situation.

consensual doorway
[19:21] Gorm Runo: That kind of D/s type world might be kicks and giggles for many, but it is not Gor either.
[19:22] Gorm Runo: So, a reasonable approach to this is the “doorway” of consent. The girl ignores the advice and submits herself as a Gorean slave. That should be that.
[19:23] Gorm Runo: But, in Gor, and this has never been the case in online Gor , let alone Second Life Gor, a slave has two conditions. Collared and under discipline. or, a runaway.
[19:25] Gorm Runo: the idea of an “uncollared slave” has been a issue that has been discussed for many long hours around the campfires of Second Life Gor.
[19:25] Gorm Runo: While it is easy to understand a girl that might say, “I have a slave heart, and burn to serve, but have not found the right Master to serve yet”
[19:26] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (kel.blindside): nods as that had been her for 7 years
[19:27] Gorm Runo: once again that is something from that D/s alternative world, but it is not Gor.
[19:27] Gorm Runo: A girl is collared owned and controlled, or she is a runaway. and there is no other real status.
[19:27] Gorm Runo: once again that is something from that D/s alternative world, but it is not Gor.
[19:27] Gorm Runo: A girl is collared owned and controlled, or she is a runaway. and there is no other real status.

unowned slave
[19:28] Gorm Runo: The holder of the collar might be a slave house, training kennels, one of our many educational institutes, or a paga tavern.
[19:30] Gorm Runo: and the holder of the collar might not be the “true Master” of her dreams, but there would be a chain of unbroken discipline, ownership, and control while she searched for him, or even more likely, she polished her skills so sharply and shone so brightly, that he noticed her when he came wandering by.
[19:31] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (kel.blindside): smiles
[19:31] Gorm Runo: So, many of the “relationship” type things so common in Second Life Gor are not philosophically acceptable to the House of Runo.
[19:32] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) nods nods looking up at him and then down at the paper she was scrawling upon.
[19:33] Gorm Runo: girls do not “beg release” or “break up” That is an idea that is totally opposed to our belief in the unbroken chain of ownership and discipline.

beg release
[19:34] Gorm Runo: One time, I had stolen a girl from a fellow. I guess she listened to me give a class and had felt something jump in her belly, and she came and submitted to me.
[19:35] Gorm Runo: but, she belonged to someone else. I made him an offer to buy her , and he refused, despite the fact, the offer was generous.
[19:37] Gorm Runo: she said, “do not worry, fuck him.” I will just leave and come to you.” But,, that is not Gor, is it. That is taking back that “consent” when it suits her.
[19:38] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) shakes her head frowning .. that was not Gor at all.
[19:39] Gorm Runo: It made more sense to go to her sim and shoot her full of arrows and drag her down to the dock, and tp her back to the Caer, cut her collar off at the Blacksmith shop, and slap mine on. I even left a box of gold coins, ala Captive of Gor, behind on the sim.
[19:40] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) chuckles softly having never heard this story before.
[19:40] Narin (narelle.hennah) likes that ide more then just running away
[19:41] Narin (narelle.hennah): idea*
[19:41] Narin (narelle.hennah): @
[19:42] Gorm Runo: I did want to clearly state that the House of Runo slave house supports the two concepts of doorway consensuality, and continuation of ownership and expects its slaves to understand them as well.

velcro collar meme
[19:42] Gorm Runo: yes, narin
[19:42] Gorm Runo: go ahead and speak freely
[19:42] Narin (narelle.hennah): cant you be stolen by panthers then sold to the net Master?
[19:42] Narin (narelle.hennah): next*
[19:43] Gorm Runo: yes, that has happened often, too
[19:43] Narin (narelle.hennah): because that happend to this girl once
[19:43] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @
[19:44] Gorm Runo: although, obviously, that was a local danger in only certain areas. slaves in AR did not worry about it, and bonds maids in Torvaldsland didn’t much either. girls in cities close to the Northern woods, and other desolate places had more concerns.
[19:45] Gorm Runo: where did they catch you?
[19:45] Gorm Runo: smiles
[19:45] Gorm Runo: go ahead, rhiannon
[19:45] Narin (narelle.hennah): Tarnburg Master ten years ago
[19:47] Gorm Runo: rhiannon has a lot to say, I think?.
[19:47] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles, ‘Thank you, Master. Just wanted to say that thinking back over 17 years i never once went without a collar that i can think of. Whether it be as a city slave, a kennel slave, a paga slut, a bond maid…. If you truly do understand the concept of the doorway to Gor being the consensuality doorway, then i think you kinda understand that this is what you are getting yourself into… that you don’t expect as kajira to be without a collar once one has been placed about your neck. i also would like to say that i think that this sort of thinking further promotes the idea of serving the house or serving the area that you are in .. that certain slaves have different roles and such within the house. Done.” blushes.
[19:49] Narin (narelle.hennah): they broke in to the kennels while i was resting took me and a nother girl captive…i went along with it .. but did know i was about to be sold to another Master i was very new to gor.
19:50] Gorm Runo: It would not make sense to call them “slaves” and take the idea that they are here to be useful and to serve off the table.
[19:51] Gorm Runo: They would be “serving” from the moment they cross through that doorway
[19:53] Gorm Runo: serving every step of the way until they are in the collar of their love Master, should they be lucky enough to get that far. But, there is no idle time in there when they are “healing” or “finding themselves” or “searching for a Master.” or any of the excuses they might find to not serve and be useful.
[19:53] Gorm Runo: ok,,,that is a wrap for tonight
[19:53] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) smiles understanding, “Yes, Master, Thank you.”
[19:54] Gorm Runo: if a notecard of the main points can be saved for the blog
[19:54] Gorm Runo: I would be happy and none of you fed to parsit fish
[19:54] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) sprinkles sand on the finished copy .. fast!


Slave Protocol class 3

Master Gorm Runo’s classes on Slave Protocol.  Presented at Tosar Village on Mondays at 6pm SLT.  Excellent classes presenting what Master’s expect of slaves and their behavior.

*************** CHAT LOGS ****************
[19:10] Gorm Runo: I know that for the past few weeks we have discussed rules and expectations in very general terms. I thought it would be interesting to look at some examples of “rules”
[19:10] Gorm Runo: and we have some , as luck would have it, to look at and compare
[19:11] Gorm Runo: I want this to be an open discussion exercise, where everyone should freely express their ideas on the rules, as if they make sense, are unenforcable, drive people crazy, are never followed anywhere.,,,that kind of critique is what I am looking for
[19:12] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside) nods softly
[19:12] Toki (FiFi Darkfury) intently lisens and takes notes


——– Rule One ———
[19:12] Gorm Runo: ok, #1
[19:12] Gorm Runo: English is our first language, however exceptions will be considered.
[19:13] Torque Redenblack: am I allowed in?
[19:13] Des (DespoinaNatasa) raises her hand
[19:13] Gorm Runo: yes, we have allowed guests to observe
[19:13] Gorm Runo: there are tables there, make yourself at home

[19:14] Gorm Runo: ok, des, go ahead, and you can just use @ for “raise her hand” to save time
[19:14] Des (DespoinaNatasa): a good rule for a slave house is to be seen and not heard Master?

[19:14] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): @
[19:14] Gorm Runo: nods, that is true, but I am asking if an English language rule is a good rule
[19:14] Gorm Runo: toki, go ahead
[19:15] Des (DespoinaNatasa): ohhh giggles
[19:15] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): always be pleasing to a Master?
[19:15] Sweets Collins (Bittersweets Collins): May i Listen?
[19:15] Sweets Collins (Bittersweets Collins): thank you
[19:15] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): @
[19:15] Des (DespoinaNatasa): shakes her head and whispers “no Master it is not””
[19:16] Gorm Runo: toki, we are not looking for suggestions. I want your opinions on these rules
[19:16] Gorm Runo: #1 slaves must speak English
[19:16] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): @
[19:16] Gorm Runo: # Please look at a slaves profile to learn what she can and what she can not do
[19:16] Gorm Runo: tiggy
[19:16] Gorm Runo: go ahead
[19:17] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): That seems to be a common rule through out.. that the main language is English… translators seem to be frowned at, especially in rp sims…
[19:17] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): done
[19:17] Gorm Runo: nods

[19:17] Gorm Runo: tabi
[19:17] Gorm Runo: go ahead
[19:17] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Since we are an English speaking household Master, I would agree with that. in that way everyone can understand what each person is saying. I suppose an exception can be made if they don’t speak English, but are willing to use a translator.
[19:18] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): BAsically agree with tiggy with the one exception… done Master

——- Rule Two ——–
[19:18] Gorm Runo: ok,,,how about “check a slaves profile to determine her limits?”
[19:18] Gorm Runo: good rule or bad rule?
[19:18] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): @
[19:18] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): @
[19:18] Des (DespoinaNatasa): @
[19:18] Gorm Runo: tiggy
[19:19] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): should a slave even have limits Master??
[19:19] bee (beaDumbledore): whispers to Ashlyn, “here you can have my desk”
[19:19] Gorm Runo: true, it is saying Look at her profile to see what she can and can not do. that is a little strange?


[19:20] Gorm Runo: tabi, what do you think
[19:20] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): @
[19:20] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Bad rule, Master. Because sometimes in talking with a girl you find different from what is in her profile. You’ll find a girl willing to stretch those limits or try more. And while I agree with tiggy in principal, in actuality a slave does have limits. For example, I would be hesitant to participate in bestiality and would definately draw the line at toilet play… I also don’t care for girl on girl… so I do have limits.
[19:20] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): But mostly bad rule because you just can’t rely on profiles that may have been written weeks ago and the girl feels differently now with some experience and such.
[19:20] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): done Master
[19:21] Toki (FiFi Darkfury) nods in agreement

[19:21] Gorm Runo: ok, des, you were next
[19:22] Des (DespoinaNatasa): in my opinion Master, being a slave means that you have in essence givven up any and all control, so if a Free wishes something of you, you should do that task to the best of your abilities, there is restricted and there is unrestricted…. if you are a restricted slave then of course you are limited on what you can and can not do.. but if you are unrestricted then there should be no “limits”
[19:22] Des (DespoinaNatasa): i do not think that there is a inbetween for the two
[19:22] Des (DespoinaNatasa): done

[19:22] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) @
[19:23] Gorm Runo: thais, you were next
[19:23] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Thank you, Master.
[19:23] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Master, I think that these rules so far about language and profiles have nothing to do with being a slave. They are just rules about SL etiquette, or rules of roleplay. I expected the rules that you would discuss were about the roles and duties and requirements and discipline of a slave.
[19:24] Gorm Runo: nods, very good point

[19:24] Des (DespoinaNatasa): @
[19:25] Gorm Runo: rhiannon, go ahead
[19:25] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “Thank you, Master. Bad rule. done.”
[19:25] MAXI WOLF (wolfthatdances): @

[19:25] Gorm Runo: and des, go ahead
[19:26] Des (DespoinaNatasa): in response to what thais had said, for the rules and requirements of a slave, shouldnt one also before hand understand the rules about sl etiquette as some rp sims i have notice they tend to fall heavily on the sl rules side as well as those of Gor?
[19:26] Des (DespoinaNatasa): thank you Master
[19:26] Gorm Runo: nods.

——–Rule 3 ————
[19:27] Gorm Runo: Ok, how about this rule #3
[19:28] Gorm Runo: Although a slave may be punished by any Free, please report any problem to the slave’s owner, or the sim administrator, or the First girl, the slave will be dealt with accordingly

[19:29] Des (DespoinaNatasa): @

[19:29] Gorm Runo: go ahead, des
[19:29] Gorm Runo: that one is multi-faceted, indeed
[19:29] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): @
[19:30] Des (DespoinaNatasa): good rule, with one exception. the first girl, is still a slave like the one in question, and thus should not be able to administer punishments but should be aloud to confine the girl until there is someone that could punish said girl
[19:30] Des (DespoinaNatasa): done
[19:30] bee (beaDumbledore): @

[19:30] Gorm Runo: thais
[19:30] Gorm Runo: go ahead
[19:31] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): I think that may be a realistic rule, Master, so long as it is not intended to prevent a free from dealing appropriately with an unpleasing slave. If a free must accept insolent behavior from a free, and have the slave protected by an absent administrator or other free, then she is not truly a slave.
[19:31] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): *from a slave
[19:32] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): @

[19:33] Gorm Runo: nods to thais
[19:33] Gorm Runo: bee, go ahead
[19:33] bee (beaDumbledore): I think it is a redundant rule that doesn’t need to be written. The Free are going to do what the Free will do. Commonsense should prevail. We all know that the Free will deal howsoever they choice and we are slaves. Important things and unportant things and nosy things things are already reported to you all the time. Why is there even a need for such a rule? It goes without saying in my opinion.
[19:33] Gorm Runo: smiles
[19:34] Des (DespoinaNatasa) giggles

[19:34] Gorm Runo: tiggy, go ahead
[19:34] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman) smiles and nods at Bee
[19:34] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): I was always told that any free could punish me and deal with my misbehavior there and then, as they saw fit… and then i would crawl on my belly to my Owner once punished to beg forgiveness from them also…. Possibly resulting in further punishment from my Owner….. it should be common sense rule… if a slave misbehaves she is dealt with… done.
[19:35] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) @

[19:35] Gorm Runo: Ok, my impression was that the rule was actually discouraging the Free to act. if they are being asked to let absent owners or first girls to handle it, they are being asked to really not take it into their own hands.
[19:35] Des (DespoinaNatasa) peeks over her shoulder as she feels the hairs stand on her neck and whispers “greetings my Master” then turns back to her notes

[19:36] Gorm Runo: rhiannon, go ahead
[19:36] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “Thinks this is a bad rule. Too many ppl that can punish or should be reported to. If a slave is honest, then she will report to her Owner of her misdeed and the punishment that resulted and if the free has such an issue with it then that free should seek out the owner himself to deal with him or her.”
[19:36] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “Thank you, Master, done.”
[19:36] MAXI WOLF (wolfthatdances): covers my doodling with a grin
[19:37] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “clarify, …. too many ppl that should be reported to about the behavior of a girl. Not punish. Anyone can punish a slave.”

———- Rule 4 ————
[19:37] Gorm Runo: ok, how about this one from a wagon camp.
[19:37] Gorm Runo: 5) There are to be not pet slaves. If you think you deserve attention or you think you deserve to wear clothes or you think you dont have to do something you are told to do then go play in family friendly gor. You will be treated like a slave. A gorean slave. You will act your part. Slaves feared to be displeasing. If you are not afraid of the free then you better change your attitude.

slave princess
[19:37] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “For any reason.” done.
[19:38] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) grins liking this rule
[19:38] Gorm Runo: everyone like that one?
[19:38] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @
[19:38] Toki (FiFi Darkfury) thinks yes this is agood rule

—— Rule 5 ———-
[19:39] Gorm Runo: 4) Private slaves- If you are restricting your private girl then you will keep her BELTED at all times. Wagon slaves wear a leather collar or a metal collar in the turian style. If she is restricted then you sure as hell as better keep her slutty alluring ways away from the other men. She better not tease them in anyway unless she is open for use. No pentalties will be given to someone who uses a restricted slave who acts teasing in service.


[19:39] Des (DespoinaNatasa) giggles thinking that clothes are a waste of time and look better on the floor but wears them cause they are pretty and her Master likes them
[19:39] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside) nods lots and lots really liking the no pet slaves rule
[19:39] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) LOVE that rule!!
[19:39] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): @
[19:40] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): @
[19:40] Gorm Runo: woot
[19:40] Gorm Runo: yes, tabi
[19:40] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @

[19:40] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): That is a good rule Master in that it holds true to the gorean ideals. A restricted slave would be isolated and kept apart from the men. The belted thing might not be strictly gorean or going a bit too far, because if she’s kept isolated then no need to belt her. If she gets out someone might harm her trying to take off the belt.
[19:41] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): so best she not be belted at all, but kept away from the men and if she gets out… it’s on her head so to speak. Done Master.

[19:42] Gorm Runo: nods
[19:42] Gorm Runo: rhiannon
[19:44] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “Thank you, Master. girl thinks this is a good rule, but like tabi, the belt thing. It would not be necessary in her thinking because she would be kept away from other men. i really like that it says, “Keep their slutty ways .. ” meaning, don’t act like you are available in any way if you aren’t. But, even to serve a drink and act in the slightest way as if you are heated, or even joyous in service, could be taken for availability. Done.”

[19:45] Gorm Runo: thais, I missed you
[19:45] Gorm Runo: go ahead
[19:45] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Yes, Master, both those rules are consistent with what I have read of Gorean Masters and their responsibility for their slaves, although slaves are property, and frees are not free to take or use the property without permission. Perhaps the enticing behavior of the girl implies permission to a free, and it’s on her head that she is correctly conveying her Master’s wishes.. Funny, I had typed the same phrase that Tabi used… “on her head”
[19:45] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) laughs
[19:46] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @

[19:46] Gorm Runo: rhiannon, go ahead
[19:47] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): “Thank you, Master, the statement there, “free are not to use others property without permission.” i know this is true. The only time this one has ever served without having a Master ask permission of her Owner for her to serve was in a tavern. So what of tavern service then?” Done.

[19:49] Gorm Runo: Well, that rule was written for a wagon camp. So, the tavern issue might not have come up. but, it does lead into the point I want to make. The last two rules, that seemed harsh, and very Gorean in nature, were written for a role play heavy wagon camp
[19:50] Gorm Runo: I have in my files many note cards with rules from many cities that I have collected over the years
[19:50] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): @
[19:50] Gorm Runo: and we could have discussed the pros and cons of all of them and taken hours and we still would not have finished.
[19:51] Gorm Runo: but, if I am going to make conclusions and speaking generally, the rules for role play heavy cities are usually more behavior of slaves related, and much more harsh than the rules of more lifestyle sims.
[19:52] Gorm Runo: where the rules tend to speak more of how to handle restrictions and misbehavior and as thais called it, the sl stuff, that does not really relate to the books at all, because it is sl tech stuff.
[19:53] Gorm Runo: I wonder if it is a good thing that the ones we accuse of being the role players tend to have the strict rules, and the lifestylers are more lax.
[19:53] Des (DespoinaNatasa): @
[19:54] Gorm Runo: does that imply that, even in second life, the true expectations and standards of slavery are so hard to live up to that unless we are “playing” and have ooc to fall back on when needed, we can not really apply the real strict rules that we would expect of Gorean slaves?

slave paces

[19:54] Gorm Runo: or as the quote here says
[19:54] Gorm Runo: “What are the duties of a slave?” I asked.
“They are complex and manifold, Master,” she said.
“Speak generally,” I said.
“We are to be absolutely docile,” she said. “totally obedient and fully pleasing.”
[19:55] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): @
[19:55] bee (beaDumbledore): @

[19:57] Gorm Runo: so, I am suggesting that we start there. Rule #1 a slave is absolutely docile Rule #2 a slave is totally obedient Rule #3 a slave is fully pleasing. That is a good start, but then we are going to begin to define docile, and pleasing, and maybe even obedient
[19:57] Gorm Runo: ok,,,that was it for me

[19:57] Gorm Runo: des, rhiannon, and bee had comments
[19:57] Gorm Runo: so one at a time
[19:57] Gorm Runo: des,
[19:57] Gorm Runo: then rhiannon
[19:57] Gorm Runo: then bee
[19:57] Gorm Runo: and say done
[19:57] Des (DespoinaNatasa): thank you Master, but toki had wanted to speak before me
[19:57] Gorm Runo: or I will not be fully pleased
[19:58] Gorm Runo: ok,,toki first
[19:58] Gorm Runo: then des, then rhianno
[19:58] Gorm Runo: then bee
[19:58] Gorm Runo: and say done, or I will not be fully pleased

[20:00] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): done
[20:01] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): apologies
[20:01] GeneChico makes a note about toki holding up the class
[20:01] Gorm Runo: you don’t say done, until you are done
[20:01] Gorm Runo: toki
[20:01] Gorm Runo: laughs
[20:01] MAXI WOLF (wolfthatdances): its lively subject…
[20:02] Gorm Runo: hey, Maxi. and Tal Administrator.

[20:02] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): yesMaster i was held up in real … but i wanted to share the rules i coloect from tarnsburge before it clolapsed
[20:02] Toki (FiFi Darkfury) turns red and falls silent
[20:02] Gorm Runo: do you have them on a note card
[20:02] Gorm Runo: des, go ahead with your comment
[20:02] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): yes Master

[20:03] Des (DespoinaNatasa): thank you Master
[20:03] Des (DespoinaNatasa): Master, if i may, do you in your opinion think that you can really seperate the “role players” and the “lifestylers” or would you agree that the two should be one in the same?
[20:03] Des (DespoinaNatasa): done
[20:03] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): done

worlds stage


[20:05] Gorm Runo: great question. I think the future of SL is the creation of a world where there really is no separation. And I know it is possible, because I have seen it work. The distinction is only between what you think and feel when you are not in SL, and it shouldn’t be how you behave when you are in SL.
[20:06] Gorm Runo: in other word,s,,,, a role player might log off and be one thing, and a lifestyler might log off and be another, but here they are just Second Life Goreans
[20:06] Gorm Runo: I know we are a long way from that goal , but that is the goal
[20:06] Gorm Runo: ok,bee? rhiannon?
[20:06] Des (DespoinaNatasa): giggles, i think and feel what my Master would want me to think and feel…. and also that one should always tell Him when things happen in rl that could affect her in sl right away

[20:07] bee (beaDumbledore): For me, I’d like more emphasis on slave behavior and expectations, i.e., the respect shown to the Free, how to speak and when and tone. Those kinds of things. How to really feel as a slave and behave accordingly .. or why have we chosen this role? I love how you are starting, Master. It is Clear and simple. It’s the guidance and focus we need as slaves. And those are such high standards, I promise to accept my corrections respectfully and gratefully. Done!
[20:07] Gorm Runo: smiles

[20:07] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) “Thank you, Master. If the lifestyle slaves have it easier, it is because reality dictates, emotions enter in… however, girl doesn’t think that it is unattainable either. i get into trouble way more in real life then i do here in second life as a slave because emotions are evident. If punishment is dealt out, consistent rules laid out for a girl to follow, it does make it actually easier to please though, to be docile, and fully pleasing. It also… the strictness i mean, helps alleviate emotional outbursts even. Consistency in all things would be the key to keeping the slave behaving like a slave from the books. she thinks. Done.” i rambled … sighs.

[20:08] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): @
[20:08] Gorm Runo: ok,,,we are at one hour.
[20:08] Gorm Runo: toki, final comment
[20:09] Toki (FiFi Darkfury): may this girl please be excused?
[20:10] Gorm Runo: good final comment
[20:10] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside) saves the notes and passes out to those present for future reading…
[20:10] Gorm Runo: yes, you may
[20:10] Des (DespoinaNatasa) giggles
[20:10] Gorm Runo: in fact, everyone is excused









Gorean Compass – Beauty is only skin deep

From the Gorean Compass class taught at Gorean Campus on Thursdays at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are invited to come and participate in these amazing classes taught by Master Gorm Runo.

Tal and greetings,

What a wonderful world Gor was in the novels of John Norman.  If you appreciated the human body, it was a utopia.  Every single female, kept young by the serums, was Barbie doll beautiful. You can flip open just about any book and you find descriptions that make you think of Gorean females as a collection of starlets or beauty contest finalists.

They are finely breasted, with low slung hips and slender legs, and etc. etc. until we feel like Gor is a giant well casted music video.   And the men are no different.  Tall, muscular, striking men whose very appearance is enough to make a girl’s legs weak and her heart flutter.

pin up girl

It was a perfect world for fantasy and for day dreams, but the readers had a sense that there was a reality gap and such a world of physical perfection was impossible.

Then came Second Life Gor, and we were given the tools to recreate it.

A few years ago, I was exploring a sim called “The Mansion” that had recreated a house owned by human traffickers where rich guests could come and enjoy the “captured and enslaved” females. One of the “keepers” of the house had created a truly disgusting avatar.  An unshaven, slovenly man, with a pot belly hanging out of his dirty t-shirt, and there always seemed to be a few flies buzzing around his head, attracted, no doubt, by his unpleasant odor.

But, that is the exception here in Second Life, and the markets are full of stores where “skin” and “shapes” can be purchased and fine tuned to a vision of absolute female beauty or masculine perfection.

So, we are very “BTB” in this sense, as we interact in this online Gorean community in a world of physical perfection not unlike the fantasy created in the Novels.

Mirror warning

This situation has, often, been seen as an opening by our critics to attack Gor.  We hear terms thrown about like “body shaming”, another of the strange social issues of Earth, and if we dare speak of “lifestyle”, we are told that we are going to marginalize all of those people who can not live up to such a high standard of physical perfection.

The people of Earth, including the fans of Gor and the members of the Gorean community online are going to include people who deal with all the physical “pimples on the ass” hassles that make us appear to fall short of the baseline standards of the Novels, or of the “avatars.”

Some of us are not so young anymore, and no serums have been able to retard that inexorable aging process.  Many of us are not shaped quite the same as our avatars.  Weight and health are serious issues with some.  There are many things that seem to separate us from the fantasy, and the more the separation, the more apt we are to view this all as fantasy.  Unattainable fantasy.

But, the critics, and even those among us who feel separated a bit from Gor because of such physical matters are missing a major philosophical point made clear again and again in the novels.

All of that is superficial and the things that are superficial do not matter as much as the things that are really important.

you create beauty

The Gorean novels and Second Life Gor use what is almost a mathematical method to erase the superficiality and focus on the significant.   They add physical attractiveness to everyone, and then it cancels that part of it out.

Put another way.  If every slave girl on the block is equally beautiful, then you would use other factors to evaluate her worth.

We know that Earth culture is becoming obsessed with superficialities.  Mass media and advertising are dictating impossible standards of physical beauty, and we are conditioned to give it way too much import.

When we hear platitudes like, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, or “beauty is only skin deep”, or “it is what is inside that really matters.”, we react to them strongly because if we have any wisdom or life experience at all, we sense the truth in them.

I have often used the “wrapping paper” analogy to explain this idea.  You might be given two presents. One wrapped in bright shiny foil with ribbons and bows, and containing a worthless trinket inside, and the other wrapped in a plain brown paper sack, but containing a priceless gem.  Obviously, the fool is tricked by the gaudy wrapping, the wise man sees the value contained within.

It is actually my study of the novels for many long years, that leads me to think that John Norman made a decision to wrap everyone in shiny paper and bows simply to equalize the wrapping and force us to look inside the packages to determine wherein lies true value.

Pretty packaging, but rotten to the core.

It is a consistent approach that is used for other issues as well, where the struggle between the rational and the animal side of our natures causes us to make decisions based on impulses and inner drives that our rational minds tell us make no sense.

I always think, when I am trying to explain this idea, of the man on the beach, sitting in his easy chair and his head swivels and his eyeballs bulge when the young shapely girl walks by in her bikini.  In Earth culture, his wife or girl friend sitting next to him, smacks him, and he sheepishly looks away, and the audience laughs.   I call this “eye candy.” as a Gorean,  and to me that is a total recognition of the primitive, animal , pheromone driven impulses that cause me to stare and feel a visceral reaction to the view.  But, in a world where every girl causes your head to swivel, it is much easier to get past the animal and begin to ask the rational questions.

Like what exactly is inside that package.  A worthless trinket, or priceless gem.

It seems to me that no matter which azimuth of the Gorean compass I try to follow, I keep finding myself realizing that it is pointing always to higher moral ground.

I imagine a world where a female takes much more pride in being told she” behaved beautifully”, than that she “looks beautiful.”

Or a Man feels more pride in being told that he is an “Honorable” man, than that he is a “handsome” man.


So, if someone tells you that Gor is bad because it creates a fantasy illusion and impossible standard of physical health or appearance, you can laugh at them.   Tell them that they are children lured from truth by the shiny wrappings, and Goreans are adults savoring the gifts inside and focused on what really is beautiful and what really is ugly.