Tiggy’s Birthday Celebration

As we have mentioned before the House of Runo believes that we are earth people who come to Second Life for a gorean experience.  As such we are not necessarily “By The Book”, but we are as close to the book as possible.  This being said we do believe that since many slaves came from earth they would bring with them a few earth traditions, one of those being birthday celebrations.

So the HOR does celebrate birthdays and most recently we celebrated the bithday of one of the slaves of the House of Runo – Tiggy (affectionately known as squishy).



Tiggy on her birthday

Since Tiggy loves all things Disney that became the theme of her party.  Fireflies, flowers, trees and Cinderella’s Castle complete with a moat made up the decorations.  Rhiannon,  slave of Master Gorm Runo provided the music on Caer Radio.  Everyone danced and had a great time.  What made it more fun was that we danced on the water around the castle and didn’t even get our feet wet!

Above we have Tiggy dancing with Master Runo.  They were really showing us some moves!  As they danced, Master led Tiggy into the castle where she received one of her presents.  Cinnamon, a friend of the HOR, gave Tiggy a racing Tharlarion!  Tiggy was surprised and thrilled beyond words!

Everyone had a great time.  We even had a huge chocolate cake!  As can be seen, even when celebrating an Earth type of party we still keep it as Gorean as possible.  Slaves are still slaves.  Masters are still Masters.  That never changes.

Goreans know how to celebrate and enjoy life and The House of Runo is no exception.  Birthdays are happy times and the parties are enjoyed by all.  So Happy Birthday Tiggy!  May you have many, many more!

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