Six Week Slave Course by Master Gorm

For the past few months slave classes have been offered by Rhiannon, slave of Master Gorm.  These classes have been held in the village of Tosar in Second Life.  The classes have been excellent with great material offered and many slaves have benefitted from these classes.


Now, for the next 6 weeks, Master Gorm Runo has agreed to offer up classes on topics related to Gorean slavery from a Master’s point of view.  Instruction will include such topics as “What is expected from a Gorean slave”, “How to handle jealousy”, What are the different types of slaves, why do they differ and how do their roles differ” among many other topics.

Master Gorm Runo has been a gorean philosopher and teacher for many years.  His classes are always insightful and informational.  Not only has he been a philosopher and teacher for many years, but Master Gorm has also successfully run a large slave house within Second Life Gor for just as long.


All are invited to attend these classes.  Learn from one of the best teachers, philosophers and slavers.  Find out what it is that Masters truly expect in their slaves and why they have those expectations.


The classes will be held every Monday starting June 5, 2017 at the Village of Tosar at 7pm SLT.  We hope to see you there.  Come ready to learn and discuss!



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