Six Slaves Submitting

From the Gorean Compass class offered by Master Gorm Runo at the Gorean Campus within second life.  Classes are every Thursday at Noon and 6pm SLT.  All are invited to attend and join in the lively discussions.  Currently Master Gorm is teaching a variety of techniques to bring more meaning to our Gorean roleplay within second life and also into our real lives.  Now, on with the discussion!

Tal and Greetings,

In a recent discussion,  several people advanced the idea that book 12 marked the complete fleshing out of the Gorean world and the philosophy behind it.  It could be said that the other 22 books might be considered little more than fan fiction carrying out the story line and rehashing the philosophies.

If there is any truth to this, I thought I might take a look at the end of book 12, “Beasts of Gor” to see how it ended up and I came across this interesting scene.

“The coffle line looped up to the neck of the first girl. She was Arlene; the second was Audrey;, the third was Barbara, Constance was fourth; Belinda was fifth; she who had been the Lady Rosa was sixth.  They were all clad in furs. The snow blew gently about them.”

Page 438 Beasts of Gor



If you read the book, you will discover that these six females all came to be on this coffle in various ways during the course of the story.  I even still get confused on who is who, but I know two of them are Earth girls purchased at the beginning of the book by Imnak the Red Hunter at the Sardar Fair.   Constance was a former Free Women of Kassau taken by Tarl while traveling North. The Lady Rosa one had been serving as an agent of the Kur, and Belinda was taken in the Kur complex and was a former Earth girl, too.  I am still not sure where Barbara came from or how Tarl ended up with her on this coffle.

Tarl walks down the line from girl to girl and gives each a kiss and has a little talk with each about her fate when they all return to Port Kar.   They all will have various fates.  Some still need to be branded, most will be sold.

The striking thing about the exchange is the total acceptance of the females to their fate.

Here are their reactions:

“Call me whatever you wish, Master, ” she said. “I am wholly yours.”

“Yes, Master,” she said. “But each time you touch me you brand me.  Each time you touch me, you make me more a slave.  Each time you touch me I am more yours.”

“Will you not keep me?” she begged.

“I am a Gorean slut and a slave, ” she said, “I beg your brand.”

“You could be a Peasant, an Iron Worker.  It would not matter.  When you look at a girl she wants your brand.  When your eyes fall upon a girl she wants to be your slave.  Girls dream of being branded by a man such as you.  We dream of being slaves of men like you.”

Quotes from pages 438-442  Beasts of Gor

This is a place where the credibility of the novels is challenged by a lot of critics.  Six women, some native born to Gor, but most abducted and enslaved from Earth have all embraced their Gorean slavery so completely that they make the “consensual slavery” concept Second Life Gor seem harsh and cruel by comparison.   All of the negative connotations of “slavery” such as force and the cruel stripping of freedom that make slavery so abhorrent to so many are completely absent from the attitudes of these females who are embracing it so fully.

This is what many people refer to as the bullshit moment.  It is when the author gets carried away and the whole hearted embrace of this sexual slavery by these six women is nothing more than a adolescent fantasy, and this novel is fit only to be kept under a teenagers mattress.  It is the essence of Pornography where beautiful women are submitting willingly to the most erotic behaviors!

There are many people in today’s society who would scream for the banning of this book. Not because it is graphic in its depictions of sexual behavior.  It is not at all graphic by today’s standards.   Not because of language.  The language is almost PG by today’s standards.

They would cry out against this book for its belittling of what they consider to be the serious gender issues of today.  Violence against women.   Inequality of the genders.  Rape Culture.  The evil and controlling Patriarchy that is keeping women from reaching their “true” potential.  These are the things that are being exposed by the author having these six females willingly accept the status of “Gorean sluts and slaves.”

It is the fictional acting out of the idea that inside most females is a hard wired genetic desire to be enslaved by strong Men.   I suggest that a majority of the females of Earth, certainly in Western Culture would call “Bullshit” on that idea.  They would find it not only incorrect, but insulting, demeaning, and even threatening to even suggest its possibility.


This or….





From the very beginning of the internet and the publication of the Novels, women of all backgrounds and ages have embraced the idea of the Gorean slave girl.  Many have done it claiming to be “role players” and blow off the implications of what they are doing with the claim that it is just a fun game.  This idea is supported by the fact that the author himself seems to have first created the “slave girl to strong dominant men” idea as a suggested bedroom fantasy to bring some vive to the sex life of married couples.  Sort of like pretending your girl friend is a French maid in a short skirt bending over to dust the coffee table before you take her up to bed.

Yet “role playing a game” does not really cover the reality of what has happened in online Gor and continues to happen in Second Life Gor to this very day.   To one degree or another, thousands of females have embraced the idea of Gorean slavery as something real and not at all a game.  The existence of these females in online Gor is often ignored or disbelieved by the ones who think a game is being played, and that is one of the problems our community has faced over the years.

We know that there has been a BDSM community where various levels of this same sort of thing is practiced in one form or another, and whereas that lifestyle was pretty low key and underground in the past, it has become much more known and accepted as an alternative lifestyle today.  In fact, in many ways, the crazy world we live in has sort of made BDSM more mainstream and way less “kinky” than a lot of other things going on in the world these days.

But, BDSM does not account for the popularity of the idea of Gorean kajira.  Many people involved in BDSM sims here in Second Life warn submissives against getting involved in Gor.

Wait at your knees

There is something else making the Gorean idea of slavery attractive to more and more females.  And here is, as I promised, the point where I shrug my shoulders and say, “I don’t really understand it.”  I am a male, and proud to call myself a Gorean male, and the idea of surrender and submission to another is totally alien to me.  It would be so easy for me to try to explain what those girls on the coffle were feeling and why I have known so many girls over the my years in Gor that uttered similar words to me.  Not just in a role play situation in a Second Life Role play sim, but in real life situations away from the Internet.  But, I won’t even try to do so, because the truth is I do not understand it and can not even begin to explain it.

It is possible that the Gorean idea that “most” females are hard wired to accept this and once exposed to it and stripped of the negative conditioning of the modern world, it emerges from deep inside their belly and causes them to drop to their knees and submit has some validity.

Or it may be possible that the internet has enabled the very, very, small minority of truly submissive females to find an outlet to express themselves.  It may be that the girls who have embraced this beyond the idea of “game” make up that statistically small percentage that differs from the norm.

One thing I do recognize is that there is a possibility, based on my experience in this online world over the years, that many females have this wiring and exposure to Gor has the potential to bring it out.  These are the girls who tell of reading “Slave Girl of Gor” and recognizing themselves in its pages.  These are the girls who insist they are not role playing slavery but living it even if only through electronic communication with a distant Master.

natural woman

And if this is so, Gorean slavery role play is a dangerous game to play.  Imagine if there was a theory that people are hardwired genetically from millions of years of evolution to steal cars and run over old ladies.  Grand Theft Auto would be a dangerous game to play, too.  It would come with warnings at least, that too much exposure to it might lead you to make some bad choices and act out some negative things.

For years and years now, this danger has been laughed off by people who insist that we are taking this way too seriously.  They play it like the sexual fantasy that it seems to have first been designed to be, but they interact with others that are taking it very seriously and even molding their real life interactions on it.   What could possibly go wrong with that scenario.

So, since this is one of those areas where I, as a Free man, can not really speak to the inner thoughts and feelings of the enslaved female, I simply pose some questions.

Why would a girl who abhors submission, who objects to the sexual objectification of females, who would never let a man dominate and control her, find playing a female that does these things willingly and with no shame so addictive?

Is it possible that the addiction is coming from some internal hard wiring as the books suggest, and that most females are reacting to it either by denial or whole hearted acceptance depending on their own life experiences and the level and effectiveness of their unsound social conditioning?


And finally, if slavery role play in Second Life Gor, is potentially dangerous, like mountain climbing, or scuba diving, shouldn’t we be warning people of the potential dangers and training them to do it safely as we would train the mountain climber or scuba diver, so the girl does not take a serious fall, or drown in the intensity of the aroused feelings?

Maybe the scene of the six girls expressing total acceptance is a bit of fictional bullshit, but maybe there is something more to it.

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  1. You make some really clever points embrassing various relevant cultural point of views, around the teenage fantasies of female submission, the feminist position being not contradictory with liking submission, and the obvious problems that this book represents nowadays…it’s just sad that you end up in rhetorical questions (wich are just a way to say what one think) with the very basic “since some women crave submission, it’s likely that all women are wired to be submissives”. When you stard wich “thousands of women”, continue with “some” and end up with “most” and “all”, you know you just lost your relevance on the way.


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