Slave Class – Bathing

Master Gorm’s girl Rhiannon teaches slave classes every Monday in the village of Tosar.  Classes are held at 11am and 6pm SLT.  All are invited to attend.  This last Monday the class was on the gorean service of bathing.


Welcome to HOR Slave Training.
This week we will be going over Bath Service on Gor.
The NC’s tiggy handed out have a good deal of information and book quotes to support that information on how to properly serve as a bath girl.
The steps NC is especially handy if you ever get lost.

Preparing the bath

A slave would always warm the bath first to the proper temperature, this may depend on each person so be sure to ask first. To warm the water, draw the water from the cistern and place it onto the tempering vessel on the tripod. This will warm the water. You regulate the water temperature by then mixing the warmed and cool waters into the bath
Colored foams, much like bath bubbles, may also be added to the water while you are preparing it, usually for free women if they so desire.

Disrobing a Master

Before disrobing a free, any free, you must ask permission to bathe them first. “May I bathe Master now?” Is appropriate.
At this point you will strip, or have the Master strip you.
You will then begin removing his clothing, this is done slowly and sensually. As you take off each piece of clothing, you will kiss him. For example, as his tunic comes off, kiss the chest, the belly, under his shoulder blade as you move around him, ect. Each piece of clothing will then be folded, and to kissed, before set onto the floor. Be as sensual and seductive as possible when you do this.

Disrobing a Mistress

Disrobing a Mistress is very different from the way of a Master. Though, as said before, you must ask to bathe. But, as most free women detested slave girls, kissing on them would likely get you a good smack upside your head, or worse. You want to be respectful with them, helping them undress and neatly placing their folded clothing to the side.

Bathing Steps

There are many ways to give a bath, but the common way is a two tub system, for which I have included two tubs in each bathhouse.

First off, you will need sponges and oils and rinsing water.
gestures to the two baths behind her.
The first tub is used for soaking, and then, if one wishes, sponging as well. Once they emerge from the bath, you would then apply oils in which you would rub well into the skin. This will be removed by a strigil.
Does anyone not know what a strigil is?
At that point, you would take them to the second tub, which consists of clean water. You would sponge away the remaining grime, oil and dirt, and rinse it off, then let them soak once more. Of course, finish this off by toweling them dry with a vigorous rubbing once they emerge again
A third rubbing would be to apply scented oils, massaged into the skin.
Bathing can be a very sensual experience, especially in the bathing of a Master. You do not only clean him, but caress, fondle and beg a kiss. It is very humbling to bath a Master. Such things would not be done with a free woman, modesty is key, but you still want to give them a good relaxing bath!

[19:22] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): A big seller for free women is a foot massage!! I’ve even done that at an inn as part of a drink serve.
smiles, a wonderful suggestion if in the service to a Free Woman, Thais, thank you.

There is massage, and of course that is something all should learn to be pleasure slave. It is also something that is done in the bath houses. Slaves that were trained in the arts of massage were almost like the dancers of the paga taverns when it came to the bath house world.
We will be going over massages next week.

For the remainder of our time tonight i would love to see ya’all give a bath. Short emotes, but please use the tubs and animations available to you.

i found that serving in text .. bath service .. is long enough, but, when coupled with SL animations you can pretty much be sure you will double that time.
So the key would be to run smoothly through them while doling out the proper emotes.

7693194426_a30b321e74 (1)

The Game of Bath girls

“I asked her how much she went for. “For a tarsk,” she laughed, and turned about, looking at me, “but you will have to catch me first.” I knew this game of bath girls, as though they, mere slaves, would dare to truly flee from one who pursued them, and I laughed, and she, too, sensing my understanding, laughed. The girl commonly pretends to swim away but is outdistanced and captured. I knew that few men could, if a bath girl did not wish it, come close to them in the water. They spend much of the day in the water and, it is said, are more at ease in that element than the Cosian song fish.”

******* BATH DEMO ********

Xtabi Galaxy pretends to be the free man, Deka starts out enticing to the bath and Rhiannon finishes with giving the bath.

TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Ok, girl… what are we waiting for, I stink and need a bath now!
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): I mean… it hasn’t quite been a year since the last one, but we might as well get it over with.
Deka (narisse40): comer masster
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) raises her brows
Deka (narisse40): let me take your clotes
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) raises her arms, poised and ready
Deka (narisse40): wrapping my sarms around you neck
Deka (narisse40): \kisses you sofly on your cheedk
Deka (narisse40): umbuttioning your shirt
Deka (narisse40): you feel sweaty master
Deka (narisse40): what have you been doing
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) rolls chest muscles and grunts all manly like
Deka (narisse40): i feel you hard chest
Deka (narisse40): ia nd rubbing my hands ujp and down
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) takes a breath in, tummy taut, chest muscles flexed.
Deka (narisse40): to hard to me
Deka (narisse40): i feel so wak next to you
Deka (narisse40): weak
Deka (narisse40): reaching my hand down
Deka (narisse40): omg
Deka (narisse40): it is so hard won there
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) reaches over to grab the towel around her waist, fingering it light, “You should feel weak, my smell alone would knock most girls out.
Deka (narisse40): unzipping your pants
Deka (narisse40): unbuttoning your button
Deka (narisse40): rubbing you softly and eagerly
Deka (narisse40): may i give oyu a bath master
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): definately, girl, before the odor knocks us both out.

rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Please Master, allow this one to bathe you.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): you?.. um.. sure, I suppose you can do it.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): licks plump lips eyes enticing with soft allure.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Thank you, Master.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): plump lips… mmmmm… reminds me I’m hungry.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) looks down at dark skin that used to be light, “Ok, I s’pose you have a point. I could use a bit of a dowsing.”
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): slips the towel from her body, dropping it slowly to the floor. “The water is warm, Master. Would you please be so kind as to test it and see if it is to your liking?
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) follows the naked girl, drooling a long line of saliva as he goes.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): turns to grab a sponge from the table …
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) dips a toe in the water, cringes because it’s wet, but then relaxes.. “Ahhh, the termperature is just right!”
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) looks to the girl with lust in my eyes, pulls her closer
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles happy the Master is pleased, slides into the water with him, starting with his feet, uses the sponge to wipe the dirt and grime from them.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) laughs, “Feet are ticklish, but keep it up girl. Work your way up those legs.”
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): whimpers softly a teasing glance given peeking up to him, hands stimulate tired muscles as they work up his legs, hoping nothing more than to please the man, purrrrrs out a throaty, “yes, Master .”
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) lays back, eyes closed, head falls back relaxed against the side of the tub, enjoys the feel of the girl’s hands on my skin. Feels an unfamiliar stirring in his groin.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): lust shown in the bath girls eyes as the dirt was sponged away and the man beneath emerged, relaxed, very male, and despairingly Gorean. the wet sponge slides up his legs to his chest ..
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) reaches out to guide the girl’s hands, but found they bypassed the way and ended up on his chest. Just as well, it was as dirty as the rest of him.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): whispers softly in the Masters ear, “May a girl continue on the mat, Master?”
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) smiles broadly, “Ready and willing, girl! Let’s go!”
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): slides from the tub, rubbing the Master vigrously with a thick towel before he moved to the table and lay upon it.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) sighs deeply.. .the looks stunned… “Uhhh… girl??”
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): the bath supplies were ready and waiting.. “yes, Master?’ she spoke softly lifting the lid on the bottle of schendi oil, a special scent that invigorated the senses.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) relaxes once again as she quits fooling around, her soft hands on my back easing out the muscles. “Ok, this is much better… to the left just a little.”
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Pouring a goodly amount into her palm, smacked hands rubbing them together before massaging it into the Masters hard body.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Harder, girl. Rub in those oils!
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Rubs the oils into the Masters skin, grinning as she reaches for a strigil, and begins to lightly scrape down the length of the Masters body, first the front and then the back .. removing the oils with an expert touch.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): mmm… just right girl… a little lower.. yes… yes.. there!
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): finished the girl rubs the Master down once again, leading him to the second tub.
[TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) stands up and stretches, “oh, did I fall asleep? Very relaxing girl”
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): purrrrs, thank you, Master.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) hops in the tub before her splashing water all over, already feeling like a new man.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): slides sleek as an ost into the water after the Master, strigil still in hand, teases him lightly with it before moving in close to press sweet curves into his masculine hardness.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) dunks his head, long hair getting soppy wet, shakes it like a dog spraying water all around the room. Laughs heartily feeling playful now, refreshed and spunky.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): laughs as the Master sprays her obviously playful…
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): giggling, uses the strigil to scrape the oils from his body, tickling at times then teasing erotically.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) hears the blare of the war horn. sighs heavily “Well, guess we better hurry up with this girl. Sounds like I gotta go get dirty again!”
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Dropping the strigil, hands wander upon his flesh ..
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): nods nods .. “yes, Master.”
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): using a pitcher
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): dunks it to pour over the Master, washing away anything left on him.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): stepping from the bath, drips on the tiles turning to grab up the thick towel
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): opens it waiting for the Master to step into the fluffy warmth.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): In the second bath is where i would tend to try to entice the most .. smiles.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): after i had already gotten most of him clean.
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) allows the girl to wrap him in the towel, trying not to react as she reaches into sensitive areas.. I mean, duty was calling.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): giggles finished with the Master, helps him dress carefully kissing his cheek, “Thank you for allowing this slave to serve you Master.”
TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) looks to her sign about her neck, tosses her the required coin and hurries off saying over his shoulder, “I’ll be back for ya girl. Soon as I save the world from the tyrants of evil! You can bet I’m gonna come get ya!”


[20:04] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): i hope everyone got a small idea of what bath service is like and how to do it.
[20:04] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): nods lots
[20:04] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): be creative.
[20:04] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): use the steps.
[20:04] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): thank you tabi cat and bug!!
[20:04] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): but follow the free’s cures as well.
[20:04] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): usually you don’t get to finish, and that’s the honest truth
[20:04] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): cues not cures*
[20:05] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): right.
[20:05] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): because more often than not you won’t be finishing.
[20:05] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): giggles
[20:05] bee (beaDumbledore): thank you, Rhiannon and Tabi, for the realtistic demo! That was very helpful.
[20:05] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Class is over… thank you all for coming out and hope to see you next week!
[20:06] Sarah (KajiraSlvRed): thank you
[20:06] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): and nothing wrong with being a bit playful either
[20:06] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): thanks Rhiannon
[20:06] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): saving the chat logs now and will pass out to you all.
[20:06] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Thanks for all the materials and the super demo!!



Bath Service – Steps

1. The first step is the removal of clothing. Be very careful not to touch weapons! Ask the Master to remove these himself. Remove clothing in a logical order (dont try to take off his pants before his boots!!) They should be folded neatly and stacked before you continue.

2. Check the temperature of the water and then ask the Master or Mistress to enter. Use a sponge to help wet them down as they soak. This is a nice time to add emotes admiring their skin etc. Describe the scene for them as you work and let them respond to you.
3. When the Master or Mistress is thoroughly soaked, ask them to step from the bath and to lie on the massage table. Take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the room is warm. Rub fragrant oils onto their skin, taking care to describe each action as you complete it. The oil should be well rubbed in.

4. Stirgil scrapping of the oil, dirt and sweat .

5.Ask the Master or Mistress to enter the water again. Use the sponge to wash away any remaining oil with soap.and rinse

6. lead them out to oil lightly then towel dry them well

7.dress them.

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Bath Service Handout

Bath girls are the kajirae who serve at the public and private baths. They commonly wear a chain and plate collar, the plate giving their name and cost. They aid men in the taking of their baths and are also available for sexual services. They wear towels with nothing beneath them. Their hair may be cut short to protect it from the water. Others wrap a long, broad strap of glazed leather about their heads like a turban. Most are great swimmers and it is said they are more at ease in the water than a Cosian song fish.

Bathing Accessories:

“She carried, folded, several large, colored, soft towels, with two sponges, and oils, for the bath. On the towels, too, were certain other articles. Among them was, opened, the rounded steel loop she had worn about her neck (strigil), earlier. It, with its key, lay on the top towel. It had been removed from her for she was to assist me in the bath.” {Rogue of Gor}

“Hurry, Slave,” said the tall, dark-haired girl, bare-armed, in an ankle-length, flowing white garment. “The mistress will be ready for you soon.” She held four large, heavy snowy towels, each of a different absorbency. To one side another girl, clad similarly, was replacing bath oils in a rack, with which I had been rubbed prior to entering the second sunken bath. I had now rinsed them from my body, but I was not eager to leave the water. I reveled in it.” {Tribesman of Gor}

“I do not see how it could have happened,” Nela was saying, bending over me as I lay sleepily on my stomach on the heavy striped piece of toweling, about the size of a blanket, her strong, dutiful hands rubbing the oils of the bath into my body.” {Assassin of Gor}

“In a secluded place, among the planted grasses and ferns, sheltered from view, I had lifted Nela from the pool and placed her on a large piece of orange toweling on the grass, near which I had left my clothes and pouch.” {Assassin of Gor}

Bathing Girl Attire (including collar description):

“Nela was a sturdy girl, a bit short. She had wrapped about her a piece of
toweling. Her eyes were blue. She was a magnificent swimmer, strong and vital. Her blond hair was cut very short to protect it from the water; even though, in swimming, such girls often wrapped a long broad strap of glazed leather about their head, in a turban of sorts. Beneath the toweling Nela wore nothing; about her neck, rather than the common slave collar, she, like the other bath gifts, wore a chain and plate. On her plate was the legend: I am Nela of the Capacian Baths. Pool of Blue Flowers. I cost one tarsk.” {Assassin of Gor}

Bath Attendants:

criblog17 (1)

“She looked over to the side of the pool where a small man in a tunic of toweling was standing about, a metal box with a slot strapped over his shoulder.” {Assassin of Gor}

“Attendant!” cried the burly fellow, from one of the second tubs, that immediately behind one of the first tubs, that most convenient to the entrance to the baths. “Stir up the fire!” It was early, but most of the fellows who had been sleeping on the floor of the baths during the night had now taken their leave. The fellow then attending on the baths, rather large for such a fellow, it might seem, hooded, too, perhaps to disguise scarring of such a nature as might turn the stomachs of bathers, enveloped in a cloak, hobbling, perhaps the result of a fall from tarnback, hurried, seemingly alarmed, to the bricked platform beneath his tub and stirred the fire with the fire rake.” {Renegades of Gor}

“Stir up the fire,” said the newcomer. Hastily the ejected fellow seized a fire rake and poked about within the platform. “Bring more wood,” said the newcomer. “Then tend the fire. Do not leave until it is suitable.” From one of the large barrels to the side, open near the bottom, the ejected fellow scooped out, and returned with, a bucket of wood chips, which he flung into the bricked platform. He then arranged these with the fire rake. He then returned the bucket to its place by the barrel and, from one of the wood bins, to the right, near the barrels, fetched an armload of kindling, then some narrow hardwood logs. In a few moments the chips were burning well. He then added kindling, and then, a bit later, thrust the narrow logs into the platform. He then, the reddish glow of the flames from within the platform reflected on his countenance, looked up, questioningly, frightened, at the newcomer.” {Renegades of Gor}

Cost of Bathing Girls:


“I am Nela of the Capacian Baths. Pool of Blue Flowers. I cost one tarsk. Nela was an expensive girl, though there were pools where the girls cost as much as a silver tarn disk. The tarsk is a silver coin, worth forty copper tarn disks. All the girls in the Pool of Blue Flowers cost the same, except novices in training who would go for ten or fifteen copper tarn disks. There were dozens of pools in the vast, spreading Capacian Baths. In some of the larger pools the girls went as cheaply as one copper tarn disk. For the fee one was entitled to use the girl as he wished for as long as he wished, his use, of course, limited by the hours of the pool’s closing.” {Assassin of Gor}

“If one has a bath girl, of course, she does most of these things for sure. Sometimes the services of a bath girl, including massage and love, in whatever modalities the customer may elect, come in the price of the bath, and, at other times, as here, at the Crooked Tarn, I gathered, at least normally, they are extra.” {Renegades of Gor}

Proper Way to Disrobe a Free Man for Bathing:

“May I bathe Master now?” she asked. I jerked loose the disrobing loop at her left shoulder. Beverly Henderson was stripped before me. I walked around, behind her. She lifted up her chin. She trembled, slightly. She was extremely aware of my presence. I bent forward, slightly. She had been subtly perfumed. She shuddered. She had felt my breath at the left side of her neck, and on her left shoulder. I then walked about her and stood before her. “Yes, Master,” she said. She reached out and, gently, first touching my chest, her hands lingering there for a moment, found the knot in the belt of soft cloth with which I had closed the casual tunic I had donned. She undid the knot and parted the tunic, kissing me at the belly. She then went behind me and, gently, removed the tunic, kissing me beneath the left shoulder blade. She then stood again before me. She folded the tunic and belt, kissing them, and then knelt down, placing them to one side. She then stood again, before me, her head down. I smiled. The girl had been taught how to disrobe a master for his bath. I then placed the articles for the bath in her hands, and conducted her to the side of the tub. She placed the articles where she might find them. She then took a vial of oil and one of the sponges in her hands. I then helped her step within the tub. I looked at her. She stood in the water, blindfolded, waiting for me. Miss Beverly Henderson, once a proud girl of Earth, now only a Gorean slave girl, waited to bathe a free male, one whom she must address as master and serve as he pleased. I stepped down within the tub. Then, kneeling or standing, as was fit, humbly, Miss Beverly Henderson, with the oils and sponges, and rinsing waters, bathed me. Then, after a few Ehn, she toweled my body dry and then knelt before me, head down.” {Rogue of Gor}

First, Second, and Third Rubbing:

“…first rubbing, with coarse oils, loosening dirt and perspiration, and scraped me with the thin, flexible bronze strigil;

then she gave me the second rubbing, vigorous and stimulating, with heavy toweling;

then she gave me the third rubbing, that with fine, scented oils, massaged at length into the skin.” {Assassin of Gor}

Common Steps to Bathing:

“There are many types of baths, and ways to take them, for example, depending on the temperatures of the tubs, or pools, and the order in which one uses them.

A common fashion is to use the first tub for a time, soaking, and, if one wishes, sponging, and then, emerging, to apply the oil, or oils. These are rubbed well into the skin and then removed with the strigil.

There are various forms of strigil, and some of them are ornately decorated. They are usually of metal and almost always of a narrow, spatula form. With the strigil one scrapes away the residue of oil, and, with it, dirt and sweat, cleaning the pores.

One then generally takes the “second tub,” which consists of clean water, sponges away any remaining grime, residues of oil and dirt, and such, and then, luxuriating, soaks again.

If one has a bath girl, of course, she does most of these things for one. Sometimes the services of a bath girl, including massage and love, in whatever modalities the customer may elect, come in the price of the bath, and, at other times, as here, at the Crooked Tarn, I gathered, at least normally, they are extra. {Renegades of Gor}

“She began again to massage my back. The oil was fragrant. It felt warm from her hands.” {Assassin of Gor}

Colored Foams of Beauty for Free Women:

“She reclined in the tub, easing her lovely body gently lower in the water, closing her eyes. The water, the multicolored foams of beauty, were about her chin. Then she sat a bit more upright in the tub, the water and foam about her shoulders. She opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling.” {Slave Girl of Gor}

Proper Water Temperature (Private Baths):


“I went to draw water from the cistern. Too, I lit the tiny oil fire beneath the tempering vessel, on its iron tripod. One regulates the temperature by mixing warmer and cooler waters. A serving slave must know the exact temperature at which her mistress wishes the water of her bath. The Lady Elicia would tell me once, I knew. After that, if it were not correct, I would be punished. I knew she would have little patience with me. I must serve her perfectly. When the water was ready, I prepared the oils, the towels, and foams of the bath.” {Slave Girl of Gor}

“Thank you, Lady Elicia, my Mistress,” I said. I had well judged the temperature of the water, mixing the water from the cistern with other water, heated in the tempering vessel on its iron tripod. The temperature was acceptable. I would not be whipped.” {Slave Girl of Gor}

The Pools of the Capacian Baths of Ar:

“After that we lay side by side for a long time, looking up at the bluish translucent dome of the Pool of Blue Flowers. There are, as I mentioned, many pools in the Capacian Baths, and they differ in their shapes and sizes, and in their decor, and in the temperatures and scents of their waters. The temperature of the Pool of Blue Flowers was cool and pleasing. The atmosphere of the pool was further charged with the fragrance of Veminium, a kind of bluish wild flower commonly found on the lower slopes of the Thentis range; the walls, the columns, even the bottom of the pool, were decorated with representations of Veminium, and many of the plants themselves were found in the chamber. Though the pool was marble and the walkways about it, much of the area was planted with grass and ferns and various other flora were in abundance. There were many small nooks and glades, here and there, some more than forty yards from the pool, where a man might rest.” {Assassin of Gor}

“I had heard the Pool of the Tropics was an excellent pool in the Capacian; and also the Pool of Ar’s Glories, and the Pool of the Northern Forests; there was even, of recent date, a Pool of the Splendor of the Hinrabians…” {Assassin of Gor}

Various Types and Styles of Baths/Tubs:


“The water will have been readied,” she said. Near the couch was a large, round, sunken tub, with some six inches of water in it. Too, to one side, there were rinsing jars.” {Rogue of Gor}

“I closed my eyes in one of the second tubs, the cleansing tubs. There were five first tubs, and five second tubs. These were all large, shallow, round tubs, of clay, covered with porcelain, mounted on open-bricked platforms, each platform about a yard high. In this particular bath, adequate enough, I suppose, for the area, the fires beneath the bricked platforms were stirred, tended and cleaned with long-handled fire rakes. To be sure, it was late, and I suspected that the fires had not been tended since perhaps the eighteenth Ann. The water, however, happily, was still comfortably warm. They would probably be built up again around the fifth Ann. I had hung my wet garments on racks about the brick platform, behind the tub. They would probably be dry by now. Each tub was some seven feet in width and some eighteen inches deep. On a hook, behind me, kept for towels, and such, I had slung my scabbard.” {Renegades of Gor}

“There are, as I mentioned, many pools in the Capacian Baths, and they differ in their shapes and sizes, and in their decor, and in the temperatures and scents of their waters.” {Assassins of Gor}

“Though the pool was marble and the walkways about it, much of the area was planted with grass and ferns and various other flora were in abundance. There were many small nooks and glades, here and there, some more than forty yards from the pool, where a man might rest.” (Assassins of Gor}

Pool Size: “Look,” I said, pointing to the far end of the curving pool, some hundred and fifty yards away, “if I do not catch you before you reach the edge you will have your freedom for the day.” {Assassin of Gor}

The Lesser Baths:

More than one fellow, and even a Ubar or two, as history has it, had been attacked in the bath. The baths here, of course, were very simple, and primitive. For example, they were heated in the same room, and not in virtue of subterranean furnaces, heat from which would normally be conveyed upward through vents and pipes. Here, too, there were no scented pools, no massaging rooms, no steaming rooms. Too, of course, here there were no exercising yards, where one might try a fall or two in wrestling or, say, have a game of catch, either with the large or the small ball. Similarly, there were no recreational gardens, no art galleries, no strolling lanes, no arcades of merchants, no physicians’ courts, no reading rooms, no music rooms, or such.” {Renegades of Gor}

A Kajira Taught to Bathe:

“Gently, Tiffany,” said the whip master. “You are not rubbing down a tharlarion.” “Yes, Master,” I said. “Use the sponge well,” he said. “Remember that it must not only clean but caress, and do not forget, in this service, to fondle and kiss the master, humbly and lovingly.” I kissed the wet shoulder of the man in the bath, and then kissed his cheek, through the wet canvas hood drawn over his face. He moaned. He was a male slave. “Similarly,” said the whip master, “do not forget to press your body sometimes against that of the master, sometimes seemingly inadvertently. Along these lines, for example, it is easy, seemingly accidentally, to brush his lips with a pendant breast. If his lips should part you might then press it more closely against him, begging. You might then be cuffed back in the water, but later you will doubtless be well used.” {Kajira of Gor}

A Kajiru Taught to Bathe and Duties:

“When I had fed to his satisfaction he made me precede him to a warm, humid chamber. In that place there were sunken baths, cisterns of water, and vessels of heating water. Too, there were strigils, towels and oils. He removed my collar and ordered me into the bath. It was uncomfortably hot but I dared not object. Gorean masters tend not to be tolerant of the feelings of slaves. An enslaved male of Earth, fool that I was, I did not even know how to take a bath. Laughing, he explained to me the use of the strigils, the rinsings and oils. Frightened though I was, I was pleased, in the lengthy process of the bath, which tends for Goreans to be a pleasant experience, and is often a social one, at the public baths, to rid myself of the stink of the pens. I had then been scented, with the colognes and perfumes thought suitable for certain types of male slaves.” {Fighting Slave of Gor}

Selling a Kajira to the Capacian Baths:

“Nela had been a slave since the age of fourteen. To my surprise she was a native of Ar. She had lived alone with her father, who had gambled heavily on the races. He had died and to satisfy his debts, no others coming forth to resolve them, the daughter, as Gorean law commonly prescribes, became state property; she was then, following the law, put up for sale at public auction; the proceeds of her sale were used, again following the mandate of the law, to liquidate as equitably as possible the unsatisfied claims of creditors. She had first been sold for eight silver tarsks to a keeper of one of the public kitchens in a cylinder, a former creditor of her father, who had in mind making a profit on her; she worked in the kitchen for a year as a pot girl, sleeping on straw and chained at night, and then, as her body more adequately developed the contours of womanhood, her master braceleted her and took her to the Capacian Baths where; after some haggling, he received a price of four gold pieces and a silver tarsk; she had begun in one of the vast cement pools as a copper-tarn-disk girl and had, four years later, become a silver-tarsk girl in the Pool of Blue Flowers.” (Assassin of Gor}

Baths, A Source of Information:

“Claudia Tentia Hinrabia is made a slave.” I lifted my head and got up on my elbows, looking at her. “Are you serious?” I asked. “Yes,” said Nela, bitterly, “let her be branded and collared. Let her be forced to please men.” “Why do you hate her so?” I asked. “She is free,” said Nela, “and of high birth and rich. Let such women, I say, feel the iron. Let it be they who dance to the whip.” “You should feel sorry for her,” I recommended. Nela threw back her head and laughed. “She is probably an innocent girl,” I said. “She once had the nose and ears of one of her girls cut off for having dropped a mirror,” said Nela. “How do you know that?” I asked. The girl laughed. “Everything that goes on in Ar,” she said, “is heard in the Capacian.” Then she looked at me bitterly. “I hope she is made a slave,” she said. “I hope she is sold in Port Kar.” I gathered that Nela must hate the Hinrabian girl much indeed. “Are the Hinrabians popular in Ar?’ I asked. Nela stopped massaging my back. “Do not answer if you do not wish,” I said. “No,” she said, and I could sense her looking about. “They are not popular.” “What of Kazrak?” I asked. “He was a good Administrator,” she said. “He is gone now.” {Assassin of Gor}

“The baths, in many Gorean cities and towns, are convenient and popular gathering places. One can pick up the latest news and gossip there, for example.” {Renegades of Gor}

“Men caught up on news from each other, and from the bath girls, “I do not see how it could have happened,” Nela was saying, bending over me as I lay sleepily on my stomach on the heavy striped piece of toweling, about the size of a blanket, her strong, dutiful hands rubbing the oils of the bath into my body. “The daughter of Minus Tentia Hinrabia, if none other,” said she, should be safe.” I grunted, not too concerned. Nela, like most of the others at the baths, could talk of little but the startling disappearance, and presumed abduction, of Claudia Tentia Hinrabia, the proud, spoiled daughter of the Administrator of the City.” {Assassins of Gor}

Baths Regarded as Social and Cultural Gatherings:


“Most Goreans, in the baths, at least in their own towns or cities, do share tubs, of course. That is one reason the tubs are so large. To be sure, even in one?s own area, one usually shares a tub only with friends or acquaintances. If the baths are crowded, of course, it would be only polite to share with one?s fellow citizens.” {Renegades of Gor}

Punishment for Free Women:

“Needless to say, bath girls are almost always female slaves. Sometimes, in certain cities, free women, found guilty of crimes, are sentenced to the baths, to serve there as bath girls, subject to the disciplines of such. After a given time there, after it is thought they have learned their lessons, and those of the baths, they are, commonly, routinely enslaved and sold out of the city. It is probably just as well. By that time they will have been, in effect, “spoiled for freedom.” {Renegades of Gor}

Punishment for Bath Girls:

“The pools were beautiful, and yet I knew that somewhere, chained in darkness, were gangs of male slaves who cleaned them each night; and there were of course the Bath Girls of Ar, of which Nela was one, said to be the most beautiful of Gor. Harold, as a boy, had once been a slave in the baths, those of the city of Turia, before he had escaped. He had told me that sometimes a Bath Girl, to discipline her, is thrown to the slaves in the darkness. I held Nela a bit more closely to me, and she looked at me, puzzled.” {Assassin of Gor}

Games of Bathing Girls in the Capacian Baths:

“I asked her how much she went for. “For a tarsk,” she laughed, and turned about, looking at me, “but you will have to catch me first.” I knew this game of bath girls, as though they, mere slaves, would dare to truly flee from one who pursued them, and I laughed, and she, too, sensing my understanding, laughed. The girl commonly pretends to swim away but is outdistanced and captured. I knew that few men could, if a bath girl did not wish it, come close to them in the water. They spend much of the day in the water and, it is said, are more at ease in that element than the Cosian song fish.” {Assassin of Gor}

“Look,” I said, pointing to the far end of the curving pool, some hundred and
fifty yards away, “if I do not catch you before you reach the edge you will have your freedom for the day.” She looked at me, puzzled, her feet and hands moving. “I will pay the tarsk,” I said, “and I will not use you, nor make you serve me in any way.” She looked over to the side of the pool where a small man in a tunic of toweling was standing about, a metal box with a slot strapped over his shoulder. Is Master serious?” she asked. “Yes,” I said. “You cannot catch me if I do not wish it,” she said, warning me. “Then,” I said, “you will have your freedom for a day.” “Agreed,” she said. “Go!” I said. She looked at me and laughed, and then, on her back, began to move gracefully toward the opposite end of the pool. Once she stopped, seeing that I was not yet following. She, I noted, had not been hurrying. I knew that she could, if she wished, swim like a water lizard making a strike. Yet it was enough for her to play with me, to tease me, if I should follow her, keeping just out of my reach. She was puzzled that I was not yet thrashing after her. She was about half of the way to the far edge of the pool when she straightened herself in the water, and looked back at me. At that moment I began to swim. I gather, from the sound of a fellow watching us, that she began to swim again when I began to follow her. Apparently, from what I later learned, she began to swim slowly on her back until it became clear to her that I was gaining with some swiftness. Then she rolled onto her stomach and began to stroke easily toward the far edge, looking back now and then. In a matter of about ten Ihn, however, seeing me approach ever more closely, she began to move with a deliberate, swift ease. But still I gained.” {Assassin of Gor}

Catching the Bath Girl:

“I swam as I never had before, knifing through the water. The thought went through me, bubbling to the roar of water passing my ears, that tomorrow I would scarcely be able to move; each breath was a cruel explosion in my lungs. At that point, looking back once more, and noting that I was still moving quickly toward her, and not willing to lose a possible rare day’s freedom, she began, with the marvelous, strong trained stroke of her legs and arms, to slice swiftly through the water. Still I gained. Now she was moving as rapidly as she could, determinedly, a fury of beauty in the water. Yet I pressed on, ever gaining, each of my muscles suddenly charged with the excitement of the pursuit of her. I now sensed her but feet from me, swimming desperately, the pool’s edge long yards away. Faster yet I swam. I knew now I would overtake her. Suddenly she, sensing this too, became like a maddened, terrified water animal. She cried out in frustration. She lost her stroke. She threw all her energies now into her panic-stricken flight; but the beauty of the rhythm, that powerful, even rhythm, was gone; her stroke was uneven; she lifted too much water; she missed a breath; she thrashed; but still she fled wildly for safety, kicking madly, trying to escape. And then my hands closed on her waist and she cried out in rage, struggling, trying to break free. I turned her about on her back and put my hand in the chain about her throat, staying behind her. She tried to put her hands back but could not remove my hand from the chain. Then, slowly, in triumph, my hand in the chain, I towed her on her back, she helpless, to the other end of the pool.” {Assassin of Gor}

“It seems you have lost your freedom for the day,” I said. I liked the feel of her wet body. There were tears in her eyes. “It will be a silver tarsk for that one,” said a thin voice behind me. I motioned that the man should get the coin from my pouch and he did so. I heard the coin drop into the metal box, and heard him leave. “What is your name?” I asked. “Nela,” said she, “if it pleases Master.” “It pleases me,” I said. I took the girl into my arms, and pressed my lips to hers, as she lifted her arms and placed them about my neck. After we had kissed we swam together, and then again kissed and swam.” {Assassin of Gor}

Effects of Bathing With Regard to Kajirae:

“I then looked at her, carefully. I assessed the nature of her breathing. I touched my fingers to her side, and noted her sudden, involuntary movement. I smiled. The Gorean bath, of such a sort, has many purposes. The cleansing of the body, of course, is only one such purpose. It has two major purposes with respect to its effect on the girl. The first is that she is performing a lowly and humble task for a man. This helps to remind her that she is a slave. Also, of course, serving a man, particularly in small and humble ways, probably for biological reasons, tends to be sexually arousing for a woman.

Many men. I think, fail to understand that. When a girl brings a man his sandals and ties them on his feet she is having a sexual experience. Many men, I think, fail to understand the pervasiveness and radiance, the depth, and contextual richness, of female sexuality. It is such a wondrous, deep and marvelous thing.

He who denies a woman her right to serve man, and particularly in such small ways, denies to her a portion of herself; that man is not only a fool, for he is the natural recipient of such attentions, but he is cruel; such a denial, too, can make a woman ashamed to seek sexual gratification for such small services, usually unbeknownst to the boorish male, are intimately connected with such gratification; this is one reason, incidentally, that those who secretly fear sexuality, and would repudiate it, will be among the first to denounce such homely services of love.

In the case of the slave girl, of course, such services are commanded of her. She must perform them. This tells her then, on some deep level, that it is all right, truly, to be a woman. Indeed, she is given no choice but to be a woman. Thusly is her love unqualifiedly liberated. This type of thing, I think, accounts for something of the joy which is experienced by many slave girls, a joy which, otherwise, would seem inexplicable.

The second major purpose with respect to the effect on the girl, of course, is that she is touching and, in effect, in the bathing, caressing a man’s body. She is intimately close to the male, even to the extent of sensual tactility. Being alive and hormonally active, of course, this is arousing to her. And it is, of course, particularly arousing to a slave female, for she knows she is fit meat for the lust of men. Does her very condition not tell her that? Too, of course, she herself, though touching, is not touched. This is frustrating to her, naturally, and intensifies her desire, usually near the surface in a slave, to be taken in the arms of the master.

From the point of the man, too, of course, there are several purposes of the bath. Some of these are related to those pertinent to the girl. First, he is served, as the master. He is master. Second, it is not unpleasant to be washed humbly by a beautiful woman. Third, such service tends to arouse the girl. It is not uncommon, when such a bath has been finished, and he has been toweled by the beauty, that she kneels before him and begs to be raped.” {Rogue of Gor}


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  1. My girl baths and shaves me whenever we are today. It is a lovely way for her to be of service and reinforce our relative positions. Sometimes it seems like we are the only people doing this kind of service so I was very excited to find this page.


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