HOR Tharlarion Racers

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Lately the House of Runo has become involved in racing Tharlarions.  This is an activity that is specific to Second Life Gor.  We raise the tharlarions, train them and then race them.   The tharlarions are from the G&S system which can be found within second life.


It is Master Gorm’s slave Bee that is mostly responsible for the breeding, care and training of the tharlarions and she does an amazing job of it.  She has them organize into a system, trains them to certain specification and makes sure they are in top-notch shape to run their races.

Bee on Tharl_002

Not only is bee excellent at caring for and training the tharlarions, but she’s quite an excellent rider in her own right.

The House of Runo races as often as we can, fully supporting the Tharl Racers of Gor as we do so.  In the late evenings you can often find us out practicing and racing one another.

Master Gorm

Master Gorm leads the way with his oft repeated “One more time!”  We call him a slave-driver!  Almost every evening he is leading us out to the next track we’ll be racing on, urging us to practice, practice and then practice again.  He’s the main drive behind the HOR racing team and we all race to bring him honor.


Then there’s Rhiannon, one of the best if not the best Tharl racers.  She took second place in the monthly rankings this month.  A ruthless rider with speed and daring she lets nothing and no one get in her way as she speeds through the courses.


The next HOR racer is myself, tabi, who often brings up the rear in practice but makes up for it during the actual race.  Tabi loves the blood bath races.  It seems the more racers there are the better tabi can race!


Thais is a newer addition to the HOR racing team.  She’s a veteran racer who races in the Pro division.  She’s also one of the main people who organizes and runs the races.  Thais has been a wonderful asset to the team as she has taught us the finer points of tharlarion racing.  Most often we are chasing her down as we run through the track, however we are getting better and she better watch out because we are beginning to catch her!


Belle is the newest addition to the HOR racing team.  She just joined us about a week ago, but don’t let that fool you!  This gal has been around!  She used to race back when the tharlarion racing was fairly new and she’s still got it.  It seems that belle hasn’t forgotten a thing about racing as she beats us quite often around the tracks.  Another fearsome rider we are thrilled to have belle racing with us.

[ Action pictures of belle racing coming to this space soon! ]

tiggy, misty and kaya: The HOR cheerleaders!

And not to be forgotten at all is our amazing cheerleaders!  Fully supportive, always there to cheer us on, always helpful and a bright ray of sunshine, we’d be lost without them!  None of them race with us, except for the tiggy who will race at the occasional practice, but all three are always there when we do race with their pom poms flying and their legs kicking.  Three cheers for our HOR cheerleaders, tiggy, misty and kaya!

HORS love tharlarion racing!

As is quite evident the House of Runo loves tharlarion racing.  We even have matching uniforms and pom poms for cheering with the House of Runo logo on them, all made by tabi.  We have brought quite a bit of excitement and enthusiasm to the Tharl Racers of Gor and have seen attendance at the races increase since we’ve been coming.  It’s quite an exciting time when it’s racing time!

More Information

If you would like to find out more about tharlarion racing within Second Life you can check out the Tharl Racers of Gor webpage right here!





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