Celebration At House of Runo – Shaina’s 5th Year of Broadcasting on Whip Radio

Last Wednesday (March 1st)  was a big night at the House of Runo.   It all started off with a broadcast on Goreans Portal Radio by Master Gorm Runo.  He led the weekly discussion in Glorious Ar and had a tremendous audience and participation.  The discussion was on “Sex in Gor” and proved to be an extremely popular discussion.

Immediately following the discussion everyone went over to Caer Cadarn, to The Black Tarn Tavern to be specific.  There we had a rocking, wild party celebrating Shaina’s 5th year of broadcasting for Gorean Whip Radio.

Country Jams 5th anniversary

Belle (a.k.a. Shai) had mentioned that she wanted to spend her anniversary with her family. The Black Tarn Tavern & Inn had been a place where so many happy memories of Whip Radio gatherings and fun RP had been created by so many amazing people.  All of this still lingers on at the new home of The Black Tarn Tavern, Caer Cadarn.

That very day, Shaina’s owner changed her name to belle so it was also the beginning of belle’s country jams and ushered in a new era that we hope goes on and on for belle and Whip Radio.

Shai Party 2

belle came over to the pleasure gardens early and set up for the party. Turning the lush gardens into a line dancing outdoor honky tonk. It was awesome!

Sooo many people came out to congratulate her!  Caer Cadarn was filled with such delightful characters as Irish Breen, Blitz Drake and his girl Talendar.   Of course, Master Gorm was there, minus his hair, as well as Master Drackon, Master Thunder and his girl Stormish, Marie and inkeri, bee, tiggy and rhiannon and Jarl Piker.

Everyone danced, drank and had a great time well into the late evening.  Caer Cadarn hopes to see many more of these types of celebrations and broadcasting parties.  And what with three broadcasters in the “family” – Master Gorm and Tabi with Goreans Portal Radio and Rhiannon with Gorean Whip,  such gatherings are sure to be more frequent.

*Thank you to Rhiannon for the pictures and for writing up most of this post.

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