Happy Birthday Master Drusus

The House of Runo had another big celebration as we all came together to wish Master Drusus Happy Birthday.  Master Drusus is the tavern Master of the Black Tarn Inn and so, as you can imagine the party was amazing.


We all went down to Master Drusus’ house on Caer Cadarn which just so happens to have a beach.  And that was the theme, Beach Party.  The girls were thrilled when the Master took off their regular heavy clothing and donned swimming trunks.  The girls, of course, were dressed as scantily as possible in honor of the occassion.  As can be expected when the tavern Master is the focus of the party, the alcohol poured freely.

Master Gorm’s girl, Rhiannon, provided the music via the Caer Cadarn radio and played from a playlist provided by Master Drusus.  We all danced and had an amazing time.

Master Gorm Runo guards the cake!

There was even a delicious birthday cake, which Master Gorm Runo guarded carefully until it was time for everyone to have some.  Then he even joined in the dancing.  All in all it was a great time and we wish Master Drusus the Happiest of Birthdays and hope he has many, many, many more!

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