Gorean Compass Class – Nature vs Nurture (or the attraction of Gor)

The Gorean Compass class held on Febuary 16th at The Gorean Campus.  Presented by Master Gorn he speaks about the attraction that Gor holds for many despite the changing attitudes of our current society.

Tal and Greetings

I would like to begin todays talk with some thoughts related to the last seminar and especially one of the comments made during the lively discussion that followed.  It was suggested that neither Desmond Morris, the author of “The Naked Ape” nor John Norman, the author of the Gor novels had the necessary academic backgrounds or the respect and support of the current generation of scientist and researchers.

Therefore, their ideas on the genetic endowment of human beings and how it impacts their behaviors can not be argued as a viable concept based on their writings or opinions on the subject.   I totally agree with this.

However, the purpose of the Gorean Compass seminar is to not argue the validity of the Gorean experience or to suggest that the author had some remarkable insights somehow overlooked by others.

The Gorean idea, especially as laid out in the early novels that shaped the fictional world of Gor, was never meant to be a religion, and the people who have come to love and understand Gor are in no way evangelicals out to convert the world to their way of thinking.

There is actually very little new in the ideas presented in the novels.  It has been compared to a recipe for Grandma’s special cake.  Grandma used the same ingredients that others had been using, but mixed them in a unique way to produce her cake.  The ideas bouncing around in the Gor novels have been, likewise, used and developed by others and combined in a new and unique way.

It was obvious that the books were a platform not merely for producing a new and interesting Sci-Fi World, but for reflecting on some of the social conditions existing or coming into existence at the time they were written.

My purpose is to disclose the ideas presented in the books, not as their champion always, but as one seeking to understand not only what was being said, but why what was being said had so strongly resonated with so many people that from the very birth of the internet, readers joined together to recreate, discuss, role play, and even make life style choices based on Gor.

The notecard that was passed out today contains a lengthy passage from Hunters of Gor that seems to clearly state the authors position on the controversy between “Nature and Nurture” that has raged on forever.  The statement.  “Goreans do not accept the Hollow Man theory.” clearly shows that the fictional Goreans were much less likely to accept any idea that Nurture, or the environment and social circumstances totally shape us.  It expresses the same idea put forth in The Naked Ape, that we are still somewhat trapped by a genetic endowment , or hard wiring, that has a least equal impact as the present environment.


Of course, an attraction to the trivia has often been cited as the reason for Gor’s lure.  I have talked with many people, especially within the “Gor Evolved” community who give that answer to the question of “why Gor?”    They say they are fascinated by the trappings.  The swords, and slaves, and sleen with six legs, and Tarns, and even the primitive culture which puts them in mind of other fan favorites like “Game of Thrones.”   This explains why they are so comfortable with “evolving” their Gorean interaction until their Gorean  role play resembles a giant costume party on Earth, where normal people are dressed in their Gorean clothes.  It is almost like Gor was emptied of the native Goreans and the empty planet was occupied by a host of Social Justice Warriors from the University of California at Berkley.

And while I have believed most of these people and understand the “game” idea they bring to Gor, I have also questioned many of them as to just how detached from the philosophical ideas they really are.   There is no way to deny the appeal of fun.  I have always understood that games like “Grand Theft Auto” are popular, not because people like to steal cars, or that they have a philosophical belief in running over old ladies to score points.  The game is simply fun.

And so, I am sure many of our Goreans in Second Life are playing Gor, and playing it their way simply because it is fun.

Many others, however, even some reluctant to admit it, or not even fully cognizant of it, are in Gor because of the draw of its counter Earth and radical ideas.

If we spend too much time in Second Life Gor and our friends and associates are mostly others here, we can easily be misled into thinking we are something more than a very, very small minority.  And the views from the book, that what might be called “Gorean philosophy”, or as I prefer, the azimuth of the Gorean Compass, represent some of the most unpopular and rejected views of modern Western society.   The dominance of males, the submission of females, a more rigid identity that needs to be discovered rather than changed at will, and many other core concepts are the very things people are taking to the streets of Earth to protest against.



Yet despite this, or maybe, because of it, the Gorean community continues to grow and to attract new and often younger than ever before recruits.

So, I want to make this very clear.  I do not stand up here as an advocate for every radical and conservative idea that John Norman wrote into the novels.   Nor do I want to convert you to them.  My purpose is to explore the books, and try to make sense of what the author wanted to say, and how current conditions on Earth might be making him look more like a prophet or maybe more like a hack.

Last year, when I decided to do a “defense of non-consensual slavery” from a Gorean point of view, I invited a real Gorean from the fictional planet who happened to have a SL account to come present it.   I could not defend non-consensual slavery which I abhor even from a detached intellectual approach.  I just couldn’t do it.   “smiles”

So, I do not take a firm stand on the “Nature vs Nurture” debate, nor do totally accept the idea expressed by the comment from the books that “man had finally built a house in which he could not live.”  What I do know is that this is a main theme of the Gorean novels and understanding it is essential to understanding the totality of the books.

Remember this essential point as well.  John Norman was not suggesting Gor as a Utopia that did everything right that Earth was doing wrong.  He deliberately created flaws in the Gorean world view that contrasted as direct opposites to the flaws of Earth.  I have suggested that he was offering us a blue print for the “superior man” that did straddle both worlds and focused on the idea of balance.  The idea of balance suggests that danger and confusion exists on the extremes and safety and sanity exists in the middle.


Look at the example in the handout.   It does not deny the importance of environment.  “The teeth of the lion has much to do with the fleetness of the antelope”, it says.   Yet, it does not deny either the importance of nature either.   “The environment decides which behaviors will be successful and not which ones will be performed.”

It is not necessary to totally buy into this.  You may very well believe, like a majority do today, that we have, indeed, broken from the surly bonds of our genetic endowment and have entered a whole new enlightened age as superior beings already.   However, it is necessary to accept that this is the “By the Books”  construct that will make sense of the novels.

Next week, we will begin to explore the great symbolism of the Priest-Kings vs Kur battle for control of both “Gor and Earth.”   To completely understand this symbolism, it is not necessary to accept any of this as true, but it is important to accept that John Norman thought it to be so, and crafted his novels to reflect these ideas.

There is a mystery here.   Society has pretty much rejected much of what John Norman wrote about, and not only that but people here in the Gorean community are outspoken in their criticism of his ideas, his writing style, his motivations, and even his intelligence, and yet, Gor is and remains a popular and ever growing community that spans the world wide web and has both positively and negatively impacted the real life of people who have been drawn to it.


Maybe it is only because it is “fun.”   But, maybe it is something more.   This seminar is a search for questions, not a place where answers are given.  To paraphrase Tarl Cabot: “I envy the simplicities of the morality of Earth and the morality of Gor.  If either is correct, it is a lucky accident, but I would not be as either of them.  Truths not fought for are not owned.”

It would be nice to say everything is going along smoothly and as it should on Earth, and nice to say that Gor’s attraction is just because sleen have six legs and there are two kinds of paga and five High Castes, but, I do not think either of those ideas is true.

Maybe we will not find any answers or truths in the Gorean novels, but the purpose of this seminar, again, is not to proclaim truth, but to search and fight for it.

Thank you, Master Gorm!  These classes are always excellent and often elicit some great discussions and give food for thought.

Don’t miss the next class to be held on Thursday at The Gorean Campus at 12pm (noon) and 6pm SLT.

Gorean Compass class 1 – Realism

Class given at Gorean Campus on February 2, 2017 by Master Gorm Runo.  This class dealt with realism as one major quality of the Gorean ethos:

Tal and Greetings.

When I used to give classes in a now defunct Gorean educational institute that came long before our esteemed Gorean Campus, I always included “realism” as one of the major qualities of the Gorean ethos.

We might say that a realistic and more rigid approach would be one of the azimuths of the Gorean Compass.

In notecard #1, that should be passed out today, there is an important section from the very first book, Tarnsman of Gor, that tells of a meeting between Tarl Cabot and Marlenus of Ar.

Notecard # 1    Page 155 Tarnsman of Gor

“I risked my life a thousand times and gave the years of my youth to the vision of Ar and its empire, that there might be on all Gor, but one language, but one commerce, but one set of codes, that the highways and passes might be safe, that the peasants might cultivate their fields in peace, that there might be one Council to decide matters of policy, that there might be but one supreme city to unite the cylinders of a hundred severed, hostile cities—-and all this you have destroyed.”Marlenus looked down at me.  “What can you, a simple tarnsman, know of these things?’ he asked.  “But I, Marlenus, though a warrior, was more than a warrior, always more than a warrior. Where others could see no more than the codes of their castes, where other could sense no call of duty beyond that of their Home Stone, I dared to dream the dream of Ar—that there might be an end to meaningless warfare, bloodshed, and terror, an end to the anxiety and peril, the retribution and cruelty that cloud our lives.—I dreamed that there might arise from the ashes of the conquests of AR a new world, a world of honor, law, of power and justice.”


Marlenus is telling of what he calls “the dream of Ar” and is actually a more Utopian vision of Gorean society.  He sees the entire planet ruled by a single Council that brings peace, security and happiness to everyone.  He goes on the make an important point about “the sword is what establishes justice.”

This is often taken as “might makes right”, and was often used by the critics of Gor who see it as a very authoritarian approach to morality.  Actually, it is more an indictment of the evil and animal nature of mankind and suggests that it was only through a great deal of struggle, often violent, struggle, was mankind able to establish law and justice and bring civilization to the world

Here is the quote that I want to speak of today:

“Marlenus was patient.  “Before the sword,” he said, “there is no right or wrong, only fact—a world of what is and what is not, rather than a world of what should be and what should not be.” – page 156 Tarnsman of Gor

A World of what is and what is not, rather than a world of what should be and what should not be!  This was always the Gorean call to realism and a rejection of social engineering and utopian dreaming that marks so many other works of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and sets Goreans on the far fringe of modern western society.


The advertising on the back of my ancient copy of this book proclaims:

“The naked truth about the animal called human.  Man is a creature who can write immortal poetry, raise giant cities, aim for the stars, build an atomic bomb–but he is also an animal, a relative of the apes.”

Last year, during a session here at the Gorean Campus, a critic claimed that “modern thinkers” had thoroughly debunked Desmond Morris.

Morris was claiming that we are so genetically wired by millions of years of evolution that we are pretty much naked apes who would be more comfortable in the mouth of a cave than in the confines of our great cities, and need to understand our animal natures much better to be able to cope with the stress of modern society.

The debunkers, anxious to prove that false, claimed that actually, somehow, we have thrown off the shackles of evolution and evolved very quickly into some kind of superior being so advanced that we can alter even our genders at will and have this tremendous freedom and fluidity totally free from genetic influences.

I am reminded of a study I read in Cosmopolitan Magazine around the same time that “The Naked Ape” was being published.

It had done research and had discovered that children being raised in single parent homes after divorce were not impacted negatively by the experience, and some indicators were pointing to them actually being more successful in school and life as a result.

Half a century later, we know better.

But, the readers at the time wanted validation and assurance that the new found feminism that was producing a skyrocking divorce rate and the disintegration of the traditional family was not harming the children, and the study gave them what they wanted.


The major trend of Western Society is toward “fluidity.”

Everyday, we hear the phrase, “whatever he identifies with at the time.”

We are told that the number of genders is increasing constantly and there are no biological imperatives, they were all discarded in the delivery room along with the umbilical cords.

In notecard #2, , you will find the closing words of the “The Naked Ape.” You can see that he is anticipating the debunking and calls the modern optimism rubbish.

Note Card #2  The Naked Ape    Page 197

Optimism is expressed by some who feel that since we have evolved a high level of intelligence and a strong inventive urge, we shall be able to twist any situation to our advantage; that we are so flexible that we can re-mould our way of life to fit any of the new demands made by our rapidly rising species-status; that when the time comes, we shall manage to cope with the overcrowding, the stress, the loss of our privacy and independence of action; that we shall re-model our behavior patterns and live like giant ants; that we shall control our aggressive and territorial feelings, our sexual impulse and our parental tendencies; that if we have to become battery-chicken apes, we can do it; that our intelligence can dominate all our basic biological urges. I submit that this is rubbish.  Our raw animal nature will never permit it.  Of course, we are flexible.  Of course, we are behavioural opportunists,  but there are severe limits to the form our opportunism can take.  By stressing our biological features in this book, I have tried to show the nature of these restrictions.  By recognizing them clearly and submitting to them, we shall stand a much better chance of survival.  This does not imply a naïve “return to nature.” It simply means that we should tailor our intelligent opportunist advances to our basic behavioural requirements.  We must somehow improve in quality rather than in sheer quantity.  If we do this, we can continue to progress technologically in a dramatic and exciting way without denying our evolutionary inheritance.  If we do not, then our suppressed biological urges will build up and up until the dam bursts and the whole of our elaborate existence is swept away in the flood.

Note card # 3, contains a passage from Priest Kings of Gor. It is one of the earliest of several passages in the early novels where Tarl reflects on the biological imperatives and how they have shaped humans.

Notecard #3 – Priest Kings of Gor

As the girl spoke and I tried to lightly dismiss her words I wondered at the long processes of evolution that had nurtured over thousands of generations what had in time become the human kind. I wondered of the struggles of my own world as well as on Gor, struggles which over millenia had shaped the blood and inmost being of my species, perhaps conflicts over tunnels in cliffs to be fought with the savage cave bear, long dangerous weeks spent hunting the same game as the saber -toothed tiger, perhaps years spent protecting one’s mate and brood from the depredations of carnivores and the raids of one’s fellow creatures.

As I thought of our primeval ancestor standing in the mouth of his cave one hand gripping a chipped stone and perhaps the other a torch, his mate behind him and his young hidden in the mosses at the back of the cave I wondered at the genetic gifts that would insure the survival of man in so hostile a world, and I wondered if among them would not be the strength and the aggressiveness and the swiftness of the eye and hand and the courage of the male and on the part of the woman-what?

What would have been the genetic truths in her blood without which she and accordingly man himself might have been overlooked in the vicious war of a species to remain alive and hold its place on an unkind and save planet?

It seemed possible to me that one trait of high survival value might be the desire on the part of a woman to belong-utterly-to a man.

It seemed clear that the woman would, if the race were to survive, have to be sheltered and defended and fed-and forced to reproduce her kind.

If she were too independent she would die in such a world and if she did not mate her race would die.

Priest Kings of Gor, pgs, 204 – 205.


I have always been especially drawn to the image of the primeval ancestor standing in the mouth of his cave, his mate behind him, and his children hidden in the moss in the back of the cave to the image.  In his hand is a primitive weapon and he stands ready to ward off whatever dangers appear.

In the coming weeks, when we talk of the symbolism in the novels, we will discuss how the genetic wiring and the animal nature that still defines us is represented.

Tarl talks of the struggle to control these things and bring order to the duality of his nature.  He says,

“One can not be weak who meets such beasts. I laughed at the weaknesses instilled into the men of Earth.  Only men who are strong, without weakness, can meet such beasts. One must match them in strength, in intellect, in terribleness, in ferocity.”  -Page 290 Marauders of Gor.

It would be easy to accept the fluidity of modern times.  It is easy to deny biological truths about ourselves; about natural order; of the importance of Manhood, and the essential submissive nature of the female.  There is much to like about the freedom of unrestricted identity and much to fear about impulses bred into us over millions or years that we must battle and control to survive in a much changed world.

It would be so much easier to live in the world of how it should be, and to make how it should not be into the object of our scorn.

However, the follower of the Gorean ethos has no choice but to side with the minority opinion and to be seen as old fashioned outdated, overly conservative, and definitely a follower of an alternative world view.

We need to see ourselves on the fringe, and work to structure our interactions in Second Life Gor, and even our Gorean roleplay along very conservative lines.

We need to guard against bringing into it the influences of an “evolved majority” that rejects the idea that we are hard wired a certain way and suggests that modern man has slipped the surly bonds of evolutionary selection.

The well known Gorean myth of the giant running an Inn in his cave tells us this as well.

In the myth, the Inn has only one size bed, and the giant puts guests on the rack to make them fit the bed if they are too short, and chops off limbs if they are too tall .


The question is asked, why do we attempt to change people to fit the bed, rather than change the bed to fit people.

It suggests that people have a reality and they do well and are healthy and happy when they discover that reality and when the world around them changes to accommodate that reality.

They do not do as well when they reject it or try to artificially alter it to fit the world.

There is no question that true followers of the Gorean Compass are in the minority, they are even a mocked and scorned minority, but they are living in the world of “what is and what is not and acknowledge that even if it is a noble thing to consider what should and should not be, we are not yet evolved enough to abandon reality for the unicorn ideas of utopia


We need to still stand with a weapon in our hand, at the mouth of our cave, with our females behind us, and our children hidden in the moss at the back of the cave.

at least for a little longer.


Thank you Master Gorm for another very enlightening class.  You’ve given us much to think about.  Be sure to attend more classes of The Gorean Compass at The Gorean Campus on Thursdays 12pm (noon) and 6pm!


Happy Birthday Master Drusus

The House of Runo had another big celebration as we all came together to wish Master Drusus Happy Birthday.  Master Drusus is the tavern Master of the Black Tarn Inn and so, as you can imagine the party was amazing.


We all went down to Master Drusus’ house on Caer Cadarn which just so happens to have a beach.  And that was the theme, Beach Party.  The girls were thrilled when the Master took off their regular heavy clothing and donned swimming trunks.  The girls, of course, were dressed as scantily as possible in honor of the occassion.  As can be expected when the tavern Master is the focus of the party, the alcohol poured freely.

Master Gorm’s girl, Rhiannon, provided the music via the Caer Cadarn radio and played from a playlist provided by Master Drusus.  We all danced and had an amazing time.

Master Gorm Runo guards the cake!

There was even a delicious birthday cake, which Master Gorm Runo guarded carefully until it was time for everyone to have some.  Then he even joined in the dancing.  All in all it was a great time and we wish Master Drusus the Happiest of Birthdays and hope he has many, many, many more!

Slave Class – Gorean Drinks

Once again Rhiannon took the podium (so to speak) at The Village of Tosar to teach us all about Gorean Drinks.  The information was excellent and everyone got a chance to emote serving at least one drink.  Tiggy was class scribe and thanks to her we have a very thorough notecard of Gorean drinks and a transcript of the class.  Thank you Tiggy!


For the sake of time Rhiannon choose to focus on 5 drinks: Sa Paga, Sul Paga, Ka-la-na, Mead and Black Wine.  However, since she did such a great job I am going to include all the drinks listed on Tiggy’s card.

—————- KA-LA-NA —————-




Insert shameless plug: Caer Cadarn is known for it’s amazing and delicious Ka-la-na

KA-LA-NA (chilled)
stored: wine rack in the storage room
kept in: bottle with a waxed seal
vessel: goblet
texture: red is more typical though if white is asked for serve white ( there is great debate over the existence of white kalana, it was never mentioned in the books but it was never stated that it did not exist either, when in doubt serve red)

1. get bottle from storage room/rack,
2. peel away the wax seal over the neck of the bottle,
3. pop the cork with teeth
4. Either pour into goblet in the kitchen, or bring to Master’s feet and pour there.


KA-LA-NA (room temp)
stored: wine rack in the kitchen
kept in: bottle with a waxed seal
vessel: goblet
texture: red is more typical though if white is asked for serve white ( there is great debate over the existence of white kalana, it was never mentioned in the books but it was never stated that it did not exist either, when in doubt serve red)

1. get bottle from storage room/rack,
2. peel away the wax seal over the neck of the bottle,
3. pop the cork with teeth
4. Either pour into goblet in the kitchen, or bring to Master’s feet and pour there.


KA-LA-NA (warmed)
stored: hearth
kept in: kettle
vessel: clay bowl
texture: ruby red rich and delicate


1. Get a bottle of Kalana from the wine rack remove wax seal and cork then pour into a kettle
2. Heat over the fire
3. Sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon in the bowl
4. pour heated kalana into the bowl
5. set bowl to tray and bring to feet

rhiannon: Ka la na is made from the ka la na fruit that grows on ka la na tree’s on Gor.  It is a wine.  Red in color.  And, is said to be an aphrodisiac to women.
Ka la na is used in FC ceremonies. It is the “go to” drink for Goreans on special occasions.
Ka la na from Ar is the most highly prized on Gor.  Although us HORs think differently.

TABI rises on slender legs, feet whisper across floorboards as the slave heads to the kitchen, scanning the shelving spies a large wooden goblet with intricate carvings, carefully removes the goblet from the shelf assuring no lingering dust mars it’s surface. Turns about to inspect the rack finding the bottle of kalana, removes the seal and pulls cork loose with ivorty teeth. Tips the bottle allowing the free flow of scarlet liquid, just as the fluid reaches the rim the flow is stopped and the bottle is returned to the counter. Carefully the slave maneuvers between tables to Master’s feet, folding with grace in typical pleasure slave fashion presents the goblet of Kalana to Master with arms raised and slutry voice speaking, “Your kalana, Master, may it sooth your belly and delight your senses.

rhiannon: i wanted to speak upon chilled drinks for an ihn please, especially in the south.
we did keep drinks cool though, by using cold storage which was dug beneath the ground to keep things cooler.  Or ..by using rivers and streams.  Sooo, know where you are serving, if in a house or tavern or inn or what not .. emote stepping down into the cold room to grab a bottle. That is typically how it is done.

———– SA PAGA & SUL PAGA ——————


SA PAGA (chilled)
(Brewed from Sa Tarna wheat, amber in color, similar to Whiskey)

stored: hanging in storage room
kept in: dark verr skin bota
vessel: footed bowl or goblet for Mistress

uncork bottle with teeth and pour at Master’s feet


SA PAGA (Room temp)
(Brewed from Sa Tarna wheat, amber in color, similar to Whiskey)

stored: dark glass bottle on shelf in servery
kept in: dark glass bottle
vessel: footed bowl, goblet for Mistress

uncork bottle with teeth and pour at Master’s feet


SUL PAGA (chilled)
(Brewed from suls ( potatos), clear in color, similar to Moonshine/Vodka)

stored: hanging in storage room
kept in: white verr skin bota
vessel: footed bowl or goblet for Mistress

uncork bottle with teeth and pour at Master’s feet


SUL PAGA (room temp)
( Brewed from suls ( potatos),clear in color, similar to Moonshine/Vodka)

stored: clear glass bottle on shelf in servery
kept in: clear glass bottle
vessel: footed bowl, goblet for Mistress

uncork bottle with teeth and pour at Master’s feet

rhiannon (rhiannon0327): tigs .. please emote this one for me .. a Master is at a table in a tavern and has a guest. Both want service. One wants Sa Paga otherwise known just as paga .. and the other wishes Sul Paga. Both, room temp.
rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Alright, Sa Paga is amber colored and is akin to whiskey on earth.  It is a favored drink of Gorean Warriors. grins.  It is made by fermenting Sa tarna grain.

rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Sul Paga Is like vodka hyped up on steroids. Like … 300 proof vodka.  It is said even the fumes from the drink could get one drunk.  Sul Paga, as you might guess, is made from Suls.  A potatoe type food on Gor.  it is clear in color.  Both paga’s are kept either in casks, kegs, barrels or botas.  Both are served in footed bowls.
A Master that has been drinking Sul Paga all night should NOT be able to stand. Yet, a Master that partakes of Paga all night .. would probably be able to stumble home. Or to an alcove at least.

– Ϯɪɢɢƴ – approaching the table, after greetings and begging to serve was performed, the slave was given the order to fetch a bowl of paga and one sul paga. Bowing her head humbly the dark skinned slave sauntered towards the kitchen to begin service. First washing away the dirt and grime of the fields away from hands and under long sharp looking nails. With hurry the slave reaches low for two footed bowls off the shelf. Using the edge of her pointed claws the Schendi slave ran them along the rim of each. Inspecting the vessels for jagged edges that might cause harm to precious lips. Not finding any, as expected. Holding the first under one of the kegs marked paga. Enchanting eyes watched as ember hued liquid began to fill the belly of the bowl. The scent of alcohol wafting to sensitive nostrils. The second bowl filled with a clear liquid distilled from suls. Highly alcoholic fumes made the slave slightly dizzy. Gathering senses, clutching a bowl in each hand, the HOR slave traveled back to the table where the Master’s sat, Ensuring she placed the correct paga in front of the correct Master, Lowering down upon the tiles to the rightful place of a slave. On her knees that parted wide across the tiles in a brazen fashion that was befitting a girl enslaved. “Your paga and sul paga Masters.. served room temperature with the added bonus of a heated paga slut… i hope and wish that each is found pleasing to your lips Masters.” Bowing her head in respect with hands now resting upon dark skinned thighs.

———— BLACKWINE ———–

(always warm, ask 1st or second slave serve, first is With cream and sugar, second is served black)
stored: large pot warming over fire in hearth in the kitchen
kept in: kettle w/ladle inside
vessel: mug
texture: looks like earth coffee. Dark color, rich flavor.

Items needed for serve:
* For 1st slave – You will need a serving tray, small serving kettle, mug, bowls of white and yellow sugars, 3 small spoons
* For 2nd slave – You will need a serving tray and mug

How to prepare blackwine from scratch:

1. Go to hearth and check that there is plenty of hot water in the kettle
2. Lay out a clean square of rep cloth on the counter
3. Take a handful of blackwine beans and lay them down in the rep cloth
4. Fold the rep cloth over and crush the beans with the back of a spoon/ladle..anything to hand (be creative with your roleplay)
5. Add the crushed beans to the boiling water in the kettle on the hearth.
6. Get a small serving kettle from a hook over the hearth,
7. ladle the blackwine into the kettle and set on tray,
8. Bring tray to feet of Master and pour into mug.

rhiannon: thais, i am going to ask you to please write out an emote serving blackwine to a Master, first slave.

rhiannon: blackwine is thought to be like earthen coffee.  true but not true.  it is more like expresso  a tiny sip of the stuff was said to amp one up greatly.  black wine only grows in the mountains on the slopes around the Gorean city of Thentis.  It is therefore … very very hard to come by and .. very very expensive.  Most Gorean homes would not serve black wine.  Nor, taverns or inns or tea houses .. if they were not in the city of Thentis itself.

rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Okay .. so we know what black wine is and where it comes from and how it is supposedly rare.  Black wine is served one of two ways.  Either first slave .. which means with cream and sugar.  Or second slave .. which means no cream or sugar, just black, like black coffee on earth.  i tend to mix the cream and sugar in the cup and then bring it to the free.  i don’t use the tray and the three small cups and so on .. although i will never serve it in a mug. i always serve it in a small cup.  There is said to be a ritual or ceremony to serving black wine and it is a wonderful thing to see girls do from time to time, but typically when serving in a busy tavern, you want to get it to the patron as soon as possible so .. just preparing it like you would a cup of coffee in your own kitchen.  Another thing to note is sugar.  There are two types of sugar on Gor .. yellow and white. Add one of each unless told to do otherwise.

Thaïs rises gracefully, looking at the master with a teasing glance as her silken hair brushes across his arm, then turns to make her way to the kitchen.

Thaïs rises on her toes, flexing to reach a certain cup she spies for the Jarl, having the picture of a black oared ship in a busy port painted on the sides. She wipes it carefully, polishing the picture so that the white sails seemed to gleem in the firelight.

Thaïs lays a small white rep cloth on the counter, measuring a tef of the precious black wine grounds in the palm of her hand, then places it on the cloth which she ties into a small ball by the corners. Dropping this into the cup, she tips a pot of steaming water into the cup, watching as the swirling water draws small dark fingers of the rich brown drink and its aroma into the air on wisps of steam.

Thaïs Taking the little bag of grounds from the cup, she places it on a tray, with three small spoons, small dishes of white and yellow sugar, and a little pitcher of bosk cream, and makes her way with the tray to the Master’s side.

Thaïs kneels at the Master’s boot, setting the tray on the table, and takes a spoonful of each sugar, each with its own spoon, dropping it delicately into the rich drink, before adding a dollop of the cream, stirring it with the third spoon, watching it marble into the color of the black wine.

Thaïs raises the cup over her head, bowing, and speaking softly, “Master, your black wine, I hope you find it refreshing and warming to your senses”

rhiannon: One thing i would like to say though is that, unless i was told specifically to make a fresh pot of black wine, i usually just pretend that there is a kettle of freshly brewed black wine steaming on the hearth. Skipping the steps of actually making it myself in the cup like you would tea.

————- MEAD —————-

MEAD (chilled)

stored: storage room
kept in: Keg or Cask
vessel: Horn or Tankard
texture: fermented honey, water, and spice ( similar to honey lager)

fill vessel in storage room, serve at Feet


MEAD (warmed)

stored: In a large vat on hearth
kept in: cask or keg
vessel: Horn or Tankard
texture: dark, amber colored, fermented honey, water, and spice (similar to honey lager)

get from large kettle that stays warm on the hearth. Use a ladle to fill the horn from the kettle.

rhiannon: The favored drink of Torvaldslanders everywhere.  Mead.  it gets asked for so much in the north you find bondmaidens just carry a large pitcher with them and just walk around filling up drinking horns  Fermented honey is how it is made. a thicker type drink that is really good warmed up.

bee Kneeling down beside the Master, softly queries in a melodious voice, “Master we have a new supply of golden mead, thick and sweet, would a tankard quench your thirst?” “Spiced and warm, or chilled?” Upon hearing the order for a room temperature serving of Mead, promptly responds, “Yes, Master, a tankard of room temperature Mead right away!”. Rises up and walks to the kitchen with a lilting stride. Reaches up to select a specially marked TBT tankard from the shelf and polishes it to a bright shine with a clean rep cloth. Fills the tankard from the Mead cask in the kitchen watching the rich amber liquid reflect the light. Carrying it carefully returns and kneels by him. Pressing soft lips against the side he will drink, presents it to him with outreached arms and lowered head, “Hope this will refresh you, Master”.

rhiannon: two things .. Tankard, Horn. Either is fine.  And pressing lips to side of vessel …
i wanted to point out that that is risky in my opinion but you can certainly do it if you wish to show that special amount of servitude that you may be wishing to convey.  It is not a requirement to do so, but more often than not i have been chastised badly for doing so.
Unless you know the Master and his preference well, i would shy away from doing that.


Thank you Rhiannon for an excellent class!  We look forward to more slave training by Rhiannon!

Now as promised, the rest of the drinks that were included on the notecard that was passed out:

GOREAN ALE (chilled)
stored: cold storage room
kept in: keg
vessel: tankard or horn
texture: deep gold, slightly bitter dry taste
misc: brewed from sa-tarna and wild grains

fill from the spigot of the keg/barrel that is kept in cold storage


GOREAN ALE (room temperature)
stored: keg near the hearth
kept in: keg (warm by fire)
vessel: tankard or horn
texture: deep gold, slightly bitter dry taste

fill from the spigot of the keg/barrel that is kept in the kitchen

BAZI TEA(ceremonial serve NOT meant to be sexual in nature) (not btb but in case asked)

stored: leaves are kept in a small wooden box on the counter
vessel: 3 tiny cups (past, present, and future)


1. Go to hearth and check that there is plenty of hot water in the kettle
2. Get the Tea set from the top shelf ( 1 teapot, 2 small sugar bowls, 3 small cups, 3 small silver spoons)
3. Pour some hot water from the kettle into the teapot and swirl it about to warm the teapot, dump water into waste bucket
4. Fill the teapot 2/3 full with hot water and bring back to counter
5. Get the wooden box of tealeaves and add 3 pinches of leaves to the hot water in the teapot, put cover on teapot and let it steep
6. Wipe and check remaining pieces of tea set for flaws, testing the rim of each small cup
7. Fill the two small sugar bowls with sugars white and yellow
8. Get a clean rep cloth from the basket under the counter and set it to the tray, placing the 3 small spoons upon it
9. Add the 2 bowls of sugar and 3 small cups to the tray
10. Pick up the teapot and swirl it around again to ensure a consistent potency then set to tray
11. Carefully carry the tray to Feet and set it to your side


1. Take the 1st small cup and add one small spoonful of yellow sugar ( this cup represents the past, the bitterness of Youth, mistakes made)
2. Pour some of the tea from the pot into the cup (do not stir or prove) hold the cup to your heart and say a small prayer for the Free’s past, then offer it Up
3. After they drink the small cup you take it again in your hands and set it upside down on the tray
4. Take the 2nd small cup and add one small spoonful of the white sugar ( this cup represents the present, the sweetness and happiness of middle age)
5. Pour some of the tea into the cup (do not stir or prove) hold the cup to your heart and say a small prayer for the Free’s present, then offer it Up
6. After they drink the small cup you take it again in your hands and set it upside down on the tray
7. Take the 3rd cup and add one scoop of each sugar (this cup represents the future and the contentment and wisdom of old age)
8. Pour some of the tea into the cup (do not stir or prove) hold the cup to your heart and say a small prayer for the Free’s future, then offer it Up
9. After they drink the small cup you take it again in your hands and set it upside down on the tray
10, After all 3 cups have been finished you may offer to read the tealeaves in the bottom of each cup if you wish, or you may simply end the serve as usual.

KAL-DA (ask with or without garnish)
stored: hearth
kept in: copper kettle (heavy pot)
vessel: clay bowl Masters..footed bowl for Mistresses

1. Get a bottle of cheap Kalana from the wine rack (no seal of Ar) and uncork it and pour into copper kettle
2. Get pitcher of citrus juice and a large tospit from the storage room
3. add juice to the kettle and set tospit on the counter for now
4. Sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon in the kettle then set kettle over the fire to heat
5. while the kalda is cooking slice the tospit and set to the side
6. Pour the kalda into the bowl and float a slice of tospit on the top, sprinkle with a bit more nutmeg and cinnamon


stored: cold storage room
kept in: pitcher
vessel: goblet

TA-WINE (Chilled)

stored: wine rack in storage room
kept in: corked bottle
vessel: goblet
misc: deep purple in color

uncork bottle with teeth and pour at Master’s feet


TA-WINE (room temp)
stored: wine rack in servery
kept in: corked bottle
vessel: goblet
misc: deep purple in color

uncork bottle with teeth and pour at Master’s feet


WATER (ask with or without ice)
stored: storage room
kept in: pitcher
vessel: goblet

if with ice, get ice from bowl of chipped ice on stool just inside chilla door, pour water in storage room, serve at Master’s feet


* ramberry juice
* larma juice
* ta-grape juice
* tospit juice
* mixed fruit juice (mix of all)

stored: cold room
kept in: pitchers
vessel: goblets

in cold storage, pour from the pitcher, bring to Master’s feet