HOR Birthday Celebrations

The House of Runo consistently asserts that we are not out-of-character, nor are we in-character.  We assert that we are Second Life Goreans.  We follow the Gorean Philosophy as closely as possible all the while recognizing that we are, in reality, on earth.

As such, The House of Runo does celebrate many earth holidays and maintains many earth customs.  One of those customs is the celebration of birthdays.  One might make the claim that in the books the Goreans didn’t celebrate birthday, especially the birthdays of slaves.  However, they did celebrate the monthly anniversary of the collaring of the slave.

“A slave girl is a delight to a man; she is extremely prized and precious; that the day of her acquisition should be celebrated each month with special ceremonies and rites is not surprising. These numerous anniversaries are deliciously celebrated, as they may be with a girl who is only a slave, and seldom forgotten; should such an anniversary be forgotten, should it be such that it is commonly celebrated, the girl redoubles her efforts to please, fearing she is to be soon sold.” –Slave Girl of Gor

This in a sense could be similar to a girl’s birthday since one could make a case that the collaring of the girl by her Master is the beginning of her life (her birth day) with that Master.  Now, The House of Runo doesn’t take it quite that far as to hold monthly celebrations.  However, we do celebrate the yearly birthdays of each member of the House of Runo.

Two such celebrations were recently held.  The slaves tabi and rhiannon recently had birthday celebrations at Caer Cadarn.

Tabi’s birthday had a theme of cats since Master often calls her “tabicat” or even has been know to shorten it to just “cat”.  Rhiannon took to the radio on a private radio stream.  Everyone came over to the winter wonderland which is still to be found on Caer Cadarn and we danced, drank, ate and just generally made merry.

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About a week later the same happened for Rhiannon.  This time the party took place in the pleasure garden at Caer Cadarn.  The theme was fairies and the garden was decorated beautifully to look like a fantasy fairy garden.  Everyone wore wings and dressed up as fairies.  Tabi took the stream this time and provided the music as everyone dance, drank, ate and had a great time.  This theme was chosen because Master often calls Rhiannon “bug”.  Rather than all be bugs, we decided we’d be fairies.

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As the year goes on look for more birthday celebrations at The House of Runo on Caer Cadarn!  All are welcome to come and join in the festivities.  They will be announced in the HOR chat and notices will be put out.  Goreans love to celebrate and won’t often miss a chance to make merry for almost any reason, including birthdays.


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