The HOR grows…

The House of Runo is proud to announce the addition of two more slaves.  Misty and Ashlynn.  Both girls bring plenty of experience and, of course, sensuality to the House of Runo.

Misty was actually collared a couple weeks ago.  She had belonged to Master Gorm Runo once before and we are thrilled that she is back.  All we can say is, “Welcome Home, Misty!”


Ashlynn is also a very experienced Gorean slave.  She can often be found hidden among the wool spinning it into thread.  We are excited to have Ashlynn join the HOR and expect much from her!


As has been discussed previously, within Second Life submission is voluntary.  It is a girl’s choice to give her life over to a Master.  This is not an easy thing to do and requires trust, love and much strength on the part of the girl.  We are so very proud of our new additions and hope you come visit us and meet all the HORS, but especially the two newest!


The road to The Black Tarn Tavern and Caer Cadarn can be found HERE!


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