Dinner Time at The Black Tarn Tavern!

The Black Tarn Tavern found at Caer Cadarn will be starting regular daily meals!

Come to The Black Tarn Tavern at Caer Cadarn.  There you will find some of the most scrumptious meals serve by the most sensual girls in all of Second Life Gor.  By making use of the G&S system the girls will be cooking up some amazing culinary delights.  Each day will feature a delicious meal while at the same time keeping those old favorites available to enjoy any time, any day.


Rhiannon works with the tavern Master, Master Drusus, to plan the day’s menu.

Not only will there be amazing food selections, but as per Gorean custom the slaves come with the price of the meal or paga.  Let the finest slaves fill your belly and fulfill all your desires all for the price of one meal.

Speaking of paga, did you know that the farms at Caer Cadarn grow some of the sweetest grapes and the most potent ka-la-na?  The HOR winery is known for it’s excellence in producing only the very best in ka-la-na, paga, mead or any other drink of your choice.


Here to tempt your senses and tease your tastebuds is the menu as currently planned at The Black Tarn Tavern.

Always Available, 7 days a week:


1. Pan Bread  2. Gruel (for your slave)  3. Fried Egg  4. Rice Pudding  5. Suls and Beef Stew



Roast Vulo or Bosk Steak




Rice with Vulo or Grilled Fish



Fried Fish or Skewed Verr



Verr Chops with Chorizo




Grilled Fish or Fried Fish




Steak Tartar or Meatballs



Black Stew or Chowder


The kitchens at The Black Tarn Tavern…. Always cooking up something HOT and Delicious just for YOU!  Come to where Goreans go to GET AWAY!

Click here to visit The Black Tarn Tavern at Caer Cadarn


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