A Higher Standard

Recently the House of Runo was faced with a situation within Second Life Gor.  This situation happened on a sim which considers itself “Lifestyle”.

To explain, within Second Life Gor there are sims which are considered “Roleplay”.  Those sims are pretty much strictly role play where people go to “pretend” or play a role.  They may decide to be a slave for awhile and then be free.  They may decide to play a grumpy, mean, abusive warrior when in actuality they are none of that.  A role play sim is simply what it says it is.  No different than playing a game and assuming a role within that game.


On the other hand, a lifestyle sim is and should be held to a higher standard.  The participants of a lifestyle sim usually claim to live the lifestyle in real life in one way or another.  When a slave on a lifestyle sim proclaims themselves to be a slave they are saying that they are submissive in real life.  The same freedom to switch roles on a whim doesn’t exist, or at least it shouldn’t.

There was a situation within this lifestyle sim in Second Life where a slave was part of a dance troupe.  She then was impregnated (role play impregnated) by her Master.  She was subsequently freed and put in charge of the dance troupe of which she was once a fellow slave and one of the dancers.  After this, she had a slight disagreement with one of the slave dancers.  She claimed that the slave was disrespectful in group chat.  She demanded that this slave show her respect.  In the end, this slave was removed from the dance troupe and the group.


This event was discussed at length within the House of Runo and after much thought and contemplation, the owner of The House of Runo, Master Gorm Runo, came out with the following response.  Well worth the read:

Tal Goreans and greetings girls

When I begin my classes at the Gorean Campus in January, I am going to be really pushing a rather new approach to understanding Gor and the Gorean novels written by John Norman.

It is based on three important ideas that I really believe, after studying the philosophy behind Gor for almost 20 years. The three important ideas are as follows:

1. Earth sucks
2. Gor sucks just as bad except for opposite reasons.
3. The ideal is somewhere between the two worlds taking the good from each and rejecting the bad.

This philosophy is stated clearly, and without much chance of missing it when Tarl makes his famous statement about the Earthmen asking “why so hard”, and the Goreans responding “why so soft.” Casual readers wanting to jump on the Gor band wagon took that as a Gorean beat down of the wussies of Earth, but it wasn’t that at all. The Goreans were being accused and rightfully so, for being brutes and not having basic human compassion, or accepting the very important responsibility of the strong to protect the weak rather than exploit them.

Tarl tells us that he envies both the men of earth and the men of Gor for the “simplicities” of their beliefs. But, he says that if either was right about anything it would just be luck. The “ubermench” of Nietschke’s philosophy, the higher man, is the one who finds the truth of his own reality and then is true to that.

In Second Life Gor, we are given the chance to actually create the utopia that John Norman could only imagine. And to do that, we need to stress constantly, that we have zero toleration for the weakness of Earth or the brutality of Gor.

A recent event that impacted the House of Runo gives a good illustration of how we can easily slip into going in the exact opposite direction and bringing the foolishness of Earth and the harshness of Gor into Second Life Gor.

Down on Earth, the fashion is fluidity. The people of Earth feel they have evolved to some higher life form that can be whatever they want to be whenever they “feel” like being it.
This is brought into our second life Gor world with alts, and gender benders, and also women whose status between Free and slave changes apparently on whim.

This is why the House of Runo always discourages the use of OOC. We say, select a role , be consistent and honest within it, and when you feel like being fluid and different, go down to Earth and have at it. But, we are going to stay consistent to your original and real status in our Second Life Gor.

The House of Runo does not practice pregnancy role play. Slave wine solved the problem. Period. It was hardly even mentioned in the books. But, more importantly, the role play can only reinforce already dangerous Earth bad ideas. The conceiving and raising of children is a long term and total biological imperative of our species, but Gorean role play and a Gorean society exploring adult issues and exhibiting a high degree of sexual activity is hardly the place to explore it. The mama alpa system does more to foster a “babydaddy” idea of manhood than it does a Gorean one.

Of course, if someone , for whatever reasons, chose to rp this dynamic, it could be done privately and not as a major driving force of a storyline role play, or part of the public discourse of a Gorean sim.

So, with all of that in mind, the idea of a slave’s Master falling in love with her, knocking her up, freeing her, and putting her in charge of a dance troop where she is immediately offended by not being shown the respect due a free, and the offending slave is kicked out of the troupe for not showing “respect”,,,,fails on so many levels, it is hard to know where to begin. It would seem leaving the situation behind completely would make the most sense.

When the girls came to me and told me of these events, I almost immediately approved of their actions If the event had happened in a city devoted to pure role play, with the idea they were actually on Gor, or where the higher standards of Second Life Gor were not followed, I would have been unhappy. As it was, in the Second Life city where it happened, they were true to my training, and my philosophy.

Gorm Runo
House of Runo Slave House


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