Consensual Slavery

The House of Runo believes in consensual slavery.  This might sound strange, a bit like an oxymoron.  However, there is a truth to it since we don’t really live on Gor.  Here on Earth, where we live, slavery is against the law in most countries.  Therefor, when a girl submits and becomes a slave it is a choice made of her own free will.  One that can be withdrawn at any time.


This ensures that the girl enters, with full knowledge, into what is basically a contract with her Master.  She agrees in the power exchange as decided between her and her Master.  This is an important concept to understand as being Second Life goreans.

You can hear more about it below where Master Gorm Runo discussed the concept one evening as he did his “From The Tavern Show” on The Whip Radio.


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