The House of Runo is proud to welcome two new slaves.

Welcome aboard bee (beaDumbledore Resident) and kamra (Kel Blindside).

As is customary Master Gorm took the slaves up to the Caer near the homestone.  He gathered up those who were available to all witness the event.  It is an exciting, yet solemn happening when a girl is collared to the HOR.  We are always excited to add more girls, yet we all recognize the seriousness of the collaring.

The girl kneels before Master and expresses her willingness to give up everything.  She gives up all rights and all possessions.  Not only is she giving up everything, but she is making a solemn vow to serve the Free with strict obedience and absolute beauty.  The power control exchange is complete.  The Master now owns the girl totally.  Even her name is controlled by Master.  


Kamra being collared.

For those witnessing the event it’s a good chance for them to also renew their commitments.  Watching another girl collared brings back memories of one’s own collaring and a flood of emotions related to the event.  The witnesses have the opportunity to recall why they consented to slavery (for even in Second Life Gor it is consensual, only in the books is it not consensual) and reaffirm her desire to be totally at the mercy of the Free of Gor.

It is a very memorable and special time for a girl when she submits to and is collared by her Master.  The girl is usually tearful and often a little overwhelmed.   Yet it’s an occasion she will always remember and look back on fondly.


Bee being collared.

Let’s hear some of how they felt in their own words.  First, from bee:

“Each and every time I kneel down before my Master, His presence and control overtake my mind, spirit and heart forcing me to surrender everything to Him again and again. Waves of submission ran through me kneeling before Him begging for His Collar. When He accepted me, a great heat and joy filled me. It was kismet He found me. Tears of happiness coursed down my cheeks kneeling down before Him with my lovely sisters surrounding me. I felt Him enter my core as He locked His Collar around my neck. His barbarian slave is so grateful and humble to be His to be taught and molded into His own property to please and serve His every command, desire and fantasy. How blessed I feel every moment to be part of His family.”

A very touching account of her collaring and similar to the feelings of most slaves as they submit to their new owners.  Some may think that this is a time of fear or sadness, but it’s not.  These girls are thrilled to have the collar and protection of a Master.  They seek it out and revel in the fact that they are now collared and owned.


Now let’s hear some of how kamra felt about her collaring:

Becoming a HOR – By Kammi

“As one of the newest catches of the HOR household i was asked to share how it made me feel to earn my new collar. First of all, to describe the reason behind my collaring was for protection. I belonged to another. But sadly he disappeared. I was a slave left alone for weeks, without any contact with the Master who owned me. I put on a brave face about it all but inside i was screaming, by myself i was crying. My heart was broken.

When any girl is left to fend for herself she is left with so many questions… what if something has happened? Did i do something wrong? Am i being punished? Am i not wanted anymore? All these questions rushed through my head. Making me feel worthless, uesless… unwanted.

I had been working as a farm/kettle girl at the Black Tarn Tavern for quite a few months before i was collared to HOR. I tend the Ka-la-na trees and the vineyards of Master Gorm’s G&S farm on the property. Aswell as serve within the tavern itself, never in the alcoves, as from the Master who still owned me at the time, had restricted and belted me. But i would dance, or provide food and drink to patrons of the tavern as and when was required.

Weeks went by, no word from my Owner, and Master Gorm very kindly showed this slave compassion. Showed her that there was hope. On the evening of 11th December 2016 i was taken to the top of the Caer, before the home stone and collared under the protection of HOR. I was so full of emotion that night that most of it is a blur.. literally.. i could barely see the screen for tears. To firstly admit that i was tired of being alone, was a big leap. As for weeks i had been suffering this torment in silence. Although it seemed many could see it, i just never admitted to it. then to be welcomed into a home, and showed nothing but love and welcome from both Master and the slaves of HOR, i felt so happy. I smiled for the first time in weeks. I was laughing and becoming my playful self again.

Now the haze of what transpired has hit home i can finally reflect. In such a short space of time, i have learned new things. Thanks to the brilliant teachings of Master. And i look forward to all that i may learn in my future while being a HOR. It is a tag that i wear proudly. And know that i represent Master’s house wherever i go. I hope to not be a disappointment to Master and aim to serve his household with all my passion and willingness to please that i possess,

Basically this slut simply wishes to thank Master Gorm for giving this girl a new lease of life and a purpose.”


Kamra does the traditional belly dance after collaring.

Another profound account of the feelings of a girl submitting to a Master and becoming collared.  Again, we’d like to welcome these two wonderful slaves and hope to have a long association with them in The House of Runo!

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