Dinner Time at The Black Tarn Tavern!

The Black Tarn Tavern found at Caer Cadarn will be starting regular daily meals!

Come to The Black Tarn Tavern at Caer Cadarn.  There you will find some of the most scrumptious meals serve by the most sensual girls in all of Second Life Gor.  By making use of the G&S system the girls will be cooking up some amazing culinary delights.  Each day will feature a delicious meal while at the same time keeping those old favorites available to enjoy any time, any day.

Rhiannon works with the tavern Master, Master Drusus, to plan the day’s menu.

Not only will there be amazing food selections, but as per Gorean custom the slaves come with the price of the meal or paga.  Let the finest slaves fill your belly and fulfill all your desires all for the price of one meal.

Speaking of paga, did you know that the farms at Caer Cadarn grow some of the sweetest grapes and the most potent ka-la-na?  The HOR winery is known for it’s excellence in producing only the very best in ka-la-na, paga, mead or any other drink of your choice.


Here to tempt your senses and tease your tastebuds is the menu as currently planned at The Black Tarn Tavern.

Always Available, 7 days a week:

1. Pan Bread  2. Gruel (for your slave)  3. Fried Egg  4. Rice Pudding  5. Suls and Beef Stew


Roast Vulo or Bosk Steak



Rice with Vulo or Grilled Fish


Fried Fish or Skewed Verr


Verr Chops with Chorizo



Grilled Fish or Fried Fish



Steak Tartar or Meatballs


Black Stew or Chowder


The kitchens at The Black Tarn Tavern…. Always cooking up something HOT and Delicious just for YOU!  Come to where Goreans go to GET AWAY!

Click here to visit The Black Tarn Tavern at Caer Cadarn


A Higher Standard

Recently the House of Runo was faced with a situation within Second Life Gor.  This situation happened on a sim which considers itself “Lifestyle”.

To explain, within Second Life Gor there are sims which are considered “Roleplay”.  Those sims are pretty much strictly role play where people go to “pretend” or play a role.  They may decide to be a slave for awhile and then be free.  They may decide to play a grumpy, mean, abusive warrior when in actuality they are none of that.  A role play sim is simply what it says it is.  No different than playing a game and assuming a role within that game.


On the other hand, a lifestyle sim is and should be held to a higher standard.  The participants of a lifestyle sim usually claim to live the lifestyle in real life in one way or another.  When a slave on a lifestyle sim proclaims themselves to be a slave they are saying that they are submissive in real life.  The same freedom to switch roles on a whim doesn’t exist, or at least it shouldn’t.

There was a situation within this lifestyle sim in Second Life where a slave was part of a dance troupe.  She then was impregnated (role play impregnated) by her Master.  She was subsequently freed and put in charge of the dance troupe of which she was once a fellow slave and one of the dancers.  After this, she had a slight disagreement with one of the slave dancers.  She claimed that the slave was disrespectful in group chat.  She demanded that this slave show her respect.  In the end, this slave was removed from the dance troupe and the group.


This event was discussed at length within the House of Runo and after much thought and contemplation, the owner of The House of Runo, Master Gorm Runo, came out with the following response.  Well worth the read:

Tal Goreans and greetings girls

When I begin my classes at the Gorean Campus in January, I am going to be really pushing a rather new approach to understanding Gor and the Gorean novels written by John Norman.

It is based on three important ideas that I really believe, after studying the philosophy behind Gor for almost 20 years. The three important ideas are as follows:

1. Earth sucks
2. Gor sucks just as bad except for opposite reasons.
3. The ideal is somewhere between the two worlds taking the good from each and rejecting the bad.

This philosophy is stated clearly, and without much chance of missing it when Tarl makes his famous statement about the Earthmen asking “why so hard”, and the Goreans responding “why so soft.” Casual readers wanting to jump on the Gor band wagon took that as a Gorean beat down of the wussies of Earth, but it wasn’t that at all. The Goreans were being accused and rightfully so, for being brutes and not having basic human compassion, or accepting the very important responsibility of the strong to protect the weak rather than exploit them.

Tarl tells us that he envies both the men of earth and the men of Gor for the “simplicities” of their beliefs. But, he says that if either was right about anything it would just be luck. The “ubermench” of Nietschke’s philosophy, the higher man, is the one who finds the truth of his own reality and then is true to that.

In Second Life Gor, we are given the chance to actually create the utopia that John Norman could only imagine. And to do that, we need to stress constantly, that we have zero toleration for the weakness of Earth or the brutality of Gor.

A recent event that impacted the House of Runo gives a good illustration of how we can easily slip into going in the exact opposite direction and bringing the foolishness of Earth and the harshness of Gor into Second Life Gor.

Down on Earth, the fashion is fluidity. The people of Earth feel they have evolved to some higher life form that can be whatever they want to be whenever they “feel” like being it.
This is brought into our second life Gor world with alts, and gender benders, and also women whose status between Free and slave changes apparently on whim.

This is why the House of Runo always discourages the use of OOC. We say, select a role , be consistent and honest within it, and when you feel like being fluid and different, go down to Earth and have at it. But, we are going to stay consistent to your original and real status in our Second Life Gor.

The House of Runo does not practice pregnancy role play. Slave wine solved the problem. Period. It was hardly even mentioned in the books. But, more importantly, the role play can only reinforce already dangerous Earth bad ideas. The conceiving and raising of children is a long term and total biological imperative of our species, but Gorean role play and a Gorean society exploring adult issues and exhibiting a high degree of sexual activity is hardly the place to explore it. The mama alpa system does more to foster a “babydaddy” idea of manhood than it does a Gorean one.

Of course, if someone , for whatever reasons, chose to rp this dynamic, it could be done privately and not as a major driving force of a storyline role play, or part of the public discourse of a Gorean sim.

So, with all of that in mind, the idea of a slave’s Master falling in love with her, knocking her up, freeing her, and putting her in charge of a dance troop where she is immediately offended by not being shown the respect due a free, and the offending slave is kicked out of the troupe for not showing “respect”,,,,fails on so many levels, it is hard to know where to begin. It would seem leaving the situation behind completely would make the most sense.

When the girls came to me and told me of these events, I almost immediately approved of their actions If the event had happened in a city devoted to pure role play, with the idea they were actually on Gor, or where the higher standards of Second Life Gor were not followed, I would have been unhappy. As it was, in the Second Life city where it happened, they were true to my training, and my philosophy.

Gorm Runo
House of Runo Slave House


Merry Gorean Christmas

The House of Runo wants to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Yes, we realize that they didn’t celebrate Christmas on Gor.   However, we are from Earth living a Gorean life whether in Second Life or in Real Life.  And so we wanted to wish all of you who celebrate as we do a Merry Christmas.  To those of you with different traditions we say Happy Holidays.

Goreans loved to celebrate and had many holidays.  So celebrate!  Enjoy!  Live life to the fulness.  That is the Gorean way.

The girls of The House of Runo and Master Gorm Runo all have many traditions which we meld and compromise into wonderful traditions for us all.  Traditions are important.  They keep us together in shared memories.  They allow us to understand where we come from, what we stand for and what is expected of us.  As a Christmas gift we’d like to offer this except from Master Gorm Runo’s “From The Tavern” radio show entitled “In The Tradition of Gor”

Leaving you all with best wishes, a joyous and safe holiday and may all your dreams come true!


Second Life Goreans and Technology

Anyone who has read even one of the Gorean novels by John Norman will know that the Goreans didn’t have advanced technology.  The Priest Kings, the ruling beings on the planet, prevented the Goreans from developing technology beyond that of what is basically the Medieval era.  However, there was one area in which the Goreans excel, or rather were allowed to excel.  That was in the area of medicine, which is far advanced in many ways than the medicine on Earth.

Yet, as Second Life Goreans we frequently make use of technology starting from using our computers to log into the virtual world of Second Life Gor.  While in Second Life we further make use of more advanced technology as we make use of mental telepathy (IM or PM), instant travel (teleportation), using super-human powers to lift large stones and build great cities in a few days, “Mary Poppins” type pockets in which whole villages can be hidden, or omniscience (reading profiles to learn about someone).


Let’s start with the first two, mental telepathy and teleportation.  Even the most “By the book” sim within Second Life will make use of these two super powers.  For instance, there are Free in the inn needing service (they wouldn’t be in the tavern because… well, that’s a whole different blog post).  They look around and not a slave to be found.  Suddenly they enter the supernatural super highway and send out the call via personal message or group message to call for slaves to come serve.  If they are successful suddenly slaves appear in the city via teleportation.  They arrive in seconds despite where they may have been or how far away they would have been before.

In fact, two people don’t even have to be in the same city, let alone in the same room, to have long discussions or even to have sex.  All they need do is send out mental signals to the person they wish to contact and, voila, they are in contact.  Our cellphones on earth can’t even compare to communication within Second Life Gor.  And we won’t even attempt to compare travel methods.


Now let’s talk about the building of cities and use of God-like powers to build those cities.  It’s amazing how the land will start out looking like the above picture.  Enter the builders of the cities.  They come with heavy blocks, mortar and rocks in their pockets.  Some even come with buildings already premade.  Within a week or two, much faster than anyone could build on Earth or on Gor, a whole city has arisen from the dust.


The land now looks like the above picture. Lakes where there were none, beautiful and intricate architecture where there was only barren ground.  Through the use of our earth technology of computers, graphics programs and other systems we are able to perform these super human feats on a world where such technology would surely bring on the blue flame of death from the Priest Kings.

Now let’s move on to the use of profiles.  Everyone in Second Life Gor has a profile.  The moment you sign on to Second Life you have a profile.  Granted some are more filled in than others, yet the profile is there saying at the very least how long that avie has been in Second Life.


Many profiles are very full and detailed with information about the avatar or the person controlling the avatar.  They may contain information about the person’s limits, their preferences, their friends, who they are within Second Life and even, at times, information about their real life.

Now it is considered bad role play to use the profiles within the context of the story.  Yet, how many of us look into the profiles to get to know a bit about the person we are role playing with.  Once done, it can’t be undone.  You can’t un-see it or un-know it.  Even the listing of groups to which the individual belongs gives away information about that person.  Once it’s read, you now know more about that person than you would normally know if you had just met them on the street.  What I’m saying is, whether consciously or unconsciously it will affect your role play.


So, as can be seen, we just can’t get around it.  We are earthly beings using technology to navigate a world where such technology would be banned.  There is no way that anyone or any sim can be strictly “by-the-book” as so many claim because like it or not, they are earth inhabitants using earth technology to access a virtual world where that technology does not exist.  They are, by their very nature, Second Life Goreans.

Consensual Slavery

The House of Runo believes in consensual slavery.  This might sound strange, a bit like an oxymoron.  However, there is a truth to it since we don’t really live on Gor.  Here on Earth, where we live, slavery is against the law in most countries.  Therefor, when a girl submits and becomes a slave it is a choice made of her own free will.  One that can be withdrawn at any time.


This ensures that the girl enters, with full knowledge, into what is basically a contract with her Master.  She agrees in the power exchange as decided between her and her Master.  This is an important concept to understand as being Second Life goreans.

You can hear more about it below where Master Gorm Runo discussed the concept one evening as he did his “From The Tavern Show” on The Whip Radio.


The House of Runo is proud to welcome two new slaves.

Welcome aboard bee (beaDumbledore Resident) and kamra (Kel Blindside).

As is customary Master Gorm took the slaves up to the Caer near the homestone.  He gathered up those who were available to all witness the event.  It is an exciting, yet solemn happening when a girl is collared to the HOR.  We are always excited to add more girls, yet we all recognize the seriousness of the collaring.

The girl kneels before Master and expresses her willingness to give up everything.  She gives up all rights and all possessions.  Not only is she giving up everything, but she is making a solemn vow to serve the Free with strict obedience and absolute beauty.  The power control exchange is complete.  The Master now owns the girl totally.  Even her name is controlled by Master.  

Kamra being collared.

For those witnessing the event it’s a good chance for them to also renew their commitments.  Watching another girl collared brings back memories of one’s own collaring and a flood of emotions related to the event.  The witnesses have the opportunity to recall why they consented to slavery (for even in Second Life Gor it is consensual, only in the books is it not consensual) and reaffirm her desire to be totally at the mercy of the Free of Gor.

It is a very memorable and special time for a girl when she submits to and is collared by her Master.  The girl is usually tearful and often a little overwhelmed.   Yet it’s an occasion she will always remember and look back on fondly.

Bee being collared.

Let’s hear some of how they felt in their own words.  First, from bee:

“Each and every time I kneel down before my Master, His presence and control overtake my mind, spirit and heart forcing me to surrender everything to Him again and again. Waves of submission ran through me kneeling before Him begging for His Collar. When He accepted me, a great heat and joy filled me. It was kismet He found me. Tears of happiness coursed down my cheeks kneeling down before Him with my lovely sisters surrounding me. I felt Him enter my core as He locked His Collar around my neck. His barbarian slave is so grateful and humble to be His to be taught and molded into His own property to please and serve His every command, desire and fantasy. How blessed I feel every moment to be part of His family.”

A very touching account of her collaring and similar to the feelings of most slaves as they submit to their new owners.  Some may think that this is a time of fear or sadness, but it’s not.  These girls are thrilled to have the collar and protection of a Master.  They seek it out and revel in the fact that they are now collared and owned.


Now let’s hear some of how kamra felt about her collaring:

Becoming a HOR – By Kammi

“As one of the newest catches of the HOR household i was asked to share how it made me feel to earn my new collar. First of all, to describe the reason behind my collaring was for protection. I belonged to another. But sadly he disappeared. I was a slave left alone for weeks, without any contact with the Master who owned me. I put on a brave face about it all but inside i was screaming, by myself i was crying. My heart was broken.

When any girl is left to fend for herself she is left with so many questions… what if something has happened? Did i do something wrong? Am i being punished? Am i not wanted anymore? All these questions rushed through my head. Making me feel worthless, uesless… unwanted.

I had been working as a farm/kettle girl at the Black Tarn Tavern for quite a few months before i was collared to HOR. I tend the Ka-la-na trees and the vineyards of Master Gorm’s G&S farm on the property. Aswell as serve within the tavern itself, never in the alcoves, as from the Master who still owned me at the time, had restricted and belted me. But i would dance, or provide food and drink to patrons of the tavern as and when was required.

Weeks went by, no word from my Owner, and Master Gorm very kindly showed this slave compassion. Showed her that there was hope. On the evening of 11th December 2016 i was taken to the top of the Caer, before the home stone and collared under the protection of HOR. I was so full of emotion that night that most of it is a blur.. literally.. i could barely see the screen for tears. To firstly admit that i was tired of being alone, was a big leap. As for weeks i had been suffering this torment in silence. Although it seemed many could see it, i just never admitted to it. then to be welcomed into a home, and showed nothing but love and welcome from both Master and the slaves of HOR, i felt so happy. I smiled for the first time in weeks. I was laughing and becoming my playful self again.

Now the haze of what transpired has hit home i can finally reflect. In such a short space of time, i have learned new things. Thanks to the brilliant teachings of Master. And i look forward to all that i may learn in my future while being a HOR. It is a tag that i wear proudly. And know that i represent Master’s house wherever i go. I hope to not be a disappointment to Master and aim to serve his household with all my passion and willingness to please that i possess,

Basically this slut simply wishes to thank Master Gorm for giving this girl a new lease of life and a purpose.”

Kamra does the traditional belly dance after collaring.

Another profound account of the feelings of a girl submitting to a Master and becoming collared.  Again, we’d like to welcome these two wonderful slaves and hope to have a long association with them in The House of Runo!

The House of Runo at Caer Cadarn


The House of Runo is located at the lovely Caer Cadarn.  The name is derived from the books by Bernard Cromwell known as The Warlord Chronicles.  Caer Cadarn, or affectionately called “The Caer” is the place where kings were crowned.  It is now the center of Caer Cadarn and The House of Runo.  The homestone lies here and all slaves collared to the house are collared at this location.

In the background is The Black Tarn Tavern.  A typical Gorean tavern where slaves serve and dance and men are men.  One of the training areas for the slaves of The House of Runo, also known as HORs.  The Black Tarn Tavern is the site of many gatherings including broadcasts from both Goreans Portal Radio and The Whip Radio.


As can be seen, The Black Tarn Tavern is in the delta region of Gor.  Lush beauty surrounds the tavern to match the lush beauty that can be found within.  HOR slaves are among the best to be found in Second Life Gor.  Wanton and eager to serve they are trained and ready to provide for your every need.

Caer Cadarn is ripe with hidden escapes and pleasure gardens.  Areas to take a stroll or enjoy some intimate time together.  Beautiful scenery entices visitors to wander and relax.  Pavilions and private locations provide the chance to spend some time and take advantage of what the HOR slaves have to offer.


The farms at Caer Cadarn grow the finest grapes and kalana.   We make use of the G&S system to brew the best Ka-la-na to be found within Second Life Gor.  The brewery is an active place at the Caer and trade is just as important.  We chose to focus on brewing only the best spirits rather than spread ourselves out to all areas of the G&S.  We believe that this will promote role play within Second Life and hope that others will begin to follow suit.

Because we focus on only one area of the G&S system we do produce and market the finest ka-la-na in all of Second Life Gor.   You can find our ka-la-na in all the best markets and taverns.  Look for this banner to know that you are getting the best in Gorean spirits.


Because The House of Runo is actively involved in trading and building relations with other cities, this provides opportunities for HOR slaves to become involved in multiple cities.   A HOR slave should never be bored as there are plenty of opportunities to serve and plenty of work to be done.

Because we do believe in the Second Life Gorean philosophy we do allow for some earth influence at Caer Cadarn.  We recognize that none of us are truly Gorean.  Rather we are earth inhabitants who come to Second Life to experience what life might be like on Gor.   Thus we realize that we do bring our earth traditions with us.  We try to limit these to a certain extent to experience more fully what life would truly be like on Gor, but we don’t eliminate them all together.

So you may find an influence or two on Caer Cadarn.  Some areas may change with earth seasons or holidays.  Certain celebrations may be held from time to time.  For instance, right now on The Caer is the winter wonderland which includes skating.  Again, we do recognize that skating is not mentioned in the books, nor do we care.  We are not strictly “By The Book” but rather we are Second Life Goreans living in Second Life Gor.

If none of the above has enticed you to come visit The House of Runo and Caer Cadarn, then perhaps listening to the ad below will.  Just remember that all are invited to come visit, enjoy and take advantage of all Caer Cadarn and the HOR has to offer.

Press Play and Enjoy